Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Two New Series Join Zee World In June 2019 Along With A Rerun

My Golden Home (Ends 21st June)
Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on My Golden Home, Grandmother devises a master plan to get Lata kicked out of the house. Abha and Karan attend the honorary celebration for Jagmohan. Abha and Viren resolve matters and Karan seems pleased. Mishti receives good news from her doctor. Lata asks Raj for something that is difficult to give. Aruna is now staying with the Singhanias but grandmother is not letting her have it easy. Karan is due for his operation in Bombay. Karan's operation is successful, but the family is awaiting the results. Karan is set to come home, however Abha is nervous because not everyone agrees with her plan to hide the accident. A proposal comes for Priyanka's remarriage. A heated argument ensues. Aruna is arrested for trying to kill Lata. Sushant sends henchmen to kill Karan and they get the job wrong.  Abha's frustrations grow as she fails to find out about D M Shekhawat. Ranchod's resemblance to Karan startles Sushant who is not ready for the implications of his actions. Ranchod goes to find Karan and bring him home, but does not return when expected. Sushant is found dead, and Karan's whole family is suspected of his murder. Each tries to take the blame to save the rest. It is Abha's 'testimony' that lands her in jail, taking the fall for the family. Sushant's murderer is found. The golden mansion becomes a golden home again, as new members of the family arrive, and all misunderstandings are cleared.

Fire & Ice (Starts 22nd June)
Everyday @ 18:00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month Zee World brings back to your screens the captivating series, Fire & Ice, Fire & Ice is a romantic tale about a love triangle between a fierce young woman Twinkle, a possessive guy named Yuvraj and of course a wealthy man named Kunj. Twinkle is madly in love with Yuvraj, unfortunately their mothers share a bitter history that gets in the way of their love. The love birds device a plan to stay together. Conflicts between the two families wears heavy on them, until Kunj shows up of course. Twinkle finally gives in and marries Kunj but the shrewd Yuvraj cannot bear to see Twinkle in the arms of another man. Yuvraj decides to constantly disturb the peace between Twinkle and Kunj so that they separate. After a lot of attempts, Yuvraj finally gets Twinkle to have second thoughts about her marriage to Kunj.

This is Fate (Ends 3rd June)
Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on This is Fate, Prithvi offers to take Shriti and the thug he hired to kill Rithvik to the police station. All this is to come up with a plan to help the thug to escape. Janki is out of hospital and she hears Pritvhi’s plan how to keep Rishab in jail. Monisha is blaming the Luthra family for Rithvik’s death, while Preeta and Karan are defending Rishab. The police arrest a suspect in Rithviks case.

Kindred Hearts (Starts 4th June)
Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month Zee World a compelling series, Kindred Hearts. Kindred Hearts is a series that follows an unplanned relationship between Aditya and Jhanvi. Aditya is married to Nisha. Nisha is an exemplary daughter-in-law who everyone trusts and looks up to. Aditya is hiding a secret, Nisha is not the woman everyone thinks she is and cannot bring himself to telling his na├»ve family and breaking their hearts. Jhanvi is a single girl who joins Aditya’s family business. She attempts to bring light into his life, but is met with rude, unjust behavior from Aditya. Just as she grows tired of this, she learns the reasons for his gloomy outlook. She decides to keep bringing joy to his life, this inadvertently brings them closer together. Nisha puts her plan forward to take over the Jindal Empire and Aditya has to find a way to stop her. Jhanvi celebrates a new accomplishment in her life. Jhanvi has to deal with Aditya’s frustrations in the office and she makes a decision to try and put a smile on his face. Aditya is adamant to show everyone Nisha’s true colors. Suru faces some trouble leaving Jhanvi and her mom worried. Sameer assists Aditya with his plan to divorce Nisha. Aunt Sharda continues to sympathize with Nisha at the cost of her relationship with Aditya. The connection between Aditya and Jhanvi strengthens. It appears as though Chandresh’s health is deteriorating as Nisha uses him as a pawn in her scheme to stop Aditya in his tracks. In a panic, Chandresh puts his own life at risk. Jhanvi and Aditya form a friendship. Nisha sets Aditya up for failure as she places his character in a different light for the rest of the family to see. Jhanvi has big news for Aditya. A different perspective may have been all that Aditya needed as he finds new ways to stop Nisha dead in her tracks. Nisha throws around accusations about Jhanvi and Aditya’s relationship. Jhanvi makes a life-changing promise to her mother. Aunt Sharda begins to grow suspicious of Nisha and her ways. Nisha's devious ways have turned the tables on both Jhanvi and Aditya and Jhanvi has to prove her innocence. Uncle Dharmesh realises his mistake and makes a gesture to Jhanvi to help the family again. Nisha is at her wits end as she can’t handle the love that everyone has for Jhanvi. Nisha’s desperate attempts to get Jhanvi out of the Jindal household have gone too far.

Twist of Fate 2 (Ends 5th June)
Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on Twist of Fate is unfortunately not available

The Heir (Starts 6th June)
Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166
Zee World introduces a new series, The Heir, which follows the story of Amba and to the lengths she will go to in order to protect her daughter. Amba is a pregnant widow to the former chieftain, Charan – a benevolent leader. He loses his life in a battle with an opposing clan and Jagan his brother takes over from him as the chief but their styles of leadership are very different. Amba vows that she is pregnant with a son who will take over the chieftainship. The family matriarch promises to kill the child if it turns out to be a girl. Faced with two insurmountable threats, Amba, after giving birth to a girl, lies. She announces that she has given birth to a boy. Lying about a child’s gender is one thing, the challenge of keeping this lie up on a daily basis is quite another. She is faced with her mother-in-law’s impatience, her brother-in-law’s threats and her daughter’s frustration at having to grow up as a boy.  Amba, the wife of a village head, is pregnant. Her family hope that this time, she will give birth to the heir; a boy who will carry on ruling after his father. A battle against the two villages results in Amba becoming a widow. Amba mourns the death of his beloved husband. While fighting to keep his husband's legacy, Amba goes into labor. It is announced to the village that she has given birth to a boy. Jagan questions the gender of the baby and sets out to expose Amba in her actions. Amba is extremely nervous about the reveal of the leader, her secret will be out. Jagan is convinced that Amba’s brother is helping her to deceive the family. Mannu is presented to the village as the new head. Jagan and Raavi take extreme measures to get rid of Mannu. Jagan disagrees with the way Amba leads the village, her thoughtful ways do not match up to his sinister expectations. Jagan humiliates and rejects Swaroop in front of his family, he fails to fulfil the promises he made to her in private. Seven years have gone by and Mannu has grown up to live as a 7-year-old boy and it seems that Raavi and Jagan haven’t given up on their plans to get rid of her. Manu tries to compel Amba into sending her to school, but this could lead to their secret being exposed. . Amba stands before the village council to plead for her daughter to have access to further education. Jagan tries to get Manu kidnapped. After a close call, Amba has to remind Mannu that she cannot go to the school bathroom, for fear that she will be discovered. Deena challenges Amba and whoever wins the challenge gets full control of Manu’s upbringing. Deena makes a decision that even stuns Amba.

Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on Mehek, Mehek's morals become a topic of discussion as people begin to question them publicly. Norah and Karan's relationship is officially on the rocks after the incident with Sanjana. Karan's efforts to clear his name backfire as Sanjana plays her tricks once more at the Gabela home. Shaurya regrets taking Mehek for granted. He makes it his mission to tell her how he truly feels about her. Karan's explanation to Norah is falling on deaf ears as Norah is trying deal with the ordeal. Norah is hurt and upset when Karan suggests that they may be better off as just friends. Kanta is bent on keeping Shaurya away from Mehek, she will stop at nothing. Eddie and Khanna's business relationship is officially over after Khanna tried to blackmail Eddie. An unexpected gesture from Svetlana might help Eddie out of Khanna's blackmail. The Sharmas and the Khannas are on opposite ends as the love between Mehek and Shaurya strengthens. Svetlana makes an offer to Eddie that he can't refuse. The Sharmas are distraught by Kanta's recent activities to keep Mehek away from Shaurya. Norah is in trouble and Karan is feeling helpless because he cannot help. Norah's family is helpless at the news of Norah's kidnapping in India. Kanta gives Mehek and Shaurya her blessing and Eddie reaches out to Shaurya to help finding Norah's kidnappers. Dennis has the ransom money ready but things get worse when it is revealed that Eddie has reported Norah missing. Svetlana is allowed back into the Khanna mansion and Karuna's secret is realised by Shaurya's granny. The greed of an unsuspecting guest may destroy the Khanna household for good. Whilst Karan makes the connection between Ajay and Sanjana, Norah keeps on believing in Sanjana's innocence. Mehek and Shaurya get married. Leleti confronts Sanjana about her tricking the hospital staff to let her stay with Karan. An unbearable truth is revealed to Mehek. Ajay threatens to confess to everything if Svetlana doesn’t get him out of jail.

King of Hearts
Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166
This month on King of Hearts, Sid finds out that Roshni lied to him and borrowed money from Rajveer. He later realises that the more he tries to bring Roshni and DD together the more they drift apart. Simran stands up for Kritika despite her offensive behavior. The relationship between Kritika and Simran is revealed. DD stands by Roshni’s side through her tough times. It looks like Sid’s accident has brought the mother and daughter together. Rajveer joins forces with DD’s worst enermy to bring her down. DD's attitude towards Sid seems to be changing for the best. However, their joy is soon interrupted by a deal that goes wrong. DD is under the impression that Kesar and Resham are the ones responsible for the missing jewelry, and throws them out of the house as punishment. Sid finally finds out who has been behind the problems the family has been facing, will he reveal the truth to the family? Sid finds out that his parents bailed out Kritika after the accident she caused. Simran and Raj receive the news that Kritika is pregnant. Sid arrives at his sister’s wedding only to find out that his sister is getting married to Rajveer.  Simran buys the property DD mortgaged and throws everyone out. Sid is shattered when he realises that he might not live with Roshni anymore.

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