Friday, 28 October 2016

My Knight And Me Launches Exclusively On Boomerang Africa Plus Everyone's Favourite British Comedian Is Back And Boomerang Club Is Launching 2 Brand New Movies In December 2016

An all new show is being launched on Boomerang this month and we are just so excited that we just cannot hide it!

My Knight and Me is a comedy series infused with only the most epic adventures that takes place in a magical medieval world filled with fairy tale delight and only the finest legends of the lot. The kingdom is inhabited by princesses, dragons and kids like Jimmy who dream of becoming honouree, majestic knights, however…in order to become a Nobel Knight, kids like Jimmy must go to Squire School. Don’t be a fool, tune-in this December, premiering exclusively on Boomerang, DStv Channel 302

Premiere date : Monday 05/12/2016
Tune-in : Monday - Friday @ 14:45
Repeat : Monday - Friday @ 11:30 & 18:40 CAT
Saturday & Sunday @ 14:40 CAT

Your favourite British comedian is back this month with more humour and fun imaginable!

This month, Mr Bean is back will all new episodes so don’t miss out! Watch eagerly as Mr Bean discovers the truth about hospitals, falls in love with a beautiful singer, uncovers a ‘monster’ from his cake batter and tastefully decorates his house to ensure his place is literally ft for the queen. Of course, in true Mr Bean spirit, there are many twists and turns, but, will he persevere through all the misadventure? Tune-in to Boomerang, DStv Channel 302 Monday to Friday @16:40 CAT to find out!

Premiere date : Monday 28/11/2016
Tune-in : Monday - Friday @ 16:40 CAT
Repeat : Monday - Friday @ 10:45 & 18:15 CAT
Saturday & Sunday @ 12:05 & 14:00 CAT

More boom–boom Boomerang Cinema!

To celebrate the holidays and festive spirit this December, Boomerang would like to bring you double the pleasure and double the fun by introducing an all new movie slot with two brand-spanking new movies in addition to the regular Boomerang Cinema spot. For more nail-biting entertainment fun, Boomerang fans are encouraged to tune-in to follow Shaggy and the rest of the Scooby-Doo gang as they uncover the mystery behind the ghostly bear threatening to ruin the show and support Oggy in his never-ending duel to battle it out against the infamous cockroaches!

Premiere date : Sunday 26/12/2016
Tune-in : Sunday @ 16:25 CAT

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