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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Several Channels Are Missing On Starsat

As usual, Starsat failed to engage with the media regarding the upcoming developments occuring on the platform. Apparently several viewers noticed a bunch of other channels went missing on the platform and the channel go as follows:

Fine Living: Discovery made the decision to remove the channel as part of a strategic alignment meaning you could see more changes coming from their stable. Pretty much Real Time is the channel's successor kind of like how Discovery Science was snatched for Discovery Family.

St Eyethu: nearly a year after this outdated local channel launched on the platform it was discretely taken off. According to StarTimes, they're working on the content there.

SA Music and Soul Playlist: both these channels are currently available on OpenView. After an intense battle, StarTimes promised to bring fresh content which implied that these channels were phased out from their portfolio.

St Africa and WAP TV: no actual details were given regarding their removals for St Africa it could be in relation with St Eyethu.

StarTimes joins eMedia Investments and MultiChoice that witnessed the loss of several channels during the course of 2020 except theirs came a little later than the other two.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Two Music Channels Reportedly Removed From Starsat

Starsat started off the new year discreetly by removing two music channels from their platform without any notice, SA Music And Soul Playlist.

At that time many viewers have filed complaints regarding these channels across their media pages and the admin is seemingly ignoring and deleting comments.

In a recent conversation with the channel providers, they confirmed that both these channels can be found on OpenView and are no longer available on Starsat meaning that you'll need to get that platform to enjoy those channels.

Of course, Starsat managed to reply after a couple of days. They seemingly confirmed their demise by stating that they're sourcing out fresh content.

Last year viewers witnessed the loss of several channels. Could 2021 be a continuation to last year since Starsat is not upfront with the media on upcoming developments.

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