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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Several Channels Are Missing On Starsat

As usual, Starsat failed to engage with the media regarding the upcoming developments occuring on the platform. Apparently several viewers noticed a bunch of other channels went missing on the platform and the channel go as follows:

Fine Living: Discovery made the decision to remove the channel as part of a strategic alignment meaning you could see more changes coming from their stable. Pretty much Real Time is the channel's successor kind of like how Discovery Science was snatched for Discovery Family.

St Eyethu: nearly a year after this outdated local channel launched on the platform it was discretely taken off. According to StarTimes, they're working on the content there.

SA Music and Soul Playlist: both these channels are currently available on OpenView. After an intense battle, StarTimes promised to bring fresh content which implied that these channels were phased out from their portfolio.

St Africa and WAP TV: no actual details were given regarding their removals for St Africa it could be in relation with St Eyethu.

StarTimes joins eMedia Investments and MultiChoice that witnessed the loss of several channels during the course of 2020 except theirs came a little later than the other two.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Two Music Channels Reportedly Removed From Starsat

Starsat started off the new year discreetly by removing two music channels from their platform without any notice, SA Music And Soul Playlist.

At that time many viewers have filed complaints regarding these channels across their media pages and the admin is seemingly ignoring and deleting comments.

In a recent conversation with the channel providers, they confirmed that both these channels can be found on OpenView and are no longer available on Starsat meaning that you'll need to get that platform to enjoy those channels.

Of course, Starsat managed to reply after a couple of days. They seemingly confirmed their demise by stating that they're sourcing out fresh content.

Last year viewers witnessed the loss of several channels. Could 2021 be a continuation to last year since Starsat is not upfront with the media on upcoming developments.

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Disney Is Renaming The Star Channels In Netherlands, What Does This Mean For StarPlus And The Other Star Channels In Africa?

When Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, it obtained Star India, a hugely successful broadcasting company based in India, which has a network of 60 channels in eight languages, that reaches approximately 790 million viewers a month across India and more than 100 countries.

With it’s streaming service, Hotstar being rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar in India in March.

Disney officially revealed details of how it was planning the branding of “Star” internationally at December’s Investor Day event, which will see Star added as a new sixth tier within Disney+ in February in many regions including Europe, Australia, Canada and in Asia. At the same time, Star+ is launching in Latin America as its own platform with live sports. With many Fox channels in Latin America will also be rebranded “Star”.

Disney Africa is likely to do the same as Europe with latching the best of Star on Disney+ since no one in this market can pay for a lot of streaming services.

According to Dutch television provider Ziggo, Disney will be rebranding its Hindi channels, Star Plus and Star Gold channels in the Netherlands to Utsav Plus and Utsav Gold. This rebranding will be taking effect from February 1st.

The name Utsav is likely based on Star Utsav which is one of Star India's linear channels which is currently being used for archived content. It was available in UK for 2 years before becoming a reruns channel.

Star India already operates channels in Africa such as StarPlus, Star Vijay and Star Life through StarTimes, Platco Digital's OpenView and MultiChoice's DStv. It wouldn't be shocking if the name was dropped in favour of Utsav. The one in India might do the same it's currently unknown at this point. Readers have been wondering how Star would replace FOX in Africa if the Star branding was already being used so there's your answer.

The rebranding is being done so Disney can use the “Star” brand as part of Disney+ in the Netherlands, which is coming on February 23rd.

There's still no news on when or if Disney+ will roll out in Africa so chances are will have to wait until at least 2022/3 I mean they could take longer since they're still rolling out in other parts of Europe and the fact that there's contracts they have with other distributors so they're waiting for some of them to expire to begin rolling out Disney+.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Fine Living Stops Airing Across Africa Through StarTimes (Starsat) And What Does It Imply?

Without notice Fine Living which is owned by Discovery Inc. (the company that handles channels such as Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Real Time, Discovery Family and ID) has been removed from StarTimes across Africa.

This decision wasn't made by StarTimes but by Discovery Inc. themselves due to a "strategic alignment" meaning there could be more channels fading away from their portfolio.

In 2021, they'll be rolling out a new streaming service called Discovery+ carrying exclusive content while airing content from their other brands so this may be the cause for their decision.

My guess would be that Discovery will invest in less channels so if you had to look at their next victim(s) is likely going to be Travel Channel since the U.S. counterpart uses it for paranormal activity for which Discovery Channel/Family can manage or Food Network in an attempt to boost TLC and possibly Discovery Family lineup.

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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Unlike The U.S. Counterpart, Paramount Network Still Continues To Rollout In Another Region + It Might Launch In Africa

Hungary became the latest victim in ViacomCBS revamp portfolio. Under these changes the male skewed channel, RTL Spike will convert into the teen based channel TeenNick with The Paramount Channel which was used for movies taking the best of RTL Spike and placing it under the Paramount Network.

Back in September, ViacomCBS in the US announced that Paramount Network will convert into a movie channel next year under the name, Paramount Movies Network. At the time, it was currently unknown whether this would have some effect on the Paramount Networks around the world (guess not).

The likely reason for Paramount Network continuation may have something to do with the upcoming rebrand for the streaming service CBS All Access which is set to be called Paramount+ later in the new year and also rollout in more countries.

It's kind of like what Latin America is experiencing with the FOX branding which is getting replaced with Star. Disney is rolling out a mature version of Disney+ under the banner Star or Disney+ Star.

Now in Africa, Paramount Network doesn't exist yet and certain media outlets have been very curious about the future of the brand here. Even some theorized that it might launch to replace MTV.

My theory would be that Paramount Network launches to replace Comedy Central which is very accessible in Africa. Not only that MTV gets booted with some of its programming moving inbetween Paramount Network, BET and perhaps MTV Base.

Right now, Comedy Central especially BET are very redundant and not tough competitors - they look more like placeholders. Comedy Central case is partly justified since genre based channels can be very repetitive. These two love sharing programs especially with The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

MTV is the only decent channel amongst the three and channels like that are usually the ones that get most blows. It wouldn't be a complete loss as the channel didn't gain much recognition and acknowledgement like MTV Base.

This is common in Africa, you had channels such as Animal Planet, Crime & Investigation, BBC First and several others get snatched only for the mediocre and useless batch of channels to stay afloat.

Paramount Network launches in Africa carrying and likely rehash MTV shows such as Teen Mom, Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore. The twist would be the channel actually replaced Comedy Central so if you want to see The Roast Specials and South Park then this will be your station. Paramount Movies Network in the U.S. will be producing movies maybe that will be added as a bonus constellation.

BET gets a boost with MTV shows such as Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It, Have Faith, The Code Trilogies and Love And Hip-Hop mixed with their dry lineup of shows strengthening the channel's offering.

At this point, MTV shifts it's focus towards music perhaps all the music award specials and musician based reality shows will be put on the Afro obsessed channel, MTV Base.

2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV with more companies streamlining their channels and portfolios being reviewed.

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Monday, 30 November 2020

Disney Latin America Renaming FOX Channels In Latin America To Star, Will FOX Follow In Africa Very Soon?

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that the Walt Disney Company would be launching a new streaming service called “Star” internationally, rather than Hulu. With “Star” including general entertainment movies and shows from its brands such as ABC, FX, Freeform, Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Studios. “Star” will also be fully integrated into the established Disney+ platform from both a marketing and a technology perspective, possibly similar to how Hotstar became Disney+ Hotstar in India.

Just ahead of the launch of Star, according to a statement that was provided to cable operators, Disney is going to be renaming it’s “FOX” channels to “Star” in Latin America from February 2021. With both the Fox channel and Fox Life, becoming Star Channel and Star Life.

-FOX Channel will be Star Channel.
-FOX Life will be Star Life.
-FOX Premium will be Star Premium.
-FOX App will be Star App

Fox Premium channels will also be rebranded, becoming: Star Premium Movies, Star Premium Series, Star Premium Action, Star Premium Comedy, Star Premium Fun, Star Premium Cinema and Star Premium Classics.

In Africa, Star operates Indian channels such as StarPlus, Star Vijay and Star Life. There's a chance that Star Life (currently seen on StarTimes, DStv and OpenView) will get a name change perhaps into Star India or something close to that in order to not cause confusion if they do end up rebranding FOX into Star in this region.

Now the issue here is their channels are operated under Star India and not Disney in general. So maybe this whole thing has no effect on us but there's a chance it could have some effect since Latin America is changing the channels and not India. Or perhaps the one here will be called Disney's Star or Star By Disney.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Plans For Mindset Pop, People's Weather And Supa TV

Admist the pandemic, MultiChoice partnered up with Mindset to launch a second educational channel to help learners from Grade 4-9 catch-up to their schoolwork while Supabets launched its first linear channel exclusively on OpenView.

People's Weather went from being a 24 hour weather channel to an environmental and lifestyle channel.

Mindset POP has shown remarkable success introduction on DStv and Supa TV has helped viewers win some extra cash and also managed to grow the owner's brand.

According to both suppliers, they're looking into expanding the reach of these channels to more platforms meaning that more learners will get access to the educational material on Mindset POP and more viewers can engage with Supa TV since most of them don't have an OpenView.

People's Weather which was only on DStv has been added onto OpenView recently. If you want nature, documentaries and wildlife then this is your channel. There's even a chance it will pop-up on Starsat and StarTimes.

Mindset POP joins other current educational kids channels in the market such as Mindset, Baby TV, CBeebies, Nick Jr, Disney Junior, JimJam, Da Vinci Kids, PBS Kids, SABC Education, DBE TV, Zoomoo, CBeebies.

Supa TV joins Tellytrack as the only few betting channels within the market.

People's Weather is the only accessible channel within the market other channels like Curiosity Channel, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Da Vinci Kids, Wild Earth and Discovery Channel require you to pay monthly.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Premium Boxoffice Channel Replaces AMC Series From The 1st October On StarTimes

StarTimes launches a new Television channel “PREMIUM BOXOFFICE TELEVISION (PBO TV)” on 1st October 2020 Channel DTH 184 in collaboration with the Big Idea Mediaworks, a Film and Television production company in Lagos Nigeria.

PBO TV is an entertainment channel focused on providing its viewers with refreshing entertainment experience across Africa. The 24-hour entertainment channel broadcasting top-rated Nollywood Movies, Series, educational shows, Sitcoms, Music and late night comedy shows.

“PBO TV celebrates the richness and diversity of African Culture with original and exclusive content,” said Gabriel Nworah, CEO of the BigIdea Mediaworks Limited. “We are excited to bring PBO’s live content and catalogue of original programming to millions of StarTimes viewers across Africa. We want people to enjoy entertainment of quality; Premium Boxoffice Television is your dose of premium entertainment for everyone. That’s why we say ‘Everyone loves Premium’.”

“It’s always a pleasure for StarTimes to provide local content and channels to the audience. We know that the local culture is vigorous and charming, and hope more people here can get the beauty of our own creations and works. Later on, there will be more local channels on StarTimes for the very fans to enjoy the happy hours spending before the screen.” Said Felix Ahonzo, COO of StarTimes Ghana.

(This includes Starsat in South Africa)

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Friday, 25 September 2020

Inpas TV Stops Airing On Starsat By The End Of September

After 3 years of broadcast we say goodbye. InPasTV's contract with StarSat vestryk end of September and so InPas TV will no longer be on the platform from October 1.

The good news is that some of their programs are moving over to MYTV which is obviously also on the StarSat decoder.

No details where provided on the sudden removal perhaps it was another cost cutting decision especially during these tough times with the pandemic out and about.

Starsat and StarTimes (ROA) will also be losing FOX Life from October luckily the channel's supplier Televisa already provides a channel through their platform and FOX will be rolling out The Candidate later in November which is another Televisa production.

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Friday, 18 September 2020

Extreme E To Broadcast Across Africa Via Multi-Year Startimes Partnership

Extreme E, the pioneering electric off-road motor racing series, is set to be broadcast live across the African continent, with the series signing-off on a three-year agreement with digital television operator StarTimes.

The deal will see Extreme E’s five-race global odyssey from the Arctic to the Amazon Rainforest, air live to more than 30 African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire in English, French, Portuguese and other local languages. Season 1 gets underway in early 2021.

The championship’s goal is to highlight the impact that climate change and human influences are having on the severely damaged locations in which it will race, whilst raising awareness, driving sustainability and inspiring action through world-class motorsport.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “Extreme E is a top-tier sporting product unlike anything else out there at the moment. Likened to Star Wars Pod Racing meets Dakar Rally, its mission is to drive awareness of climate change worldwide, whilst promoting battery electric vehicles and workable, sustainable solutions.

This broadcast partnership with StarTimes is really important for helping to share our messages across Africa, which is an integral location to the series as Senegal’s Lac Rose plays host to our Ocean stage.” 

Kristen Miao, StarTimes Sports Director, said: “Motorsports are getting more and more popular in Africa and at the same time people are increasingly concerned about climate change issues. With Extreme E, they will see that sustainability can also mean excitement and adrenaline. We are delighted to bring this unique championship into million of homes across Africa.”

The agreement with StarTimes is the latest broadcast deal to be announced by Extreme E, with the championship also set to partner with BBC (UK), Discovery (Europe and North America), FOX Sports (United States, Canada and the Caribbean), FOX Sports Asia (Southeast Asia), FOX Sports Australia, Mediaset (Italy), Sony India (Indian subcontinent), TVNZ (New Zealand), RTM (Malaysia), Dubai Sports (Middle East), RDS (Canada), China Sports Zhibo.tv (China), RTL 7 (The Netherlands), ORF (Austria), ESPN Africa and BTRC (Belarus).

Further sporting, broadcast and partnership announcements will follow in the coming weeks(meaning there could be more partners within the African market).

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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

WarnerMedia's TNT, Tailormade For African Fans, Launches On StarTimes This September

Leading media and entertainment company, WarnerMedia, is expanding its entertainment offering in English speaking sub-Saharan Africa countries by introducing its Hollywood blockbuster channel, TNT, to the international digital TV operator, StarTimes.

As the 15th of September, StarTimes subscribers in over 10 countires including Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia will be able to enjoy an action-driven, pulse-raising slate of movies, mixed with romantic gems and hilarious comedy, alongside original TNT productions, aimed at keeping its African audiences glued to their screens!

WarnerMedia has a long-standing relationship with StarTimes in French-speaking African regions distributing Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing, WarnerTV, CNN and TCM Cinéma across the continent, and is already distributing TOONAMI, the go-to destination for action and animation movie enthusiasts of all ages, through the first-ever deal with StarTimes in English speaking Africa. This new TNT deal will further diversify its channel offering giving StarTimes’ viewers access to the high-quality blockbuster movie channel tailored for African viewers.

The launch of TNT on StarTimes demonstrates the channel’s unremitting commitment to deliver premium content to African families, making top family entertainment accessible to more customers across sub-Saharan Africa.
As part of the September launch, TNT has an exciting line-up of never-before-seen titles with the premiere of its latest TNT Original Movie, Human Capital; a Fan Month block dedicated to the best titles of Denzel Washington (Remember the Titans, Déjà vu, The Hurricane and Fallen); and the reoccurring Film Fight stunt, where in September, an original movie will be faced against one of its sequels, every Friday evening, in a double feature, bringing up sagas such as The Transporter, National Treasure, Karate Kid, and Free Willy.

TNT will be available on StarTimes’ DTT Basic Bouquet (channel 047 and 214 in Uganda), and Smart Bouquet on DTH (channel 186), offering the best action, thrills, comedy, original movies and more!

Friday, 4 September 2020

Fashion One Stops Airing On DStv And StarTimes In General

Fashion One (DStv 178) that has been running outdated and old content on a loop, abruptly stopped broadcasting without warning a few days ago. MultiChoice that tried to engage the Fashion One owners has removed Fashion One with immediate effect from the DStv line-up. Even StarSat and StarTimes scrapped the Fashion channels as well but does anyone really care.

At the moment, DStv subscribers are still trying to digest the changes made with M-Net Movies and SuperSport while StarTimes subscribers act as if nothing happened on top of StarTimes scrapping all the channels from SPI International.

A dead source suggested that a replacement was being considered for DStv and StarTimes but it doesn't look like neither platform care about replacing it.

MultiChoice redirects viewers to Spice TV, TLC and E! while StarTimes remains unresponsive as usual.

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Three Channels Are Rumored To Be Added On StarTimes Really Soon, Not Sure With Starsat

At the end of August, StarTimes lost Fashion TV, Fashion One, TDC (coming to DStv), FashionBOX, Gametoon and FilmBOX. Reasons for SPI International removal is still a mystery while the owners of Fashion TV and One decided to cut transmission for both Starsat and DStv. Now there's three channels are rumored to be added onto the StarTimes platform which is Comedy Central, TNT and Zoomoo.

Comedy Central is an American basic cable channel owned by ViacomCBS through its domestic network division's Entertainment & Youth Group unit, based in Manhattan. The channel is geared for mature audiences and carries comedy programming in the form of both original, licensed, and syndicated series, stand-up comedy specials, and feature films. The channel has made a huge impact in the African market especially through the DStv platform.

TNT, offers the best of contemporary and Hollywood blockbusters, with programming built on an action-driven, pulse-raising slate, mixed with romantic gems and hilarious comedy just as our African fans like it and offers programming that is relevant and interesting to African fans, with channel premieres of films such as Robin Hood, Jurassic Park and Pitch Perfect. TNT is a brand by WarnerMedia (Cartoon Network, CNN and Boomerang). The channel is currently available on DStv in South Africa and the the rest of Africa.

ZooMoo is a Canadian kids' channel that delivers a unique mix of live-action combined with animation and puppets - it's the world's first fully-interactive pre-school channel dedicated entirely to animals and nature, aimed at kids aged 2-7 years old. The channel is accompanied by a free ZooMoo App, which completes the multi-screen environment, synchronized on a real-time basis with the channel. The channel is available in other parts of Africa like Zuku TV for example. The channel is owned by Blue Ant Media (The Smithsonian Channel and Love Nature).

Comedy Central might be available later this month on StarTimes I doubt Starsat will get it since it's a cheaper version of the StarTimes platform (which costs just as much as DStv in those territories). TNT is said to launch on September 9th on StarTimes this is the first channel I can see on StarSat which to me is a replacement for FilmBOX and Zoomoo is still in the rumored category, for now it will launch as a pop-up channel from the 1st of October on DStv.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The "It's Complicated" FOX Life Africa Turns 4 In October

FOX Life a channel operated by Disney, will be 4 years old from 3rd of October on MultiChoice's DStv and ODM and StarTimes Media SA' Starsat platform.

The channel made its controversial African debut back in 2016 replacing not one but two channels which were FOX Crime and FX. The idea was to launch the channel as a female BET/Lifetime channel with African programming.

At launch, the channel did somewhat opposite the local stuff was there as mentioned everything else not really. All the crime, action, scifi, sitcoms and animation went to FOX and with FOX Life getting reality, local, telenovelas (not Turkish) and almost all of FOX there which included exclusive content that was created specifically for FOX.

At the time FOX Life pulled a large amount of viewers from my perspective I'd say 55% were females and 45% were male.

In 2017, through a series of announcements and promos all the FOX originals which were canned to FOX Life moved to the main channel. All this channel had left was reality shows (mostly African), telenovelas, one sitcom and international drama timeslot.

With those changes put in place mostly females were glued to that channel (75%) as opposed to males which was (25%). In that same year it was revealed the channel is doing well with these changes.

Lodestar, Heartbeat, Matter of Respect and Black Money Love made their way to the channel. These shows generated a huge fanbase in the African market and some even went on to create social groups dedicated to these shows. Pretty much, they were the only few platforms serving these type of programs.
Now the trouble started brewing a year later when the channel cut almost all their Turkish shows short which angered a lot of viewers. Instead of sourcing out more seasons they repeated the 1st season over and over again.
In that same year, the African lineup deteriorated - Nigeria's Top Weddings, Lira: Dream Chasers, Dentaa Takes Africa and Cuppy Takes Africa hit the repeat button and remained that way for the course of the channel's existence. Even the international reality lineup is no different Married to Medicine and WAGS are still on the 1st season while Vuzu and E! dish more seasons.

FOX is similar to these regards look at The Simpsons they're still on Season 27 while the United States got past Season 30. It's natural for all channels to have repeats at least FOX had a pulse FOX Life had none of that at all.

2020 arrived and there's a pandemic, around that time FOX Life abandoned the Turkish market and introduced four new Mexican telenovelas from Televisa. Giving the once reigning Telemundo a run for their money since their focus is mainly on action and often night owls.

Starsat launched three telenovela channels this year. One of these channels also supply content from Televisa basically it's owned by them even. The channel is known as Televisa Novelas (TLNovelas). Of course, TLNovelas in Africa hasn't aired any of their shows currently seen on FOX Life yet. There has been rumours that DStv will be adding the brand really soon.

If the rumours are true, FOX Life's time might be running out and there's chances that it already has. They recently promised to air The Candidate after Secrets At The Hotel and that got replaced with a double bill of Along Came Love. Then out of nowhere, Rode To Destiny is now airing double bill as well.

What are the chances that a new program will take up their slots now. The channel is pulling an eBella on viewers before everyone got the news that the eBranded channel was being discontinued a lot of new shows were expected to air on the channel before shoving them onto eExtra.

Both Along Came Love and Rode To Destiny are speculated to end next month since then no news of a replacement has surfaced like eExtra had The Wild and when that ended, viewers didn't get another local drama after that. If a show ends, it's natural for a channel to just mention the replacement's name through the media but if they're not mentioning anything it probably means they got nothing new to offer.

Now a channel like FOX Life going through that again when they won a lot of viewers over only because of those shows only to find out that they have no options once more after it ends.

FOX Life seemed unnecessary to me the channel was meant to be a placeholder for 2 general entertainment channels maybe there was a reason FOX might have felt that they wanted to focus on less brands and try their best not to duplicate entertainment so they canned FX and Crime might have been costly so they took that one away as well which is what led to FOX Life.

FOX was following their owners Disney footsteps in eliminating the competition. Disney Channel had Disney XD till they turned it into a reruns graveyard then you have National Geographic which is factual and explore wildlife with National Geographic WILD expanding the second part of the main channel in short Disney/FOX is restructuring their brands.

FOX Life was an absolute failure it wouldn't shock me if it shuts down in September or October on DStv and Starsat/StarTimes. The channel did shut down in Italy recently and failed in most parts of Europe.

There is another chance it can be saved as well. Perhaps this channel shouldn't rely heavily on telenovelas it's been proven countless of times by them just look at how all the Turkish programs ended up and how the current telenovela lineup looks now. There's even other platforms that offer these shows which reduces the credibility.

Instead of offering 4 hours of telenovelas reduce it to just 2 hours. Build up a 2 hour timeslot for international dramas you have one which can repeat during the daytime (Criminal Minds from FOX) while the other is night owls (Killing Eve, Star and Empire from FOX). The rest can be used for reality shows and at times sitcoms.

FOX mostly has dramas, animation and sitcoms, and occasionally reality shows. They could try and add telenovelas onto that channel again for 1 hour at least and possibly all fragments of Life onto that channel on a limited basis then FOX Life wouldn't pose much of a threat.

FOX Life would partially be a reruns channel at times you'd see the main channel having animation, supernatural or extraordinary shows like The Simpsons, The Walking Dead and Ghosted now this new FOX Life will have none of that only shows that will live up to the name Life which are Grey's Anatomy, Hawaii Five-O, Atlanta and Empire.

The telenovela lineup will be similar in the repetition FOX Life will add two new telenovelas with the main channel getting one. By the time Life wraps up one of their telenovelas they begin repeating the one put on FOX while the other slot remains with new telenovelas and often repeats.

The only thing that gets less repeats is reality I believe they can make reality #1 if they get the right programs onboard and invest in local programs viewers will entertain viewers and make a major impact instead of joining a hundred other platforms and create informative programming.

In the end FOX will be the home of reality, drama, horror, action, crime, comedy, animation and telenovelas with Life getting reality (large portion), drama, comedy (occasionally) and telenovelas. In short FOX will be the fiction and non-fictional channel with Life's focus on the non-fiction part and perhaps even expanding in those few areas with repeats still being these channels profession. Life had all I was suggesting at launch except their programming had a target audience which led them to have 3 lineup changes since the channel aired time will only tell how this channel copes with society.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

StarTimes/Starsat Is Reportedly Scrapping All The Channels From SPI International

At this point in time I can also consider it a rumour but who wouldn't believe such a story like StarTimes lost the Disney Channels due to commercial issues while by blamed it on signal interruptions.

Now the next batch of channels which are said to go dark on the platform are channels from SPI International.

SPI International supplied channels like Filmbox (Channel 188), TDC (Channel 141), TDC (Channel 141), Gametoon (Channel 151) and FashionBox (Channel 282) now all of that is set to get chopped on Starsat (SA only) and StarTimes (ROA) by the end of August.

To make it more humiliating Starsat or StarTimes and SPI International are even running a competition for one of these channels like really.

Neither one of the informed the public beforehand over the status of these channels only through messaging subscribers. When a viewer wanted clarity over these channels about they all they said was "we'll make an announcement soon".

There's a reason behind this removal, it's one thing to lose channels but it's another if it all comes from one place.

Maybe the pandemic has something to do with it. SPI International may be reviewing their portfolio in this market which I doubt or StarTimes got into a fight with them which led to the removal pretty much it's kind of a mystery at this point. Either way these channels are going dark later this month.

The day they make the announcement don't be surprised if they don't have an actual reason for the chop. They now join DStv and OpenView in channel losses as time goes by you have to wonder how long these platforms will keep calm as there's less new content available in the world.

Friday, 31 July 2020

SABC Education Might Be Available In August On DStv And Possibly Starsat

SABC launched an educational channel back in May on DTT and online platforms with more platforms scheduled to add it later.

SABC Education has been seen on the test channel section through DStv channel 950 for almost two months now alongside Starsat platform where it's numbered through their website on channel 313 and available to those who carry the Max, Special and Super package.

Recently, a viewer noticed that the channel no schedule on DStv starting from the 1st of August leading that individual to believe and possibly some viewers to believe that the channel will be made available on DStv by then.

Both DStv, Starsat and SABC were asked on the status of the channel on the platforms with DStv redirecting clients to SABC, Starsat with its "stay tuned for more information" and SABC with its constant silence.

My guess would be SABC Education launches tomorrow or sometime this month on channel 314 or more likely 316 and is made available to Easyview if not all customers with Starsat adding it around the same time if not sooner.

Friday, 24 July 2020

DreamWorks To Be Added On StarSat In August

StarTimes Media is set to grow the kiddies lineup in the the month of August or September. The platform is set to add DreamWorks Channel which ran exclusively on Kwesé TV in Africa before it shuttered down.

DreamWorks Channel, launched back in 2015 internationally the channel carries original programming which was funded by other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Nickelodeon.

According to the info provided the channel will air All Hail King Julien, The Adventures Of Puss In Boots, Dawn Of The Croods, DreamWorks Dragons and all these series have already aired on Netflix, Showmax, Amazon, e.tv and eToonz.

DreamWorks Channel is owned by NBCUniversal so it's not surprising that the content on this channel are repeats from other platforms even though it's their own programming.

NBCUniversal owns Telemundo, Universal, AfricaNews, Studio Universal, CNBC and now has DreamWorks Channel. What's funny is Studio Universal is what you call a eMovies repeats channel.

DreamWorks Channel kind of seems like a disappointment if you ask me unless they plot to get the running exclusively on that channel before anywhere else in Africa. Right now this channel has a large lineup of shows which have been viewable in Africa for a long time now and I don't see them having any exclusive content since Netflix and Peacock (USA) are funding more series for the brand in the end it will give the brand longevity.

DreamWorks launches on StarSat channel 301 through the Max and Super Package in South Africa and also be available on for the rest of Africa on StarTimes Classic
bouquet channel 354 & Super Bouquet channel 301

Thursday, 2 July 2020

StarSat/Startimes Launches Another Local Channel, ST Eyethu

StarTimes launched two new channels this month CBeebies and ST Eyethu. As usual where silent about these channels existants on the platform.

ST Eyethu (channel 401) is a lifestyle channel dedicated to Zulu family households. There is a large variety of programming that will broadcast on this channel.

From shopping and English entertainment to Zulu dubbed dramas and local shows, we have a huge variety of programming for everyone in the family but mostly aimed at kids and mothers. This is primarily a Zulu/English channel with room to grow.

This channel joins the other local channels found on the platform including SABC 1-3, e.tv, OnseTV, Inpas TV, Soweto TV and 1KZN TV just to name a few.

The channel is available is Local, Max Package, Special Package and Super Package.

Friday, 29 May 2020

New Channel Alert: Galaxy Universal Network Coming Soon To StarSat

Galaxy Universal Network, is Media Broadcasting company, that currently has three (3) Channels (News, Movies and General Entertainment Channels) being hosted by StarSat. The channels have a strong mandate to focus on changing the African narrative from one of despair to one of hope; telling the stories of African development, highlighting the strength of Africa and its people as a whole. The Channels are committed to connecting, informing and reporting on communities who have been overlooked in the discourse. We seek to raise the level of awareness and consciousness around the issues affecting the people of South Africa.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

StarSat Will More Likely Launch A Total Of 10 Channels, Part Of Them Are Currently Active On The Platform

StarTimes Media has upgraded their bouquet offering that will see the introduction of 10 new premium channels across news, kids, movies, fashion, novelas, gaming and esports giving subscribers an enriched content experience at the same affordable monthly subscription for their bouquets of choice. Some of them may take longer to appear on the platform or become a no show.

Consumers will have access to channels Sky News, CBeebies, Gametoon, Timeless Drama Channel (TDC), Tlnovelas, FashionBox HD, SABC Education, FilmBox, Limpopo TV and Toonami will enrich the already existing content genres available to the broadcaster’s terrestrial and satellite television.

Sky News is a British free-to-air television news channel and organisation. Sky News is distributed via a radio news service, and through online channels. It is owned by Sky Group, a division of Comcast. The channel is also available on MultiChoice's DStv.

CBeebies is a British free-to-air television network owned by the BBC through BBC Studios. It is aimed at young children aged 3 and upwards. It manages an international network supported by subscription services. The channel is also carried on MultiChoice's DStv.

Gametoon features interactive gaming/second screen gaming, game reviews, tournaments esports and viral content fueled with best of the Web and much more. The channel gives its viewers a unique opportunity to play dedicated games on their mobile devices and share scores along with social profile pictures on air. The channel is owned by SPI International.

Timeless Drama Channel is a Turkish entertainment channel featuring Turkish drama and Turkish telenovelas with series such as The Uncle in Black, Kurt Seyit and Sura, 20 Minutes, The End and many more. The channel also airs movies and run by SPI International.

Tlnovelas is a Spanish-language pay television network that broadcasts Mexican telenovelas produced by Televisa, the owner of the channel.

FashionBox HD features inspirational, educational and always highly entertaining content on shopping, lifestyle and new fashion trends. The channel is owned by SPI International.

SABC Education is an interactive education channel for the youth that carries programming from the department of education, archived shows from the SABC library, as well as educational programmes seen and available on SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3.

FilmBox is a movie channel that broadcasts a range of Hollywood blockbusters, world movies and local productions.

Limpopo TV is a multi-advertorial channel offering a variety of programs that include magazine style shows, reality shows, local dramas, animation, current affairs, movies, sitcoms and sports, local news, infomercials and local stories.

Toonami is a 24-hour kids channel with the best of DC animation carrying a bit of action, adventure and team work which was available on DStv as a pop-up channel but runs full-time on StarSat. The channel is owned by WarnerMedia.

So far StarSat and StarTimes have launched several of these channels or are still trying to launch them. You need visit their customer care for more details about the channel.