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Coming Up On TLC Africa In February 2019

Say Yes to the Dress
From Sunday 3 February at 18:00
Part fashion show, part bridal story and part family therapy, life at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan is always full of surprises. Every day the consultants at this premiere boutique face practical and emotional hurdles to deliver the perfect dress in time for a bride’s big day. Will these adventurous brides will find the dress that meets their wildest wedding day expectations as well as the all- important approval from their entourage? It won’t be plain-sailing and there may be tears, but these women are searching for the most important dress they''ll ever buy.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life
From Monday 11 February at 15:35
Whitney Thore weighs in at nearly 400-lbs, but that doesn't stop her living life on her terms as dancer. This dancing queen is happy with her body and lives life out loud! In this series, Whitney visits a newly-sober Buddy in D.C., where an intimate moment between them leaves her perplexed. A bitter Heather helps Whitney celebrate her 34th birthday as she continues her struggle to move on from her own relationship with Buddy. And, after weathering tough criticism from friends and family alike, Whitney pursues her dream of adopting a child, only to receive crushing news that may jeopardize her dreams of ever being a mother. With the discovery of a shocking family secret and fears of Buddy relapsing, life is proving to be a rollercoaster for Whitney; and there's never a dull moment!

Seeking Sister Wife
From Monday 18 February at 20:00
This revealing series follows the journeys of plural families adding a wife to their still-growing homes, and the emotional highs and lows that occur within the fascinating world of polygamous relationships. Ashley and Dimitri Snowden have welcomed their newest family member into the world with baby Canaria, and they have a new girlfriend, Vanessa. But will she get along with the kids and will Dimitri be able to follow the no intimacy rule with Vanessa? Meanwhile, the Alldredges decide to leave Utah for a fresh start in South Dakota, where they are now courting a new potential sister wife, Jennifer. But, she's not the typical wife they would go for! And, two new families seek a sister wife: The Winders are young newlyweds still living plural marriage in secret, and the McGees are starting their journey of looking for their first sister wife. Will they find the perfect match?

Coming Up On Discovery Channel Africa In February 2019

Expedition Unknown
From Thursday 14 February at 20:00
Adventurer and avid explorer, Josh Gates, investigates the truth behind the world's most iconic and captivating legends in this globe-trotting series. Josh's adventures take him around the world as he immerses himself in the core locations linked to each mystery. Interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, Josh embarks on a fully immersive exploration to lead him closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas. Whatever the destination, every historical mystery is an adventure for Josh.

Mythbusters Jr.
From Thursday 21 February at 19:00
A new generation of youthful myth busters put popular myths and urban legends to the test, using modern science to separate the fact from the fiction. Adam Savage is back to give these six genius kids a chance to show off their amazing skills. They may be young, but they can definitely keep up with the adults as they tackle myths ranging from driving, explosions, chemistry, physics, pop culture and more. Is it possible to make a functional parachute from duct tape? Can a jetpack be made from fire extinguishers? These questions and many more are answered as these talented teenagers test the limits of science and technology!

Gold Rush: White Water
From Monday 25 February at 21:00
Deep in the heart of the remote Alaskan wilderness, there's gold to be found - for those who have the grit to do dangerous and dirty work. Fan favourites Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are two such individuals, and they carry out an even more dangerous, and potentially more lucrative, type of mining that separates the men from the boys. Tracking the source of gold up river into the mountains, and into old abandoned mining stations, they dive in white-water rapids and perilous plunge pools. Gold mining is a dangerous business, and no-one knows who's going to come out on top; but that doesn't stop these guys from their quest for the ultimate treasure, hidden in Alaska's wild and brutal land.

From Thursday 7 February at 21:00
Moonshine season is back! The demand for white lightning all over Appalachia is greater than ever; but so are the dangers. Every spring, a fearless group of men and women venture deep into the woods of Appalachia, defying the law, rivals and nature itself to keep the centuries-old tradition of craft whiskey alive. This season a new generation of moonshiners strive to take the ancient art into the 21st-century, using age-old methods to produce new flavours and liquor varieties that could transform America's liquor landscape. With fortune and glory on the line, old partnerships are tested, and young upstarts look to stake their claim on new territory. As the black market for white whiskey heats up, desperate shiners put new, dangerous still designs into service, while legendary old-timers come out of retirement to head back into the hills for one more run.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Boomerang Africa Starts February 2019 Off With A Brand New Show Rabbids Invasion (Which Already Aired On Nickelodeon) Along With New Episodes And Marathons Of Your Favourite Shows

Chaotic Good

February is full of wonder and amusement as Boomerang premieres its brand-new show, Rabbids Invasion. Say hello to the ‘Rabbids’, a mysterious breed of indestructible rabbit-like creatures that invade and wreak havoc everywhere in the human world. If you have ever wondered what it is like to live in a world without rules, tune in to Boomerang from 18 February to find out - we promise that it will be an unpredictable adventure!

Premiere Date: Monday 18/02/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 16:25 CAT

Sweetheart Special

If you’re feeling a little lovesick during February, tune in to Boomerang for the perfect cure. Featuring your favourite shows and their funniest lovey-dovey moments, from Zig & Sharko’s consistent pursuit of Marina’s attention to Mr. Bean and his unconventional attempts at wooing his girlfriend, Irma. You might want to keep track of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to love. Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day by tuning in to Boomerang from 16:40 CAT.

Premiere Date: Thursday 14/02/2019 @ 16:40 CAT

Get into the Grizzy Galaxy!

You’re invited to step through the Boomerang gateway this February and discover a strange parallel world in the all-new episodes of Grizzy and the Lemmings. Can this show get any weirder? Watch to see what happens when Grizzy and the Lemmings encounter different versions of themselves in a new universe. The fun never stops on Boomerang as we compensate for a short February by presenting a love-themed marathon of Grizzy on 3 March. Tune in to Boomerang and be prepared to witness these two extremes of the food chain constantly try to outdo each other with nasty tricks!

Premiere Date: Saturday 09/02/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 06:20 CAT
Grizzy Love Stunt: Sunday 03/03/2019 @ 06:20 CAT

Cartoon Network Africa Celebrates Valentines In February 2019 With Craig And The Rest Of The Crew Alongside Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Shows

Ready to Grow Up?

The Titans take on adulthood in all-new episodes of Teen Titans Go! coming to Cartoon Network this February. Get ready to witness the chaotic journey of raising a baby chick while trying to keep sane … although, we don’t think Beast Boy deserves any of the credit. Are they fnally growing up? Find out how they face their future of adulthood and responsibility by tuning in to Cartoon Network on 11 February and catch a deluxe marathon the 3 March.

Premiere: Monday 11/02/2019
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 06:50 CAT
Deluxe Marathon Tune-in: Sunday 03/03/2019 @ 07:55 CAT

Struck by the Love Bug

Celebrate budding love and epic romance this Valentine’s Day on Cartoon Network. Starting of with Craig of the Creek, JP gets lured into the horse girl gang to impress one of its members. Going out of your comfort zone is sometimes necessary to get someone’s attention. Just ask Mordecai as he faces an embarrassing moment with Margaret in a love themed episode of The Regular Show. Oh, the woes of young love! Tune in to Cartoon Network on 14 February for a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

Tune-in: Thursday 14/02/2019 @ 16:00 CAT

Expect the Unexpected!

UniKitty is back with all-new episodes from 18 February on Cartoon Network. Every time UniKitty plans something, Master Frown still continues to spoil the fun – from putting a depressing foat in her unique parade, to claiming all the power at the beach. But still, UniKitty is determined to spread the positivity all round Unikingdom. The fun times EVEN include Richard putting on a magic show, everyone having a dance party, and going on a road trip! Tune in to Cartoon Network this February and transport yourself to the sparkly and joyous kingdom of UniKitty.

Premiere: Monday 18/02/2019
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 16:15 CAT


Turquoise, literally meaning Turkish stone in Old French, has been a symbol of beauty, passion and love throughout centuries across many cultures around the globe. With it’s dramatic opaque, blue-to-green colors the stone draws striking similarity to dazzling waters of the Mediterranean, also known for its passionate, love seeking warm people, has been an inspiration to our brand new drama channel. With over 500 hours of globally acclaimed premium Turkish Drama series and movies capturing universal themes and family values, they cross cultural boundaries. Characterized by leading Turkish actors and actresses with passionate fans around many regions of the world.
Timeless Drama Channel with its record breaking series, now come as a ground breaking channel, will captivate your audiences and subscribers. 

Over 500 hours of the best movies and series from major Turkish producers: Kurt Seyit ve Şura Karadayı 20 Dakika Son and many more!

Love, passion, obsession, action, drama

Turkish TV dramas are now watched by more than 400 million people in more than 140 countries
Turkey is globally the second highest exporter of TV series abroad after the United States
Capturing universal themes and family values they cross cultural boundaries
Big budget productions $200k. Episode av. series 40 episodes

More then 500 hrs of the best movies & series from major Turkish producers which have reached international acclaim
Kurt Seyit ve Şura, Karadayı, 20 Dakika, Son
Appointment to view at 20.00 with new episode daily
Marathon Catch up Weekends

Leading Turkish actors and actresses including: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Bergüzar Korel, Çetin Tekindor, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Berrak Tüzünataç, Yiğit Özşener, Nehir Erdoğan, Tuba Büyüküstün, İlker Aksum

Berguzar Korel has graduated from the Theatre Department of Mimar Sinan State Conservatory. She acted in mainly “1001 Nights”, “The Uncle in Black “, “ Valley of the Wolves: Iraq “ and “Wounded Love”.

Kenan Imirzalioglu - is a Turkish actor and former model. In 2004, he was in leading role in the movie “Toss-Up”, that won 16 awards in different festivals. He won the Best Actor award at Adana Alin Koza Festival, an important Turkish Movie Awards. Between 2009-2011 he was playing in a Turkish drama “Ezel”. In the “The Uncle in Black”.

Kivanç Tatlitug -after modeling career, his acting career began with the TV Series “Silver” (2005). He continued his acting as Behlül in “Forbidden Love”. He starred as a guest in the TV series “Ezel”. He played many leading roles: Guney in “Kuzey Guney”, Kurt in “Kurt Seyit and Şura“, Brave in “Brave and Beautiful”. Tatlıtuğ won Yeşilçam Cinema Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Tuba Büyüküstün - She act in many highly successful TV shows such as “20 Minutes”, “Black Money Love”, and currently “The Brave and the
Beautiful”. As a ‘Melek’, in ‘20 Minutes’, she was nominated “Best Actress” at the “42 International Emmy Awards”, as a frst-ever ‘EMMY’ candidate from Turkey. Tuba is also a ‘UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador’.

She appeared on Turkish Television History’s best series Muhteşem Yüzyıl on 2014
Co-star of Turkish television big crime hit series Ezel 2010-2011.

She is an actress, known for Hababam Sinif Merhaba
(2003), Okul (2004) and Silsile (2014).

Appears on hit Turkish movies Aşk Tesadüferi Sever (2011), Kaybedenler Kulübü (2011) sequel Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda (2018) and Dedemin İnsanları (2011)
Star of Turkish television big crime hit series Ezel 2009-2011.

Stars the Turkish big hit historic series Ertuğrul Diriliş since 2014.
Stars hit movies Romantik Komedi (2010), Romantik Komedi – 2 (2013)

If you like historical shows with elaborate costumes, a passionate love story, and a jot of melodrama, then this series is just for you.

Kurt Seyit & Shura is about the adventures of two people in love who broke away from their magnifcent lives in Russia and were dragged to Istanbul.
The journey of Kurt Seyit, a lieutenant from Crimea, and Shura, the beautiful daughter of a noble Russian family, from the days of magnifcence to the Carpathian front line, from the riots to revolution, from Alushta to occupied Istanbul, to Pera in the 1920’s, is in a sense the journey of their love.
Director: Screenwriter: Stars:
Hilal Saral
Ece Yörenç- Melek Gençoğlu Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ,
Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Award-winning series about desperate love story and the search for justice

Istanbul, 1970s. The Kara family is highly respected in the working class area where they live and Mahir’s father NAZIF is looked upon as ‘Karadayi’– the benign godfather of the area, who people turn to for advice and help in time of need. Unfortunately, family’s life is turned upside down because of a wrongful accusation that results in the imprisonment of Nazif Kara for a murder he didn’t commit.
Director: Uluç Bayraktar & Cem Karcı
Screenwriter: Sema Ergenekon, Eylem Canpolat
Stars: Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Bergüzar Korel, Çetin Tekindor

The End (SON) has been sold in over 35 countries. Popular Turkish psychological thriller series
“The End” was adapted into a Dutch version.

Aylin is a woman who has everything.
She is deeply in love with her husband, Selim, doting mother to their handsome son Ömer. She drops Selim of at the airport one morning and everything changes. His plane crashes. There are no survivors. After days of over- whelming grief comes a glimmer of hope: the airline realizes his name was not on the pas- senger list. Wherever he is, he is not dead – he never boarded the plane.
The End. Would you go all the way to fnd the truth?
Director: Uluç Bayraktar
Screenwriter: Berkun Oya
Stars: Engin Altan Düzyatan, Berrak Tüzünataç, Yiğit Özşener, Nehir Erdoğan

A political drama full of suspense and intrigue

20 Minutes tells the story of a mild mannered history teacher Ali, who is thrown into a World of action and intrigue when his beloved wife Melek is arrested fort he attempted murder of a young man-Kerim. Ali must abandon his books and fnd inner strength and courage that he did not know he had in order to free his wife and reclaim his family life.
Director: Ali Bilgin
Screenwriter: Kerem Deren - Pınar Bulut
Stars: Tuba Büyüküstün, İlker Aksum, Firat Çelik

A beautiful story of the relationship of two women from different worlds

Set in 1970s Turkey, Moms and Mothers tells the story of two different young women whose lives become unexpectedly intertwined. Kader lives in a small village in Anatolia and longs for nothing more than a happy life with Mustafa, but following a tragic accident she is left alone in Istanbul. Zeliha is a smart, educated woman whose passionate relationship with the activist Murat leaves her in danger and ultimately widowed and pregnant. 9 months on, the two women’s paths cross…
Director: Mehmet Ada Öztekin
Screenwriter: Berkun Oya
Stars: Sinem Kobal, Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabık

·Central and Eastern Europe
·South Africa
·Latin America

Discovery Channel Africa Highlights To Start The New Year

Bad Chad Customs
From Saturday January 5th at 20:00
Chad Hiltz is the boss of builds. This master builder is living the Canadian dream. He takes scraps of metal from the junkyard and turns them into award-winning cars. This turbo-charged series follows mastermind Chad Hiltz and the unconventional team at his vehicle customisation shop, Green Goblin Customs, in Canning, Nova Scotia, as they make and flip custom hot rods on a micro-budget. On top of custom cars, Chad has restored some classic vehicles, from a '51 Hazel made of aluminium to a '63 Valiant to a '71 Merc Capri. Whatever the job, Chad has the creative vision to spot the potential in a rusty wreck and make something amazing out of what many would consider junk.

Garage Rehab
From Friday January 11th at 20:00
Richard Rawlings is a man on a motoring mission. In his quest to help other business owners find success, he's travelling the US in search of struggling automotive and motorcycle shops that are desperate for cash and on the brink of failure. In sunny Huntington Beach, California, Richard and his rehab team check out a failing hot rod shop which, despite its location in a wealthy area, is run- down, disorganised and lacking in tools. And, Richard manages to mix business and pleasure as he rescues a once-legendary 4x4 shop in Arizona - where it's also Barrett Jackson week. With just a week to overhaul each shop, will Richard and his team be able to save a struggling garage from closing its doors forever?

Railroad Alaska
From Wednesday January 16th at 21:00
An elite crew of railway workers battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep the State of Alaska's critical, 500-mile long, railroad rolling through the extreme winter. The Alaska Railroad is America's last remaining full-service freight and passenger railway - remote settlers and vacationers travel on the same tracks as military hardware, medicine, food and chemicals. It's a vital transport artery, shuttling both cargo and people through a vast wilderness and if the train doesn't get through, the unfortunate locals can be stranded without supplies. This series, a snowstorm and faulty equipment threatens the freight crew's journey as they race to deliver a heavy load. And, a rogue gunman threatens to derail a military cargo worth over a quarter of a billion dollars.

Ed Stafford: First Man Out
From Tuesday January 29th at 20:00
Survivalist and explorer Ed Stafford faces off against the planet's top survival experts in a real-life race to get out of Asia's most hostile environments. From the tangled wilds of Borneo's crocodile-infested mangrove swamps, to the deadly sandstorms and extreme dehydration of the Gobi Desert, these locations are as tough to survive as anywhere on Earth. Equally as tough is the competition, as Ed goes head to head against former British Royal Marines, South Korean special forces, endurance athletes and survival instructors. Ed may be able to survive almost anywhere or anything, but so can these extraordinary people. With speed as important as survival, who will be the first to escape these lethal landscapes?

Investigation Discovery Africa Highlights To Start The New Year

Blood Runs Cold
From Wednesday January 2nd at 22:00
The loss of a loved one is devastating, but when the crime goes unsolved and the perpetrator unpunished, the grief is intensified with the absence of closure. This intense series tells the astonishing stories of individuals who went to unimaginable lengths to unearth the truth and bring justice for heinous crimes that have long since gone cold. Each heartbreaking case reveals the love and determination of those determined to seek answers - and justice - for their loved one, and the shocking truths they discover. The family of a 17-year-old high school student determine to solve her murder long after the case goes cold; and when two young boys are killed, their mothers start a quest for their own answers, striking up an enduring friendship as a result. These are cases of murder and disappearance that took years, if not decades, to solve. But thanks to the perseverance of loved ones who vowed never to give up, whatever the cost, hard justice is ultimately won.

Ripped From The Headlines
From Tuesday January 8th at 22:00
The darkest of crimes are those which take place in the family, where blood goes against blood. This strand of programming details some of the most shocking cases where loved ones turned on one another. Susan Powell: ID Murder Mystery follows the 2009 disappearance of a beloved mother from Utah. Suspicion fell on her husband, who eventually murdered their two young sons before taking his own life. Gypsy’s Revenge details the tragic story of a seemingly doting mother, conscientious caregiver to a daughter who had suffered terrible illnesses all her life, until a sinister social media post hinted there was much more to the story. And, A Murder In Mansfield tells the gripping story of Collier Landry, whose courtroom testimony when he was 12 years old sent his father to prison for the murder of Collier’s mother. Now, twenty- sex years later, Collier returns to confront his father in hopes of healing the lingering trauma he has struggled with ever since.

Scene Of The Crime With Tony Harris
From Monday January 21st at 22:00
Crime comes in many forms - crimes of passion, crimes of betrayal, crimes of rage, and crimes of greed. But crimes don't happen in a vacuum and each one reveals a unique set of circumstances, people and places that gives birth to the misdeeds. In this immersive and investigative series, Emmy Award-winning journalist Tony Harris reveals the different faces and places behind the crimes and the worlds that surround them. He examines the 1990 case of three prostitutes killed in Washington. Was it the work of a serial killer? And in Salt Lake City, Utah, he unravels a vicious cold case of a 78-year-old woman murdered in her home which hinges on the Lego blocks strewn across the floor. This compelling series explores the secret world of family betrayals, conspiracy theorists and violent crimes.

Killer Unknown
From Thursday January 31st at 22:00
The worst thing a family can go through is when a loved one is ripped away from them, but when the killer is never brought to the justice, it's even worse. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the County Cold Case Taskforce aims to crack unsolved cases and allow families to finally get the peace they need. Follow this gripping series as Detective Sergeant Mike Huff and his team of experienced forensic experts and special agents uncover new leads, bring new life to old cases, interrogate new suspects, and get the warrants they need to bring Tulsa's killers to justice. Dena Dean was just sixteen years old with a bright future ahead of her when she was murdered in 1998. Veda Woodson was a much-loved mother of four who was sexually assaulted and strangled on the way home from work in 1973. Their families had given up hope that they would ever find out what really happened, but with the hard work and dedication of Detective Huff and his team will the truth finally be revealed?