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Friday, 23 August 2019

Celebrate Halloween In October 2019 On Boomerang Africa With Brand New Episodes Of Your Favorite Shows

Mr. Magoo - New Episodes
Synopsis: In a small residential suburb outside New York, lives sweet, little, old Mr. Magoo. He is retired, dynamic, curious about everything and very, very near-sighted. His life is chock-full of 1001 activities. Amongst them is walking Mr. Cat, his dog who he thinks is a…cat!, excursions with his 8 year old niece Jessica or Sunday barbecues with Mr. Weasel, a henchman who works for the most devious and dastardly super villain to have ever walked the face of the earth: Mr. Fizz, a hamster graced with an intelligence as extraordinarily rare as it is evil. Passing himself off as Weasel’s pet, the hamster runs a gigantic, evil organization whose only member is…himself! His unique goal is to rule the world of humans.

Premiere Date: Monday 14/10/2019
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 15:30 CAT

Synopsis: When the ranger is away, a bear named Grizzy feels that the ranger's house is his territory, given that bears sit at the top of the food chain. After making his way inside the home, Grizzy takes advantage of all the modern conveniences there. He's not alone, though, because a group of small creatures called lemmings also populate the ranger's house when he is away.

Premiere Date: 16/09/2019
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:50 CAT

Halloween Stunt - new episodes of Bunnicula
Synopsis: This October on Boomerang features a Halloween stunt with themed episodes of our favourites Mr Bean, Mr Magoo, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Masha and the Bear, and includes new episodes of Bunnicula, a vegetarian vampire rabbit with supernatural connections and a head full of mischief, and things are never quite the same way again for a family in New Orleans!

Premiere Date: MONDAY 21/10/2019
Tune in: EVERYDAY @ 18:50 CAT
HALLOWEEN: THURSDAY 31/10/2019 @ 07:15 CAT

Friday, 26 July 2019

Mr. Bean And Teddy Are Back With More New Adventures Alongside Your Other Favorite Boomerang Characters In September 2019

Mr. Bean - New Episodes
Synopsis: Bean is back! Mr. Bean is back for a third series of his animated adventures. This series follows Mr. Bean, his best friend Teddy, and his long-suffering landlady Mrs Wicket as we witness more of the mishaps that surround Mr Beans daily life.
Premiere Date: Monday 02/09/2019
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 15:45 CAT

Mighty Mike – New Episodes
Synopsis: Mike only has one wish in life while his masters are away: to sit in an armchair, reading the newspaper with a cup of tea within paw’s reach – a real dog’s life. But apparently that’s too much to ask. Unfortunately for him, the other house pets want nothing more than to run roughshod over the house. Meanwhile, the animals from the neighbourhood see the owners’ absence as a perfect occasion to crash the place. In each episode, while Mike longs only for a quiet and refined life, he finds himself having to protect the house from furry intruders.
Premiere Date: 16/09/2019
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:50 CAT

Boomerang Song Fest – Stunt
Synopsis: Let’s celebrate Braii day with a little bit of music and singing and discover the locally produced Boomerang Song stunt. This marathon will feature episodes of Boomerang’s favourites including Mr Bean, The Tom and Jerry Show, and Masha and the Bear! This will also coincide with the Boomerang songs that will be launching this month on Boomerang Africa!
Premiere Date: Tuesday 24/09/2019
Tune in: Tuesday @ 09:20 CAT

Friday, 5 July 2019

A Brand New Scooby-Doo Movie Special Premieres In August 2019 On Boomerang Africa Along With A Marathon From Your Favorite Boomerang Duo

Bear-y wonderful friendship

Some friendships come naturally, and some … well, they take time! While it’s her way or the highway, Masha sure can make an impression and no one knows this better than the animals in the forest, and Bear of course! The chaos, mischief and adventure continue this August on Boomerang in the not to be missed all-new episodes of Masha and the Bear where you’ll learn all about loyalty and true friendship!

Premiere Date: Monday 12/08/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 16:30 CAT


After they solve the mystery of a sea creature haunting a lighthouse, the gang goes to a malt shop where Shaggy and Scooby win a hamburger eating contest and win a trip to Hollywood for the whole gang. They fnd themselves in yet another mystery when they take a VIP tour of an old horror flm studio, and the classic movie monsters who inhabit the studio decide to drop in for a visit while they are there. Can they tell reality from fiction? Tune in to Boomerang to find out!

Premiere Date: Saturday 03/08/2019
Tune-in: Saturday @ 09:40 CAT

Creatures of leisure...

What could be better than a marathon of Downton Tabby episodes from the Tom and Jerry Show, followed by the raccoon imposter, Taffy? It can’t be that diffcult for Tom and Jerry or Taffy and Bentley to live in a Manor House, can it? Will they be able to demonstrate greatness in the art of living in a well-mannered and refned lifestyle? Anything is possible and nothing is predictable with this bunch! Don’t miss out; catch it all on Boomerang this August!

Premiere Date: Sunday 25/08/2019
Tune-in: Sunday @ 07:55 CAT

Friday, 7 June 2019

Your Favorite Canines Join Forces On An Epic Marathon, The Looney Gang Are Back In Brand New Episodes Along With Mighty Mike In July 2019 On Boomerang Africa

Every dog has its day!

Whether you’re an underdog or top dog, it’s a dog’s world on Boomerang this July! For seven days, the spotlight will be on Boomerang’s seven Heroic Dogs. From Spike taking charge and saving the day as he ropes in the famous cat and mouse frenemies in the Tom and Jerry Show to Be Cool Scooby Doo getting cold feet when he meets his celebrity crush; and lots of action from the dog superhero duo on Krypto the Dog, you’re sure to be as tired as a dog once Boomerang is through with this stunt. Don’t miss out on this exciting stunt from Monday, 7 July!

Premiere Date: Monday 01/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Sunday @ 14:00 CAT

Chaos and Courtship

Between the other house pets and neighbourhood animals, Mike will never get the peace of mind he desires! There is also no way he will be able to impress his ultimate crush forever being a couch potato! In our all-new episodes of Mighty Mike this July, Mike has to put in a little bit more effort to woo his beloved Iris by hatching up new plans to win her affection, but, he has to contend with the cunning raccoons that have their own ideas! Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 8 July to be part of this madhouse.

Premiere Date: Monday 08/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 17:05 CAT

What’s up, Bugs?

Getting the balance right and a bit of tit-for-tat takes centre stage in the all-new episodes of The New Looney Tunes this July. Best believe that good ole Bugs Bunny still brings on his iconic personality and charisma to deal with things falling apart around him! While Bugs teaches Slugsworthy some lessons in treating the customer right, Angelo the Flea comes up with a very innovative way to win a wrestling championship. Will he succeed? Find out in the all-new episodes on Boomerang, launching Monday, 15 July.

Premiere Date: Monday 15/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 20:00 CAT

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

DreamWorks And Xilam Studios Brand New Series Makes It Way To Boomerang Africa Screens In June 2019 Alongside Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favorite Rabbit And Lemmings

Oh Mr. Magoo – you’ve done it again!

Everything is perfectly imperfect in Mr. Magoo’s universe, for this short-sighted old man, perception is everything! Nothing is as it appears in this little town with a dog mistaken for a feline and an imposter for a neighbour, what could go possibly go wrong? A little bit of chaos from Mr. Fizz and his henchman and Mr. Magoo’s attempt to save the world at every turn can’t hurt, can it? Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 3 June and find out in the all new episodes.

Premiere Date: Monday 03/06/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 07:20 CAT

Uncontrollable, indestructible adventure

Weekends will never be the same again in June when Rabbids Invasion makes its way back to your screen with all new episodes packed with plenty of adventure. The Rabbids take over the jungle and soon the world is faced with an army of crabs? Watch out as this mysterious, ungovernable breed of rabbit-like creatures wrecks their way through the world, making their own rules as they go! Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 24 June.

Premiere Date: Monday 24/06/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 16:15 CAT

Chocolate Spread galore
Some say leaders are born and not made, well, Grizzy certainly feels like he is next in line when the ranger is away. Unfortunately for him, the Lemmings are always one step ahead in their mischievous plans to make Grizzy miserable. One can only imagine what would happen if the Lemmings got a hold of Grizzy’s all-time favourite food: chocolate spread. What will Grizzy do when the Lemmings plan to keep a whole crate of chocolate spread behind his back? Find out in all new episodes on Boomerang from Saturday, 15 June.

Premiere Date: Saturday 15/06/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 06:20 CAT

Monday, 1 April 2019

Mighty Mike Premieres In May 2019 On Boomerang Africa Along With Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favorite Cat And Mouse Duo

Make way for Mighty Mike!
Mighty Mike is a brand-new series premiering on Boomerang this May! Meet Mike, the pet dog who wants nothing more than to be able to relax, while his family is away for the day (who wouldn’t?). However, this is not exactly an easy thing to do when the other pets are always trying to cause chaos in the household … But don’t worry - this adorable little pug has some tricks up his sleeve to get out of trouble, and even impress a certain ‘fetching’ dog he has his eyes on! Why not catch the first episode of Mighty Mike on Boomerang on Saturday, 25 May?

Premiere Date: Saturday 25/05/2019 @ 14:25 CAT
Tune-in: Saturdays and Sundays @ 09:00 CAT


To dance or not to dance?
The adorable penguins of Happy Feet are back! In this Happy Feet sequel special, the story follows the adventures of Mumble’s son, Erik, and his journey of self-discovery in the Emperor Penguin World. Refusing to dance, Erik embarks on a journey, making new friends along the way. Meanwhile, a new threat arises in the home of the penguins, and it will take everyone working together, in order to put a stop to it. Follow this exciting adventure by tuning in to Boomerang on Sunday, 12 May!

Premiere Date: Sunday 12/05/2019
Tune-in: Sunday @ 17:50 CAT


Beware of Jerry Van Mouseling...
The iconic cat and mouse duo is back for more, with all new episodes of The Tom and Jerry Show! In the endless plots against each other, Tom and Jerry entertain the whole family with their elaborate games. In these new episodes, you will see more of Jerry Van Mouseling, the infamous monster hunter, as he tries to foil Tom’s shenanigans. Make sure to tune in to Boomerang on Monday, 6 May for new adventures with your favourite cat and mouse!
Premiere Date: Monday 06/05/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 15:35 CAT

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Wooala! Boomerang Africa's New Local Production Debuts In April 2019 - Boomerang Africa April 2019 Highlights

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

A world of possibilities is opening up this April on Boomerang with a brand-new series called Wooala! Magic is on every corner of Cape Town as Wian, the talented and mysterious magician, performs for unsuspecting families! Not only is the WOW factor major, but you’ll also get a chance to learn a few tricks of your own. Catch a sneak peek of Wooala! during the wild April Fool’s AbracadaBoom! stunt on 1 April featuring the best magic themed episodes that we have to offer. Don’t miss the magic this April on Boomerang!

Sneak Peek in AbracadaBoom! Stunt: Monday 01/04/2019 @ 14:25 CAT
Premiere Date: Saturday 06/04/2019
Tune-in: Saturdays and Sundays @ 09:00 CAT

It’s Time to Shine

The take down tactics haven’t stopped in Mrs. Muchmore’s mansion as new episodes of Taffy premiere on Boomerang this April. Taffy is getting used to his new life of luxury, but Bentley is right at his paws ready to expose him by any means necessary. These new episodes will have them battling over expensive caviar, sneaking into cat shows, and playing with impenetrable security systems. You’re invited to take part in the classic dog versus ‘cat’ clash by tuning in to Boomerang on 8 April.

Premiere Date: Monday 08/04/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 17:50 CAT

Going Down the Rabbid Hole
Rabbids Invasion is bah-bah-bah BACK on Boomerang at the end of April. These crazy creatures’ main talent is taking on unpredictable adventures that inevitably lead to unstoppable fits of laughter. Guaranteed to get you laughing along, especially when they figure out how to switch brains with a scientist and make their way to the moon. Tune in to Boomerang for an ever-mounting sense of silliness with Rabbids Invasion the 29 April.

Premiere Date: Monday 29/04/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 15:35 CAT

Thursday, 24 January 2019

To Celebrate Tom And Jerry 50th Birthday With Movies From Your Favourite Cat And Mouse As Part Of The Boomerang Movie Club - Boomerang Africa March 2019 Highlights

The Yes Witch
Dorothy is casting a spell over the land of Boomerang with new episodes of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, premiering on Monday, 4 March. Enthusiastic attitudes permeate even the most wicked of witches, as secret enchantments are cast. When things get twisted, we all know that Dorothy and her gang will figure out a solution. But what happens when they’re faced with spells that go awry? Find out by tuning in to Boomerang this March.
Calling All Super Fans!
What better way to start and end the month of March than with special Tom & Jerry movies on Boomerang? From the iconic 50th Birthday Bash, through to a full week of exciting Tom & Jerry movie adventures, there’s something for every Tom and Jerry fan. The chase continues, through medieval times to the Land of Oz. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of your favourite cat and mouse this March on Boomerang.
Happy, Hopeful, and Helpful
Spend the March holidays with The Happos Family on Boomerang! This special stunt features new episodes of The Happos Family as they find exciting new ways to pass the time when tourists aren’t around. After leaving the safari park, you’ll be busy venturing off on various escapades including taking a trip to Canada to take part in the Lemmings quest in annoying Grizzy, visiting Bear with Masha, and watching Zig & Sharko obsess over Marina. Make sure to tune in to Boomerang during the March holidays for your source of fun.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Turner Africa's Reach And Ratings Are Stronger Than Ever!

Turner Africa had a successful end to 2018, with the combined kids multiplex and general entertainment channel, TNT, achieving greater reach and rating results than ever before.
In November, Turner Kids celebrated 51 consecutive months in the #1 spot among pay-TV multiplexes in South Africa. Alongside this, Cartoon Network celebrated its highest-ever monthly share, and remained the #1 pay-TV Kids channel among kids aged four to 14-years-old. 
Cartoon Network remains the favourite kids’ TV channel in South Africa, dominating the entire top 15 chart of best performing shows. The most popular shows vary between familiar faces such as Ben 10, alongside new Cartoon Network original hits like Apple and Onion and Craig of the Creek. Original Cartoon Network productions and Warner Bros. content totaled 77% of the most viewed content on the channel.
Cartoon Network continued with its high performance success in December, with the Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers movie viewed by an impressive 239 000 kids aged four to 14-years-old, and the sneak peak of the new Cartoon Network Original Summer Camp Island claiming the second spot.
Boomerang is closing in on Cartoon Network’s ratings, after moving up to rank #2 amongst the pay-TV Kids channels for kids aged four to 14-years-old.
After benefiting from a fresh rebranding in September 2018, TNT Africa had an excellent month in October, with the highest performance ever in ratings (an average of 36 000 viewers). In November, TNT Africa broke a new record with 40 700 viewers tuning in (+13% month on month) and achieved its second highest performance in share (1.14%) since December 2016. TNT ranked #5, ahead of Studio Universal, for a second month in a row.
For the first time ever, not only did TNT dominate the Top 50 competitive movies in November, with seven movies on the Top 10 list, but the channel also secured the top three spots for the month.
For prime-time tune-ins, TNT remained on top of the podium. TNT's great performance was driven by viewers tuning in on weekday afternoons (averaging 83 000 viewers between 3pm and 6pm) and Saturday evenings during prime time (in November driven by the The Schwarzenegger Fan Month stunt). The stunt was a huge success, with the four Schwarzenegger movies, aired at 8pm, gathering an average of 202 000 viewers, resulting in a fantastic 3.8% in share!
About Turner International
Turner International is an entertainment, sports and news company that creates premium content and delivers exceptional experiences to fans whenever and wherever they consume content. It operates versions of core Turner brands, including CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and TCM Turner Classic Movies, as well as country- and region-specific networks and businesses in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It manages the business of pay- and free-TV-channels, as well as Internet-based services, and oversees commercial partnerships with various third-party media ventures; it teams with Warner Bros. and HBO to leverage WarnerMedia’s global reach. Turner International operates 178 channels showcasing 47 brands in 34 languages in over 200 countries. Turner International is a WarnerMedia company.