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Thursday, 20 June 2019

What's Coming Up In August 2019 On Discovery Channel Africa?

Gold Divers
From Monday 12 August at 20:00
For over a century, the shores and waterways of Nome, Alaska have been a beacon to hard-working dreamers looking to strike it rich. Fortunes have been won and lost for miners seeking the golden treasures of the Bering Sea. This season, as the new summer mining season begins, gold in Nome is drying up, pushing miners to extreme new locations in a desperate search for gold. Zeke heads miles off shore to Sledge Island while Shawn seeks to build his empire with a new claim at the Kellys' reputation that may sink them before the season starts. Plus, there's a new kid on the gold-mining block seeking his fortune on the Bering Sea floor - but will he maintain his beginner's optimism?

Undercover Billionaire
From Thursday 15 August at 20:00
Glenn Stearns is a self-made billionaire. He grew up poor in the remote outposts of Maryland and was just 14 years old when he became a father. A few years ago, he sold his company for $2.2 billion and he believes if he can do it, anyone can. Now, he's putting his belief to the test in a series that taps into his expertise to see if it's possible to create a million-dollar company in just 90 days, as he partners with a deserving candidate. But, there's a twist: the real identity of our mogul will remain anonymous to everyone around him. He'll be dropped off in a remote community with little resources and no contacts. The road to success is rarely an easy one - he will need to build connections, relationships and get a job that pays cash to build a company from scratch. If he's successful, at the end of the 90 days, he'll turn over the company he built to the people who helped him out along the way - and he'll reveal his identity to those around him.

Savage Builds
From Thursday 29 August at 21:00
Legendary builder, problem-solver and maker, Adam Savage, is on a mission to challenge his skills and abilities as he undertakes his ultimate dream builds. This science adventure series follows Adam into an unpredictable world as he takes on the most absurd, original challenges only he could dream up. Along the way, he enlists the help of some of his favourite people on the planet - distinguished friends and colleagues - master innovators, unconventional thinkers and talented builders he's long admired and always wanted to work with. From pop culture to legend, folklore to little-known science fact, Adam obsessively engineers inventive builds to discover new information - and all with his signature showmanship. With Adam at the helm, engineering has never been so much fun!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Naked And Afraid XL And Guardians Of The Glades Debuts In July 2019 On Discovery Channel Africa

Naked and Afraid XL
From Tuesday 9 July at 20:00
In one of the most difficult group survival challenges on the planet, 12 elite survivalists take on the brutal conditions of the South China Sea in the hope of lasting 40 days on land and on sea. They must decide if they are stronger together or split into smaller groups, and with varied skills and personalities, will their differences divide them? To succeed they'll need to master the environment, push the limits of human endurance, and survive each other in one of the most remote areas on earth. And, two all-star survivalists take on an even more extreme challenge of 60 days, beginning in the jungles of the Philippines.

Masters of Disaster
From Thursday 18 July at 21:00
These days, pretty much everyone is heavily dependent on modern technology. From mobile phones to food processors, every aspect of day-to-day life is catered for with a high-tech gadget that most of us take for granted. But, in the event of Doomsday, what would happen if all this technology we rely upon is gone? A group of innovative engineers and workmen in Chattanooga, Tennesse, led by mechanic and survivalist Beau Boruff are not taking any chances. In this series, these guys source vintage pieces, restore them to full working order and sell them to grateful Doomsday preppers, hopefully making a tidy profit in the process.

Building Off The Grid
From Saturday 6 July at 17:15
For some, the idea of living in an unspoilt wilderness 'off the grid', stripped of the trappings of modern life, is a wonderful dream. But building in these places where access to contemporary materials is limited and without a support network can be much more difficult. This series follows plucky people across the USA who are inspired to build in the middle of nowhere and escape the pressures of living in a city. In Ohio, two brothers rush to build a high-end vacation home in only four months in the middle of a cattle ranch. And, in the Appalachian Mountains, a man wants to surprise his wife with an eco-friendly holiday home far from the crowds. Will they be able to cope with the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature in pursuit of building their dream, unplugged from the modern world?

Guardians Of The Glades
From Wednesday 24 July at 21:00
For people born poor and without many options like Dusty Crum, life can be hard. But if there's a will there's a way, and he learned from his father how to make do with what they had and to make a lot from a little. When a business opportunity came his way to hunt invasive snakes in the Everglades, he took it with both hands. In this entertaining series, Dusty and his ragtag band of hunters do battle with these slithering monsters in bug-infested, alligator-ridden swamps. They may not have professional training or much in the way of equipment, but they make up for that with courage and determination!

Friday, 3 May 2019

What's New In June 2019 On Discovery Channel Africa

How Do They Do It?
From Thursday 6 June at 20:00
As the modern world becomes progressively automated and mechanised, it's easy to grow further removed from the way things are made and how things are done. The series returns to uncover the miraculous feats of engineering which underpin life in the 21st century. Many items that make up the modern world, often the result of highly sophisticated engineering and production processes, are taken for granted. This fascinating behind- the-scenes journey delves deep into the production of essential modern items. The layers of industry are once again peeled back even further to reveal more hidden stories behind our everyday lives.

Street Outlaws
From Friday 7 June at 21:00
Oklahoma City’s elite team of street racers are starting their engines and stepping on the gas as the series revs up to another gear. The 405 is in California taking on Boddie and his group of racers, but it hasn't been an easy night so far. And, if OKC can't find a way to work together and start winning some races, this whole trip may turn out to be a costly disaster. With Ryan Martin in a risky race against street racing legend, Gypsy Mike, and Big Chief facing off against Boddie in the battle of the team leaders, there's way more than just money on the line. And, when racers are desperate for wins, some will always push it too far. And, with the start of a new season the 405 hope to start afresh. But on race night, the same old games threaten to break them apart before they start.

Raising Wild
From Monday 10 June at 20:00
Modern life can be relentless and stressful, so much so that many of us dream of starting again with a new way of living. Former covert military man and intelligence officer Brett Hines and his family intend to do just that, having transitioned from living under the modern trappings of life in America to forming their own way of life in the mountains of Tonasket, Washington. Using survival and security techniques Brett developed in the military, in intelligence, and later as a private contractor, they are now two years in. Even though they're self-sufficient, the ten family members depend upon each other to make it through the harsh conditions, and this series intimately documents their journey, including footage they have self- shot over the years. Restarting their lives hasn't been easy, but the Hines are determined to live a life free of the distractions of the modern world. Will their effort succeed, or will this new way of living prove too difficult for these 21st century pioneers?

Building Off The Grid
From Saturday 8 June at 17:15
For some, the idea of living in an unspoilt wilderness 'off the grid', stripped of the trappings of modern life, is a distant dream. But building there can be a bit more complicated. This series follows plucky people across the USA who are inspired to build in the middle of nowhere. These guys possess mad MacGyver-like skills, run on adrenalin, and there's no such word as 'can't' in their vocabulary! From dream treehouses to ambitious homesteads and eco-friendly cabins, the build teams must endure tough conditions and physical demands as they embark on their extraordinary projects. Will they be able to cope with the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature in pursuit of building their dream, unplugged from the modern world?

Thursday, 14 March 2019

We've Got Some More Gold Rush With Dave Turin, A Reality Show Where Couples Get Naked And More On Discovery Channel Africa In April 2019

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine
From Monday 27 May at 21:00
Veteran miner, Dave Turin, is an expert gold hunter. He has spent years working alongside Todd Hoffman, earning the nickname 'Dozer Dave' after relentlessly bulldozing for gold. Now, after two years out of the game, he's using his expertise and the backing of financiers to help families who want to resurrect their failing mines and turn a profit. In this series he crosses the USA, from north to south, on a mission to prospect multiple lost and abandoned sites, hoping to find the one that will make a fortune. From the Yukon to the Nevada Desert, Dave meets people with the most incredible stories, and they all have one thing in common: no matter how tough the conditions or how big the gamble, they won't give up on their quest for gold.

Naked And Afraid
From Tuesday 7 May at 19:05
In the ultimate test of human endurance, two survivalists - one man and one woman - are marooned in one of the world's most hostile environments with no food, no water...and no clothes. This thrilling series follows the duo as they struggle to survive on their own for 21 days full days, seeking food, shelter and clothing wherever they can. The locations are tougher than ever, starting the sun-scorched southern coast of Mexico. Here, the couple must not only endure searing heat and humidity, but also avoid dangerous wildlife in their path, from swarming hornets to lethal moccasin snakes. The stakes are high as each couple battles the elements, each other, and their own inner weaknesses to see who will triumph over the terrain or fail under the force of nature. These individuals pride themselves on being tough - but do they have what it takes to endure these gruelling conditions?

Diesel Brothers
From Friday 24 May at 20:00
Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and the Dieselsellerz crew are known worldwide for their crazy online videos and their incredible, extravagant truck builds. Their mega builds and awesome truck giveaways are the stuff of diesel legend. Each episode follows the team as they sell, build and destroy all things diesel - but their exploits don't end there. Starting out the business by buying used or broken-down trucks and tricking them out for sales, the team grossed over $200k in sales in one day after opening up shop. Coming up, they are tasked with their biggest build yet with a monster school bus that can drive over sand and water! And, The Muscle brings in his own client build for a gym buddy: a Raptor-style F250. It looks like business is bigger than ever for the Dieselsellerz gang - and they're ready take their builds to the max.

Expedition Unknown
From Wednesday 22 May at 20:00
Adventurer and avid explorer, Josh Gates, investigates the truth behind the world's most iconic and captivating legends in this globe-trotting series. Josh's adventures take him around the world as he immerses himself in the core locations linked to each mystery. Interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, Josh embarks on a fully immersive exploration to lead him closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas. Whatever the destination, every historical mystery is an adventure for Josh.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Discovery Channel Africa's Lineup For April 2019

Extinct Or Alive
From Wednesday 3 April at 21:00
What if extinct animals weren't really extinct? Forrest Gallante, a wildlife biologist, scours the globe using cutting edge technology on his mission to find species that the world has stopped looking for. With a deep passion for, and knowledge of, all animals - Forrest tangles with remote and sometimes dangerous environments, seeking out evidence and eyewitnesses to track and bring back to life creatures mistakenly labelled as extinct. From trekking the jungles of Taiwan to seek the Formosan clouded leopard, to braving the frozen tundra of Canada in search of the white wolf of Newfoundland, can Forrest prove these creatures are still alive?

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
From Monday 8 April at 20:00
Having tackled the rugged and dangerous trails of the Klondike and the hostile jungles of Guyana, Parker Schnabel is ready to take his hunt for gold to the next level, in Papua New Guinea. He wants to reconnect with his grandfather John's history; having served in the air force there during WWII, he never wanted to discuss it when he was alive. And, as Parker learns about the gold rush history of the country, which attracted prospectors from the Klondike, he follows in the footsteps of one of the greatest explorers and prospectors of the 20th century, Mick Leahy, and learns the local mining techniques that make the present-day gold rush thrive in this stunning Pacific country.

Wheeler Dealers
From Saturday 20 April at 21:00
Experienced car dealer, Mike Brewer, is joined by multi- talented mechanic, Ant Anstead, in a monumental motoring mission: to find and restore iconic cars to later sell for a profit at their LA-based shop. In the series, Mike has the challenging job of finding vehicles that have money-making potential. He then hands them over to Ant, who tackles everything from bare metal re-sprays to gearbox swaps to bring them back to their former glory. From the sunny beaches of southern California to the coldest edges of Maine, the series scours the US from coast-to-coast for the best vehicles to buy, restore, test and sell for a tidy profit. What treasures will the guys find and flip on their epic adventures?

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Discovery Channel Africa Explores Deep Within Alaskan Bush People And Taps Into The World's Largest Predators Alive - Discovery Channel Africa March 2019 Highlights

Alaskan Bush People
From Wednesday 13 March at 20:00
Deep in the Alaskan wilderness an incredible family was born and raised wild. Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children - five boys and two girls - are so far removed from civilisation that they often go six to nine months of the year without seeing an outsider. They've developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a "wolf pack," and at night, all nine members of the family sleep together in a one-room cabin. Simply put, they are unlike any other family in America. There are new beginnings on the horizon after the first of the wolf pack, Noah, gets married; how is the family faring with a new member?

From Sunday 31 March at 20:00
One of largest predators on the planet, tigers are now sadly also one of the most endangered. In the last few decades, there has been a massive reduction in their numbers in the wild: from over 100,000 to less than 4000 today, and they are all at risk. In an attempt to reverse this decline, the countries where the last tigers roam have committed to an ambitious program of conservation that will hopefully see their numbers double by 2022 - the next Chinese year of the Tiger. In this compelling documentary, the conservationists and local populations of India and Bhutan detail their efforts and reveal the progress made in this difficult task. It's humans who put tigers on the brink of extinction, but perhaps it will also be humans who save them.

American Chopper (2018)
From Friday 29 March at 20:00
After their family-destroying argument over a decade ago, father and son custom motorcycle builders Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. have managed to rebuild a tentative relationship. They still run their separate shops, but occasionally they will come together to build something special. After working so hard to restore it, the Yankee bike they built together is ready to be unveiled - is it the first of many more? Or will the old anger rise again and put a halt to their joint engineering? Meanwhile, they are both still working on their own projects in their own shops. Paul Sr takes on a warrior-style motorcycle build for the founder of the Spartan Race extreme obstacle course competition, while Paul Jr. builds a wild west- inspired motorcycle for country music star Clay Walker's charity. Whether it's together or apart, either way the Teutuls continue to make some of the most exciting and best designed custom motorcycles in the world.

Unique Rides
From Saturday 2 March at 21:00
Will Castro has a passion for all things automotive and, along with the team at his Long Island shop, is known for creating amazing restorations with eye-popping visuals and superb craftsmanship. His dedication to design, innovation and his top fabrication skills have garnered him a world-renowned reputation and global client base featuring celebrities, top athletes and corporate clients. In upcoming episodes, Team Unique customise and restore a '94 Mustang Cobra for actor Mario Lopez, featuring a hand-stitched leather interior and classic paint finish. And, they transform a 190E Mercedes Benz for rapper, Nas, complete with 1980s-inspired hip-hop styling. Every step of the process is on display, from the design and fabrication, to the restoration and final, fantastic reveal.