Friday, 6 October 2017

Its The Moment You All Been Waiting For Cartoon Network Africa Finally Debuts OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Based On The Online Shorts With This Month Having Special New Episodes Of Jump City Crime Fighters In Teen Titans GO! And Brand New Episodes Of The Amazing World Of Gumball In November 2017

Brand New Show
OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes
Swoosh, fash, whack, BOOM … you just got served a KO by K.O.!

Working at a supply shop can be pretty boring – but not for K.O. and his best friends Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a level-headed big sister-like employee who both work at Gar’s Bodega, a hero supply shop in the Lakewood Plaza strip mall. This month, watch as K.O. attempts to, with the help of his friends, pull of a prom at the Plaza, fnd parts to repair Dendy’s high-tech backpack and even defeat Raymond the robot so they can retrieve a stolen sign. Interested yet? We are!

Saturday 18/11/2017 @ 08:45 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:55 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 12:05 CAT
Weekends @ 08:45 and 12:15 CAT

Special New Episodes
Teen Titans Go! Month
TTG … Teen TG … Teen Titans G … Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network is spoiling you this November with a month of pure Teen Titans Go! Tune-in for special new episodes starring your favourites: Robin, Starfre, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven! Watch as the gang tries to fnd the missing 2 o’clock hour during daylight savings. And, the fun doesn’t end there. How does “detective” Robin investigate what happened to the animals living outside their TTG towers? Be warned, viewers, there are some special surprises along the way such as Beast Boy’s love for Raven and much, much more!

Premiere: Monday 23/11/2017 @ 16:05 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 16:05 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 07:35 CAT Marathon Special: Tune in Saturdays @ 07:10 CAT

New Episodes
The Amazing World of Gumball
Take a cat and a goldfsh, put them together and what do you get? Gumball and Darwin!!!

Cartoon Network’s hilariously peculiar family, the Wattersons are back! Join Gumball, Darwin and Anais as they embark on many adventures that will keep you laughing for days. This month, Nicole tries to hide her disappointment when the family forgets her special day but fails dismally! What can Richard do? Can he figure it out in time to save the day? Viewers can also look forward to their favourite family doing whatever it takes, and we mean WHATEVER it takes, to see the screening of the Steller Odyssey sequel!

Premiere: Monday 06/11/2017 @ 17:50 CAT
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 17:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 06:35, 08:20, 13:50 & 19:40 CAT
Weekends @ 06:50 & 13:25 CAT

Boomerang Africa Welcomes The Reboot Of A Classic Favourite Wacky Races Onto Our Screens With The Return Of The Feud Going On Between Oggy And The Cockroaches Plus The New Woody Woodpecker Show In November 2017

Little ladies and gentlemen, start your engines because the Wacky Racers are back!

When the engines start, the laughter will roar! Watch rubber burn, hooters honk and of course Muttley snicker, as the Wacky Racers do whatever it takes to win the race! Tune-in and watch the racers as they embark on a series of adventures from the Wacky Winter Games, to the idyllic Tuscan countryside, to the Louisiana Swamps, or to Easter Island to compete against one another! Each race has its challenges (and cheaters), such as the awakened Easter Island Statues and Dick Dastardly’s constant desire to sabotage the rest of the racers! It is up to the racers to address these issues, defeat the cheaters and prevail!

Premiere Date: Monday 13/11/2017 @ 15:25 CAT
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 15:15 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 12:05 & 15:25 CAT

One cat and three roaches … yes, that’s right Oggy and the Cockroaches is back!

How does one get rid of cockroaches? Oh, you don’t know? Poor Oggy would have been the happiest of cats, if the cockroaches hadn’t settled inside his comfortable home and ruined his life! This month Oggy’s misery is not about to end as the cockroaches turn him into a time-bomb and Jack races against time to stop it from exploding! That’s not all, watch as Oggy has to nail his furniture down after his house is turned upside down! Will Oggy survive the madness? Tune in to find out!

Premiere Date: Sunday 30/10/2017 @ 07:35 CAT
Tune in: Monday - Friday @ 07:35 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 11:25 CAT
Weekends @ 18:10 CAT

Who does that laugh belong to? It could only be one person … or bird!

Woody the Woodpecker is back with all new episodes! Prepare to be mesmerised as Woody and his friends get up to mischief that will have you in stitches! Join in on all the fun as Splinter and Knothead prepare to live broadcast the arrival of Santa Claus on the internet. Will they capture Santa’s perfect moment? That’s not all we have up our sleeves this month. Watch as Chilly spoils the Hogwash vacation and Buzz and Tweaky’s plan to win a surfng contest fails! Tune-in to find out what else we have up our sleeves!

Premiere Date: Monday 20/11/2017 @ 18:30 CAT
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 18:30 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 13:40 CAT
Weekends @ 17:00 CAT

Friday, 22 September 2017

Penn Zero: Part Time Hero Returns To Disney XD Africa Along With Mickey Mouse Halloween Special And More Episodes Of Guardians Of The Galaxy In October 2017

Season premiere
Weekdays from 16th October at 16:50

Penn Zero is the part time hero who zaps to other dimensions to fill in for heroes in need. He zaps back onto Disney XD this month, with season two of his adventures premiering on weekdays from 16th October at 16:50.

Penn and his friends undertake missions which take the team to unpredictable epic worlds to fight evil part-time villain Rippen and his part-time minions.

Brand new season two episodes of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero air on weekdays from Monday 16th October at 16:50.

Premiere episodes
Weekends from 7th October at 06:50

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy continues this month on Disney XD, with premiere episodes at weekends from 7th October at 06:50.

While trying to protect Star-Lord's home planet, the Guardians cross paths with Earth's mightiest heroes: the Avengers! The teams must join forces to save Earth from The High Evolutionary. In the first part of three part story arc Symbiote War, entitled Wild World, (Saturday 7th October at 06:50) the Guardians discover Groot’s home world, Planet X, has been overrun by symbiotes who will stop at nothing to get Groot’s restarted World Pod for themselves  in order to conquer the galaxy.

Premiere episodes of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy air at weekends from 7th October at 06:50 on Disney XD.

Programming blocks
Saturdays from 7th October from 08:10

Great news for fans of top shows Mech-X4 and Lab Rats – Disney XD has marathons featuring back to back episodes of these shows every Saturday throughout October from 08:10 to 12:00.

These action packed marathons feature four back-to-back episodes each of Mech-X4 and Lab Rats on Saturdays, with a brand new Mech-X4 short before each block.

Fans of these two great series have a real treat in store this October, with a marathon featuring four blocks each of Mech-X4 and Lab Rats every Saturday from 08:10 to 12:00 on Disney XD.

Premiere special
Saturday 28th October at 07:40

Halloween is nearly here, and it’s time for spooky stories and tales of terror. To celebrate this annual fright fest we have a very special show featuring the one and only Mickey Mouse – The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular. (Saturday 28th October at 07:40)

In this scary special, it’s Halloween and Mickey’s nephews challenge him to tell scary stories. The first ones are funny or silly, until they goad him into telling one that’s truly terrifying!

The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular premieres on Saturday 28th October at 07:40 on Disney XD.

Preschoolers Can Be Dazzled In October 2017 On Disney Junior Africa With A Special Crossover Better Doc McStuffins And Winnie The Pooh, Two New Series Puppy Dog Pals And Vampirina Alongside New Sofia The First And Halloween Block

Premiere special
Saturday 14th October at 10:00

October is Winnie the Pooh’s birthday! And to celebrate this important occasion there is a full length crossover special episode entitled Into the Hundred Acre Wood in which the much-loved bear meets another favourite Disney Junior character – Doc McStuffins. This special airs on Saturday 14th October at 10:00

In this full length episode, entitled Into the Hundred Acre Wood, after spotting Winnie the Pooh floating through McStuffinsville, Doc and the toys follow him back to the Hundred Acre Wood to help him.
This premiere crossover special entitled Into the Hundred Acre Wood, airs on Saturday 14th October at 10:00

Premiere series
Weekdays from Monday 9th to Friday 20th October at 16:25

Disney Junior is welcoming two new friends to the channel in a brand new series, Puppy Dog Pals, launching on Monday 9th October and continuing on weekdays until Friday 20th October at 16:25.

Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in the neighbourhood and around the globe.

Tune in on weekdays from Monday 9th to Friday 20th October at 16:25

Premiere episodes and special
Series: Saturdays throughout October (from 30th September) at 08:30
Special: Saturday 28th October at 08:15

Season four of Sofia the First launched on Disney Junior on 30th September and continues on Saturdays throughout October at 08:30. These episodes include a special entitled The Mystic Isles on Saturday 28th October at 08:15

This series sees princess-in-training Sofia venture outside the walls of the castle, accompanied by friends old and new, to have lots of adventures. In the Mystic Isles special (Saturday 28th October at 08:30) on a story-keeper mission, Sofia and Amber attempt to help a Crystalmaster named Prisma stop her wicked sister from destroying the Mystic Isles.

The brand new season of Sofia the First continues on Disney Junior with premiere episodes every Saturday throughout October at 08:30 and a special entitled The Mystic Isles on Saturday 28th October at 08:15.

Programming event
Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October from 07:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 and 19:45

October is the spookiest month of the year, with Halloween at its end. The best place to enjoy great shows is Disney Junior, with special programming on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October from 07:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 and 19:45.

Young viewers can tune in for a spooky time with shows featuring favourite Disney Junior friends, including Mickey’s Monster Musical (various times including Monday 30th October at 15:00).

Have fun on Halloween with Disney Junior on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October from 07:00

Series premiere episodes
Weekends from 28th October at 09:00

What better time to launch a great new show about vampires than Halloween weekend, when ghosts and ghouls abound? Vampirina launches on Saturday 28th October at 09:00 and continues on weekends at the same time.

Based on the hit children’s books Vampirina Ballerina, this animated series features Vee, a vampire girl whose family move to Pennsylvania to run a guest house for ghouls and goblins.

The launch episode consists of two stories entitled Going Batty/Scare B&B (Saturday 28th October at 09:00). When young female vampire Vee is stressed she gets the battys, and involuntarily flips from girl to bat and back. This scares a new friend on a play date who sees her in her other form. Then the bed and breakfast is open, but gets double booked with humans and vampires and things get a little complicated.

Vampirina launches on Saturday 28th October and continues on Saturdays and Sundays at 09:00

In October 2017 Disney Channel Africa Has Whole Bunch Of To Offer Including New Episodes Of Liv And Maddie, Bunk'd And Elena Of Avalor With A Brand New Series Based On The Movie With The Same Name Tangled Before The Premiere Viewers Can Catch The Second Tangled Movie Before Ever After Alongside Two Other New Movies Descendants 2 (Sequel To The First) And Project MC2

Movie premiere
Friday 6th October at 16:30

It’s here at last! The long-awaited sequel to the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2 premieres on Disney Channel on Friday 6th October at 16:30.

The story of the teenage sons and daughters of Disney's greatest villains continues in this contemporary, music-driven, imaginative sequel to the global smash hit original movie. In Descendants 2 the pressure to be royally perfect gets to be too much for Mal, and she returns to the Isle of the Lost. She discovers that Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken over as queen, and that her gang is finalising plans to bring down the barrier.

Descendants 2 premieres on Disney Channel on Friday 6th October at 16:30.

Premiere episodes including series finale
From Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October at 16:05

Liv and Maddie has been one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows. Now there’s a chance to see the final episodes of season four from Monday 2nd October at 16:05, leading up to the series finale on Friday 6th October at 16:05 - immediately before the premiere of our great new DCOM Descendants 2.

The sisters have had lots of adventures, especially since their recent move to California with their family at the beginning of season four, which was renamed Liv and Maddie: Cali Style. But now, in the episode entitled End-A-Rooney, when exciting opportunities arise for each of the Rooney kids, their summer plans are suddenly thrown into jeopardy. (Friday 6th October at 16:05)

Don’t miss the chance to see the final episodes of Liv and Maddie from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October at 16:05 on Disney Channel.

Special and series premiere episodes
Special: Friday 20th October at 16:30 and series from Monday 30th October at 16:00.

There’s a treasure trove of Tangled premiering this month. First we have the special, Tangled: Before Ever After on Friday 20th October at 16:30, and then Tangled: The Series launches on Monday 30th October at 16:00.

Set between the film Tangled and short film Tangled Ever After, this special, entitled Tangled Before Ever After, sees Rapunzel preparing for her wedding, and her coronation as Princess of Corona. But it's all a bit of a rush for her - she is not sure she is in a hurry to get married, even though she loves her fiance. So she and her faithful Lady-in-Waiting Cassandra set off on one last secret adventure. On their travels they encounter some magical rocks that have a lasting effect on her - and her hair! Mandy Moore again provides the voice of feisty Rapunzel in this animated comedy adventure. (Friday 20th October at 16:30)

Then later in the month we see the launch of Tangled: The Series. In the first premiere episode What the Hair? Rapunzel prepares for her coronation as Princess of Corona, even as she longs for adventure and freedom. (Weekdays from Monday 30th October at 16:00.)

Tangled: Before Ever After premieres on Friday 20th October at 16:30, and then Tangled: The Series launches on Monday 30th October at 16:00.

Season premiere
Weekends from 14th October at 09:25

Popular cookery show Disney Cookabout returns to Disney Channel this month, with the launch of season two on weekends from Saturday 14th October at 09:25.

Disney Cookabout is a cookery game-show set in South Africa in which young people learn the basics of cookery and travel all over the Western Cape to discover the processes that go into putting food into the shops. The young chefs head out to explore where the food on our tables come from. They then return to the kitchen to rustle up some tasty dishes under the supervision of presenters Kirsten Mohammed and Mthunzi Ntoyi.

Disney Cookabout season two launches on Disney Channel from Saturday 14th October 14th at 09:25, and continues on weekends at the same time.

Premiere episodes and season finale
From Monday 9th October at 16:35

Season two of hit series Bunk’d continues this month on Disney Channel, with premiere episodes on weekdays from Monday 9th October at 16:35, until the season finale on Tuesday 24th October at 16:35.

This season saw the Ross kids head back to Camp Kikiwaka for another summer. But with their return to camp came new surprises –a new bunkmate for Ravi and a new counsellor for the Woodchuck cabin. In the first of these premiere episodes, How the Griff Stole Christmas (Monday 9th October at 16:35) it’s holiday time at Camp Kikiwaka and everyone is in good spirits except for Griff.

Catch brand new episodes of Bunk'd from 9th to 24th October at 16:35 on Disney Channel.

Premiere episodes
Weekdays from Monday 23rd October at 15:15

Princess Elena returns to Disney Channel this month with lots of new adventures. Premiere episodes of Elena of Avalor air from Monday 23rd until the season finale on Friday 27th October at 15:15.

Princess Elena has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as its crown princess. Elena's adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion. In the episode entitled Captain Turner Returns (Monday 23rd October at 15:15) Elena and Naomi try to convince Naomi's mom not to move her famiily away from Avalor.

Don't miss brand new episodes of Elena of Avalor from 23rd to 27th October at 15:15 on Disney Channel.

Movie premiere
Friday 27th October at 16:30

The end of the month sees the premiere of a great movie on Disney Channel. Fun-filled film Project MC2 premieres on Friday 27th October at 16:30.

In Project MC2 teenage spy McKeyla recruits three brilliant girls - Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn, to join her spy organisation NOV8. They are super smart, science-skilled girls and she needs them to help her thwart a threat to a prince’s space launch, using their skills and science savvy.

Project MC2 premieres on Friday 27th October at 16:30.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Highlights For FOX Channels In Africa At Upfront 2017

Upcoming programming on National Geographic (DStv 181/StarSat 220) include:

Year Million (starting October 2017)
A new docu-drama series exploring what it might be like to be human, one million years into the future. Futurists, scientists and science fiction writers guide viewers through the latest advances in technology, ideas and innovation that will likely power the evolution of mankind. Year Million paints a picture of future humanity through the eyes of a futuristic American family that includes a daughter that's an android.

Long Road Home (starting November 2017)
Based on the 2004 in-country experiences of the army's 1st Calvary Division from Fort Hood, Texas, this tells the story of the soldiers who were ambushed in a Baghdad attack that became known as "Black Sunday". The series cuts between the action on the ground in Iraq and on the homefront back in Texas where families wait for news.

Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (premieres December 2017)
A miniseries with Sigourney Weaver as narrator about Dian Fossey who did mountain gorilla research in Rwanda for 18 years. The series will explore Dian Fossey's word, her death and her murder investigation.

Jane (premieres 2018)
National Geographic has found never-before-seen material in its archives of Jane Goodall and will reveal a candid and little-known-side to Dr Jane Goodall in new footage.

One Strange Rock (premieres 2018)
This new documentary will take viewers inside the planet Earth.

MARS II (premieres 2018)
The new 6-episode second season of MARS currently being filmed in Budapest, will continue to tell the story further after life has been discovered on the Red Planet. The docuseries merges the science fiction drama story on Mars, with real-life scientists and visionaries describing how mankind could use science to live there.

The Story of Us II (premieres 2018)
God The American President Morgan Freeman will once again narrate the second season of this documentary series in which he meets people from different cultures whose lives are shaped through different experiences. This time the hour long episodes will explore "fundamental forces" - like love, power, war and peace, rebellion and freedom.

Genius II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this fictionalised drama series will revolve around the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, played by Antonio Banderas.

Upcoming programming on Nat Geo WILD (DStv 182/StarSat 221) include:

Snakes in the City (September 2017)
A documentary-style reality TV series revolving around the daily life of the extreme snake bounty hunter Simon Keys living in Durban.

Savage Kingdom II: Uprising (premieres December 2017)
A second season of this "Game of Thrones" like big cat nature series filmed in the Kalahari.

Big Cat month (December 2017)
Several big cat documentaries will be broadcast on Nat Geo WILD during the month of December.

Upcoming programming on FOX (DStv 125/StarSat 131) include:

Empire IV (starts 28 September 2017 21:00, Express from the US)
The 4th season of the drama series Empire with Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard will start in South Africa very soon after episodes run in America for the 2017 fall season. The new season will follow Luscious as he deals with his near-death experience from the season 3 finale.

The Mick II (3 October 2017)
The second season of this comedy series will start on 3 October on FOX about the brash-and-trash Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) who must suddenly look after her niece and nephews.

Star II (premieres January 2018)
The second season of this drama series will only start in January 2018 and it won't be an Express from the US title. It's a problem for South African and African viewers, since the new 4th season of Empire and the second season of Star will have cross-over storylines and episodes. The result is that South African viewers won't be able to properly follow the "disjointed" starting-cross-over-concluding storylines. FOX Africa says it wants to show and complete Empire until its mid-season break, and will then start with Star.

Atlanta II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this drama series will start in 2018 on FOX following two cousins in Atlanta's rap music scene. In January 2018 FOX will also have the second season of the rebooted The X-Files .

FOX also has two more season of its drama anthology series American Crime Story. Versace: American Crime Story will be rolled out first, followed by the season dealing with the impact of Hurricane Katrina. FOX will continue to show seasons and
episodes of American drama and comedy series like Castle, The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Bones.

Legion II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this Marvel universe TV series will start in 2018. It follows David Haller who has super mental powers.

Upcoming programming on FOX Life (DStv 126 /StarSat 133) include:

Vintage Z (premieres October 2017)
This new local South African reality series revolves around edgy designer Oscar and his business manager Mandy who run Vintage Zionist in downtown Johannesburg. As an upcoming South African fashion label inspired by leather, the two have their hands full with various challenges.

Reality slot
FOX Life now has a dedicated reality show timeslot from Mondays to Fridays at 19:10, showing first-run international, non-scripted shows.

Turkish telenovelas
In a very interesting development for South African television, FOX Africa has decided to add Turkish telenovelas, dubbed into English, to FOX Life, starting 2 October. Heartbeat will be FOX Life's first Turkish TV delight, stripped on weekdays from Monday 2 October in the 18:25 timeslot, followed by Lodestar.

What's New In October 2017 On NickToons Africa

Weekdays from Monday 2 October @ 15:10 CAT
In this brand new series, our favourite characters, Ash Ketchum and his buddy Pikachu, discover a whole new Pokémon world during a beach holiday in Alola. There they meet Samson and learn all about a school where students and Pokémons study alongside each other. After making so many new friends, Ash and Pikachu don’t want to leave and decide to enrol for good, turning their vacation into a staycation!

Weekdays from Monday 2 October @ 08:55 CAT
The last few episodes featuring Norbett and Daggett, the misbehaving beaver brothers, culminate in a fnale with a major twist: the duo discovers that the show is going to be cancelled. After four seasons of silly, Norb and Dag must face the music and ask themselves some diffcult questions, like “What happens next?” and “Are we really just pictures?” Tune in as the bad bros face an existential crisis.

Weekdays from Monday 9 October @ 19:20 CAT
These three teenage girls from Beverly Hills are, like, totally spies! They’re undercover special agents who go on dangerous missions, wear cool disguises and handle some impressive espionage gadgets – you’ll want to have their job! Join Alex, Sam and Clover on their latest assignment to save the world, all while preparing for the prom and getting their algebra homework done.