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Thursday, 31 December 2020

February 2021 On History Africa | WGTM | S: WHR | HH: TFC | ND Stunt

Brand New & Exclusive
26 February – 21 May | Fridays 21h05
From the producers of The Curse of Oak Island and The UnXplained, comes an excitng new documentary series delving into the mysteries of Oak Island and beyond. Hosted by real-life treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina, this eight episode series chronicles the greatest treasure hunts of the past, present and (perhaps) future. World’s Greatest Treasure Mysteries ofers a combinaton of great story telling, compelling interviews with treasure-hunters, historians and experts, as well as on-locaton treasure hunts in progress, sometmes with the Laginas themselves. From pirates such as Blackbeard and outlaws like Jesse James, to Aztec gold, priceless historical artfacts from American history and sunken treasure ships, this series digs deep into the many treasure quests across the globe, revealing amazing new details and clues from past searches - and in some cases, advancing the hunt.

Brand New & Exclusive
11 February – 18 March | Thursdays at 20:15
From the Indian Ocean’s clear blue atolls to the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River, we embark on an epic expediton with the CinĂ©marine team to capture the remains of six of the world’s most spectacular underwater disasters. With the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, amid danger and uncertainty at tmes, we take a deep dive to explore - up close and in 4K - these mysterious wrecks, coming up for air only to hear the testmonies of crew members and passengers who survived to tell the tale.

Brand New & Exclusive
21 February | Sunday 20h15
CIA Veteran Bob Baer’s investgaton proved that Hitler could have successfully fed Germany afer the war and disappeared into South America. But the investgaton also produced a more unexpected discovery: startling evidence that a Fourth Reich was successfully mountng on South American soil with one central goal-a devastatng atack on the United States. In this special, Bob is back in the war room to interrogate the true scope of Hitler’s Fourth Reich plans, and explores how the Nazis infltrated and specifcally targeted America afer World War II.

02 February - 16 March at 20:15

02 February | Tuesday 20h15
Billions of years before man frst walked the Earth, billions of years before even the dinosaurs existed, Earth was teeming with life! Single-cell organisms made a roiling soup of our oceans, and living creatures were crawling in our very soil. Where did it come from? What is life, exactly? Is it chemical, spiritual, or a combinaton of both? Do distant planets teem with life just as Earth does? And how do you go from a single- celled organism to a trillion-celled organism like Man?

Brand New
09 February | Tuesday 20h15
Sixty fve million years ago the dinosaurs were wiped of the face of the Earth. Over the years there have been a number of theories as to why. For the last three decades it has been thought that the cause was an asteroid impact in Mexico. Now, some scientsts believe that a giant volcano in India was the culprit, as well as other environmental factors. Either way, many agree that the demise of the dinosaurs could not have been a simple story of a single impact event, followed by complete extncton. How can we learn from the dinosaur’s fall from grace and how much our own fate may be intertwined with theirs? Are we doomed to follow in the dinosaurs footsteps or do we face extinction?

Brand New
16 February | Tuesday 20h15
Comets - these celestal travellers have forever flled us with fear and wonder. Lurking in the furthest reaches of our solar system, they come close to Earth as they orbit our Sun - so close they may leave their signature: massive craters...roiling oceans. Could something as destructve as comets hold the key to life? Are the building blocks of carbon-based life forms frozen inside? Do they contain informaton about the creaton of our solar system? At the conclusion of two spectacular NASA missions that sent spaceships to rendezvous with these mysterious objects, we examine the scientfc and historical record of comets, including man’s reacton to them.

23 February | Tuesday 20h15
An earthquake of 8.0 happens about once a year, like the one that recently hit Hait. A 9.0 quake happens once every 20 years, like the one that struck Indonesia in 2004. An earthquake of 10.0 has never been recorded in history. Untl now. The 10.0 quake is said to occur once every 2500 years and is capable of destroying entre civilizatons. We’ll see what would unfold if a 10.0 Megaquake struck diferent fault lines in the US, underwater and around the world.

Brand New

2 March 20h15
Each of us, all over the world, carries up to four percent of Neanderthal DNA. Yet the Neanderthal is extnct; they disappeared 39,000 years ago. The queston is what happened to this strong and resilient species that did walk the earth for 300,000 years? What could have wiped them out and set us on the path of who we are today? And if the hearty, resourceful Neanderthal could be driven to extncton, could the same thing happen to us? This special will tell the story and explain the science with a combinaton of graphics, acton sequences, and experiments. We will be going on an exploratory journey of investgaton and discovery. Animaton will illustrate their traits, strengths and weaknesses, and bring to life our very own Neanderthal avatar.

Brand New
9 March | 20h15
Afer Armageddon examines how societes have survived extreme devastaton in the past to renew themselves and emerge as new communites. Based on history’s most dramatc events, such as Hiroshima, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, hard data will be presented analysing the disappearance of water and food supplies; the efects of deteriorated sanitaton and healthcare on survivors; the increased use of violence as a means of survival; and how communites past and present have sustained themselves while living “of the grid.” The data and historical precedent are interwoven with cinematc re-creatons and archival footage, creatng dramatc tension.

16 March | 20h15
This two-hour special relies on experts’ knowledge and understanding of history in order to predict the future. Specialists from the felds of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology, and archaeology will paint a picture of what Earth will look like in the days, weeks, months, years and millennia afer humans are gone. Looking farther into the future, and using analyses based on the past, we see how nature will reclaim New York City as realized through striking graphics. Eventually glass buildings topple, stone buildings crumble, successive freezing and thawing turn streets and sidewalks to rubble, ground water rises, subways food, sewers crack and lightning ignites overgrown grass in Central Park, engulfng the city in fames. What kind of species will survive? Will humans ever return? Will man begin the cycle again, excavatng our ruins and trying to imagine what life was like before?

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