Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Enjoy Premiere Episodes Of The Lion King On Disney Junior Africa

Premiere episodes
Weekdays from Monday 6th June at 18:25

Ever wondered which animal is fastest or which has the best hair? Wonder no more, as two popular characters from The Lion Guard, Bunga and Ono, answer all your animal questions in a brand new series of shorts entitled It’s Unbungalievable, which air every day from Monday 6th June at 18:25.

These two crazy characters attempt to answer the questions you've always wanted answered in It's UnBungalievable. Whether you want to find out who is mightier or who is the better baby-sitter, Bungo and Ono have all the answers!

Don’t miss our sensational shorts It’s Unbungalievable every day on Disney Junior at 18:25 from Monday 6th June.

Programming event
Weekday afternoons until 3rd June at 17:30

Our new and exciting block The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly! continues this month on Disney Junior, on weekday afternoons until Friday 3rd June at 17:30.

Viewers can save the day with P J Masks and The Lion Guard, laughing at such hapless villains as resident baddie Night Ninja or the Lion Guard’s mischievous gaggle of hyenas…  Or, for those who prefer it, join Goldie & Bear, and Sofia the First for some cuddly snuggle time!

The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly! continues on Disney Junior until Friday 3rd June at 17:30.

Saturday 7th May at 09:00

Guess who has popped up to help Sofia with her latest problem? Not a Disney princess as usual. Instead it’s none other than Olaf, the crazy snowman from Disney’s mega hit movie Frozen!

Olaf turns up in the second episode of the story arc The Secret Library on Saturday 7th May at 09:00. In Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle when Sofia's amulet summons Olaf instead of a princess, the two set off to stop Miss Nettle from stealing the snowdrop flowers from Freezenberg!

Sofia the First and the Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle premieres on Saturday 7th May at 09:00.

Programming block
Saturdays until 11th June

The first two Saturdays of June are looking amazing, with a premiere episode of each of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (08:10) and Goldie & Bear (09:30) on Saturdays 4th and 11th June.

Two of Disney Junior’s best buddies Goldie & Bear with premiere episodes every Saturday from 14th May at 09:30. See what the duo have been up to, with brand new adventures from Fairy Tale Forest. In Pinnochio-it is/The Clubhouse that Jack Built (Saturday 14th May at 12:00) Goldie catches a case of Pinocchio-it is, making her nose grow, and Bear tries to join a club that is exclusively for those named Jack.

Then catch new Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates at 10:00 each Saturday as Jake continues his quest on the Great Never Sea.

Tune in every Saturday from 14th May for new adventures from two of viewers’ favourite series.

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