Thursday, 2 May 2019

What's Coming Up In June 2019 On Disney XD Africa

DuckTales S2 New Episodes
Weekdays @ 17:30, from 3rd -7th June
Synopsis: Huey, Dewey and Louie, along with Mrs. Beakley’s granddaughter, Webby, discover long-kept family secrets from Scrooge’s epic past, sending the family on escapades around the world!

Milo Murphy’s Law S2 New Episodes
Weekdays @ 17:00, from 24th June – 4th July
Synopsis: Milo is always expecting the unexpected and no matter what goes wrong, he's prepared, armed with knowledge, a backpack of supplies, and an endless sense of optimism.
S2/E49 - Safety First: Milo and Elliot accidentally get handcuffed together and Elliot learns to understand why he’s so obsessed with safety. 24 June
S2/E50 - Cavendish Unleashed: Milo and the gang are bored so decide to learn a different, seemingly useless skill. Cavendish accidentally unleashes a giant alien cyclops from a crashed UFO. 25 June
S2/E51 - First Impressions: Six-year-old Milo meets Melissa for the first time and Murphy’s Law makes their first day of Kindergarten a rather big adventure, and a rocky start to their friendship. 26 June
S2/E52 - The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event: Zack and Milo join Melissa’s wrestling/speech and debate team against their cross-town rivals. 27 June
S2/E53 - The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club: Milo, Melissa, Zack, Mort, Amanda, and Bradley are stuck in detention for the afternoon. They have to work together to overcome some Murphy’s Law adventures. 28 June

What's Coming Up In June 2019 On Disney Junior Africa

Vampirina S2 Launch
Weekdays @ 17:30, 27th May – 21st June
Synopsis: The newest monster on the block is back with more batty adventures and surprises! She may be blue with pointy teeth, but she’s not that different underneath!

Chip ‘N’ Dale Nutty Tales Shorts
Weekdays @ 16:25, 17th – 21st June
Synopsis: Chip and Dale get into more mischievous adventures with the help of some of their Disney friends.

Paprika S1 New Episodes
Weekends @ 07:00, 15th – 30th June
Synopsis: No hurdle’s too high for the Paprika twins Olivia and Stan as they turn everyday life into wonderful, colourful adventures!

What's Coming Up In June 2019 On Disney Channel Africa

101 Dalmatian Street New Episodes
Weekdays @ 16:00, 3rd – 14th June. 
Synopsis: Based on the iconic story, this new series, set in 21st Century London, follows the adventures of Dolly and Dylan, mum Delilah and dad Doug, and their 97 younger brothers and sisters.

Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp (New Episodes)
Weekdays @ 17:15, 27th May – 7th June.
Synopsis: Follow a group of kids at summer camp as they experience life away from home, make new friends, learn new activities from archery to drama, and create memories.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Newzroom Afrika Launches On DStv

The addition of Newzroom Afrika will add further news diversity to MultiChoice platforms

MultiChoice Group (MCG) is proud to announce that it will soon be adding Newzroom Afrika to its portfolio of news channels on 2nd May 2019. The channel founded by Thokozani Nkosi and Thabile Ngwato, will complement the existing local and international news channels currently available on DStv; joining the likes of CNN, BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, eNCA and SABC.
Newzroom Afrika will be live on DStv channel number 405 and will be available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and EasyView customers. The channel will be simulcast (SD/HD) and available 24/7.

In addition to the traditional DStv linear platform, Newzroom Afrika will also be available via streaming on smartphone, tablet or desktop, through DStv Now.

According to Yolisa Phahle, CEO of General Entertainment, “the addition of Newzroom Afrika will increase the diversity of voices and perspectives in South Africa’s news media space. Their vision and entrepreneurial outlook has the potential to grow news viewership through its commitment to consumer centric, objective analysis and a strong digital focus”.

Newzroom Afrika promises a fresh take on news coverage, with credible and leading voices who will deliver  the day’s top stories. The talent line-up features experienced news professionals from  the industry. In addition, Newzroom Afrika will provide a platform for new talent to develop both in front of and behind the camera. The company will be supported by  an experienced and respected management team and editorial board.

“We are proud of how quickly Newzroom has progressed and wish them everything of the best,” concluded Phahle.

DreamWorks And Xilam Studios Brand New Series Makes It Way To Boomerang Africa Screens In June 2019 Alongside Brand New Episodes Of Everyone's Favorite Rabbit And Lemmings

Oh Mr. Magoo – you’ve done it again!

Everything is perfectly imperfect in Mr. Magoo’s universe, for this short-sighted old man, perception is everything! Nothing is as it appears in this little town with a dog mistaken for a feline and an imposter for a neighbour, what could go possibly go wrong? A little bit of chaos from Mr. Fizz and his henchman and Mr. Magoo’s attempt to save the world at every turn can’t hurt, can it? Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 3 June and find out in the all new episodes.

Premiere Date: Monday 03/06/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 07:20 CAT

Uncontrollable, indestructible adventure

Weekends will never be the same again in June when Rabbids Invasion makes its way back to your screen with all new episodes packed with plenty of adventure. The Rabbids take over the jungle and soon the world is faced with an army of crabs? Watch out as this mysterious, ungovernable breed of rabbit-like creatures wrecks their way through the world, making their own rules as they go! Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 24 June.

Premiere Date: Monday 24/06/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 16:15 CAT

Chocolate Spread galore
Some say leaders are born and not made, well, Grizzy certainly feels like he is next in line when the ranger is away. Unfortunately for him, the Lemmings are always one step ahead in their mischievous plans to make Grizzy miserable. One can only imagine what would happen if the Lemmings got a hold of Grizzy’s all-time favourite food: chocolate spread. What will Grizzy do when the Lemmings plan to keep a whole crate of chocolate spread behind his back? Find out in all new episodes on Boomerang from Saturday, 15 June.

Premiere Date: Saturday 15/06/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 06:20 CAT

Supa Strikas Finds Its New Home On Cartoon Network Africa From June 2019 Also Joining The Channel's Lineup Is Nate And The Rest Of The Gang In Brand New Episodes Of Yokai Watch And Back-To-Back Episodes Of The Wattersons In The Amazing World Of Gumball

Supa Strikas strike it big!

This June, join the best striker in the world, Shakes, and his teammates on their quest to be crowned Super League champs. Gather your friends to watch kick-butt action in the season premiere and follow the Supa Strikas in their exploration of strange lands, strange opposition, and soccer challenges. From taking on the Iron Tank to facing uncertainty on the Sheik’s ‘Sky Palace’ after a frustrating draw against Sultans to all-round mischief from opponents, it’s game on from Monday, 17 June on Cartoon Network!

Launch: Monday 17/06/2019
Tune-in: Monday - Friday @ 16:50 CAT

Capricious, Gumballicious

Winter is here and the perfect time to huddle around the fre to indulge in the endless drama unfolding in the Wattersons’ household. Catch Gumball trying his best to outwit his genius sister, Anais, while Darwin, the reformed goldfsh with legs, tries to fnd his place in the family. What’s not to love about this totally normal family as they attempt to resolve their diferences through a fantasy board game involving role-playing? Tune in to Cartoon Network on Sunday, 16 June for back-to-back episodes of the Amazing World of Gumball.

Tune-in: Sunday 16/06/2019 @ 08:20 CAT

Gotta watch Yo-Kai Watch!

Join Nate in all new episodes of Yo-Kai Watch this June! There’s a lot of room for unseen monsters in this world, and things are about to heat up even more when there is a Yo-Kai singing competition! You’ll have to follow Nate as his magnifcent Yo-Kai watch leads him through time travel adventures, gets him caught in sticky situations, and helps him unravel mysteries. Catch all the weirdness from Saturday, 29 June on Cartoon Network.

Launch: Saturday 29/06/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 11:25 CAT

Thursday, 25 April 2019

And, The Show Goes On - Tellytrack Continues To 'Run' On All DStv Platforms

For over 15-years, DStv has been the ‘race track’ of choice for many horse racing lovers across the country, through the broadcast of the Tellytrack channel. This almost two-decades long partnership, between Tellytrack and Multichoice, will continue to run on DStv channel 239 enabling viewers to experience the ‘Sport of Kings’ in the comfort of their homes.

‘’Over the years we have seen consistency in the channel’s viewership ratings, indicating that the South African television market has an appetite for the sport,” explains Rob Scott – Sports Betting Executive for Phumelela Gaming. “As such from a business perspective, extending the contract became key, as the partnership continues to provide extended reach of the sport.”

The channel will see a ‘look and feel’ as well as content facelift – launching new content propositions as well as injecting a more lifestyle feel into the programming. “We will be introducing an hour-long daily Morning Show, that will carry 30 minutes of horseracing content and 30 minutes of other sports. Our objective is to provide our viewers with variety through the morning show but through our other offerings, become a channel that features predominantly local horseracing,” says Scott.

Currently the channel, on DStv 239, is available across five packages with the lowest – Access – costing only R105 per month and adds to the variety of sport available on our platform. “The Tellytrack channel forms part of our platform’s strategy to bring great quality and diverse content to SA audiences,” explains Aletta Alberts – Head of Content Strategy for Multichoice. “Through our content we celebrate our diverse audiences’ interests, and this can be demonstrated in the number of channel offerings available on our packages. The Tellytrack channel allows us to continue to meet this mandate – of continuously serving our viewers with content that is relevant and excites them.”

The revamped channel will go live on 4 May 2019.