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Thursday, 31 December 2020

February 2021 On Eva | Repeats & More Repeats

As we progress to the second month of 2021, the channel fails to redeem themselves once again. At the moment the only thing keeping it alive is Bold And The Beautiful from CBS.

In February, you have reruns of Tanto Amor (17th) and Corazon Traicionado (11th) fall off the schedule with other reruns such as La Colombiana (12th) and Mis Tres Marias (18th). Just as you thought this channel expand the telenovela selection. It's slowly digging a hole for itself to drop dead.

The channel is up for renewal during February or March on DStv. It's probably best if AMC International cuts the cord since the channel doesn't show any signs of life outside Bold. If it doesn't close in between it's likely to occur at some point.

TLNovelas is airing content that you'd find on EVA such as Anything But Plain and there's chances we could actually see more telenovelas from EVA on that channel. Similar to what FOX Life had with this exact channel now FOX is airing them on a limited basis like really they could have found another distributor that doesn't already run a channel within the market.

When or if that day arrives viewers won't completely be left in the dark as MultiChoice recently added two more telenovela channels with tvN scheduled for an early 2021 launch on DStv.

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Thursday, 26 November 2020

January 2021 On EVA | Repeats & More Repeats | Bold And The Beautiful

Throughout the year, Eva has been filled with repeats of past programs already seen on the channel to make it even worse the rest of Africa operate Eva+ which is full-blown reruns channel. They also offer a Portuguese version of the channel.

The only current program on the channel is the ongoing drama from CBS' Bold And The Beautiful.

To start of 2021, Eva will be airing a rerun of La Seleccion (Football Dreams) from January 20. The channel is up for renewal between February and March so I'd look at those months if it doesn't go off by then it could go off at some point.

Sony Channel and Sony Max were lurking around that corner for 2 years with the only relevant program being the popular game show The Amazing Race now that's on M-Net since Sony Pictures International no longer distribute these channels anywhere in Africa.

Even FOX Life joined these set of channels from 2016 up until April 2020 where they introduced 4 new telenovelas which took Africa by storm while rehashing old reality shows and that Cathy Kruger show. In the end, the channel never got to see the light of day due to realignment strategies at Disney.

There is a chance that the channel will look for new suppliers perhaps in other regions but due to the climax of the pandemic that seems very unlikely.

When SABC 3 stopped airing Bold And The Beautiful. M-Net was looking into snatching the show for their channel but already had a packed schedule. The fact they considered the show just makes Eva redundant at this point.

M-Net could pick the show up now that The Kelly Clarkson Show moved to VUZU and the controversial talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on production break.

Since the pandemic which has been jeopardizing the release of new content especially movies. What if The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends at some point leaving The Kelly Clarkson Show to takeover on VUZU. This could be their chance to acquire the show like they originally intended.

Even though, M-Net can only be seen on the Premium package there's chances that either VUZU or one of the Mzansi channels would have supplied reruns to Bold and perhaps even takeover the show.

Even if DStv were to do away with Eva there is a chance that AMC International will look into continuing the brand through another platform like Starsat and StarTimes for starters regardless the fate of this channel looks vague I could be wrong but you never know as 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV.

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Sunday, 6 September 2020

The Next Channel Which Might Get Booted On DStv Is EVA

EVA owned by AMC International, is the home of the very best contemporary telenovelas from Latin America and around the world, starring the "newest" and most brilliant actresses and actors form Latin America tv. A potent mix of love, jealousy and betrayal. The channel launched 5 years ago on DStv channel 141 with shows from Azteca TV, Venevision and Caracol Television.

In 2017, MultiChoice Africa (not South Africa) decided to add a second EVA channel (EVA+) for those without EVA kind of like what ViacomCBS had with the two BET channels on DStv. At the time that plus channel had 90% repeats.

AMC International is seemingly neglecting the EVA channels for starters the main channel mostly has double bill of Bold for fresh entertainment other than that it's repeats while EVA+ is a just a catch-up channel. If EVA is still breathing it's more likely for Bold and the Beautiful.

MultiChoice had plenty of channels in EVA's position like Sony Channel and Sony MAX that channel was still relevant for The Amazing Race then there was AMC for Fear The Walking Dead with its successor (Sundance TV) adding some documentaries.

If a company wants to guarantee themselves longevity they should be milking off on a variety of products instead of one e.g. E! with The Kardashians, Zee TV with KumKum Bhagya and CNN with Trump.

Discovery is pulling through despite the changes they had over the years. They manage about 9 channels in South Africa and only 3 are used for repeats. Then there's Nicktoons which was a reruns channel for past animation on Nickelodeon until ViacomCBS decided to give it some exclusive programming it may offer more than the main channel thanks to acquisitions and a block but Nickelodeon is still dominating.

In short if you're going have a +1 channel make sure you have enough programs in your vault like at least 5 years worth of programming and EVA was around since 2015 and only got a second channel after two years. If you're going to expand after a shorter period you must have achieved a lot within that period what did EVA achieve after two years in general.

MultiChoice is adding 2 telenovela channels and 1 Korean channel what are the chances people pay attention to EVA once it's available. The likelihood is that they'll lure viewers away from EVA and a portion from Telemundo. Even FOX Life is hanging around these three channels the likelihood is EVA and FOX Life get canned from the platform with these three new channels keeping viewers occupied.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Two New Telenovelas Debut On Eva In March 2020

● DStv 141
● Starts on Monday 16th March at 14:00 and 20:00. Continues on weekdays. ● Omnibus edition on Saturdays from 11:00 and Sundays from 18:00.
Valentina is a sweet young woman from Cusco in Peru, who experienced the most tragic events early in life: her father abandoned the family before she was born and she witnessed the death of her mother and grandfather in an accident when she was 6. But when love knocks on her door, all her sorrows seem to fade… She meets Alejandro, a handsome student from Lima.

Sadly, this young couple will have to pay for the mistakes of their parents: Gerardo, Alejandro’s father, never told his son he had an affair with a woman from Cusco, and Rita, Valentina’s mother, never revealed the truth about her father. The love between Valentina and Alejandro makes them very happy, but it will bring many problems. Are Alejandro and Valentina brave enough to fight for their love, despite it being against everything?

LA CHUCARA (Rebel in Love)
● Starts on Tuesday 17th March at 15:00 and 21:00. ● Omnibus edition on Sundays from 13:00.
● DStv 141
After years of not visiting home, Laura Muñoz, a beautiful young woman, passes through Fundo Santa Piedad – a farming area - where her mother Carmen and brother Leon work. She meets harsh Vicente Correa, owner of the estate and a recent widower. His wife Piedad Montero del Solar drowned in a river after being drugged by her mother, Adriana del Solar. She is responsible for Vicente’s depressive state after the loss of his beloved wife.

Over time, Laura and Vicente begin a very unstable relationship of love and heartbreak, a union opposed by many people. Laura will have to fight for the love of her life and to survive the poisonous environment created by Gracia, Piedad's twin sister, and her mother. They will do everything to make Laura disappear from Fundo and from Vicente's life.

Season 31
● Continues on weekdays at 17:30 and 23:30.
● DStv 141
● Omnibus edition on Saturdays from 16:00 and Sundays from 23:00.
For three decades the series has explored the entangled lives, passionate loves, high-stakes battles, loyalties, tragedies and the inspiring triumphs of the Forrester, Logan, Spectra and Spencer families. With romance, sensuality, complex characters and intricate and compelling storylines, The Bold and the Beautiful is, at its core, a gripping tale of high fashion glamour, honor and most importantly, family.

LA COLOMBIANA (The Colombian Woman)
● DStv 141
● Continues on weekdays at 15:00 and 21:00, until 16th March.
Ángela is a young Colombian doctor who moves to Chile with her son, escaping from a bad relationship. She can’t practice medicine in Chile, as she doesn’t have a required license. In the neighborhood where she lives, she is discriminated against by her grumpy neighbor Pedro, who does not like foreigners. He is separated from his wife Trini, a xenophobic and unscrupulous woman, with whom he has two daughters. When she tells him that she will remarry, Pedro realises that he still loves her and is trying to win her back. The new Colombian neighbor is ready to help him, but an unexpected thing happens: can she find happiness with grumpy Pedro?