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Friday, 8 November 2019

TNT Celebrates Christmas With A Blockbuster Of Movies In December 2019

Christmas Special
For another consecutive year, TNT celebrates Christmas with a selection of entertaining blockbusters for the whole family to enjoy; perfect for this festive season. On the 25th and 26th of December, the channel will program two whole-day marathons with fun titles such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Little Nicky, Spider-Man and The Mask.

Wednesday 25th of December
08:15 – Labyrinth (1986)
09:55 – Hook (1991)
12:15 – Groundhog Day (1993)
13:55 – Shorts (2009) channel premiere
15:25 – Beetlejuice (1988)
16:55 – The Mask (1994)
18:35 – Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)
20:00 – Little Nicky (2000) channel premiere
21:30 – Spider-Man (2002)

Thursday 26th of December
09:50 – Innerspace (1987)
11:50 – Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
13:15 – 3 Ninjas(1992)
14:55 – Jumanji (1995)
16:35 – Spy Kids (2001)
18:00 – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (2005) channel premiere
20:00 – Green Lantern (2011)

Fellow Feeling 
Friendship is a recurring theme seen in movies, probably because it is one of the most special bonds we have, and viewers can easily relate to their stories. For Day of Reconciliation, when national unity and racial harmony is celebrated by the South African people, TNT would like to honor these values with a selection of titles whose main themes revolve around close friend relationships.

Monday 16th of December
09:55 – The Goonies (1993) channel premiere
11:45 – Finding Forrester (2000)
14:00 – White Squall (1997)
16:05 – Batman & Robin (1997)
18:05 – Free Willy (1993) channel premiere
20:00 – The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) channel premiere
22:00 – Lethal Weapon (1987)

Jack Nicholson Fan Month
Jack Nicholson is one of the most prominent American movie actors of his time, especially well-known for his versatile portrayals of unconventional characters, mostly alienated outsiders. With a very long career, he was nominated 12 times for an Oscar, winning 3 awards in total; a good enough reason for the channel to highlight some of his work this month. TNT will air several titles in which he plays very different characters such as “Joker” in Batman, President of the United States in Mars Attack! and playing the disturb Jack Torrance in The Shining.

Friday 6th of December
20:00 – Batman (1989)

Friday 13th of December
20:00 – Mars Attack! (1987) channel premiere

Friday 20th of December
20:00 – The Shining (1980) 

Friday 27th of December
14:20 – The Shining (1980)
16:15 – Batman (1989)
18:20 – Mars Attack! (1989)
20:00 – The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Thursday, 3 October 2019

November 2019 Is All About Superheroes, Martial Arts And Jim Carrey On TNT Africa

Film Fight Night : SUPERHEROES!
Superheroes have been around for a long time in the history of cinema and people have their favourites, identifying with some more than with others. Either you are more into Spiderman or into Batman... and more into Blade or The Crow. So on this occasion, TNT proposes a new version of its Film Fight Night. Every Sunday evening, two superhero movies will be broadcast back to back, in a battle that will put their skills against each other’s' in order to prove who is worthy of the audience’s trust!
Sunday 3 November
17:55 Batman (1989)
20:00 Blade (1998)
Sunday 10 November
18:00 Green Lantern (2011)
20:00 Spider-Man (2002)
Sunday 17 November
17:30 The Dark Knight (2008)
20:00 The Crow (1994)
Sunday 24th November
18:20 The Mask
20:00 Spy Kids

Martial Arts Mega Marathon
The list of the all time greatest martial arts actors is very wide, but there isn't the slightest doubt that Bruce Lee is its maximum precursor. His cinematographic legacy has influenced many actors who copied his style and spirit, keeping the genre alive over the years. Jean Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan and Jet Li are a few of these celebrated names. For this special, TNT will premier a biographic documentary about Bruce Lee’s life called I am Bruce Lee , accompanied by a selection of martial arts titles, every Saturday in a double
Saturday 2nd of November
18:20 –Documentary: I am Bruce Lee (2012) channel premiere
20:00 –Enter the Dragon (1973)
Saturday 9thof November
18:35 –First Strike (1996)
20:00 –The One (2001)
Saturday 16thof November
18:20 –3 Ninjas (1992)
20:00 –Knock Off (1998)
Saturday 23thof November
18:20 –Street Fighter (1994)
20:00 –Above the Law (1998)
Saturday 30thof November
11:50 –I am Bruce Lee (2012)
13:30 –Enter the Dragon (1973)
15:10 –3 Ninjas (1992)
16:50 –Street Fighter (1994)
18:35 –The One (2001)
20:00 –First Strike (1996)
21:25 –Knock Off (1998)
23:00 –Above the Law (1998)

Jim Carrey Fan Month
Jim Carrey is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood, especially known for his successful career in comedy and his hilarious body language. Influenced by some of the great names in slapstick such as Jerry Lewis, he went from performing monologues in clubs to superstar. Huge blockbusters such as The Mask and Liar Liar marked a milestone in his career and established him as one of the best humorists of his time. In November, TNT will dedicate every Thursday to one of his titles on prime time.
Tuesday 5thof November
20:00 –Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) channel premiere
Tuesday 12thof November
20:00 –Batman Forever (1995)
Tuesday 19thof November
20:00 –The Mask (1994)
Tuesday 26thof November
14:50 –Batman Forever (1995)
16:50 –The Mask (1994)
18:30 –Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
20:00 –Liar Liar (1997)

Friday, 23 August 2019

This October TNT Africa Celebrates Its First Anniversary With A Major Lineup Of Popular Films

Synopsis: TNT channel turns one year old and wants to celebrate it big time: a special program of the strongest titles broadcast during the year, alongside a few great premieres. Every Saturday and Sunday of October, the channel will show several of the top hits as well as the premiere of Spiderman’s Trilogy, Green Lantern and an award-winning title: The Hurt Locker.
Tune in:
Saturday 05/10/2019
15:45 – Spiderman
17:50 – Spiderman 2
20:00 – Spiderman 3
Sunday 06/10/2019
16:15 – Beetlejuice
17:45 – Batman Begins
20:00 – Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Saturday 12/10/2019
16:40 – Spy Kids
18:05 – Green Lantern
20:00 – Total Recall 
Sunday 13/10/2019
16:50 – Jurassic Park III
18:20 – The Mask
20:00 – The Hurt Locker
Saturday 19/10/2019
16:20 – Conan the Destroyer
18:00 – The Mummy
20:00 – The Scorpion King
Sunday 20/10/2019
16:10 – Stealth
18:15 – Deep Blue Sea
20:00 – American Gangster
Saturday 26/10/2019
16:25 – Jumanji
18:00 - Innerspace
20:00 – Blade
Sunday 27/10/2019
16:25 – Pitch Perfect
18:15 – Back to the Future II
20:00 - Eraser

Synopsis: October means Halloween and TNT plans to make the most of it. We will make the audience jump from their seat every Thursday night, and then culminate this frightening month on the 31st of October, with a haunting marathon. Viewers will have the chance to watch a few ageless movies such as The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street, and other modern chilling films such as Ghosts of Mars, Cursed and From Dusk till Dawn.
Tune in:
Thursday 03/10/2019
20:00 – A Nightmare on Elm Street
21:30 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
22:55 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Thursday 10/10/2019
20:00 – Cursed
21:35 – The Shining
Thursday 17/10/2019
20:00 – From Dusk till Dawn
21:24 – Ghosts of Mars
Thursday 24/10/2019
20:00 – Critters
18:35 – Critters 2: The Main Course
Thursday 31/10/2019
13:35 – Critters
15:00 – Critters 2: The Main Crouse
16:30 – Cursed
18:05 – The Shining
20:00 – Ghosts of Mars
21:40 – From Dusk till Dawn
23:25 – Nightmare on Elm Street
00:55 – Nightmare on Elm Street 2:      Freddy’s Revenge
02:20 – Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Synopsis: Complications on a wedding day is something no one really expects, and that´s why it makes for some truly entertaining cinema. TNT has put together 6 stories of total wedding disasters for some good fun during this month. Surprising comedies such as The Wedding Ringer, The Accidental Husband, Wedding Daze and License to Wed are a few of the hilarious movies programmed for every Monday evening.
Tune in:
Monday 07/10/2019
18:20 – The Wedding Planner
20:00 – The Accidental Husband
Monday 14/10/2019
18:30 – Wedding Daze
20:00 – The Wedding Ringer
Monday 21/10/2019
18:25 – License to Wed
20:00 – The Wedding Singer
Monday 28/10/2019
11:40 – License to Wed
13:15 – The Wedding Planner
14:55 – The Accidental Husband
16:25 – The Wedding Singer
18:05 – The Wedding Ringer
20:00 – Wedding Daze

Friday, 26 July 2019

TNT Celebrates The 80th Anniversary Of Batman In September 2019 Along With Heritage Day

Long Live the Bat – Batman’s 80th Birthday
Synopsis: Batman is turning 80, so to celebrate this special milestone, TNT is offering a special program during the month of September with all things Batman!
Tune in:

Saturday 07/09/2019
17:55 – Batman (1989)
20:00 – Batman Returns
Saturday 14/09/2019
18:00 – Batman Forever
20:00 – Batman and Robin

Saturday 21/09/2019
09:35 – Batman
11:40 - Batman Returns
13:45 – Batman Forever
15:45 – Batman and Robin
17:45 – Batman Begins
20:00 – The Dark Knight
22:30 - The Dark Knight Rise

Celebrate Heritage Day
Synopsis: On the 24th of September, South Africa celebrates Heritage Day that honours diverse cultural traditions, customs, and legacy. TNT will offer films fun for the whole family in celebration of this holiday!
Tune in:
Tuesday 24/09/2019

08:52 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
10:30 – 3 Ninjas
12:10 – ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
14:00 - The Mask
15:40 – Spy Kids
17:05 – Beverly Hills Ninja
18:35 – Jackie Chan’s First Strike
20:00 – Groundhog Day

Jean-Claude Van Damme Fan Month
Synopsis: A man of muscle and skill, Jean-Claude Van Damme is featured in this month’s Fan Month program!
Tune in:
Friday 06/09/2019
    20:00 – Maximum Risk
Friday 13/09/2019
     20:00 – Street Fighter
Friday 20/09/2019
      20:00 – Timecop
Friday 27/09/2019
18:15 – Street Fighter
20:00 – Universal Soldier
21:40 – Maximum Risk
23:05 – Timecop

Friday, 28 June 2019

The #1 Millennial Brand In The US, [Adult Swim], To Make A Splash Across DStv Africa!, Renowned Counter-Culture Shows To Feature In An Epic Programming Block On TNT This July

This July, for the first time on linear TV in Africa, [adult swim] will be available on TNT as a branded block on DStv, channel 137. This means every weekday from Monday, 8 July, to Friday, 12 July, DStv viewers across Africa will be treated to the three most popular [adult swim] shows, Rick and Morty, Final Space and Robot Chicken!

[adult swim] – the adult-oriented programming block offering animated and live-action series for young adults - brings on alternative, non-conformist, counter-culture content that is honest, sincere and, awkwardly random at times. The channel has enjoyed massive success in the US, making it the number one US cable destination for millennials; the number one performing US channel amongst 18 – 34-year-olds; and broadcasts 8 of 10 most preferred series viewed by millennials in which the phenomenal original production, Rick and Morty, is ranked in the Top 5 best series of all time.

“This is a great opportunity to capitalise on the current success of [adult swim] in Africa following its launch on MultiChoice’s SOVD platform, Showmax, last year November,” says Guillaume Coffin, VP head of commercial and business development, Turner France & Africa. 

“We hope that the disruptive entertainment block on TNT will raise further awareness of the [adult swim] brand and its offerings amongst millennials across Africa, driving viewers to [adult swim]’s corner on, Showmax.”

Tune in to TNT every day from Monday, 8 July to Friday, 12 July to watch a double dose of back-to-back episodes of Rick and Morty and Final Space where you’ll get caught in fascinating scientific, other-worldly adventures, followed by fan-favourite stop-motion pop-culture parody, Robot Chicken specials. TNT is also bringing its fans a Rick and Morty and Final Space marathon, on Saturday 20 July and Saturday, 27 July respectively, where viewers get to binge-watch the complete first season of each of these weirdly unusual, eclectic, surprising, quirky and surreal animation series!

If you miss the TNT [adult swim] block on DStv, there is plenty [adult swim] content available on Showmax including Rick and Morty (S1, S2, S3), Samurai Jack (S5), Robot Chicken (specials and non-specials), The Jellies (S1), Aqua Teen Hunger Force (S1), Black Dynamite (S1) and Eagle Heart.

Programming Slate
Rick and Morty
The most popular Adult Swim show in South Africa, this animation cult series follows the misadventures of Rick Sanchez, a crazy scientist cynic, and Morty Smith, his grandson, an adolescent who is quite introvert and easily influenced. They spend their time between a domestic life and their inter-dimensional adventures.

Final Space
An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialised journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.

Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken is stop-motion pop-culture parodies in fast-paced succession spanning TV, movies, music and celebrity. The award-winning series uses stop-motion animation to bring pop-culture parodies to life in a modern take on the variety/sketch show format.

Programming Details
Monday, 8 July                               
Tuesday, 9 July                             
Wednesday, 10 July
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E1        
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E3       
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E5
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E2        
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E4       
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E6
21:55 Final Space S1 E1               
21:55 Final Space S1 E3               
21:55 Final Space S1 E5
22:20 Final Space S1 E2               
22:20 Final Space S1 E4               
22:20 Final Space S1 E6
22:45 Robot Chicken Special      
22:45 Robot Chicken Special      
22:45 Robot Chicken Special

Thursday, 11 July                        
Friday, 12 July                                
Saturday, 20 July
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E7       
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E9       
20:00 Rick and Morty Season 1 Marathon
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E8       
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E10         
21:55 Final Space S1 E7              
21:55 Final Space S1 E9        
Saturday 27 July
22:20 Final Space S1 E8              
22:20 Final Space S1 E10            
20:00 Final Space Season 1 Marathon
22:45 Robot Chicken Special     
22:45 Robot Chicken Special

Friday, 14 June 2019

Adult Swim Debuts In July 2019 On TNT Africa Along With Madiba Celebration And Your Favorite Blockbuster Movies Starring Wesley Snipes

Adult Swim premieres on TNT!
This July, for the frst time in Africa, Adult Swim content makes its way to TNT! Be sure to immerse yourself in a double dose of Rick and Morty and Final Space where you’ll be sure to get caught in fascinating scientifc, other-worldly adventures. Tune in every day from Monday, 8 July to Friday, 12 July to enjoy back-to-back episodes of these amazing Adult Swim original shows. And, it doesn’t end there, TNT will also bring you a Rick and Morty and Final Space marathon, where you get to watch the complete season, on Saturday 20 July and Saturday 27 July!
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E1
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E2
21:55 Final Space S1 E1
22:20 Final Space S1 E2
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E3
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E4
21:55 Final Space S1 E3
22:20 Final Space S1 E4
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E5
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E6
21:55 Final Space S1 E5
22:20 Final Space S1 E6
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E7
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E8
21:55 Final Space S1 E7
22:20 Final Space S1 E8
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E9
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E10
21:55 Final Space S1 E9
22:20 Final Space S1 E10
20:00 Rick and Morty Season 1
20:00 Final Space Season 1

All Talk, All Action
On Sunday, 16 July, you can keep your screen locked to TNT for blockbuster action tailored for your viewing pleasure. Feel safe when the legendary Wesley Snipes takes centre stage, taking names and kicking butt. An airline security agent suddenly fnds himself trying to neutralise a mid-air fight takeover by terrorists in Passenger 57. In Blade, Wesley Snipes channels his inner vampire and stops at nothing to prove his innocence as United Nations covert squad operative, Neil Shaw in The Art of War I and sequel, The Art of War II: Betrayal.
20:00 Demolition Man
21:55 The Detonator
20:00 The Art of War
22:00 The Art of War II: Betrayal
20:00 The Fan
21:55 Blade
20:00 The Contractor
21:40 Passenger 57
11:25 Passenger 57
12:50 The Fan
14:45 The Detonator
16:25 The Contractor
18:05 Demolition Man
20:00 Blade
22:00 The Art of War
00:00 The Art of War II: Betrayal
01:45 New Jack City

Happy Birthday, Madiba!
On 18 July, TNT celebrates struggle icon and former statesman, Nelson Mandela’s birthday with special programming themed around his lifelong goals including the eradication of poverty, promoting peace and creating a better world for everyone. Tune in to TNT on Mandela Day to catch our line-up of flms like Field of Dreams and Robin Hood for a reminder that each and every one of us can make a diference wherever we are.
13:15 Field of Dreams
15:00 E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial
16:55 The Green Mile
20:00 Robin Hood

Thursday, 14 March 2019

In May 2019, TNT Africa Celebrates The 80th Anniversary Of The Dark Knight With Blockbuster Movies Every Friday And It's Not Only Batman's Birthday But Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Is Also Getting In On The Action. You Can Find This And More On TNT Africa.

Since his debut in Detective Comic in 1939, Batman has become one of the most popular superheroes in history, living a mark in popular culture for generations. This month is his 80th birthday and TNT will join in on the celebration by premiering the latest trilogy of this legendary character: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Broadcast throughout the 3rd weekend of May on primetime and concluding with a marathon on Sunday.
Friday 3rd of May
20:00 – Batman Begins (2005) channel premiere
Friday 17th of May
20:00 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012) channel premiere
Friday 10th of May
20:00 – The Dark Knight (2008) channel premiere
Sunday 26th of May
15:05 – Batman Begins (2005)
17:30 – The Dark Knight (2008)
20:00 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Since his acclaimed appearance as an actor in the film The Mummy Returns, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, left his successful career as a wrestling fighter to become one of the best paid actors in Hollywood. His physique, combined with his great performances, allowed him to score fitting roles in a number of other big Hollywood hits such as Doom and The Scorpion King. Every Monday of May, TNT will honour his work by broadcasting some of these titles on primetime.
Monday 6th of May
20:00 – The Mummy Returns (1992)
Monday 13th of May
20:00 – Doom (2005)
Monday 20th of May
20:00 – The Scorpion King (2002)
Monday 27th of May
16:20 – The Mummy Returns (2001)
18:25 – The Scorpion King (2002)
20:00 – Doom (2005)

On the 1st of May, South Africa celebrates Workers´ Day, a national public holiday that
serves the purpose of paying homage to the country´s working class. TNT believes this day off is a good reason to remind the audience that every goal and every dream must be achieved with common effort, support and team spirit. Hence, the channel will program a list of movies with the same premise: teamwork. Titles such as Apollo 13, Pitch Perfect and Rocky Balboa will be part of this stunt throughout the day.
Wednesday 1st of May
08:30 – The Dirty Dozen (1967)
10:55 – Escape to Victory (1981)
12:50 – Hoosiers (1986)
14:40 – Pitch Perfect (2012)
16:30 – Cliffhanger (1993)
18:20 – Rocky Balboa (1982)
20:00 – Apollo 13 (1995)
22:15 – Slap Shot (1977)