Friday, 15 March 2019

A Three Part Star Wars Special Commences With Cricket And The Rest Of The Greens Are Back In All New Episodes Along With The Chickens In Space And Black Panther In May 2019 On Disney XD Africa

New Episodes:
Star Wars Resistance
4 May - The Descent S1/E19: TBC
4 May - No Escape - Part One S1/E20: TBC
4 May - No Escape Part Two S1/E21: TBC
Saturday at 08:00 CAT

Big City Greens
6 May - Uncaged S1/21: TBC
7 May - Big Deal S1/E37: Cricket persuades the family to hit up a Thanksgiving sale for a sweet deal on a new TV.
8 May - Forbidden Feline S1/E38: Tilly hits it off with Anoosh, the neighbourhood cat.
9 May - Harvest Dinner S1/E45: TBC
10 May - Winner, Winner S1/E46: TBC
13 May - Night Bill S1/E43: TBC
14 May - Cheap Snake S1/E44: TBC
15 May - Hiya Henry S1/E47: TBC
16 May - People Watching S1/E48: TBC
Weekdays at 16:00 CAT

Avengers: Black Panther's Quest:
11 May - The Lost Temple S5/E15: Black Panther and his allies finally discover the artifact for which they've been searching.
12 May - Descent of the Shadow S5/E16: Black Panther and The Avengers work together to protect New York City from a new threat.
18 May - The Last Avenger S5/E17: All on his own, Black Panther must safeguard a dangerous weapon from all who might try to stop him.
19 May - Vibranium Curtain - Part One S5/E18: Black Panther devises a plan to get the information he needs. But he isn't theonly one with a plan.
25 May - Vibranium Curtain - Part Two S5/E19: Captured by his enemies, Black Panther must break out of prison with anunlikely ally.
26 May - T'Chanda S5/E20: Black Panther discovers secrets about his grandfather, T’Chanda.
Weekends at 09:00 CAT
From my perspective it looks like Disney XD is wrapping up the show early according to sources Season 5 will be its last season while Marvel's Spider-Man is on a hiatus but also wrapping up after season 2 according to sources. If this channel does rebrand for Marvel HQ I hope this show along with Spider-Man (2017) isn't reflected on there.

Space Chickens In Space
20 May - Finley Cleanly S1/E25: Three chickens mistakenly enrol at an elite space academy in this surreal comedy combining sci-fi absurdity with the more baffling world of everyday school life.
21 May - Beat Beat Chicken Chicken S1/E26: The chickens form a band but Chuck and Finley's selfishness threatens to destroy it, Starley finds the Universal Note and potential fame and fortune.
22 May - Phil My Heart S1/E27: Barnetta and Phil split up. Barnetta joins Glargg which causes trouble so the Chickens decide to get Phil and Barnetta back together.
23 May - Blibli Squared S1/E28: Finley's latest invention causes Blibli to multiply at an alarming rate. Glargg can't decide whether he's angry or pleased at the idea of an army of fluffy Bliblis.
24 May - Cadet Clarkk S1/E29: Glargg loses his temper so must do empathy training. He realises making friends, keeping his temper and staying out of trouble is harder than he thought!
27 May - Stop Bugging Me S1/E30: An outbreak of beserkerbugs causes chaos aboard the academy forcing AIIA to quarantine the dorm pods.
28 May - No Brain No Pain S1/E31: Faced with being the number two student, Finley can't stop learning. His brain expands, and If this keeps going he'll explode. Can he be stopped? S1/E31
29 May - Chicken Feed S1/E32: Pipi creates a viral video sensation starring the chickens. Starley becomes so popular it threatens the stability of Internet itself. Can Finley avert disaster?
30 May - Presidential Coop S1/E35: It's time to elect a new student president. To be declared winner, the candidates must complete a series of increasingly silly and over the top challenges.
31 May - Pale Blue Rocks S1/E36: A group of sentient Space Rocks show up to party and cause trouble, AIIA loses her cool and takes the entire academy on a joy raucous joyride through space.
Weekdays at 15:00 CAT
For further episodes it might be published in Disney XD June highlights. If you look at these episodes I'd say EMEA is probably only left with 10-16 more episodes of this show while the U.S. has yet to air the show.

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