Tuesday, 20 September 2016

In November 2016 On Boomerang Africa A Brand New Show Joins The Home Of The Cartoon Superstars Plus Theres Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Shows

A brand new show will be launching on Boomerang in November!

Prepare for Grizzy and the Lemmings! Grizzy the bear is the most evolved animal of the Canadian reserve (in his opinion). So naturally, the El Dorado that is the forest ranger’s house should be his to enjoy! Everyone knows contesting would be idiotic…  but that’s exactly what the lemmings are! This brand new show is the latest creation of Studio Hari, the production team behind The Jungle Bunch and will be launching exclusively on Boomerang in Africa.

Premiere date : Monday - Friday 07/11/2016
Tune-In : Monday - Friday @ 16:25 CAT
Repeat : Monday - Friday @ 18:05 CAT
Sat & Sun @ 11:20 & 16:15 CAT

How odd are the Oddbods?

They’re odd, but we love them! The Oddbods is a sketch-based series following the adventures of seven adorable characters as they laugh, fool, and trip their way through the most seemingly ordinary situations always resulting in the most hilarious, unexpected consequences. Tune-in and watch in eager anticipation as Zee grows into a giant over night after eating an experimental melon, or the episode where Jeff’s prized marrow comes to life, courtesy of a sprinkle of some radioactive waste – will Jeff do the right thing when he notices the other Oddbods begin disappearing?

Premiere date : Saturday 12/11/2016 Tune-in : Weekends @14:25 CAT
Repeat : Monday - Friday @ 11:30 CAT
Sat & Sun @ 17:25

The Scooby Gang is back …. And they are ready to solve more mysteries!

Mysteries need solving, jokes need cracking and Scooby snacks need snacking … Scooby Doo, where are you – yes that’s right, your favourite ghoul-busting, crime-solving, food-eating pup is back on Boomerang  with more chilling adventures and fun! Join Scooby and the gang in their attempts to solve the mystery behind the creepy scarecrow ghost haunting a farm, as well as save their two close friends ‘perfect’ wedding day from a tragic ghost bride destroying the couple’s happily forever after.

Premiere date : Saturday 19/11/2016
Tune-in : Saturday - Sunday @ 19:10 CAT

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