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Friday, 14 December 2018

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Premieres In February 2019 On Real Time Africa And More

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
From Tuesday 5 February at 20:00
There are an estimated one million gypsies and travellers throughout the US, but most live in complete secrecy, away from the judgment and discrimination that plague their communities. However, their lifestyles are anything but discrete. Blending traditional values with modern-day influences, their celebrations are large, loud, and lavish. From elaborate baptisms, complete with Swarovski crystal-crusted pacifiers, to grand match- making parties and extravagant weddings, this colourful series offers a unique insight into the lives of modern gypsy and traveller families throughout America.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
From Wednesday 27 February at 21:00
This compelling series explores the astonishing stories of women conceive and carry their babies all the way to labour, completely unaware of their pregnancies. Dramatic re-enactments and interviews with patients and experts reveal the astonishing stories of the women who conceive and carry their babies all the way to labour without knowing. Remarkable accounts include Abbigale, who goes to the bathroom and is astounded when she looks in the toilet and sees she delivered a baby, when she didn't even know she was pregnant. She must react quickly to try to save her newborn. And, 34-year-old Angel suffers from endometriosis and decides to end the constant pain with a hysterectomy. When she goes to the doctor for a pre-operation examination, she finds that she's 32 weeks pregnant...and didn't even know it. The series also addresses the many dangers both mother and baby face under these rare
- and unusual - circumstances. How did they get through it?

The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade
From Friday 1 February at 21:00
It was the decade of big money, big attitudes and bigger hair - but there was a dark side to the 1980s in the United States. In a country seemingly consumed by greed and ambition, America was also under the sway of its biggest crime wave. This true- crime investigative series offers a behind-the-scenes look at these real-life cases as recalled by officers and detectives involved. From the murder of seemingly happy stock-broker power couple in their Hamptons home, to the real-life story that inspired the film Fatal Attraction, these crimes define the drama and the excess of a decade.

Lions of Sabi Sand: Brothers in Blood
From Sunday 3 February at 21:00
This powerful film tells the shocking tale of South Africa's legendary Mapogo lion coalition and their violent struggle for power. Two inseparable cubs called Mr. T and Kinky Tail, along with their three brothers, survive sickness and rampaging buffalos before an unknown male called Makhulu unexpectedly joins the pride. Led initially by the powerful Makhulu, the six Mapogo's unleash a devastating reign of terror, taking control of a vast territory and killing 100 lions in a single year. But Mr. T's relentless quest for the throne leads to the ultimate vicious betrayal of his brothers. For lions there is no leadership without enemies, as this film reveals the dark side of lions and their constant struggle to survive.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Real Time Africa End Of The Year Highlights (2018)

Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet
From Monday 3 December at 20:00
Even in the most remote areas of Alaska animals need treatment by a veterinarian. This documentary series follows veterinarian Dee Thornell as she treats everything from sled dogs to reindeer. Making house calls is so important that she even obtained a pilot's license so she could reach patients in areas only accessible by plane, snowmobile or sled dogs. Dr. Dee and her staff handle extreme cases and unique clients to the Alaskan frontier. Whether it's a man with a pet bear or a family with pet reindeer, no client is off limits at Dr. Dee's Animal House.

Fat Chance
From Thursday 6 December at 20:00
This emotional series follows the rollercoaster journey of eight individuals, each on a quest to lose a significant amount of weight and overcome their lack of confidence to find love. Each episode explores one person's three-month journey to lose a targeted amount of weight, and find the conviction to finally confess hidden feelings to the object of their affection. They have one goal: to meet their crush in 90 days, completely transformed. With the help of a personal trainer they will confront the scale
- and some emotional roadblocks - while they learn to love themselves again and find the courage to declare their romantic intentions for a chance at love.

Baby Changes Everything
From Wednesday 12 December at 20:00 Explore the exhilarating, frustrating and ultimately life-changing experience of couples making the transition into parenthood. Seen through the lives of four diverse couples, viewers go along for the ride as they watch these new parents experience a wide range of challenges, triumphs and milestones, for the first year of their newborns' lives. The couples featured face different circumstances as they navigate how to fit parenthood into their already established lives. Whether it's balancing work and their newborn, facing pressure from family, or making sure that their relationships remain intact, they will never forget this period of adjustment in their lives. Relationships evolve, new truths are discovered and whatever life was before a baby is born, it is never the same again.

Blood Relatives
From Saturday 29 December at 21:00
Every family has secrets, skeletons in the closet. But what happens when hidden desires, building resentments and black thoughts bubble to the surface and poison familial bonds? In these homespun murder mysteries, everyone is a suspect and every suspect shares a last name. In six different American towns, close-knit families are ripped apart by everything from bad business deals to forbidden passions. These seemingly perfect households shield dark secrets, silent resentments, and illicit betrayals, and this dark series reveals how love can descend into jealousy, greed, and homicidal rage. Cinematic recreations and chilling first-hand accounts pay blood-soaked testament to the fact that when it comes to murder, sometimes there's no place like home.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

October 2018 On Real Time Africa

Separated at Birth
From Wednesday 10 October at 21:00
This moving documentary series follows the emotional journey of people who have been adopted, abandoned, kidnapped or switched at birth
- and then reunited with their blood relatives, many of whom they never knew existed. From Carrie in South Africa, who longs to be reunited with the father she has never met, to Chilean-born Ariel, on a mission to meet his long-lost sister in Italy using social media, each story is unique. Emotions run high and anticipation builds with each revelatory twist as broken families are reunited. While many of the circumstances surrounding these stories are unimaginable to most, these inspiring individuals reveal how strength and determination can result in truly life-changing moments.

Deadly Devotion
From Saturday 20 October at 21:00
Hidden among the suburbs of America lies a colourful constellation of unique subcultures and secret societies that live according to their own set of rules, rituals and traditions. This series recounts the true stories of everyday people who search for belonging in these strange worlds, and end up paying a fatal price. From a vibrant young woman who abandons her faith and her family to join the flock of a crusading Christian Polygamist, to a single mom who embarks on a fateful journey that teaches her about the unwritten code of the Hells Angels. Each episode leads to the dark underbelly of a different fascinating world, simultaneously retelling some of the most compelling true-crime stories in recent history.

Two in a Million
From Thursday 25 October at 21:00
Imagine living with one of the rarest medical conditions in the world. What if there were no one to confide in who could truly understand the struggles and isolation experienced every single day? This documentary series brings together two inspirational individuals who share the same rare medical condition. These ailments include: Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, in which the body's muscles are permanently and painfully contracted; Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III, known as brittle bone disease; and Lamellar Ichthyosis, in which the skin grows in thick scales and must be forcibly removed every day. Each episode follows an ordinary person with an extraordinary condition as they embark on a journey of a lifetime. This inspiring series gives a unique insight into little-known conditions, exploring the lives of those who live with some of the world's rarest disorders.

From Wags To Riches
From Monday 29 October at 20:00
Tony Award-winning theatrical animal trainer, Bill Berloni, has committed his life to rescuing dogs for the stage and screen in New York City. Now, this modern-day Dr Dolittle opens the doors to his world of training, touring, saving and caring for his menagerie of canines. In 1976, Bill got his start training Sandy, the very first dog, for the musical "Annie." Today, he's training a new generation of Sandys for the national tour. In his absence, Bill's wife Dorothy and daughter Jenna handle the day-to- day caring of more than 20 different animals on the family farm. Bill's hands are always full; from training new dogs to star in Broadway shows, helping the Humane Society of New York rehabilitate troubled rescue dogs to taking care of the family farm. It is a 365 day-a-year existence with constant challenges, chaos and drama - but everything Bill and his gang do is carried out with a whole heap of love!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Discovery To Launch 'Real Time' In South Africa

The New Channel is Set to Hit South African Screens from September Featuring the Best in Real-Life Entertainment for Women
Discovery, Inc. today announced the expansion of its African portfolio with the launch of Real Time, the brand-new general entertainment channel for female audiences.
Bringing the best of Discovery’s lifestyle and factual storytelling to a whole new fan base, Real Time will launch in South Africa on Monday, 3 September on DStv channel 155, tailored specifically for customers on DStv’s EasyView package.*
“We are incredibly excited to present Real Time to the market, and further expand and diversify our local portfolio offering,” said Amanda Turnbull, Vice President & General Manager for Discovery in Africa and the Middle East. “With an already successful suite of pay-TV brands, Real Time affords us the chance to bring our world-class content to even more audiences across South Africa, in the form of a channel designed to provide much-needed ‘me time’ to the modern African woman and her wider family.”
Real Time: Africa’s Newest Entertainment Channel for Women
From Real Lives and Real Nature, to Real Crime and Real Medical; Real Time’s cleverly curated schedule and dynamic mixture of lifestyle and factual content will ensure audiences get their daily fix of real reality and must-see entertainment, all in one channel.
Real Time’s impressive launch programming line-up includes:
Real Lives
OUR LITTLE FAMILY: Meet the Hamills! Parents Dan and Michelle are not raising the typical American family: the entire family of five has achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Dan and Michelle use their own life experiences to help guide their kids to overcome physical obstacles and learn to adapt to the world around them.(Wednesday, 5 September at 21:00)
Real Weddings
MARRIED BY MOM & DAD: In this new social experiment, men and women who have been unlucky in love have agreed to put their love lives and their future in the hands of the people who know them best: their parents. (Tuesday, 4 September at 20:00)
Real Medical
MY EXTREME EXCESS SKIN: In each episode of My Extreme Excess Skin we follow two people who have lost massive amounts of weight and are about to undergo a full body transformation through skin removal surgery. The reveal will not only change each subject's self-image but will change their life. (Thursday, 6 September at 21:00)
Real Nature
PREDATORS UP CLOSE WITH JOEL LAMBERT: This landmark series reveals nature’s apex predators as you’ve never seen them before. Using a new, unique and bespoke polycarbonate and aluminium ‘pod’, the Predator team come face to face with lions, hyenas, polar bears and sharks – close enough to carry out a range of original scientific experiments, and to feel the true power (and terror) of the natural world’s most effective killing machines. (Sunday, 9 September at 20:00)
Real Headlines
IS OJ INNOCENT? THE MISSING EVIDENCE: Is O.J. Simpson innocent in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? In this six-episode series, investigators delve into one of history's most infamous unsolved cases, exploring an overlooked suspect and never-before-seen evidence. (Saturday, 8 September at 21:00)
Real Crime
PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES: America’s most popular weekly magazine, People, seeks to uncover the truth behind some of the country’s most infamous characters and iconic stories of crime. These are extraordinary tales of ordinary people who were thrust into the national spotlight. (Saturday, 8 September at 21:00) 
In addition to Real Time’s linear offering, from launch, a selection of the channel’s programming will also be available to stream and download via the DStv Now platform, ensuring all DStv customers can enjoy the best of Real Time, in their own time.
“With so much in store for our viewers and commercial partners, we look forward to establishing Real Time as Africa’s newest go-to destination for quality female-skewed programming,” continued Amanda.
Experience why fact is better than fiction, when Real Time launches on Monday, 3 September on DStv channel 155.
**Real Time will also be available to DStv customers on the Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium packages. The channel will also launch later this year on the StarSat platform.