Friday, 21 September 2018

Begusarai Comes To A Climax On Zee World Africa And Gangaa Premieres In October 2018

Iron Lady
Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on Iron Lady, Zaara finds out what was on the chip - a plan that will affect thousands living in Delhi. A plan that also affects the play and all who will act in it. Intent on stopping the terrorists, she follows a lead, which may lead to her death. Savita turns up on the day of the play and Inder mistakes her for someone else and causes a huge upset with Munna on the stage. Unable to keep the real issue to herself, Zaara shouts to everyone that there is a bomb in the garland. Zaara can’t help but confesses her feelings to Rishi, but she doubts it will work out with Indu accepting her. Shweta hears of this and is heavily distraught. She resorts to a doing something that sends a shock through the house. Things are getting tense in the Sharma house. With Malik now exposed, Zaara has a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, Savita’s husband is out for revenge, and comes with the police to the house. It’s time for Savita and Munna to get married and while the house if busy with the preparations, Indu is determined to prove that Zaara isn’t her real mother. Indu get an opportunity to go to Pakistan to support a children’s program. However, there is something there waiting for her. Shweta has decided to leave the Sharma house and her family behind, leaving only a note behind for Indu. Zaara finds out the truth about what happened to Indira after Rishi fainted at her funeral. Even though all the facts point to Indira’s identity, Zaara can’t handle her presence and gives Rishi an ultimatum. Indira starts to cause a lot of problems at the house and this makes it difficult for Rishi to justify her staying in the house. With only one option left he must take her back to the asylum. Indu’s condition is getting worse and Zaara is running out of time. She may have to do the unthinkable for Indu’s sake. Indira is set to remarry Rishi to make their marriage legal once again. However, the family is against this and makes a plan to swop Indira with Zaara. The plan may just send an unforgettable shock through Indira. After the incident Zaara makes a promise to help Indira recover. But this promise may be a little too much for her emotions to handle. It looks as if Zaara couldn’t take any more pressure from Indira. Taking a law into her own hands, she has taken the life of Savita and it seems as if she has the same fate planned for Indira. Will Rishi end up losing Indira again?

My Golden Home
Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on My Golden Home, Ranjeet tells a tale of Pratibha that shocks everyone, Jagmohan has a lot of questions but no answers. Prakash finally makes decisions regarding his marriage-as he now has a lucrative job, his secret is hanging on a thin line. Saraswati makes her way to the Ragav's house and finds Pratibha there, Pratibha instantly recognises her mother-in-law. Prakash saves Kanika from being humiliated and lies on her behalf, Yashodhara's in laws come marching down demanding she leaves with them, Jagmohan sees the mistreatment and steps in. Thakur uncovers the truth and mystery behind Yashodhara's intentions but the wedding is on-going, will he manage to stop it? Sanskar finds himself in a sticky situation that puts his life in risk, Abha goes to search for Pratibha. Pratibha's condition is worsening and the weaker she gets, the stronger Yashodhara is in pursuing her plans of destruction. Kanika is head over heels with Nikil and has made up her mind that she wants to get married to him, Abha is against her decision but more people are opposing Abha. Kanika and Nikil continues with their plans, with support from Shelly and Yashodhara they manage to get to the courts to get married. Pratibha's life may be hanging on a thin line but she continues with her escapades without knowing her life threatening situation. Plans are being made to take Pratibha to a rehabilitation centre in order for her to heal, Yashodhara is not happy with the plans and is restricted to visit her. Thakur heads to the Swarn Bhawan with an old guest who cause Pratibha to panic, nothing could have prepared her for what is to follow. Dushyant finds himself in a tight corner and he involves himself in fraudulent activities due to desperation.  Abha and Karan arrive in Mumbai on a quest to find Ranchod Tiwari, but they later learn that there is a dead body in Ranchod's place. Karan falls right into the trap of the enemy, but then he also stumbles upon the truth that’s been hidden from everyone. Sania goes into labour immediately after Sanskar leaves, she is rushed to the hospital. Abha is relieved to see Sanskar in her dilemma. Siddhart is tricked by Dushyant and he tells Dushyant the entire truth of his arrangement with Abha. Abha is in shock at Pratibha's decision to support Yashodhara.

Twist of Fate 2
Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on Twist of Fate, Abhi tries to convince Pragya to return to Mumbai with him but she remains stubborn against his request. Aliya and Tanu come up with a plan to make Pragya's situation worse, little do they know that Sarla is already a step ahead of them. Abhi goes out of his way to find out who framed Pragya. Aliya tries to stop the doctor from revealing the truth about her, but things do not go as she planned. Abhi, Pragya and Tanu go jewellery shipping and are kidnapped. Abhi has to decide who to save first between the two ladies. Pragya realises that she is the main reason for Abhi's troubles and she decides to leave his life. Purab and Pragya realise that Tanu has ill intentions towards Abhi. They travel to Lonavla to save Abhi but they keep encountering problems. Fortunately, they come up with a plan that will surely put Tanu in her place. Aliya invites the priest to the house, he then proposes that they quickly complete Abhi and Tanu’s wedding ceremonies. The family are celebrating Abhi and Tanu’s upcoming wedding. Aliya creates a slide show as a gift to the couple. The surprise slide show has compromising pictures of Pragya and Purab. Pragya is upset with Purab for making a decision that could set her and Abhi apart. Abhi on the other hand, is bothered by the fact Pragya had hidden such a big truth from him. Purab puts to action his plan to bring the love birds together. Aliya is starting to get suspicious of Purab's behaviour, could she be on to him? Abhi gets flashback of the past two years and begs Pragya to help him recall the events of the past two years. Pragya and Abhi exchange vows. This triggers Abhi's memory about his past. Tanu realises that she is fighting a losing battle. She tries to humiliate Sarla but she is left embarrassed.  Abhi arranges for Pragya and Purab to get engaged and Sarla loses her cool when she hears of this. It is the day of Purab and Pragya's engagement. Pragya and Purab have tried their best to stop the engagement but to no luck at all. A plan which was meant to separate Pragya and Abhi brings them together instead. Tanu invites Abhi’s old friend to the Mehra house, his mission being to tarnish Pragya’s reputation before Abhi.  Abhi convinces Pragya to change her identity to fit in with society’s standards. She agrees to this but this transition is not as smooth as he expects. A near death experience forces Abhi to express his feelings to Pragya.

Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on Begusarai, Poonam and Lakhan try their best to get through to Bindiya. Mithilesh asks Grandma for the property documents as he prepares to fight Bindiya. The title deeds go missing and now Grandma herself is getting ready to take down Bindiya. Poonam discovers that Komal and Bindiya are both being controlled by "The boss". Poonam convinces Grandma to accept Bindiya as the new ruler. The boss plants a bomb on Guddi at the celebration ceremony resulting in her losing her baby and Bindiya being blamed. Komal successfully creates a rift between Lakhan and Poonam. Bindiya becomes even more determined to find out who "The boss" is. Bindiya's goodness is revealed when she gives of her own money for Soni and Pintu's education.Poonam figures out that, the boss is a member of the Thakur family. Bindiya gets tasked to do something that is almost impossible, can she pull off the task? The boss sends the Thakur family a small gift that leaves them all very upset. Grandma formulates a fool proof plan to find out once and for all who the boss is. The throne of Begusarai gets given to both Lakhan and Mithilesh. Komal and her gran take over Manjeeta's house. Lakhan plans something special for Poonam on their first wedding anniversary, unfortunately Komal interferes. People start dissappearing in the river and an investigation is underway. Ambika tells Lakhan that there is no river spirit and that it’s a real person behind all this. Komal returns and with a plan to burn down the Thakur mansion. Bindiya gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mithilesh's life hangs in the balance as Poonam has to decide between saving him or Bindiya's baby. Poonam gives in to Komal's demands just to save her family. Mithilesh and Manjeeta try to escape but one of them get shot. Komal finally succeeds in separating Poonam and Lakhan as she shoots him down. Bindiya not only delivers Poonam's child, she also ends Komal's life.

Gangaa ( Starts 18 October 2018)
This month Zee World brings a sensational story of Ganga, a little girl who only loves two things in life, her father and her self-respect. She gets married off at a tender age, unfortunately a tragic event occurs that causes her to lose her father and husband on the same day.Niranjan saves Gangaa from Sudha and the other widows, soon after he makes a bold decision. Niranjan is put in a very difficult position as he has to choose between Amma and Gangaa. Gangaa realises that in order for her to gain entry into Niranjan's house, she will have to befriend his son, Sagar. Gangaa disappears and Niranjan finds her looking for her father just to perform his last rights. Gangaa realises that she will have to keep Sagar happy in order for her to continue staying there. Niranjan makes a very tough and heart breaking decision. Prabha's plan to get rid of Gangaa comes to fruition as she leaves with Rashmi and her husband. It turns out that Rashmi had her own hidden agenda why she wanted to adopt Gangaa. Rashmi, Amma and Prabha's plan for Gangaa is on the verge of being ruined as Gangaa tells Niranjan about her new baby sister resulting in Niranjan taking Gangaa away. Madhvi asks Niranjan to organise a promotion for Ratan, but he refuses.

The Promise
Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on The Promise, Bani finds out that she is not the one who has cancer but someone who means the world to her.  Aunt Billo sees no other solution but to reveal the truth about Ganga to Jai. Meera suggests that Bani moves into the Walia house with Ganga. Jigyasa is not pleased with her proposal and tries by all her power to stop it. Jai decides to confront Daksh, questioning him about his intentions with Bani. Jai then realises that the truth he has known for so long is actually false. Meera decides to leave the Walia house to give way to Bani in Jai’s heart. A misunderstanding breaks between Rashi and Raveer. She is now questioning the impression she had of Ranveer. Jai decides who he will spend the rest of his life with. His decision however is an unexpected one. Jigyasa seems to be hiding a secret from the family and when it comes out she ends up behind bars. Pushkar returns to the Walia house to fulfill his intentions. It is revealed that Pia’s condition has been just a pretence. Her intentions however are shocking. Meera’s conflict with Bani leads to her putting Bani’s life in danger.  16 years have gone by, the Walia family is giving their daughter, Ganga, away in marriage. The in-laws however seem to have an ulterior motive behind the proposal. Pronita’s trip to Mount Abu brings about her and Jai meeting. Even though she does not remember her past her instincts bring emotions of connection between the two. It looks like Meera is purposefully leading Ganga astray and is taking pleasure in doing so. Pronita arrives in Mumbai in search for the truth about Bani. Jai's children find themselves in a difficult situation, kept hostage in a mall. Pronita confronts Ganga about her two faced life. Ganga’s response leaves her in awe. After intensive search Pronita comes to the conclusion that Jai is not responsible Bani’s death. Pronita finally regains her memory and even after knowing her true identity she is unable to reveal the truth to the Walia family. Meera’s true colours are exposed to Jai, who left in shock. Jai and Pronita decide to team up against Meera. Jai’s path brings him more sorrow than happiness. The war between Jai and Meera is affecting the family. Ranveer reveals to Meera that he knows the truth about her doings, he then offers her a deal to join forces with her.

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