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Friday, 15 January 2021

Rumor Alert: Furist Coming Soon To DStv???

To start of 2021, MultiChoice will be rolling out a brand new African lifestyle channel later called Honey from the makers of VIA alongside a Korean channel called tvN.

For South Africa, there was ongoing talks to bring SABC Education onto the platform now that trail is cold but the fact Starsat still lists the channel on their website tells you there's still plans underway for it.

For the rest of Africa likely Nigeria, there has been talks to bring Teen Africa TV to the platform for now the channel is available on StarTimes.

There's also a rumor of a new channel called Furist that will be added soon.

Furist is described to be a 24/7 channel offering tv gaming, athletics, sports and many more. The brand is said to be coming from the makers of Ginx eSports TV.

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SABC, e.tv And DStv Ratings For December 2020 Ratings


Uzalo -  8 041 490
Generations the Legacy - 6 858 031
Skeem Saam - 4 408 258
Sgud'snaysi - 3 638 770
Xhosa News - 3 358 534
Zulu News - 3 243 798
Live Amp - 2 776 255
Women Year - 2 664 529
Uzalo (Repeat) - 2 656 091
Selimathunzi - 2 566 002
Uye and Kholi - 2 499 184
Last Dance Music Festival - 2 431 716
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 2 415 687
Real Goboza - 2 402 588
Mtn 8 Orlando Pirates vs Bloemfontein Ce - 2 340 648
Nomcebo - 2 327 916
The Braai Show with Aka - 2 211 722
Heels on Wheels - 2 205 093
The Gumbi`s - 2 137 114
Miss Cultural SA - 2 100 457

Muvhango - 3 695 208
Ses/Tsw/Sep News - 3 543 116
Music - 2 900 912
Lithapo - 1 757 304
Chicken Run - 1 579 081
7De Laan - 1 440 289
Leihlo La Sechaba - 1 172 666
Mokgonyana Mmatswale - 1 122 607
Skwizas - 1 119 941
Nuus - 984 604
Live Lotto Draw - 905 925
Mohlolohadi 2 - 880 263
Morning Live - 830 728
Muvhango (Omnibus) - 811 298
Shrek the Halls Yent - 809 798
Lithapo (Repeat) - 710 466
Venda/Tsonga News - 678 097
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 669 920
Koskaskenades - 663 351

Earth's Great Seasons - 596 656
News - 586 381
Bundesliga Fc Bayern Munchen vs Rb Leipz - 491 769
Amazon: the Lost World - 486 281
Betway Test Series: South Africa vs Sri L - 484 457
Earth From Space - 425 496
The A-Team - 388 081
Knight Rider - 369 585
Generations the Legacy (Repeat) -342 063
Narcos - 328 003
Mela - 325 770
Airwolf - 320 994
Wrap up - 318 005
Kfc T20 International: South Africa vs En - 314 639
The Greatest Dancer - 304 885
The Essentials - 298 843
City of God Movie - 288 760
Afternoon Express - 284 200
Music - 277 997
Fa Women Super League Manchester City Vs - 271 448

Scandal - 4 698 809
Rhythm City - 3 744 228
Imbewu - 3 724 787
The Tuxedo Movie - 2 859 277
Johnny English Movie - 2 675 022
South Africa Tonight News - 2 468 296
E.TV News - 2 351 858
Johnny English Strikes Again Movie - 2 262 186
Taxi Movie - 2 198 839
Etv News Presidential Speech - 2 178 212
Madeas Witness Protection Movie - 2 125 663
Chips Movie - 2 106 649
National Security Movie - 2 054 950
Imbewu (Repeat) - 1 885 070
Tropic Thunder Movie - 1 874 053
Checkpoint (News) - 1 793 100
Durban Gen - 1 755 758
Scandal (Repeat) - 1 661 700
Just for Laughs Gags Filler - 1 559 692
Rhythm City (Repeat) - 1 488 022

Mzansi Gomora - 1 340 306 & 1 716 631
Mzansi The Queen - 1 300 610 & 1 612 651
Mzansi Idols SA - 1 207 074 & 1 481 360
Mzansi Uthando Nesthembu - 899 049 & 1 124 736
Mzansi Our Perfect Wedding - 897 619 & 1 083 686
Mzansi Isibaya - 867 080 & 1 063 835
Mzansi The River - 847 030 & 1 055 205
Mzansi The Powerball Draw - 700 905 & 916 842
Mwethu The Queen (Repeat) - 643 889 & 782 075
Mwethu Ehostela - 624 926 & 843 341
Moja Dloz'lami - 621 030 & 779 198
Mzansi Vula Vala - 591 267 & 750 918
Mzansi Izangoma Zodumo - 547 348 & 654 539
Mzansi Ingane Yam - 539 729 & 636 052
Mzansi Date My Family - 536 149 & 630 637
Mwethu The Queen Movie - 526 211 & 714 779
Mwethu The Queen (Omnibus) - 471 723 & 615 715
Mzansi Unmarried - 469 855 & 556 113
Mbio Uhambo - 464 360 & 636 577
Mzansi Gomora (Repeat) - 437 353 & 557 619
Mwethu The Throne (Repeat) - 435 598 & 547 185
Mbio Thina Sobabili - 429 583 & 565 935
Mbio Umdlwembe - 420 001 & 538 235
Mbio Kuyafiwa Ezulwini - 417 441 & 576 051
Moja Rea Tsotella - 415 622 & 494 737
Mbio Ingadi Yothando - 415 500 & 547 163
Moja Mina Nawe - 411 325 & 476 784
Mbio Ilungelo - 407 120 & 506 674
Mwethu Isibaya (Repeat) - 406 261 & 532 638
Mwethu Before I Do - 399 162 & 487 737

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Disney Is Renaming The Star Channels In Netherlands, What Does This Mean For StarPlus And The Other Star Channels In Africa?

When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, it obtained Star India, a hugely successful broadcasting company based in India, which has a network of 60 channels in eight languages, that reaches approximately 790 million viewers a month across India and more than 100 countries.

With it’s streaming service, Hotstar being rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar in India in March.

Disney officially revealed details of how it was planning the branding of “Star” internationally at December’s Investor Day event, which will see Star added as a new sixth tier within Disney+ in February in many regions including Europe, Australia, Canada and in Asia. At the same time, Star+ is launching in Latin America as its own platform with live sports. With many Fox channels in Latin America will also be rebranded “Star”.

Disney Africa is likely to do the same as Europe with latching the best of Star on Disney+ since no one in this market can pay for a lot of streaming services.

According to Dutch television provider Ziggo, Disney will be rebranding its Hindi channels, Star Plus and Star Gold channels in the Netherlands to Utsav Plus and Utsav Gold. This rebranding will be taking effect from February 1st.

The name Utsav is likely based on Star Utsav which is one of Star India's linear channels which is currently being used for archived content. It was available in UK for 2 years before becoming a reruns channel.

Star India already operates channels in Africa such as StarPlus, Star Vijay and Star Life through StarTimes, Platco Digital's OpenView and MultiChoice's DStv. It wouldn't be shocking if the name was dropped in favour of Utsav. The one in India might do the same it's currently unknown at this point. Readers have been wondering how Star would replace FOX in Africa if the Star branding was already being used so there's your answer.

The rebranding is being done so Disney can use the “Star” brand as part of Disney+ in the Netherlands, which is coming on February 23rd.

There's still no news on when or if Disney+ will roll out in Africa so chances are will have to wait until at least 2022/3 I mean they could take longer since they're still rolling out in other parts of Europe and the fact that there's contracts they have with other distributors so they're waiting for some of them to expire to begin rolling out Disney+.

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Friday, 25 December 2020

Which Of The Following Channels Will Occupy Channels 312-317 On DStv? + Other Kids Developments

As you already know 2020 has been a chaotic year to me it's kind of like a trailer to 2021 as this year was kind of paused for most people and businesses. Things were suppose to happen only for others to be delayed.

This year, we witnessed a lot of channels shutting down in (South) Africa so I'm not expecting that to stop next year. In 2020 alone, we lost TV Mall, Sundance TV, SABC Encore, FOX Life, ITV Choice, BBC First, FOX Life and Disney XD.

Compared to all the other years, the kids area has experienced exponential growth on DStv and for the first time in over a decade MultiChoice actually reviews the offering in that area.

We got to see pop-up channels such as Toonami, ZooMoo, Mindset POP and for a while Da Vinci Kids. Just as you thought they've filled up the gap Disney XD was taken away and CBeebies was added to easen the blow.

A few months back I drew up a list of possible candidates that might occupy Disney XD spot. Now I'll be expanding as far as looking into possible candidates for other empty spots such as channels 300, 304 & 312-317.

The list of candidates goes as follows:

1. K-TV - this is M-Net former children's channel I mean there have been a couple of brands that were revived like PBS Kids, G4, Real Time, TBN, Sony Channel etc. but there's also chances that this will never happen seeing that channels such as KykNet & Kie, Mzansi Wethu and KykNet Lekker have dedicated kids blocks. At the end of the day they could bring it up as a kids channel offering content in English and other (South) African languages like Akilli TV perhaps even under another name. This year M-Net conjured up a ton of repeat channels for lower bouquets expecting more to surface next year I mean the kids one makes sense considering the timeslots and airtime they're given on the 3 M-Net channels.

2. Akilli Kids (Kenya Only) - A free-to-air children's channel aka Kenya's version of eToonz for children under 14 years of age with shows such as Team Umizoomi, Ubongo Kids and Wonder Pets. The channel's content is in English and Swahili. From what I hear the channel is gaining some traction in its respective market. If DStv Kenya considered adding the channel they would join DStv South Africa as another market with a free-to-air children's channel.

3. Baby TV - this channel is catered for toddlers pretty much for an audience that's much younger for Disney Junior. You get to learn rhymes, play games, listen to music and other activities. It was suppose to be on DStv a decade ago don't know what led them not to acquire the channel. Since Disney is the proud owner of this brand you can't help to wonder what the future holds for this brand considering the lack of attention towards it.

4. BabyFirst - is an Asian-American TV channel owned by First Media that produces and distributes content for babies' ages 6–36 months and their parents through television, the internet, and mobile applications. The channel is owned by First Media. The content is intended to develop an infant's skills, such as color recognition, counting and vocabulary. Pretty much a competitor to Baby TV.

5. Fix & Foxi - is an international children's entertainment brand founded by the German company Your Family Entertainment. Themed around Rolf Kauka's Fix and Foxi characters, the name is used to operate television channels in multiple languages around the world. Some of the content can be found on ZooMoo.

6. SABC Education (SA Only) - this is your typical Mindset channel with less grade based programming and filled with archived shows from SABC 1-3 under this banner. The channel is still coming to DStv at an unconfirmed date according to SEVA.

7. African Animation Network - this upcoming channel promises to air African produced animation and by the looks of it hopes to build up its own animation. The team behind it are still working on the channel.

8. Discovery Kids - is a children's television channel that is owned by Discovery Communications. The brand is available in Latin America, India and MENA. The version we could adapt to is the one in MENA that was the case with Discovery Family plus not a lot clashes there.

9. Other - African based channels similar to Nickelodeon, Da Vinci and Mindset. It could be SA Youth TV and Teen Africa TV. Then again it could another channel from an existing supplier.

Now to get to the hard part Disney XD might not be the last kids channel to go off air as these ones are likely to get booted off as well.

1.1. In future it wouldn't be shocking if the Nick brand downsized from 3 to 2 channels considering the duplication of the Junior brand. From that point they would be tying with Disney and WarnerMedia that only provide 2 kids channels on DStv.

1.1. The first scenario would be that Nickelodeon gets all the original programming including the ones from Nick Jr.

1.1.2. Nicktoons and Nick Jr channel get scrapped for Nickelodeon+ channel perhaps they could even keep the Nicktoons brand considering how popular it is but just invest more time in acquisitions for the channel while supplying reruns from Nickelodeon.

1.1.3. It wouldn't be a complete loss for Nick Jr the brand would be active in a block and the Ethiopian version will still supply the channel.

2. eToonz - the channel is filled with a lot of ton of DreamWorks/NBCUniversal originals. There's chances that it could breathe in the same room as the DreamWorks Channel since the channel has a mixture of cartoons that can be found on other kids channels.

2021 holds a lot of mystery and intrigue on cable.

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Thursday, 10 December 2020

SABC, e.tv And DStv Ratings For November 2020

Uzalo - 8 529 490
Generations the Legacy - 7 323 551
Skeem Saam - 5 446 976
Xhosa News - 4 103 578
Zulu News - 3 947 110
Sgud'snaysi - 3 882 355
Mtn 8: 2nd Leg Semi Final Kaizer Chiefs - 3 117 079
Nyan Nyan - 2 964 280
The Braai Show with Aka - 2 887 285
Live Amp - 2 836 858
Uxolile - 2 819 528
The Prophetess - 2 804 214
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 2 791 321
Selimathunzi - 2 769 572
Uzalo (Repeat) - 2 728 246
Family Secrets - 2 708 970
Real Goboza - 2 615 225
Throwback Thursday - 2 581 194
Love & Maskandi - 2 558 027
Uzalo (Omnibus) - 2 527 150

Muvhango - 3 794 449
Lithapo - 1 844 964
Kliphard - 1 691 685
7De Laan - 1 543 533
Vutha - 1 408 698
Mokgonyana Mmatswale - 1 187 936
Ngwanaka Ngwanaka O Kae - 1 117 443
Nuus - 1 091 057
Mohlolohadi 2 - 1 033 692
Muvhango (Omnibus) - 948 499
Ses/Tsw/Sep News - 869 596
Morning Live - 783 352
Live Lotto Draw - 2 772 495
Lithapo (Repeat) - 737 840
Setswana/Sesotho News - 704 330
Venda/Tsonga News - 670 859
Uzalo (Repeat) - 654 532
Touched by An Angel - 644 844
Crown Gospel Music Awards - 644 552
Koskaskenades - 642 201

Afcon 2021 Qualifiers South Africa vs Sa - 1 242 030
Soccer Wrap - 685 527
Earth's Great Rivers - 643 072
Earth's Great Seasons - 483 348
Music - 453 227
Bundesliga Dortmund vs Bayern - 444 533
News - 437 624
The Insider Sa (Repeat) - 436 189
Knight Rider - 433 479
Days on the Street - 428 870
Kfc T20 International:South Africa vs En - 412 375 
Soccer Build-up - 400 706
The Greatest Dancer - 392 544
The A-Team - 390 972
Bride Wars - 335 036
Ama Knows Best (Repeat) - 333 747
Generations the Legacy (Repeat) - 333 303
Magnum P.I. - 329 038
Celebrated Love - 326 034
Mela Maga - 322 969

Scandal - 5 062 166
Rhythm City - 3 920 618
Imbewu - 3 454 008
The Jungle Book - 2 972 167
The Lion King - 2 683 189
Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle
Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation
Mad Max Fury Road - 2 583 373
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - 2 459 296
News - 2 452 510
Journey 2 Mysterious Island - 2 290 909
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - 2 095 736
Durban Gen - 2 005 932
Imbewu (Repeat) - 1 727 819
Just for Laughs Gags Filler - 1 711 976
Checkpoint (News) - 1 710 656
The Wolverine - 1 686 812
Scandal (Repeat) - 1 648 576
Rhythm City (Repeat) - 1 534 531
Little Big Shots Forever Young - 1 526 913

Gomora (Drama, Mzansi) - 1 317 325 & 1 640 143
The Queen (Drama, Mzansi) - 1 295 432 & 1 641 515
Idols SA (Mzansi) - 1 180 435 & 1 511 709
Uthando Nesthembu (Mzansi) - 933 800 & 1 187 453
The River (Drama, Mzansi) - 915 498 & 1 105 578
Isibaya (Drama, Mzansi) - 903 999 & 1 083 311
You Promise to Marry Me (Moja) - 859 437 & 1 060 304
The Powerball Draw (Mzansi) - 784 073 & 985 013
Our Perfect Wedding (Wethu) 753 032 & 933 160
Ehostela (Drama, Wethu) 658 001 & 831 748
The Queen (Omnibus, Wethu) - 653 285 & 817 452
Accused (Drama, Wethu) - 617 232 & 755 376
Vula Vala (Drama, Mzansi) - 594 972 & 734 718
Mzan 2000-2159 (Mzansi) - 585 352 & 712 410
Izangoma Zodumo (Mzansi) - 548 611 & 661 930
Unmarried (Drama, Mzansi) 537 045 & 682 896
Isibaya (Repeat, Wethu) - 536 112 & 652 405
The Throne (Repeat, Wethu) - 535 331 & 627 477
The Queen (Repeat, Wethu) - 526 948 & 603 146
Mzan 1800-1959 (Mzansi) - 518 350 & 638 537
Love & Loss (Mzansi) 485 563 & 577 234
Isithembiso (Drama, Wethu) - 482 578 & 543 023
The Score (Movie, Mzansi) - 477 902 & 607 354
Ingane Yam (Mzansi) - 472 199 & 538 411
Emlanjeni (Bioskop) - 454 856 & 615 879
Themba Lam (Bioskop) - 430 655 & 490 837
The River (Repeat, Mzansi) - 425 835 & 502 601
Uyangenza (Bioskop) - 423 933 & 524 581
Gomora (Repeat, Mzansi) 420 728 & 473 460
Rea Tsotella Maga (Moja) - 419 387 & 463 278

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Mindset Pop And ZNBC Education Stops Airing On DStv

On December, 10 at 23:59 ZNBC Education (DStv channel 315) and Mindset POP (DStv channel 317) will go off air as the agreement states these channels were available for a limited period.

A representative of DStv stated a few months back that Mindset POP was available on a full-time basis and you clearly see that's not the case. Of course the owners of the channel are hoping to continue the brand on another platform or they could move them to Mindset.

ZNBC Education came in as a walking Mindset channel in the same market where that channel pretty much existed. It was helpful since Mindset couldn't cover certain learning areas. The content there was live as well like POP.

Kids can look out for more developments in 2021

Even though, these channels will stopped being active you can view other safe and educational content on CBeebies (DStv channel 306), Disney Junior (DStv channel 309), JimJam (DStv channel 310), PBS Kids (DStv channel 313), ZooMoo (DStv channel 314), Da Vinci Kids (DStv channel 318) and Mindset (DStv channel 319).

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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Unlike The U.S. Counterpart, Paramount Network Still Continues To Rollout In Another Region + It Might Launch In Africa

Hungary became the latest victim in ViacomCBS revamp portfolio. Under these changes the male skewed channel, RTL Spike will convert into the teen based channel TeenNick with The Paramount Channel which was used for movies taking the best of RTL Spike and placing it under the Paramount Network.

Back in September, ViacomCBS in the US announced that Paramount Network will convert into a movie channel next year under the name, Paramount Movies Network. At the time, it was currently unknown whether this would have some effect on the Paramount Networks around the world (guess not).

The likely reason for Paramount Network continuation may have something to do with the upcoming rebrand for the streaming service CBS All Access which is set to be called Paramount+ later in the new year and also rollout in more countries.

It's kind of like what Latin America is experiencing with the FOX branding which is getting replaced with Star. Disney is rolling out a mature version of Disney+ under the banner Star or Disney+ Star.

Now in Africa, Paramount Network doesn't exist yet and certain media outlets have been very curious about the future of the brand here. Even some theorized that it might launch to replace MTV.

My theory would be that Paramount Network launches to replace Comedy Central which is very accessible in Africa. Not only that MTV gets booted with some of its programming moving inbetween Paramount Network, BET and perhaps MTV Base.

Right now, Comedy Central especially BET are very redundant and not tough competitors - they look more like placeholders. Comedy Central case is partly justified since genre based channels can be very repetitive. These two love sharing programs especially with The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

MTV is the only decent channel amongst the three and channels like that are usually the ones that get most blows. It wouldn't be a complete loss as the channel didn't gain much recognition and acknowledgement like MTV Base.

This is common in Africa, you had channels such as Animal Planet, Crime & Investigation, BBC First and several others get snatched only for the mediocre and useless batch of channels to stay afloat.

Paramount Network launches in Africa carrying and likely rehash MTV shows such as Teen Mom, Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore. The twist would be the channel actually replaced Comedy Central so if you want to see The Roast Specials and South Park then this will be your station. Paramount Movies Network in the U.S. will be producing movies maybe that will be added as a bonus constellation.

BET gets a boost with MTV shows such as Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It, Have Faith, The Code Trilogies and Love And Hip-Hop mixed with their dry lineup of shows strengthening the channel's offering.

At this point, MTV shifts it's focus towards music perhaps all the music award specials and musician based reality shows will be put on the Afro obsessed channel, MTV Base.

2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV with more companies streamlining their channels and portfolios being reviewed.

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Monday, 30 November 2020

Disney Latin America Renaming FOX Channels In Latin America To Star, Will FOX Follow In Africa Very Soon?

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that the Walt Disney Company would be launching a new streaming service called “Star” internationally, rather than Hulu. With “Star” including general entertainment movies and shows from its brands such as ABC, FX, Freeform, Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Studios. “Star” will also be fully integrated into the established Disney+ platform from both a marketing and a technology perspective, possibly similar to how Hotstar became Disney+ Hotstar in India.

Just ahead of the launch of Star, according to a statement that was provided to cable operators, Disney is going to be renaming it’s “FOX” channels to “Star” in Latin America from February 2021. With both the Fox channel and Fox Life, becoming Star Channel and Star Life.

-FOX Channel will be Star Channel.
-FOX Life will be Star Life.
-FOX Premium will be Star Premium.
-FOX App will be Star App

Fox Premium channels will also be rebranded, becoming: Star Premium Movies, Star Premium Series, Star Premium Action, Star Premium Comedy, Star Premium Fun, Star Premium Cinema and Star Premium Classics.

In Africa, Star operates Indian channels such as StarPlus, Star Vijay and Star Life. There's a chance that Star Life (currently seen on StarTimes, DStv and OpenView) will get a name change perhaps into Star India or something close to that in order to not cause confusion if they do end up rebranding FOX into Star in this region.

Now the issue here is their channels are operated under Star India and not Disney in general. So maybe this whole thing has no effect on us but there's a chance it could have some effect since Latin America is changing the channels and not India. Or perhaps the one here will be called Disney's Star or Star By Disney.

SA Government Might Enforce A Local Quota On Linear Platforms

The government is considering adding a local quota onto streaming services where 30% of the programming needs to come from South Africa. So they're likely to go after DStv, Starsat and OpenView.

While they're looking at the content for streaming platforms. On cable they might exploring more aspects such as the channels offered by these operators.

One things for certain is they've slowly begun investing more in local programming look at M-Net they've started prepping up dramas such as Trackers, Inconcievable and ongoing soap opera, Legacy.

Internationally, most channels offer very little local content you have Comedy Central with its CC Roast Special, MTV and Lasizwe and E! with Celebrity Game Night. No one knows if the government will inflict the quota on these type of channels or the extant of them.

This year alone they managed to get stations like the interactive wilderness channel Wild Earth, KykNet's pop-up movie channel fliekNET returned on a permanent basis alongside KykNet Lekker - a channel carrying old content from their archives.

In short, MultiChoice is more than ready for this than any other platform. The question remains on whether they have enough local content.

They invest very little onto the market when it comes to programming which is justified since they're not entirely based in South Africa and a cheap version of DStv.

This might not be enough as the government will likely want them to invest more in the community like M-Net is doing with its local programming.

In the end, they have shown support for the local community with their wide range of channels such as eExtra, Soweto TV, 1KZN TV, OnseTV, Mindset and few others.

For a free-to-air platform they have a decent amount of local channels like Starsat and since not a lot of entertainment is available on this platform. They might meet up with the government's expectations should they consider it.

Out of 15 channels, only 2 come from a foreign market and only 7 offer local programming.

Friday, 27 November 2020

WildEarth Extends Its Reach To More DStv Customers

MultiChoice launched WildEarth as an experimental channel back in August offering live wildlife content from across the world.

The people who manage this brand also supply SafariLIVE which is currently on SABC 3.

The channel was set go off on November 25 but went past it's trial date as MultiChoice kept it onboard full-time now. Not only that WildEarth which was exclusive to DStv Premium and Compact+ is now available to DStv Compact and Family customers.

It seems like DStv Compact is starting to lose its edge now that most new channels are being leached between that package and Family. It's evident that DStv is losing a lot of Premium customers and they even went as far as merging the stats of Premium with Compact+ to easen the blow.

DStv Family is slowly replacing DStv Compact kind of like how that package including Plus replaced Premium.

WildEarth wasn't the only pop-up channel on DStv. There's currently 3 experimental channels running on DStv with the fourth one set for an early 2021 release.

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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Plans For Mindset Pop, People's Weather And Supa TV

Admist the pandemic, MultiChoice partnered up with Mindset to launch a second educational channel to help learners from Grade 4-9 catch-up to their schoolwork while Supabets launched its first linear channel exclusively on OpenView.

People's Weather went from being a 24 hour weather channel to an environmental and lifestyle channel.

Mindset POP has shown remarkable success introduction on DStv and Supa TV has helped viewers win some extra cash and also managed to grow the owner's brand.

According to both suppliers, they're looking into expanding the reach of these channels to more platforms meaning that more learners will get access to the educational material on Mindset POP and more viewers can engage with Supa TV since most of them don't have an OpenView.

People's Weather which was only on DStv has been added onto OpenView recently. If you want nature, documentaries and wildlife then this is your channel. There's even a chance it will pop-up on Starsat and StarTimes.

Mindset POP joins other current educational kids channels in the market such as Mindset, Baby TV, CBeebies, Nick Jr, Disney Junior, JimJam, Da Vinci Kids, PBS Kids, SABC Education, DBE TV, Zoomoo, CBeebies.

Supa TV joins Tellytrack as the only few betting channels within the market.

People's Weather is the only accessible channel within the market other channels like Curiosity Channel, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Da Vinci Kids, Wild Earth and Discovery Channel require you to pay monthly.

January 2021 On EVA | Repeats & More Repeats | Bold And The Beautiful

Throughout the year, Eva has been filled with repeats of past programs already seen on the channel to make it even worse the rest of Africa operate Eva+ which is full-blown reruns channel. They also offer a Portuguese version of the channel.

The only current program on the channel is the ongoing drama from CBS' Bold And The Beautiful.

To start of 2021, Eva will be airing a rerun of La Seleccion (Football Dreams) from January 20. The channel is up for renewal between February and March so I'd look at those months if it doesn't go off by then it could go off at some point.

Sony Channel and Sony Max were lurking around that corner for 2 years with the only relevant program being the popular game show The Amazing Race now that's on M-Net since Sony Pictures International no longer distribute these channels anywhere in Africa.

Even FOX Life joined these set of channels from 2016 up until April 2020 where they introduced 4 new telenovelas which took Africa by storm while rehashing old reality shows and that Cathy Kruger show. In the end, the channel never got to see the light of day due to realignment strategies at Disney.

There is a chance that the channel will look for new suppliers perhaps in other regions but due to the climax of the pandemic that seems very unlikely.

When SABC 3 stopped airing Bold And The Beautiful. M-Net was looking into snatching the show for their channel but already had a packed schedule. The fact they considered the show just makes Eva redundant at this point.

M-Net could pick the show up now that The Kelly Clarkson Show moved to VUZU and the controversial talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on production break.

Since the pandemic which has been jeopardizing the release of new content especially movies. What if The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends at some point leaving The Kelly Clarkson Show to takeover on VUZU. This could be their chance to acquire the show like they originally intended.

Even though, M-Net can only be seen on the Premium package there's chances that either VUZU or one of the Mzansi channels would have supplied reruns to Bold and perhaps even takeover the show.

Even if DStv were to do away with Eva there is a chance that AMC International will look into continuing the brand through another platform like Starsat and StarTimes for starters regardless the fate of this channel looks vague I could be wrong but you never know as 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV.

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Supa TV And Tellytrack Might Have More Competition As MultiChoice Is Part Owner Of BetKing

MultiChoice expanded its repertoire with an agreement to buy a 20% stake in Africa-focused sports-betting platform BetKing for as much as 1.8 billion rand, giving it access to a sector that’s emerged as a winner from lockdown restrictions that have encouraged homebound entertainment.

“Sports betting is an interesting market that is aligned to our Pay-TV business,” said Mawela. “We have a lot of sport on our platform, and many people that are betting watch more games.” he said. DSTV packages include live English soccer, while MultiChoice agreed to a deal with Walt Disney Co. earlier this year to add two ESPN channels showing U.S. pursuits such as basketball.

BetKing started in Nigeria and has shown rapid growth over the past two and a half years, according to the CEO. “They plan to be pan-African and will be entering South Africa at some stage too,” he said.

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Thursday, 19 November 2020

New Channel Alert: Honey Coming Soon To DStv

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our customers’ viewing experience and delight them with content, MultiChoice is thrilled to bring this latest venture in African storytelling.

HONEY is a bold, unscripted lifestyle TV channel for interrogative and connected Africans. The channel is about celebrating and exploring African lives and loves, and the content is focused on lifestyle, fashion, food, weddings, dating, as well as reality.

MultiChoice CEO of General Entertainment, Yolisa Phahle, says the move follows consistent, upward lifestyle-viewership trends on the continent. “DStv is thrilled to launch HONEY. The channel is part of our commitment to keep bringing fresh, authentic and local content to our African subscribers. For many years, we’ve seen lifestyle is a popular genre on the continent; and now our subscribers will see their own talent, food, celebrations, and their families as the well-deserved hero.”

The channel will be broadcast in all key African regions including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC, Cameroon and South Africa. Keeping with the continent’s effervescent energy and vibrancy, the channel will be a tapestry of African producers with exciting storylines and cross-continental casting, making HONEY, a go-to channel for authentic African storytelling.

Head of Content at MultiChoice, Aletta Alberts says: “Africa’s dynamism and way of life is the perfect ingredient for this exciting channel. HONEY is going to add sweet and sticky flavour to our subscriber offering. Lifestyle content is the ideal vehicle to reflect the continent’s diversity and sameness. Everyone who is curious about food, style, and weddings is in for a treat.”

The MultiChoice channel is packaged by Media24’s television unit which is also responsible for Afrikaans lifestyle channel, VIA (DStv channel 147).

Izelle Venter, HONEY’s Channel Head says: “Media24 is delighted to collaborate with MultiChoice on this new adventure. The goal is to combine both companies’ best qualities, experiences, and knowledge to serve DStv subscribers with a new channel that is familiar, unique and entertaining.”

The key ingredient to HONEY is the channel’s focus on authentic African storytelling. In a ground-breaking content creation model, the channel has partnered with producers from all corners of the continent to create hundreds of fresh hours of exciting African shows, ensuring that HONEY is indeed the place where all Africans feel at home.

“We are working with producers across the continent to ensure the lifestyle stories we tell are real and relevant,” says Zinzi Velelo, HONEY’s Head of Content. “Our goal is to showcase the characters, talent and dynamics of everyday African life as never before.”

HONEY will be available for Compact, Compact Plus and Premium customers from Friday, 12 February 2021.

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Monday, 16 November 2020

More Details On The Korean Channel Coming To DStv

MultiChoice first revealed the channel alongside 4 others at an upfront which was held back in August.

Coming from Oscar-winning producers of Parasite, tvN opens up the world of Korean drama to DStv customers, on the back of rapidly-growing global interest in the quirky world of K-Pop and all things Korean.

It was suppose to roll out alongside the Turkish pop-up channel early in November until the end of March on DStv but according to sources it has been pushed to early 2021. MultiChoice has confirmed that if this channel engages well with viewers they'll keep it full-time.

Just like the other 3 channels, this one will be available to DStv Premium, Compact+ and Compact customers across Africa with DStv Family customers and upwards in South Africa but there's chances that might change when it rolls out.

The channel features shows produced by some of the biggest players in the Korean drama industry and serving up glossy, powerful content, which customers can look forward to, in November 2020 on DStv.

The only show confirmed for the channel is Entourage which is a remake of the American drama series.

MultiChoice stated in their advert tvN will offer the "best" Korean dramas in English and I have complied a list of their best shows and they go as followed:

1. Reply, is an anthology television series revolved around a group of friends, as the timeline moves back and forth between their past and present selves.

2. Crash Landing on You tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean fashion entrepreneur with her company Se-ri's Choice, and Ri Jeong-hyeok, a member of the North Korean elite and a Captain in the North Korean Special Police Force.

3. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God, follows Kim Shin, a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, is framed as a traitor and killed by the young king. Years after his death, he is cursed by the almighty to stay immortal forever and endure the pain of seeing his loved ones die as punishment for the kills he committed in the wars to protect his country.

4. Mr. Sunshine, centres around Eugene Choi who was born into slavery in Joseon but escaped to the United States after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. expedition to Korea). He becomes a United States Marine Corps officer and returns to Joseon for a mission. While in Joseon, he meets and falls in love with an aristocrat's granddaughter, Go Ae-shin, who is part of the Righteous Army.

5. 100 Days My Prince, Lee Yul is a prince's troublesome nephew who enjoys spending his days playing instead of studying. One day, he falls in love with his polar opposite Yi-seo, and this causes him to change to become more studious in order to impress her. Yi-seo's father is a general and the right-hand man of the King.

6. Hospital Playlist, tells the story of doctors and nurses working at Yulje Medical Center. It focuses on five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999.

7. Signal, a mysterious walkie talkie allows a detective in the year 1989 to communicate with a cold case profiler from 2015; with the power of fore and hindsight the two not only solve crimes but prevent them from ever taking place.

8. Hotel Del Luna, is a supernatural place, the hotel is not visible in its true form during the daytime as humans can only come across the hotel under special circumstances. Its staff and clients are all souls/ghosts coming to terms with unfinished business in their former lives before they pass on to the afterlife and cycle of reincarnation; the staff in particular have been there for decades and even centuries as they have not settled their grudges.

9. Prison Playbook, a captivating drama revolving around the lives of convicts behind bars, their families and duty officers working in the correctional facilities. A superstar baseball pitcher, Kim Je-hyuk, is convicted of assault after he saves his sister from a sexual attack.

10. The Crowned Clown, the story takes place at a time in mid-Joseon period, when upheavals and power struggles surrounding the throne had reached extremely devastating levels. In order to escape those who plan to assassinate him, the king puts a clown, who looks exactly like him, on the throne. The clown then later became the king of Joseon on his own merits.

11. Memories of the Alhambra, the series centers on a company CEO and a hostel owner who get entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a new and intricate augmented reality game inspired by the stories of the Alhambra Palace.

12. Another Miss Oh, tells the story of a miserable man who seeks revenge after being left at the alter by his fiancee whose getting hitched soon.

13. Stranger, follows the life of Hwang Si-mok an exemplary Prosecutor who suffered from hypersensitivity after undergoing a corrective surgery, he lost his sense of empathy and lacks social skills.

14. Lawless Lawyer, the series follows characters Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi who form the Lawless Law Firm. Sang-pil, a former gangster turned lawyer, seeks to avenge his mother and fight against those with absolute power.

15. Record Of Youth, the drama follows the lives of three young people in the contemporary fashion industry. They strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair.

16. What's Wrong Secretary Kim?, the plot revolves around the ambitious vice chairman of a major corporation, Lee Young-joon, and his highly capable secretary, Kim Mi-so. Misunderstandings arise when she announces that she will resign from her position, after working for Lee Young-joon for nine years. Young-joon will do whatever he can to make sure Mi-so stays by his side.

17. Misaeng: Incomplete Life, since he was a child, the board game baduk has been everything to Jang Geu-rae. But when he fails at achieving his dream of becoming a professional baduk player, Geu-rae must leave his isolated existence and enter the real world armed with nothing but a high school equivalency exam on his resume.

18. Familiar Wife, a married couple suddenly finds themselves living entirely different lives after their fates magically change through an unexpected incident.

19. Dear My Friends, tells the stories between friends in their last years of life, people who say some words like "It is not the end, we're still alive".

20. Live, tells the story of police officers - from the lowest field cadets and patrol officers, to their superiors including corporals, captains, and more - as they form the 'Live' team at the Hongil patrol division. Each officer has their own story, and each works hard in their own places at one of the busiest, most stressful jobs in the world, in order to earn a living.

21. Arthdal Chronicles, in a mythical land called Arth, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal contend with power struggles, while some encounter love along the way. Eun-seom goes through hardships to bring his tribe back to life and learns of his true origins in the process.

22. My Mister, tells us the story of three middle-aged brothers, who are enduring the weight of their lives, and a strong, cold woman, who has been living a hard life of her own, as they come together in healing each other's past scars.

23. It's Okay to Not Be Okay, tells the story of a romance between a caretaker at a psychiatric ward, who does not have time for love, and a successful children's book author, who does not know the feeling of love.

24. Oh My Ghost, Na Bong-sun has an extremely timid personality and low self-esteem, doesn't have any close friends, and is constantly getting reprimanded at her job as an assistant chef at Sun Restaurant. She also occasionally sees ghosts, thanks to a shaman grandmother.

25. Second 20s, Ha No-ra once dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she unexpectedly became pregnant at age 19 and had to quit school and get married. For the next two decades, her life revolved around being a housewife and mother.

26. Cheese In The Trap, The drama focuses on the life and relationships of a group of university students, particularly the difficult relationship between hard-working scholarship student Hong Seol and her deceptively kind senior, Yoo Jung.

27. A Korean Odyssey, Son Oh-gong (Sun Wukong) and Ma-wang Bull Demon King) are in conflict with each other as they look for a true light in a dark world where evil thrives. From there, Son Oh-gong is bound to his protective role towards Seon-mi (Sanzang), the little girl he had met years ago. Having made a contract with Seon-mi 25 years ago, entitling her to seek help from Son Oh-gong whenever she calls him in exchange for letting him free, the two meet again in a fateful encounter.

28. Live Up To Your Name, Heo Im is a Joseon doctor of Traditional Korean medicine, specializing in acupuncture. He worked at the clinic for the poor during daytime and earned a fortune by making secret visits to nobles and high-ranking officials' houses at night. After gaining notoriety for his great skills, he was tasked to help treat the king's migraines.

29. The Cursed, is about a teenage girl who has the ability to bring death by using names, photos and belongings, and a just social issues reporter, fighting against the massive evil hidden behind an IT conglomerate.

30. Romance Is A Bonus Book, Cha Eun-ho is a successful author and a senior editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan-i is a mother and former successful advertising copywriter. When Cha Eun-ho was a child, Kang Dan-i saved him from an accident and was injured. Kang Dan-i had Cha Eun-ho help her while she was recuperating in hospital and later on bedrest for one year.

31. The K2, Kim Je-ha is a former mercenary soldier for the PMC Blackstone. While in Iraq, he gets framed for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian. As a result, he runs away and becomes a fugitive. He returns to South Korea and by chance, gets offered to work as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo-jin, the owner of JSS Security Company and wife of the presidential candidate, Jang-Se joon.

32. Hi Bye, Mama!, Cha Yu-ri has been a ghost since she died in a tragic accident five years ago. Through a reincarnation project, she is given the possibility to become human again if she succeeds in going back to her place within 49 days. However, her husband is now remarried.

33. Tales Of The Nine Tailed, opsis
A gumiho (nine-tailed fox) named Lee Yeon abdicated his position as the mountain spirit of Baekdudaegan to search for the reincarnation of his one true love Ah-eum. He followed her soul up to the Samdo River and gave her the fox bead as her mark when she is reborn again. Meanwhile, his half-brother Lee Rang was left alone and the mountain unprotected as well. With its guardian gone, humans were able to set fire in the mountains, causing Rang to flee.

34. Room No. 9, the story of two women whose fate is switched as they exchange bodies, and a man who holds the key to that fate.

35. Start-Up, the series revolves around a woman who has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, a man who is secretly her first love, and another man who is pretending to be her first love.

36. Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Park Mu-jin is the South Korean Minister of Environment, with little ambition as a politician. After a diplomatic incident involving free trade negotiations with the United States, and Park's dispute over numbers provided by its Environmental Protection Agency about pollution caused by imported cars, President Yang Jin-ma dismisses Park from office.

37. When My Love Blooms, Synopsis
Han Jae-hyun and Yoon Ji-soo met and fell in love when they were university students. Twenty years later, they cross paths once again: Jae-hyun has become a successful businessman who pursues wealth and honor, while Ji-soo is a mother and a contract worker living a difficult life.

38. Flower Of Evil, Baek Hee-sung is a man who hides his identity and past from his wife Cha Ji-won, a detective. On the surface, they appear to be the perfect family: a loving couple with a beautiful daughter who adores her parents.

39. Tale Of Fairy, story of a 699-year-old fairy who has lived since the Koryeo dynasty, but has lost her wings and thus unable to ascend to heaven. In the modern time, she works as a barista and meets two potential reincarnations of her former husband Kim Geum, who died after accidentally falling down a cliff.

40. Confessions, Choi Do-hyun becomes a lawyer in order to clear his father's name after he has been wrongly accused of murder.

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Friday, 13 November 2020

SABC, e.tv And DStv Ratings For October 2020

Uzalo - 8 801 675
Generations the Legacy - 7 594 621
Skeem Saam - 5 915 898
Sgud'snaysi - 4 121 408 
Xhosa News - 3 831 784
Zulu News - 3 781 455 
Uzalo (Repeat) - 2 966 125 
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 2 960 669
Throwback Thursday - 2 726 924
Nyan Nyan - 2 929 670
Live Amp - 2 895 263
Mtn 8 1st Leg Semi-Final Orando Pirates - 2 886 956 
Family Secrets - 2 846 231
Selimathunzi - 2 720 763
Dstv Premiership Kaizer Chiefs vs Mamelo - 2 713 315 
Ngomusa - 2 659 515 28
The Rose - 2 656 794
Uzalo Omnibus - 2 594 325 
Lip Sync Battle - 2 362 925 
Thavhazimbi - 2 536 783

Muvhango - 3 912 400
Lithapo - 1 753 297
7De Laan - 1 611 692
Nuus - 1 386 010
Vutha - 1 380 530
Mokgonyana Mmatswale - 1 227 275
Ngwanaka Ngwanaka O Kae - 1 180 351
Live Lotto Draw - 1 051 604
Muvhango (Omnibus) - 900 208
Ses/Tsw/Sep News - 958 519
Lithapo (Repeat) - 822 077
The Wicker Man - 736 222
SABC 2: Afro Cafe Documentary - 709 860
Venda/Tsonga News - 692 489
Mid Term Budget Speech - 724 330
Morning Live - 716 766 
Music - 653 529
50/50 - 700 854
Touched by An Angel - 631 999
Fokus - 655 548

Dynasties - 1 025 654 
International Friendly: South Africa vs N - 766 680
Knight Rider - 448 514
Ama Knows Best (Repeat) - 443 455
Mela Maga - 435 715
Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund vs Fc Schal - 425 964
Music - 424 920
The Greatest Dancer - 421 720
News - 392 404
Rustom - 376 044
The A-Team - 366 983
The Great Dancer - 356 054
Celebrated Love - 347 122
Airwolf - 314 668
Generations the Legacy (Repeat) 328 820
Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana - 319 975
Top Billing - 309 432
Dishoom - 287 885
Magnum P.I. - 302 163
The Insider Sa (Repeat) - 286 213

Scandal - 5 104 684
Rhythm City - 4 043 534
Imbewu - 3 573 606
Mad Buddies - 3 174 330
Skyscraper (Mov) - 2 765 996
G.I Joe: Retaliation - 2 619 278
Spider-Man Homecoming - 2 330 355
Thor: Ragnarok - 2 453 243
Thor - 2 258 033
Thor: the Dark World - 2 233 282
Music - 1 883 266
The Secret Life of Pets - 1 815 563
Imbewu (Repeat) - 1 722 726
Little Big Shots Forever Young - 1 645 693
Checkpoint - 1 597 726 25.2
Durban Gen - 1 551 450
Rhythm City (Repeat) - 1 516 392
Scandal (Repeat) - 1 515 914
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch Challenge - 1 470 704
Deur Dik En Dun - 1 408 619

DStv Adults & Under:
The Queen (Mzansi) - 1 469 577 & 1 814 690
Gomora (Mzansi) - 1 365 779 & 1 712 178
Idols SA (Mzansi) - 1 183 035 & 1 457 163
The Powerball Draw Quiz (Mzansi) -  1 114 239 & 1 387 953
You Promise to Marry Me (MOJA) - 1 044 489 & 1 356 133
Isibaya (Mzansi) - 959 262 & 1 155 417
Our Perfect Wedding (Wethu) - 957 753 & 1 184 624
The River (Mzansi) - 941 419 & 1 112 722
Uthando Nesthembu (Mzansi) - 829 368 & 1 061 218
Ehostela (Wethu) - 748 028 & 914 373
The Score (Mzansi) 743 071 & 901 807
Vula Vala (Mzansi) 663 785 & 838 098
Please Step In (Mzansi) - 631 462 & 746 007
Ingane Yam (Mzansi) 546 623 & 680 533
The Queen (Omnibus, Wethu) - 507 298 & 628 469
The Queen Movie (Wethu) - 505 846 & 636 319
Accused (Wethu) - 541 273 & 686 424
Izangoma Zodumo (Mzansi) - 532 172 & 693 305
Unmarried (Mzansi) - 510 882 & 648 842
The Queen (Repeat, Wethu) - 498 088 & 569 509
The Real Housewives of Johannesburg (Wethu) - 462 329 & 602 788
The Throne (Drama, Wethu) - 494 754 & 577 533
Isintu (Bioskop) - 444 766 & 564 007
Isibaya (Repeat, Wethu) - 470 450 & 518 350
Ulaka Lwabaphansi (Bioskop) - 433 233 & 536 330
Dloz'lami (Moja) -  458 058 & 508 459
Isithembiso (Wethu) - 452 262 & 537 621
Who's the Father (Bioskop) - 449 662 & 589 637
Umhlolokazi (Bioskop) - 416 253 & 520 338
Mamazala (Moja) - 447 043 & 499 193

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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

NEW CHANNEL ALERT: Novela Magic Coming Soon To DStv?

Novela Magic is an African-focused telenovela channel coming to DStv. It is produced by M-Net as well and might be catered specifically for South Africa.

In an upfront in August, MultiChoice mentioned that they're working on four Pan-African channels. Three will be added for specific regions while one being a lifestyle channel will likely be available across Africa.

Now this channel is unheard of perhaps MultiChoice wanted to surprise customers with this station.

The channel airs old programs from Zambezi Magic and Africa Magic such as Forbidden, Unbroken, Battleground and Zuba.

There's reasons why the channel could be in South Africa. For starters, Mzansi Magic and KykNet have their own repeat channels (KykNet Lekker and Mzansi Wethu) for lower bouquets except for Africa Magic.

So perhaps the idea for this channel was to repeat certain content from the rest of Africa to help fill up its airtime and make it unique perhaps they'll even supply content from Maisha Magic and Pearl Magic.

At the moment, MultiChoice has no details on the channel and in such cases it does imply that they'll be more details in a new month.

Update: Novela Magic launches 27 November At 6pm CAT on DStv channel 165 maybe this is their way of making up for the delay of tvN. The channel is rumoured to also be added onto the Family package it could change.

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Friday, 30 October 2020

Streaming: What Will Happen To NBCUniversal Linear Channels Currently Seen On DStv, Starsat And StarTimes?

NBCUniversal International (in Africa) supplies channels such as Universal TV, Studio Universal, DreamWorks Channel, Telemundo and E!

The restructuring of the TV and streaming business of Comcast's NBCUniversal featured prominently on the company's third-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday.

"In essence, we have done away with the concept of creating a piece of work for a specific network," Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said.

NBCU recently rejigged and streamlined key parts of its operations to cut costs and update structures for the digital age. A recently launched TV and Streaming unit, which combined those businesses under Mark Lazarus, was part of a restructuring designed to shift resources and investment from linear to streaming, but also causing job cuts. On Thursday, Roberts explained the move this way: "In essence, we have done away with the concept of creating a piece of work for a specific network."

Management showed a slide saying the move would drive “long-term value.” It showed the old structure as being “fragmented, with individual network executive teams” and optimizing "specific networks and brands.” The new structure "optimizes [the] full portfolio of linear and digital outlets" and is "centralized, with small programming executive teams."

NBCU CEO Jeff Shell during the third-quarter earnings conference call said the costs for the restructuring are hitting over the course of about a year, with a third "in this current quarter" and most of it having hit by midyear 2021, which will lead to "a lot less cost" and position the company for future opportunities. "We are kind of through the execution of most of our restructuring," he said, adding that the changing world and industry, including revenue pressures, mean a need for reform to ensure long-term profitability and health.

Comcast CFO Mike Cavanagh on the call detailed restructuring charges taken this year. He said "COVID-related severance and restructuring charges" year-to-date have reached $239 million. "We expect to incur an additional charge that is approximately double this amount in this year’s fourth quarter as we continue to align the cost structure across all of our businesses," he added. That would mean around $478 million in the quarter and around $717 million for the whole year.

Shell also said the advertising upfront ended up being much smaller than in the past, but "much better" than expected for the company, with pricing slightly higher, instead of the expected decline, and ad volume being down slightly.

Cavanagh on Thursday's call also predicted that the theme parks unit, which posted a third-quarter loss just like in the previous quarter, would break even again some time in 2021 no matter what happens to Universal Studios Hollywood. Roberts said the division has seen "the most pressure" from the coronavirus pandemic and it will take some time to recover, but management remains "very bullish" on theme parks longer-term. He also highlighted that excluding theme parks losses, NBCU's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization would have grown 9 percent in the third quarter.

The topic of premium VOD and theatrical film releases, which has been a key issue on recent Comcast earnings calls, only came up in passing on Thursday. Cavanagh mentioned that NBCU's film team plans to release The Croods: A New Age in theaters and on PVOD in the fourth quarter, while other movies have been pushed to 2021.

Shell previously addressed Universal Pictures' historic agreement with cinema giant AMC Theatres, which will allow the studio's movies to be made available on premium video-on-demand after just 17 days of play in cinemas, including three weekends. The deal, which initially covers AMC's U.S. locations, shatters the traditional theatrical window of nearly three months before studios can make movies available in the home. AMC, the world's largest theater chain, is expected to share in the revenue from PVOD. "Together we can build a new, more attractive business model for us both," Shell said this summer. He also signaled Universal was expecting to reach similar deals with other exhibitors.

Shell also said back then that in recent years it has become "increasingly more difficult" to get the same returns on movies over the first two windows, with the AMC deal helping the studio and the exhibitor on that front.

Conclusion: This affects mostly E! since it was the only channel fitting that description while the rest have just been relying on acquisitions and archived shows. Telemundo in the U.S. is not managed by Comcast while NBCUniversal here manages it so my guess would be that E! and Telemundo will merge into a single channel which would be similar to the defunct FOX Life channel:
1. Since NBCUniversal is on a cancelling spree, E! joined Telemundo on a reruns rampage.
2.1. Telemundo lineup gets weaker on a yearly basis as more repeats begin to fill up the channel. They use to provide 4 hours of fresh content now that's dropped by 3 hours with only an hour repeating during the daytime. By next year, they're very likely going to offer 2 hours of fresh content which is okay since it gives viewers time to watch other stations.
2.2. E! will look more like BET, FOX and Comedy Central which can only provide an hour or more of fresh content per week.
3. E! has been heavily reliant on The Kardashians to boost their airtime now that their chapter is coming to an end what's left for the channel besides Botched! which is likely getting canned or moving to streaming services.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Zirc Media's Idents For Their New Channel On DStv

Ziric Media is an upcoming channel intended to broadcast on DStv. The channel will be modern, stylish, powerful smooth, dynamic and unique.

The channel will have trends, events, history, fashion, travel, action, lifestyle and sports.

Friday, 23 October 2020

The Current Status Of TV Licence In South Africa And The Rest Of The World + Other Matters

South Africans who watch video streaming services like Netflix or pay-TV services like DStv or StarSat and who don't even watch or use the services of the South African public broadcaster could be forced to pay a SABC TV licence fee like a compulsory "traffic fine" - even if they don't use a TV, the SABC or just watch content on devices like laptops and tablets.

This is the latest plan of the financially struggling South African public broadcaster to prop up its finances, with Pinky Kekana, South Africa's deputy communications minister, who told parliament's portfolio committee on communications on Tuesday morning that the SABC wants to broaden the definition of the existing mandatory SABC TV licence that is payable by people with a TV set.

There's about 27 other countries that still do TV licences followed by 25 countries that abolished it and make their revenue through commercial sales, advertising, tax and pay or free-to-air platforms (which is what SABC is proposing). Then there's 11 other countries that never had a TV licence some of them don't have a national broadcaster (e.g. SABC, BBC), some are funded by private companies (e.g. e.tv), some rely on advertising, grants and government funds.

The SABC wants the government to remove the must carry clause on their channels since it benefits other platforms as they don't pay a cent for their channels.

SABC wants national sports to be available to them at a very affordable price.

If SABC wants to charge people TV licence they could have added it onto our taxes regardless most people using DStv or OpenView don't watch their channels since they lack redeeming quality. If the government does abolish the must-carry regulation it means all platforms will likely do away with SABC 1-3 or have less SABC channels on their platform.

I know most people don't watch their channels but for the people that rely on their channels, what are the chances that these platforms will indeed do away with SABC entirely. Knowing some providers they're likely to keep only 1 or 2 out of the 3 channels.

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