Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gravity Falls Season 2 Finally Arrives On Disney XD In January 2017 With New Episodes Of Lab Rats Elite Force And A New Stunt Dangerous January Starring Some Your Favourite Programs

Lab Rats Elite Force
Weekends from the 14th @ 08:35
The Elite Force is back with brand new episodes. Catch your favourite team in their latest adventures.
How are they getting on trying to track down all the villains, and keeping the world safe!

Tune in weekends from the 14th from 08:35!
Dangerous January featuring Brand New Star vs the Forces of Evil
Everyday from 07:00
We are turning dangerous this December and what better way to kick all of this off but with Brand New Star vs the Forces of Evil episodes.
This exciting new block starts with brand new Star vs the Forces Evil and includes all our other super heroes like Danger Mouse, K.C Undercover, Lab Rats and the fantastic Future Worm.
So what more could you want tune in everyday from 07:00!

Gravity Falls Season 2
Weekdays from the 11th January @ 17:15
XD is finally getting season 2 of Gravity Fall!
More strange things are headed your way, what adventures will Mabel and Dipper get up to? What strange thing will happen.
Tune in for all this and more weekdays from the 11th @ 17:15!

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