Monday, 19 December 2016

Boomerang Launches Happy Feet 1 & 2 As Well As A Valentine's Stunt And Scooby-Doo Is Back On Boomerang Africa In February 2017

The Scooby gang and their Mystery Machine are back in action and they are ready to save the day by solving and uncovering one ghost story after another!

Tune-in as the gang suddenly rushes Scooby to the vet, only to nd out that the gothic, old hospital is also home to a rampaging werewolf – poor sick Scooby! Boomerang fans can also look forward to watching Scooby and Shaggy attempt to nd replacements to take their place in solving the mystery of a vampire terrorising a small town. The gang also tries to give Fred a break by solving the mystery of a monstrous walking shark attacking the ritzy beach community – can they do it without Fred?

Premiere date: Monday 02/01/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 05:40 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 11:05 CAT
Sat & Sun @ 14:25 CAT

Do you love singing and dancing as much as we do? We, here at Boomerang, are excited to announce that we will be screening the amazing Happy Feet!

The special movie is about the Emperor Penguin community, who nd their soul mates through song. How-ever, what happens when a penguin who cannot sing is born - He tap dances of course! Are you excited yet? Boomerang really wants to treat their audience this month by not only airing the rst movie, but the second Happy Feet movie too! Viewers will Mumble’s son Eric, as he attempts to discover his talents in order to t in to the Empower Penguin world.

Premiere date: Saturday 23/01/2017 Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 15:10 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 08:35 CAT
Sat & Sun @ 05:20 & 17:50 CAT

Hearts, kisses, chocolates and roses, yes that’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day on Boomerang and there is lots and lots of love in the air!

To celebrate this holiday, Boomerang thought that we would show you some love by airing a few special Oggy and Olivia moments, two characters who happen to be one of Boomerang’s most romantic couples! Everyone knows Oggy has fallen in love with his beautiful neighbour Olivia. Even the cockroaches who, of course, will do anything to get in poor Oggy’s way! Will it all be stars, hearts, love and romance, or will the roaches ruin everything?

Premiere date: Sunday 15/01/2017 Tune-in: Sunday 15/01/2017 & 22/01/2017 @ 18:10 CAT
Repeat: Friday 20/01 & 27/01/2017 @ 19:50 CAT

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