Friday, 20 January 2017

The Reyes Brothers (Gavilanes) Premieres Monday 27 March 2017 At 18:00 CAT On Telemundo Africa

Juan Reyes (Rodolfo Sancho) is in charge of a family made up of his three younger siblings —Oscar (Roger Berruezo), Frank (Alejandro Albarracin) and Lidia (Miriam Giovanelli)—. Their parents died a long time ago, and Juan has always taken care of his brothers and his sister in an unselfish and, sometimes, obsessive manner that leads him to quarrel with his two brothers.
However, it is different with Lidia. She is the little girl, the apple of their eyes, and the only one who will not challenge Juan's authority or betray his confidence. Everything changes when Lidia tells them that she has fallen in love. The chosen one is Bernardo Elizondo (Roberto Alvarez), a powerful businessman devoted to manufacturing olive oil, thirty years older than Lidia, married and with three daughters —Norma (Claudia Bassols), Sara (Diana Palazon) and Lucia (Alicia Sanz).
The situation of the Elizondo family is difficult. While Bernardo enjoys his love story with Lidia, he finds out that his son-in-law-to-be —Fernando (Fernando Andina), Commercial Manager of his company— is not who he says he is and acts behind his back. Elizondo threatens to denounce him and call the police if he does not disappear from their lives. On the same day Juan would ask Bernardo to leave her sister alone, a car crashes against the vehicle on which Bernardo and Lidia were traveling and makes it lose control. Both of them die in the accident. After the investigation, the police close the case because they conclude it was not caused on purpose and the couple died in an unfortunate accident.
The closing of the investigation and the suspicious that Lidia might have been murdered made Juan go to the Elizondo's country house to find out the truth. There, he meets Eva (Marta Calvo), housekeeper of the house who is convinced that Sofia —with whom she has old quarrels— might have ordered someone to murder her husband and decides to help Juan. In order to do so, Eva manages to get Juan and his brothers hired in the country house. Since then, they will be part of the Elizondo family. Juan will be in charge of maintenance on command of Norma; Oscar will have a job at the spa hotel Sara is building inside the country house; and Frank will be in permanent contact with Lucia thanks to his job at the warehouse.
Little by little, the Reyes brothers will alter the lives of Norma, Sara and Lucia. Meanwhile, they try to hide the real reason that they are in the country house. They will discover that Bernardo Elizondo had more enemies than his own family would have thought, and they will try to solve the puzzle that will let them discover the real nature of Lidia's and Bernardo Elizondo's relationship.

Premieres 27th of March 2017 at 18:00pm

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