Friday, 22 June 2018

A Brand New Local Production Debuts On Cartoon Network Africa In August 2018 With Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Shows Including Girl Power This Women's Month

OK K.O! Let’s Be Heroes!
OK, Let’s Go!

This August, K.O. and his gang of superheroes at the Lakewood Plaza each gets their chance to shine in the spotlight as we get to know all about their past – awesome revelations guaranteed! New threats loom over The Lakewood Plaza as Professor Venomous decides to unite forces with the evil Lord Boxman! And don’t miss out on the epic half-hour fnale, where Lord Boxman puts the fate of the whole plaza in jeopardy. Tune in this month to see K.O. taking some great steps towards becoming a great superhero!

Premiere: Saturday 04/08/2018
Tune-in: Weekends @ 13:10 CAT/12:10 WAT/14:10 EAT

Say hey to Mike & Rob, your new Cartoon Network friends (microbes!) who LOVE to make you laugh! To spice things up JUST a little bit more on the channel, they are here to entertain you in-between shows, as well as on our digital platforms – never missing the opportunity to crack you up. We are also super excited to announce that the voice of the two goofballs will be no other than the amazing South African comedian Trevor Gumbi! Give it up for Trevor, Mike & Rob!

Premiere: Monday 06/08/2018

We have a bunch of cool, butt-kicking, girl-power moments coming to you on Cartoon Network, just in time for Women’s Day on the 9th of August! Why waste a perfectly whimsical opportunity to celebrate our coolest girls with a BAM? Tune in to Cartoon Network to see CJ from The Regular Show kicking her father’s butt, our lovely Powerpuff Girls kicking Manboy’s butt, Raven and Starfre from Teen Titans Go! kicking Robin’s butt and UniKitty just goes bananas and kicks EVERYONES butt! It’ll be fun, that we can promise!!

Premiere: Tuesday 16/08/2018
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 07:30 CAT/06:30 WAT/08:30 EAT

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