Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What Is Thought Of More New Shows, Less Repeats And Channel Arrangements On DStv With Recommendations

Since late 2014 till now DStv has found many alternatives of improving our viewing to offer the best entertainment with additional channels, extensions which results to minor losses.

-Launch of Lifetime, BET International, NickToons and Nick Jr. in 2015 later in 2015 BET International became BET 2 for lower packages while BET was for premium packages which later converted back into one BET channel.
-Launching of two premium channels M-Net Edge and Vuzu AMP.
-Launch of Eva, Itv Choice, Zee World, M-Net City and M-Net Family for the first part of 2015.
-The second part of 2015 BBC Entertainment and Knowledge were dumped and replaced by BBC Brit and Earth with an additional channel BBC First later it was announced that BBC World News and Cbeebies may not continue which would be available to stream on an app then an ongoing protest commenced to save them both.
-The launch of an Afrikaans lifestyle channel Via.

-People's Weather moved to a new channel number as well as TLC Entertainment.
-M-Net Movies Family, Romance and Comedy were dumped and replaced with M-Net Movies Smile.
-Fashion TV, Rhema TV, KykNet Musiek, Discovery ID, Discovery World and FOX Crime and Trace Sports Stars were dumped for Fashion One, TBN, KykNet Nou, ID Xtra, Discovery Family, FOX Life and Trace Africa.
-CBS Action, CBS Drama, AMC and True Movies 1 were dumped due to the underperformance and deduction of repeats.
-Eva+ and ROK were launched everywhere in Africa excluding South Africa till December were we saw the launch of ROK, Soundcity and Spice TV in South Africa.
-In 2017, we had the launch of CGTN News, Zee Bollymovies and GOD TV.
-The termination of M-Net Edge, M-Net Family and M-Net Movies Showcase.
-Mentions about Ginx tv Esports Channel and its programming will also be generated with Supersport.

It maybe a way to spice up our offering but this is too much, theres nothing wrong with the new but as time goes by you lately miss the old, I understand that you're trying to enhance our viewing but we need a bit of old back, try to adding more repeats for example:

General Entertainment
-M-Net Movies Action and All Stars they should consider adding more present movies like etv.
-Pop up channels, they aren't a bad idea but you could try and add content that haven't been seen on premium packages and first time for local packages.
-FOX Life has more local and reality shows it more international series and you could air older seasons of The Simpsons.
-Universal Channel has a lack of series to air weekdays at 6am CAT.
-Sony Channel and Sony Max need a little more programs. It usually feel like a rerun channel at this point at time. Sony Channel needs movies. It is better if you replace it with Adult Swim.
-Telemundo needs more action-packed series like Lord of the Skies(El Senor De Los Cielos), Darling of the Centaur(La Querida Del Centauro) and El Chema so far only Woman of Steel(Senora Acero) managed to arrive as well as movies that are Latin American.
-Lack of fashion channels like the discontinued Style Network.
-Instead of having an Eva+ you could have a Telemundo+ which airs the the telenovelas from below 2010 with telenovelas from above 2010.
-Since you dumped CBS Action, CBS Drama and AMC couldn't you have just try to make a general entertainment channel which supplied itself with programs and movies from these channels as well as CBS Reality.
-Isn't there a way to get WWE female targeted series on E! if you can't add Diva Universal.

-Cartoon Network needs to bring some of its old shows back from 2010 while Boomerang has to bring back the Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Animaniacs.
-Disney Channel when most of girl targeted series are finished can't you put them on Disney XD and Junior.
-Disney XD should be available 24/7 but it still not available 24/7 everywhere else.
-Most of the shows on NickToons are new (acquired) I can accept that but you could try and bring Sanjay and Craig,Breadwinners and Legend of Korra if you have the time because after all they haven't aired yet on the channel and not everyone with a Compact package has access to Nickelodeon.
-There is need for more kids channels especially with its programming because Teen Titans (Not GO!) didn't air on Cartoon Network thats why there is a need for Toonami even for Anime while Samurai Jack Season 5 and Robot Chicken is only available on Adult Swim. Boing is like Cartoon Network Too.
-TeenNick is needed not because we want it but because we have NickToons to watch all our animated Nick and other animated shows not live-action like True Jackson, Big Time Rush and All That.

-Lack of genres such as Pop, Rock and Electronic.
-Too much local music.
-Theres tracks that launched with music videos for certain artists and bands such as Keke Palmer, Skillet, Bridgit Mendler and Red that haven't shown on Trace Urban, MTV Base, Channel O and Soundcity.
-Most of the music channels air the same type of music.

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