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Guy's Grocery Games Continues In March 2019 On Discovery Family Africa Alongside The Return Of Battle Bots - Discovery Family Africa March 2019 Highlights

Guy's Grocery Games
From Wednesday 13 March at 15:10
Host Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high-stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. From students to grannies to celebrities, the competition is always fierce! Each episode sees the chefs hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock," or having to create a masterpiece when they can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget. In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious cash!

Battle Bots
From Wednesday 6 March at 18:30
It's ultimate robot carnage as mechanical gladiators battle it out in a tournament - for glory, mayhem and destruction! Sparks fly and robots will die in this ultimate battle of machine versus machine. This series brings all the thrills and nail-biting tension of a major sporting contest, coupled with the latest in robot engineering and larger-than-life inventors. Follow the action through 32 nail-biting rounds of competition all leading to a final that decides which home-made robot or 'Bot' is the baddest of them all, as teams of builders and fighters compete for the championship. Each episode gets fully immersed in the action with high tech on-board technology and cameras and combat analytics. Who will have what it takes to win the most epic robot competition of all time?

For DStv Easyview Customers The Irwins Invade Your Screens Along With A Spine Thrilling Show About The Secrets Of Happily Ever After - Real Time Africa March 2019 Highlights

Crikey! It's the Irwins
From Monday 11 March at 20:00
For the Irwin family - Terri, Bindi and Robert - wildlife and conservation is at the centre of their lives. It's a legacy they are keeping alive in tribute to the late, great, Steve Irwin, fondly remembered as The Crocodile Hunter. Now, they're opening up their incredible world in this engaging series. Terri is a passionate wildlife spokesperson and conservation icon around the world, and as the next generation of conservationists, the Irwin family kids have been actively involved. Bindi has dedicated her life to wildlife conservation and inspiring young people to make a difference in the world. Robert has a natural curiosity and loves learning about wildlife and the Australian bush. As well as striving to make the Australia Zoo in Queensland a global zoological destination the Irwin family continues the important work of Steve Irwin, through research, educational programs, conservation projects, and much more.

My Extreme Excess Skin
From Thursday 14 March at 20:00
The series returns to take an intimate look at people who have lost extreme amounts of weight - from gastric bypasses to strict dieting and workouts - only to find their bodies drowning in excess skin. Their journeys follow them go through extensive surgeries to remove up to 50lbs of excess skin. In this series, Dr. Nowzaradan and other top doctors meet patients including Brenda, who has lost over 250lbs and now left with skin dripping down her body. Her husband has also lost huge amounts of weight but their current bodies have left on the verge of divorce. Model, Calisto, was bed-ridden for six years due to pesticide poisoning and she reached over 400lbs. After lap band surgery she lost 240lbs - but was left with layers of loose skin. Her dream is to fit into her wedding dress without her compression garments showing through. For some, there are severe issues accompanying the weight loss journey. Ultimately, the results are shocking and leave the patients with a new body and new life.

Married With Secrets
From Friday 15 March at 21:00
This investigative series takes and in-depth look at what happens when 'happily ever after' goes horribly wrong. From secret affairs to hitmen for hire follow the real-life stories when husbands and wives embark on secret lives that take them down dark paths, often leaving to devastating results. Families with seemingly perfect lives often hide the darkest secrets - and once the skeletons come out of the closet, no one is safe. Featuring interviews from those directly involved in the investigations as well as dramatic re-enactments of vital moments, these cases prove that there's no vow too sacred to break and no place too twisted for these spouses.

Dare to Wear
From Tuesday 19 March at 21:00
What happens when you put together two extreme fashion victims - both on opposite sides of a style spectrum - and have them not only live one another's look, but also have them shop for a whole new look for someone else? This stylish series is on a mission to take clothes swapping to a new level! Contestants include Robyn, a stay-at-home mum who hides her body beneath her old maternity clothes, and Sheron, a nurse/caregiver whose attention-seeking clothes enter the room before she does. Plus, Josi, a sexy hard rock singer with an overly risqué daytime look, swaps her style with Mona, a special education teacher hiding behind her deceased grandmother's dowdy clothes. How will they fare as they face their worst fears and swap clothes for 24 hours?

Buddy Valastro And Duffman Goldman Clash In This Bakery Feud - TLC Africa March 2019 Highlights

My 3000-lb Family
From Friday 1 March at 22:00
This incredible series follows a new family facing the consequences of morbid obesity, as they embark on a remarkable weight-loss journey. Weighing in at over 700- lbs, Casey is the largest; he spends most of his time eating huge amounts of food in his bedroom while playing video games for hours. Casey's cousin Ed is more active and a dad of two, but his weight of 450-lbs is dangerously life- threatening. He knows he must change before his daughters follow his example and become obese as well. Cousin Amy might weigh the least in the family, but at almost 400-lbs, she sees a future of life-limiting weight gain. And, Amanda faces a diagnosis of endometrial cancer, which is untreatable if she continues to weigh 650-lbs. All four cousins make a pact to go on a weight loss journey together and fight the family legacy of obesity threatening their lives. And, a year later, have the Anderson family managed to keep the weight off after their surgery?

Buddy Vs. Duff
From Saturday 16 March at 19:05
In an epic competition to end one of the greatest feuds in baking history, Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman go head- to-head in a series of challenges that test their culinary expertise. They start with a bake-off testing their dessert skills of all kinds, and then they head into the cake-off, where the chefs and their assistants try to out-do one another with extravagant creations like a classic car cake celebrating Fast N' Loud host, Richard Rawlings, and a bridal fair presentation of their ideal wedding cake. The competition comes to a climax with a final, space-themed challenge in Philadelphia, where the judges will crown the winner. Who will win the ultimate showdown and take a slice of victory?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life
From Monday 25 March at 15:50
Whitney Thore weighs in at nearly 400-lbs, but that doesn't stop her living life on her terms as dancer. This dancing queen is happy with her body and lives life out loud! In this series, Whitney visits a newly-sober Buddy in D.C., where an intimate moment between them leaves her perplexed. A bitter Heather helps Whitney celebrate her 34th birthday as she continues her struggle to move on from her own relationship with Buddy. And, after weathering tough criticism from friends and family alike, Whitney pursues her dream of adopting a child, only to receive crushing news that may jeopardize her dreams of ever being a mother. With the discovery of a shocking family secret and fears of Buddy relapsing, life is proving to be a rollercoaster for Whitney; and there's never a dull moment!

Tap Into Lake Erie In March To Uncover The Horror Of The Gruesome Murders Cases - Investigation Discovery Africa March 2019 Highlights

Serial Killer Season
From Saturday 9 March at 22:00
America’s most horrific serial killers go under the spotlight with a series of documentaries exploring their stories, and how events unfolded. BTK: A Killer Among Us examines the longest-running serial killer in history whose 30-year reign of terror began in 1974 with one of the most brutal murders Wichita, Kansas had ever witnessed. The programme recounts the investigation that captured him, and the impact on the lives of everyone in his orbit - especially his daughter. In Deadly Legacy, detective Jason Moran reopens the case of one of America's most notorious serial killers, 'Killer Clown' John Wayne Gacy, to finally identify the eight victims who have gone without a name for decades. And, Bad Henry recounts how detective Garry McFadden beat the odds to find and capture serial killer, "Bad" Henry Louis Wallace.

Killing Time
From Thursday 14 March at 22:00
What happens in that critical, lost period of time between life and death on the day of a homicide? This compelling series focuses on those fateful moments, as detectives who worked the case recount their investigation step by step, revealing shocking discoveries that deepen the mystery at every turn. As suspects are identified and hours, minutes and seconds of the victim's last day slowly come to light, a window of missing time appears. Investigators use everything from surveillance footage to credit card statements to GPS data to piece together the rest of the timeline and solve the murder.

American Nightmare
From Wednesday 20 March at 22:00
From weddings to graduations, the best times of our lives normally go hand in hand with our warmest memories; they are moments to cherish for a lifetime. But, as this chilling series reveals, the all-American dream can become an unspeakable nightmare. Real-life home movies and photos of joyful moments and family events lie in stark contrast to the real crime scene video and 911 calls as they become tragic murder mysteries. Featuring first- person accounts from detectives investigating the crime, as well as the victims' family and friends, the series peels back the layers of each case to reveal how the horrific events unfolded.

The Lake Erie Murders
From Friday 29 March at 22:00
Ominously named for its violent and unpredictable nature, Lake Erie - which borders four US states and parts of Canada - is home to some of North America's darkest and deadliest murder cases. This series goes to the edge of the water and takes a deep dive into its most notorious mysteries. In 1975, high school student Debbie Gama disappears on her way to the beach at Lake Erie. When her body is discovered in a creek wrapped in wire, the ensuing investigation ends up uncovering more than her murderer, revealing a secret world of twisted sex, drugs, and sadomasochism. In 1993, Mother-of-three Joan Giambra is found strangled, lying naked under her comatose 11-year old daughter. The young girl becomes the only hope of catching a serial killer; but will she remember his identity before he comes back to silence her too? One thing is certain when it comes to Lake Erie, there is something about the water.

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Turner Africa's Reach And Ratings Are Stronger Than Ever!

Turner Africa had a successful end to 2018, with the combined kids multiplex and general entertainment channel, TNT, achieving greater reach and rating results than ever before.
In November, Turner Kids celebrated 51 consecutive months in the #1 spot among pay-TV multiplexes in South Africa. Alongside this, Cartoon Network celebrated its highest-ever monthly share, and remained the #1 pay-TV Kids channel among kids aged four to 14-years-old. 
Cartoon Network remains the favourite kids’ TV channel in South Africa, dominating the entire top 15 chart of best performing shows. The most popular shows vary between familiar faces such as Ben 10, alongside new Cartoon Network original hits like Apple and Onion and Craig of the Creek. Original Cartoon Network productions and Warner Bros. content totaled 77% of the most viewed content on the channel.
Cartoon Network continued with its high performance success in December, with the Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers movie viewed by an impressive 239 000 kids aged four to 14-years-old, and the sneak peak of the new Cartoon Network Original Summer Camp Island claiming the second spot.
Boomerang is closing in on Cartoon Network’s ratings, after moving up to rank #2 amongst the pay-TV Kids channels for kids aged four to 14-years-old.
After benefiting from a fresh rebranding in September 2018, TNT Africa had an excellent month in October, with the highest performance ever in ratings (an average of 36 000 viewers). In November, TNT Africa broke a new record with 40 700 viewers tuning in (+13% month on month) and achieved its second highest performance in share (1.14%) since December 2016. TNT ranked #5, ahead of Studio Universal, for a second month in a row.
For the first time ever, not only did TNT dominate the Top 50 competitive movies in November, with seven movies on the Top 10 list, but the channel also secured the top three spots for the month.
For prime-time tune-ins, TNT remained on top of the podium. TNT's great performance was driven by viewers tuning in on weekday afternoons (averaging 83 000 viewers between 3pm and 6pm) and Saturday evenings during prime time (in November driven by the The Schwarzenegger Fan Month stunt). The stunt was a huge success, with the four Schwarzenegger movies, aired at 8pm, gathering an average of 202 000 viewers, resulting in a fantastic 3.8% in share!
About Turner International
Turner International is an entertainment, sports and news company that creates premium content and delivers exceptional experiences to fans whenever and wherever they consume content. It operates versions of core Turner brands, including CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and TCM Turner Classic Movies, as well as country- and region-specific networks and businesses in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It manages the business of pay- and free-TV-channels, as well as Internet-based services, and oversees commercial partnerships with various third-party media ventures; it teams with Warner Bros. and HBO to leverage WarnerMedia’s global reach. Turner International operates 178 channels showcasing 47 brands in 34 languages in over 200 countries. Turner International is a WarnerMedia company.

Comedy Central Gets A Makeover

The 28-year-old channel has a new look co-created by an in-house team and US-based studio Loyalkaspar, which aims to show off the brand’s range of “comedic voices” and content.
Comedy Central has rolled out its first rebrand in eight years, which aims to place the TV channel’s range of shows and online content centre-stage, rather than “overshadow” it.
Comedy Central was founded by broadcaster Home Box Office (HBO) in 1989 as an American, paid-for cable channel devoted entirely to comedy, then officially launched in 1991.
It is now owned by rival broadcaster Viacom and has since expanded across the world, with localised channels in Europe, Asia, Latin America, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa. It features a range of shows from stand-up to series and feature films, including the likes of South Park and Broad City.
The rebrand has been completed by New York-based studio Loyalkaspar, alongside Comedy Central’s in-house design team. It features a refined version of the brand’s existing “C” symbol, which is a “C” letterform sat within another backwards “C”, alongside a new wordmark set in bespoke sans-serif typeface, Comedy Sans.
This refreshed logo features alongside a new colour palette, which uses a yellow shade named Summer Ale alongside black and white as its primary colours, alongside an extended palette of red, orange, blue, green and grey to work with different TV shows and content.
This is used alongside updated imagery and promotional videos for different TV shows, and an audio (sound-based) logo, used for Comedy Central’s podcasts, radio shows, and when streamed through smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
Previous iterations of the Comedy Central brand The rebrand is the first major visual update the channel has seen since 2011, and Josh Line, executive vice president of marketing and creative at Comedy Central, says the new brand aims to create consistency across the channel’s multiple outlets and show how its offering has "expanded” since its last rebrand.
“In today’s landscape, content is everything and everywhere,” he says. “Comedy Central is now in more places than ever before: linear [regular] TV, digital and social platforms, live events, radio, podcasting, voice and more.”
For this reason, the core idea behind the new branding is “everything is content”, which looked to hero the channel’s shows and allow the brand to take a back-seat, says Anna Minkkinen, executive creative director at Loyalkaspar.
“We set out to redefine a [TV show advert] as an opportunity to create funny content in and of itself,” she says. “Comedy Central is home to many different comedic voices, so we had to create a flexibility to champion these different performers. We weren’t looking for the brand to be funny or quirky in a way that would overshadow the content and limit the variety of comedic expression.”
Line adds that the “flexibility” of the new brand will allow it to be a “blank canvas” to present different content while remaining “recognisable”.
When asked who the target audience is of the brand, Line says it “varies by market” and the overall aim of the rebrand is not to reach a particular demographic but instead “anyone looking to enjoy comedy”.
The new Comedy Central brand is currently rolling out worldwide across all touchpoints,
including TV, digital platforms and social media, radio, print and digital advertising and merchandise.

TNT Africa March 2019 Movies

Most of the time, great stories are too short. They leave us wanting more. We would like to know more about their universe or their heroes, we eager to know what happens next. This is why sequel exists. Many of these second parts have even improved the original ones. For that reason, TNT offers its viewers the chance to enjoy originals and the sequels back to back and decide which one is the best. The Mummy, Back to the future or Jurassic Park will be part of the stunt every Saturday and Sunday evening in extraordinary a double feature.
Strategy: stunt build to activate social media interaction and to highlight again a number of important blockbusters.
Saturday 2nd of March
20:00 – First Blood (1982)
21:35 – Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
Sunday 3rd of March
20:00 – Jurassic Park (1993)
22:05 – The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Saturday 9th of March
20:00 – Mad Max (1979)
21:35 – Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)
Sunday 10th of March
20:00 – The Scorpion King (2002) 21:35 – The Scorpion King 2: The Rise of a Warrior (2009)
Saturday 16th of March
20:00 – Back to the Future (1985) 21:55 – Back to the Future II (1989)
Sunday 17th of March
20:00 – Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 21:30 – Nightmare on Elm Street II (1985)
Saturday 23th of March
20:00 – The Mummy (1999)
22:05 – The Mummy Returns (2001)
Sunday 24th of March
20:00 – Rocky (1996)
22:00 – Rocky II (2000)

On the 21st of March, South Africa celebrates Human Rights day, which established universal human rights on the basis of freedom and justice. Under these premises, TNT gathers a list of films where their characters need to fight in order to survive. They never give up and nothing will stop them. Throughout the day, the channel programs titles related to overcoming the toughest situations. Film such as Born on the fourth of July, Billy Elliot or V for Vendetta.
Strategy: Local link. Take advantage of the bank holiday in order to make a special
programming. Try to stay away from a political point of view.
Thursday 21th of March
11:40 – Billy Elliot (2000)
13:30 – Hart’s War (2002)
15:35 – Born on the fourth of July (1989)
17:55 – The Blind Side (2009)
20:00 – V for Vendetta (2006)
22:10 – 8 Mile (2002)

He has won an Oscar for his lead role in Gladiator and has been nominated in two other occasions. He is a talented producer and musician. Russell Ira Crowe is one of the most versatile and valued stars in Hollywood. His career is filled with diverse roles, from characters based on
real individuals such as the policeman Richie Roberts in American Gangster to popular figures such as Robin Hood. TNT honors his work programming exceptional titles from his career every Monday night of March.
Strategy: continue to consolidate the fan month franchise. Associated one of the most popular names in Hollywood to the TNT brand. The marathon seeks to engage audiences programming three blockbusters in a row.
Monday 4th of March
20:00 – Robin Hood (2010)
Monday 11th of March
20:00 – American Gangster (2007)
Monday 18th of March
20:00 – Gladiator (2000)
Monday 25th of March
17:30 – Gladiator (2000)
20:00 – Robin Hood (2010)
22:15 – American Gangster (2007)

How many times have we been told that we shouldn’t talk to strangers? People are not
always what they seem. A certain look or a friendly appearance could hide your worst
enemy. And this is the based of this special: danger strangers. Every Wednesday evening
TNT broadcasts two frenetic thrillers. Films like Kalifornia, Misery or Total Recall.
Strategy: Thematic stunt. The strongest film on prime time at 20h.
Wednesday 6th of March
18:00 – Frantic (1988)
20:00 – Kalifornia (1993)
Wednesday 13th of March
18:15 – Pitch Black (2000)
20:00 – Misery (1990)
Wednesday 20th of March
18:10 – Lock Up (1989)
20:00 – Blue Steel (1989)
Wednesday 27th of March
18:00 – Ronin (1998)
20:00 – Total Recall (1990)