Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We Welcome Back For A Third Time On Telemundo Africa, The Popular Telenovela My Heart Beats For Lola Weekdays From Monday 26 June At 16:20 CAT - June 2016 Teasers

Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm from 26 June. Catch-up Saturdays at 12.10pm

Monday, 26 June, In the small hours of the morning, Andrés Suarez and Lola Volcán elope.They are on their way to Las Vegas to get married.

Tuesday, 27 June, Andrés tries to talk to Lola but she does not want to talk to him. Lola talks to Rodrigo and explains what happened with Andrés.

Wednesday, 28 June, Débora informs her entire family that Andrés is cancelling their wedding because he found Lola again. Andrés has a confrontation with Marcelo.

Thursday, 29 June, Malote tries to hurt Chabela but she defends herself and throws him to the floor.Rodrigo Suarez arrives at Lola’s trailer and sees Laura there.

Friday, 30 June, Lola tells Camilo she has a bad feeling about Andrés’s trip to New York. Diógenes opens his heart to Chabela, revealing that he is in love with Lola.

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