Friday, 3 May 2019

What's New In June 2019 On Discovery Channel Africa

How Do They Do It?
From Thursday 6 June at 20:00
As the modern world becomes progressively automated and mechanised, it's easy to grow further removed from the way things are made and how things are done. The series returns to uncover the miraculous feats of engineering which underpin life in the 21st century. Many items that make up the modern world, often the result of highly sophisticated engineering and production processes, are taken for granted. This fascinating behind- the-scenes journey delves deep into the production of essential modern items. The layers of industry are once again peeled back even further to reveal more hidden stories behind our everyday lives.

Street Outlaws
From Friday 7 June at 21:00
Oklahoma City’s elite team of street racers are starting their engines and stepping on the gas as the series revs up to another gear. The 405 is in California taking on Boddie and his group of racers, but it hasn't been an easy night so far. And, if OKC can't find a way to work together and start winning some races, this whole trip may turn out to be a costly disaster. With Ryan Martin in a risky race against street racing legend, Gypsy Mike, and Big Chief facing off against Boddie in the battle of the team leaders, there's way more than just money on the line. And, when racers are desperate for wins, some will always push it too far. And, with the start of a new season the 405 hope to start afresh. But on race night, the same old games threaten to break them apart before they start.

Raising Wild
From Monday 10 June at 20:00
Modern life can be relentless and stressful, so much so that many of us dream of starting again with a new way of living. Former covert military man and intelligence officer Brett Hines and his family intend to do just that, having transitioned from living under the modern trappings of life in America to forming their own way of life in the mountains of Tonasket, Washington. Using survival and security techniques Brett developed in the military, in intelligence, and later as a private contractor, they are now two years in. Even though they're self-sufficient, the ten family members depend upon each other to make it through the harsh conditions, and this series intimately documents their journey, including footage they have self- shot over the years. Restarting their lives hasn't been easy, but the Hines are determined to live a life free of the distractions of the modern world. Will their effort succeed, or will this new way of living prove too difficult for these 21st century pioneers?

Building Off The Grid
From Saturday 8 June at 17:15
For some, the idea of living in an unspoilt wilderness 'off the grid', stripped of the trappings of modern life, is a distant dream. But building there can be a bit more complicated. This series follows plucky people across the USA who are inspired to build in the middle of nowhere. These guys possess mad MacGyver-like skills, run on adrenalin, and there's no such word as 'can't' in their vocabulary! From dream treehouses to ambitious homesteads and eco-friendly cabins, the build teams must endure tough conditions and physical demands as they embark on their extraordinary projects. Will they be able to cope with the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature in pursuit of building their dream, unplugged from the modern world?

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