Friday, 14 October 2016

Doc McStuffins Faces Her Biggest Challenge Yet In This New Special On Disney Junior Africa From November 2016 Plus Brand New PJ Masks And Loopdidoo


November sees Doc McStuffins face her biggest challenge yet.

Doc McStuffins has proved that she can run her own clinic, but can she run a hospital? After impressing the toy world with her doctor skills she's taken to McStuffinsville Toy Hospital where broken toys from all over the world come to be fixed... but can she convince all the broken toys they can be loved again?
Catch the new special Friday 25th November at 09:30 CET & 10:30 EET/SAT with key repeats at 17:30 CET & 18:30 EET/SAT

Everyones favourite dog is back this month with 10 new episodes of Loopdidoo.
Join Loopdidoo and friends on some more fun, wacky adventures with 10 brand new episodes. Find out what mischief the gang are getting up to now during the Playtime with Disney Junior block.
Monday - Friday from the 14th November at 11:00 CET & 12:00 EET/SAT.

Catboy, Gekko and Owlette…  together, they are the PJ Masks!
Connor, Greg and Amaya are three normal friends by day, but once the sun goes down out comes The PJ Masks!  Join the gang of super heroes in their pyjamas as they return for 5 new night time adventures to solve mysteries, work together and learn valuable lessons here on Disney Junior.
Catch new PJ Masks from 28th November at 15:30 CET & 16:30 EET/SAT. Premieres Monday – Friday.

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