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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

What Should Be Done With Disney Channels?

Disney Channel was the number one destination for kids 24/7. The home of Mickey Mouse, even its logo then and now have Mickey Mouse but Disney Junior bares a resemblance to the character and that only leaves Disney XD without a Mickey Mouse based logo. Offers the best and memorable movies of a lifetime such as The Lion King, Cinderella, Camp Rock, High School Musical and much more.

Disney Channel before was home to the best shows. For girls there was popular live-action series Hannah Montana, That's So Raven and Kim Possible and the boys there was American Dragon, Kid Vz Kat and the ever popular Phineas and Ferb. Years later it got revamped into an all girls channel offering new and old series from the archives such as Liv and Maddie, Jessie, Shake It Up and Lolirock and still airs classics such as Hannah Montana and That's So Raven. Sometime in 2014 got a new look and welcomed even more old programming but this time for boys such as Gravity Falls, Zack and Cody, The Suite Life, preschool programming such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. In 2015 began the ending and cancellation of series such as Gravity Falls (cancelled), Jessie (ended), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Specials), Phineas and Ferb (Special: Last Day Of Summer) and Austin and Ally (ended). They still air on Disney Channel and on other channels such as Disney XD and Disney Junior. Current series are Hank Zipzer, Bunk'd, K.C. Undercover (varies), Star vz. the forces of evil (varies) and many more

Disney XD broadcasts 18 hours a day seven days a week (18/7) before known as Jetix, FOX Kids and later Toon Disney. Jetix and FOX Kids aired programs such as Sonic the Hedgehog, The Simpsons, Dennis the Menace, Heatcliff, Garfield along with Mona the Vampire while Toon Disney home for the best in great cartoons 24/7 such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, American Dragon, Handy Manny, Tarzan and 101 Dalmatians till they got discontinued. Disney XD, boy focused channel home to some of the programs from the Disney archives such as Phineas and Ferb, Aaron Stone and Kid Vz Kat along with originals such as Rated A For Awesome, Pair of Kings, Kick Buttowski, Lab Rats, Kickin It and Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything. Disney fans still discuss on the hope of reviving Toon Disney.

Disney Junior (before Playhouse Disney) home for preschool programming 24/7 such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First while offering Disney's classics Tarzan, Timon and Pumbaa, Aladdin and Emperors New School. Latest series to the line-up is The Lion Guard, P.J Masks, Miles from Tomorrow and Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

Since when viewers entertainment offering began evolving in countries. Channel operators began trying to improve the growth within countries like dumping one channel for another but with more enhanced programming e.g Discovery World to Discovery Family, FOX Crime to FOX Life and Trace Sports Starts to Trace Africa/Trace Mziki. Even the revamping of some channel operators such as BBC Knowledge to BBC Earth, ID Discovery to ID Xtra and Style Network to Esquire Network.

So heres my opinion on how the channels should be ranged:

Disney Channel becomes a family kids channel for boys and girls and offers another kids channel which will sit alongside Disney XD and Disney Junior but this time its an current version of Disney Channel an all girls channel.

Disney XD could probably get a new look, new name but still target the same audience (boys) but this time 24 hours a day. Make it more of a toon channel (Nicktoons - repeats and originals) with little live-action programs along the side (still for boys) with an age gap of 4-9 or 6-12.

Disney Junior - no change it all except program arrangement and focus on bringing back the movie slot.

The other kids channel which they should consider launching for girls should have that teen focus (TeenNick - repeats and originals) with more live-action and a bit of animated like Disney Channel.

These are my opinions not facts, feel free to comment on this article.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Big Hero 6 Having A Series

Big Hero 6, the hit Walt Disney
Animation Studios film based on
characters and concepts from Marvel
Comics is getting a sequel - but
instead of a film, it will come to Disney
XD as a series. The show will debut in
2017 and is in production now.
The follow-up to the Academy Award-
winning feature film inspired by the
comic book characters created by Man of Action's Steven T. Seagle and
Duncan Rouleau will be spear-headed
for Disney Television Animation by
executive producers Mark McCorkle
and Bob Schooley, the creators and
showrunners of Kim Possible . They're
joined by fellow Kim Possible alum
Nick Filippi, who will also serve as an
executive producer and supervising
director. Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide announced the series as part of the Kids Upfront for 2016, one of 17 new series planned for debut across Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. "Our colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios have created a brilliant new world, inspired by Marvel, with vivid, unique characters," Marsh said in a statement provided to "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop
these characters into a world class
animated series – full of fun, action and the kind of endearing storytelling that only Mark, Bob – and Baymax – can deliver." The series will start immediately following the events of the feature film, and is a direct sequel to the events there. The continuing adventures of Hiro and Baymax, his robot pal, are once again joined by Wasabi, Honey lemon, Fred, and GoGo Tomago. Now established as a team, Big Hero 6 protect the city of San Fransokyo from high-tech villains while Hiro faces the unique challenges as a scientific prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.Disney XD did not announce casting or animation style for the 2017 Big Hero 6 series yet. Much of the cast of the film has an extensive relationship with Disney, though, so it's not inconceivable to see them all return. Jamie Chung, the voice of GoGo in the film, works with Disney on Once Upon a Time in the recurring role of Mulan on ABC, for instance. T.J. Miller, who voiced Fred, does extensive voicework, including multiple voices on the recently concluded Gravity Falls on Disney XD. Expect more news on Big Hero 6 as production gets underway leading up to the 2017 release.