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September 2017 Is The Month Of Lindsay Lohan And Kings Of Comedy On Studio Universal Africa

10 Weekends, 40 Movies, and Every Action Star on Studio!

23rd September at 19:50
Samuel L. Jackson stars in this cult action thriller film as Neville Flynn, an FBI agent tasked with escorting the witness to a murder from Hawaii to Los Angeles, in order to testify against a mob boss. However, the crime lord has other ideas, arranging for a crate full of venomous snakes to be placed on-board to ensure that the witness, and everybody else, doesn’t make it to L.A. This scenario leaves us with just one question: Will Neville Flynn have enough of these snakes on this particular plane?

10th September at 18:00
Former hitman and sniper sensation Waxman is sent on a mission by a secret ‘agency’ to assassinate a target from an abandoned skyscraper. What he doesn’t realise is that he will be teaming up with his old partner Clegg, with whom he botched his last assignment. Things start to seem a little fishy, and Waxman and Clegg realise they’ve been set-up by the very agency that had hired them. Before they know it, all hell breaks loose and it’s an all-out war where it’s kill or be killed! Action film starring Dolph Lundgren and Gina Bellman.

2nd September at 19:35
Jack Conrad is a convict in a corrupt Salvadoran prison on death row. However, his execution method is a little different than normal. Conrad is ‘purchased’ along with nine other prisoners around the world by a wealthy television producer, where they are ordered to fight to the death and informed that the last man standing will earn their freedom. Starring genuine ruffians “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones, this action-thriller is as explosive and brutal as you’d imagine.

10th September at 19:35
Clint Eastwood is Frank Horrigan, a Secret Service Agent who was guarding President Kennedy on the day of his assassination. Wracked with guilt over his failure, Horrigan is contacted by a mystery man by the name of ‘Booth’ who tells him that he plans to kill the President. Horrigan realises an opportunity of redemption and returns to the Presidential Protective Detail, determined to thwart the mysterious assassin. Action-thriller also featuring John Malkovich and Rene Russo.

A Snapshot of Lindsay Lohan’s Career in Movies

7th September at 18:00
Because one dose of her just wasn’t enough, Lindsay Lohan stars in her film debut as both Annie James and Hallie Parker, identical twins separated at birth that are reunited at summer camp. Each raised by one of their biological parents in separate states, the girls hatch a plan to switch places at the end of camp with the intention of eventually bringing their parents back together. What could possibly go wrong? Family comedy featuring Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as the separated parents.

14th September at 18:00
Mary Elizabeth ‘Lola’ Steppe is a self-absorbed teenage girl who desperately dreams of becoming a famous Broadway actress. But her world is turned upside-down when her parents cash in the upbeat life in New York City for a quiet town in New Jersey. Lola soon realises that not everything revolves around her, and finds herself competing for the attention of others. Teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox.

28th September at 18:00
When Thea Clayhill is in danger of being fired as secretary for a publisher, she decides to lie that she is pregnant in order to save her job. The lie soon begins to spiral out of control, and Thea is forced to continue faking her pregnancy after she is offered a promotion to a new parenting division by new editor and office hunk Nick Steinwald. Despite all the cause for celebration, one problem continues to weigh on Thea’s shoulders: she isn’t pregnant! Romantic

21st September at 18:00
Everyone’s favourite Volkswagen Beetle is back and ready to hit the track for an all-new adventure! Young Maggie Peyton dreams of one day becoming a successful NASCAR driver, and doesn’t think much of it when Number 53 is bought from a junkyard as her graduation present. However, when she defeats NASCAR champion Trip Murphy in an impromptu race, suddenly her dream begins to look like more of a reality! Sports comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon.

Comedies featuring the Kings of Slapstick

29th September at 20:00
Sonny Koufac is one of life’s lazy slackers. Despite having a law degree, he refuses to take the bar exam, instead choosing to work one day a week at a tollbooth and live off of a legal settlement he received. When his girlfriend breaks up with him due to his immature behaviour, he finds the opportunity to prove himself in the form of a five-year-old child, Julian. Whether he uses that opportunity to grow up, or continue his childish habits, is another matter… Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jon Stewart.

8th September at 20:00
Deuce Bigalow is your classic aquarium-cleaning chump; low on confidence and unsuccessful with women. However, things take a drastic turn when he’s hired to housesit for a gigolo, and accidentally sets his kitchen on fire, along with breaking his expensive fish tank. Fearing the gigolo will kill him, it’s clear what Deuce must do: become a gigolo himself… right? Shockingly, Deuce finds that he’s a hit with the women, but his happiness doesn’t last long when a shady Detective starts poking around. Comedy starring Rob Schneider.

1st September at 20:00
After their old junior high basketball coach passes away, five friends and former teammates – all living extremely diverse lifestyles – decide to hold a reunion for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Realising they have lost their way, the group return to their roots and the simple pleasures that made them so happy when they were kids, forcing their families to join them for the ride. Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

15th September at 20:00
Kevin James is Paul Blart, a mild-mannered shopping mall security guard (who would’ve guessed it?). Things are relatively easy for Blart, until things take a drastic turn the night before Black Friday. A gang of organised thugs take over the mall, staging a bank heist and taking a number of customers hostage. Realising that his love interest Amy is still inside, Blart springs into action, prepared to take down the gang solo!

22nd September at 20:00
Jessica Spencer (Rachel McAdams) is an attractive and popular high school girl who frequently picks on other students. However, when she decides to wear an enchanted earring that she stole, Jessica finds herself in the body of criminal Clive Maxtone (Rob Schneider)! With a cheerleading competition and the school prom on the horizon, Jessica must desperately find a way to reverse the effect. Comedy directed by Tom Brady.

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