Friday, 7 June 2019

DC's Finest Make Their Debut On Cartoon Network Africa In July 2019 Along With Brand New Episodes Of Oscar And Hedgehog In Summer Camp Island As Well As Oswaldo The Goofy Penguin

Teens by day, heroines by night
Saturdays will never be the same again on Cartoon Network!

Super Hero High School is where all the action is this July. Watch as the well-known DC heroes attend challenging classes while dealing with all the awkwardness of growing up, as well as the added stress of having unique superpowers. Join this group of seemingly ordinary girls as they take on the villains in the Metropolis, try their hand at bunny sitting, all while fghting to keep their egos in check. It’s on this July, only on Cartoon Network!

Launch: Saturday 13/07/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 14:25 CAT

The World of Oswaldo

It’s mayhem, mystery and lots of make-believe in this season’s all-new episodes of Oswaldo! Thanks to his friends, Tobias and Leia, Oswaldo’s world can be an oyster if that’s what he wishes. Join the trio on their colourful journey as they travel to Checho’s planet, an alien they believe is very real, and don’t miss the sticky hostage situation in the bathroom! Tune in to Cartoon Network every weekday from Monday, 15 July.

Launch: Monday 15/07/2019 @ 16:00 CAT
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 05:45, 11:55, 13:30; Weekends @15:30 CAT

Summer Enchanted
Oscar and his best friend, Hedgehog, are back in all-new episodes of Summer Camp Island this July on Cartoon Network! Anything is possible on this enchanted island, and this duo is in for a magical ride. How can Oscar possibly keep this to himself? The camcorder from his parents will surely come in handy to show them that this fantastic world is real. Hedgehog has to get over a crush so she can regain focus on magic. Catch this curious duo every Sunday from 28 July, on Cartoon Network

Launch: Sunday 28/07/2019
Tune-in: Sundays @10:50 CAT


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