Thursday, 17 November 2016

[ED] No Longer Available On DStv

As from 1 December 2016, [ED] will no longer be available on DStv. The channel, which is currently on DStv Channel 190 and GOtv channel 65.

Station Manager for [ED], Roberto Carletti says, “Thanks to our loyal [ED] valued viewers and advertisers for their continued support over the years. Through our content, our viewers have remained curious and been inspired.”

[ED], which is managed and produced by Urban Brew Studios, will stop airing on both DStv and GOtv at midnight on Wednesday 30 November, 2016.


Why is [ED] being discontinued?
The contract with the channel has come to an end and will not be renewed.

When will [ED] be removed from DStv?
On Wednesday, 30 November 2016 at midnight.

What will you be replacing the channel with?
At this stage there are no plans to replace [ED] with another channel.

Will you give me a discount now that I have fewer channels on my package?
We only review our DStv prices once a year at the end of our financial year – we don’t adjust prices mid-year for channels that have been added or taken away.

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