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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Unexpected Developments Coming Soon For Viewers On e.tv Rewind, What Does That Spell Out?

During the festive season, e.tv and Rewind temporarily changed their lineup. On e.tv side, they did the usual for 20:30 take the 5 for 1 while Rewind scrapped almost everything for marathons of sitcoms and dramas with films.

Now the festive season has wrapped up and e.tv will be resuming with their prime time viewing but on Rewind's area it becomes even more complicated to handle.

For starters, the outdated episodes of Scandal, soon-to-be-cancelled Rhythm City and cancelled soapie Backstage aren't part of the lineup. Instead, the channel will air reruns of Una Maid En Manhattan, Naagin, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Die Vreemdeling and Imbewu's YESTERYEAR STOCK. Perhaps it's just a drafted schedule.

Everything else somewhat remains even the sitcoms and drama series but this is where things get interesting.

Telemundo's Corazon Valiente (Fearless Heart) and Los Miserables (For Love And Justice) are added to the channel's lineup. These two telenovelas aren't new to the market but they are definitely are to the eBrand so Rewind is no longer recycling meals from their restaurants.

Corazon Valiente follows childhood friends Ángela (Andrea Fonseca) and Samantha (Ximena Duque) who were separated by fate for years reunite and become bodyguards for those who need protection. Los Miserables follows a woman named Lucia "Lucha" Duran (Aracley Arambula) is accused of a crime she hasn't committed and has to find a way of not going back to prison a second time.

With this in mind, is it possible that there's a rebrand coming soon to e.tv set of channels now that Rewind has exclusive programming and eExtra is more reliant on telenovelas particularly Indian and Turkish content.

Perhaps, the reason for eExtra favouritism is over the fact these two type of shows pull has a major following and huge fanbase. Other than that the offering is very unique from what you can find on DStv.

The reason Indian soaps get early timeslots is possibly due to the fact there's many of them available in the market and that eExtra put it in a timeslot where it doesn't clash with the shows on Glow TV, Star Life and Zee World while the Turkish content "was" barely available within the market until TDC arrived for which both channels still offer a unique lineup and TDC might take longer to bring the Turkish content seen on e.tv and eExtra.

With that in mind, maybe Rewind will invest more into American and Mexican telenovelas from Telemundo and Azteca since these shows are accessible not only in South Africa but across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Maybe the object now for eMedia Investments is to deduct the amount of DStv already seen on their channels. 

The Indian offering can be found on DStv Indian package so why put that on eExtra it's easy to give those who don't have that package an opportunity to watch them. The reason for it's early timeslots is to ensure that it doesn't clash with the Indian offering on Glow TV, Zee World and Star Life. They give this content attention because of its popularity and the fact that there's less English stations repeating them.

The Turkish lineup has been doing well for a long time. There was no home for the content by then some stations even abandoned them. eExtra was one of the few stations for that in Africa alongside some telenovela channels on StarTimes. MultiChoice recently launched a Turkish channel and it will be while before anyone there can see repeats from eExtra.

Perhaps these changes has something to do with the upcoming streaming service OpenView+, for those who are unaware a lot of companies like Disney, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia have launched their own streaming services and due to that some countries had to witness the demise of certain channels.

eMedia Investments might follow these companies and streamline their offering. I don't see them shutting down anything likely replacing, adding and improving their current channels.

Rewind's days are numbered at this point or at least the name perhaps they'll call it eBinge or eSeries.

With eExtra I don't see them throwing away the name as yet even with the overflow of telenovelas. They have an Afrikaans block (Kuiertyd) which is used for other content but then again they might duplicate the block on the other channels and reduce it on eExtra leaving the door open for a name change.

News&Sports might become seperate channels perhaps it doesn't look like eMedia Investments is interested in getting another sports channel and France24 will likely go off air on the platform.

eToonz might replace Craze or vice versa I mean eMedia Investments might want to put their focus on one kids brand so they could even find another name and use it for both brands.

eNolly could be revived under another name but this time it also airs Rhythm City, Scandal and Backstage to easen the blow of Rewind and eExtra.

2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV

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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Review On eMedia Investments Set Of Channels

The group’s main asset is a controlling stake in South African based media group eMedia Investments Proprietary Limited (eMedia Investments). eMedia Investments has a number of core assets in the television and radio broadcasting sector, with additional assets in the content, properties and facilities sectors.

Description of their channels:

e.tv, South Africa’s first and only free-to-air commercial television station. In short it's a free version of M-Net which has shown significant improvement with regards to their soapies storylines, selection of movies and prime time lineup.

eExtra, offers the best telenovelas from India, Latin America and around the world with a mixture of other programming. The channel is inclusive, diverse and brings a spark to their star studded lineup.

eMovies and eMovies Extra are the brands free-to-air movie channels. Both channels stand out on their own making it predictable and easy to navigate.

eReality is South Africa's first free-to-air reality channel and has got something for the whole family. The mom can enjoy the best of cooking with MasterChef, The dad can learn more about science with Mythbusters and the rest of the family can laugh out loud with Steve Harvey.

News&Sports, is the stable destination for sports coverage and news from around the globe. The channel keeps sports fans at the edge of their seat and uses magazine and talk shows to make up for the lack of news but what the heck, entertainment is also a forefront for news.

Rewind, as the name states leverages content already seen from the above stations. If you're nostalgic about chick flicks, sitcoms or local content this is your go to destination for all that.

eToonz describes itself as a fun portal for the little ones with a mixture of animation and live-action. The channel can be tiresome with its weekly lineup and put even the naughtiest adolescent out of their misery.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Openview To Add Fight Sports And Rewind From 18 November

During the course of 2019, eMedia Investments' has been so silent on the new channel front with the sudden loss of eBella, Kruiskyk, Trace Sports Stars, Kwese Free Sports and Da Vinci Kids now they are set to launch two new channels from Monday 18 November on Openview.

Rewind is a retro channel from eMedia Investments similar to the SABC Encore channel packaged on MultiChoice's DStv with old programming like Madam & Eve and Backstage series that viewers have come across on e.tv. It takes up the channel 109 spot where the deceased eBella once reserved.

Fight Channel (Fight Sports) is a TV channel specialized in fighting sports and unique in Europe regarding its content. Only a few similar channels exist in the world. Its program includes world’s biggest fighting sports promotions’ events when it comes to boxing, kickboxing MMA or other fighting sports. This channel takes up the liquidated Econet's Kwesé Free Sports slot on channel 115.

Openview subscribers can sit, relax and enjoy the best of Free Entertainment, Get Free Stay Free