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Father And Daughter Sitcom Sydney To The Max Premieres In August 2019 On Disney Channel Africa

Sydney To The Max (Launch)
Weekdays @17:40, from 19th Aug-13th Sep
Synopsis: Set in the present day with flashbacks to the 90s, life revolves around outgoing middle schooler Sydney Reynolds who lives with her single dad, Max, and progressive grandma, Judy.

Disney Cookabout (S3 Launch)
Saturdays @10:15, from 27th Jul-23th Nov
Synopsis: Cookery gameshow set in South Africa. Two young chefs head out to explore where the food on our tables comes from and then back to the amazing kitchen to rustle up some tasty dishes. With Kirsten Mohamed and Mthunzi Ntoyi!

Coop and Cami Ask The World (Launch)
Weekdays @17:15, from 22th Jul-16th Aug
Synopsis: Cooper and Cameron Wrather are two middle-school siblings who co-host Coop's online show, "Would You Wrather." With the help of their little brother Ollie and Coop's best friend Fred.

Universal Kids Halts Original Programming

NBCU-owned Universal Kids is shifting its
programming strategy and will no longer make original content. The shift is to ensure the long-term viability of the channel.

The US kidcaster will stay on the air and
continue as a linear channel, however moving forward it will only be acquiring content and continuing its current partnership with DreamWorks Animation (also owned by NBCUniversal).

Any originals that have already been
commissioned will also air as scheduled, and will have full marketing support from the network. There's no confirmation on
whether any of these shows would have the
option of additional seasons.

Some of Universal Kids’ original programming includes Top Chef Junior (two seasons have aired), American Ninja Warrior Junior (second season in production and will air in 2020), tween makeover series Get Out of My Room and live-action scripted comedy Bajillionaires, previously titled Greenfields (co-commissioned with DHX and produced by Six Eleven Media).

Universal Kids announced in May that it is
developing spin-off show Top Chef Junior:
Remix and escape room-inspired series Create the Escape. DreamWorks series Where’s Waldo and Norman Picklestripes will still air as planned as Universal Kids continues to build on that partnership.

Based in New York, anyone who was in a
content, original content, or development role has been shifted into a new position at
Universal, or their job has been eliminated.
It’s not clear who will be affected.

In February this year, Deirdre Brennan left after serving as GM for two years. At the time, her departure was attributed to an executive restructure. NBCU’s president of lifestyle networks, Frances Berwick, took over Brennan’s responsibilities when she left. Berwick continues to shoulder those
responsibilities as part of her role as lifestyle networks president.

Universal Kids launched in 2017 , after
rebranding the preschool channel Sprout. It
instead targeted two- to 11-year-olds, with a Sprout preschool block featuring original
programming from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
content for older kids and families airing from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

After the rebrand, the channel’s ratings plummeted 30% between 2016 and 2017, according to IndieWire. The following year, IndieWire reported that Universal Kids’ ratings dipped an additional 73%.

In August 2019, NickToons Africa Will Celebrate Women With Marathons Along With Brand New Episodes From Your Favorite Characters

WEEKDAYS | 05 TO 16 AUGUST AT 12:50 CAT / 11:50 WAT / 13:50 EAT
Episodes 141-142,145-161 | x2 episodes back to back
Peppa is a very cute little pig that lives with her pig-family: big brother George, her mom and her dad. Peppa loves to play games, dress up nicely, take nice long trips and jump into mud baths. She always ends her adventures with lots of cheering and laughing. Her best friends always accompany her when she on her big adventures:
• Granddad Dog takes Peppa, George and Danny Dog to visit Grampy Rabbit's lighthouse.
• Suzy and Peppa start a Secret Agent Club – going on secret missions, and doing secret things. In secret. But soon everyone wants to join!
• Peppa and George wake up one morning to find that all the rain has made a flood, and their house is now a desert island!

WEEKDAYS | 12 TO 23 AUGUST AT 15:40 CAT / 14:40 WAT / 16:40 EAT
Episodes 121-140 | Half carts
After suffering an especially humiliating defeat, the General quits being evil and opens a chicken restaurant. Iro is the only person in town who believes it is just another evil ploy and will stop at nothing to prove it!
While on a mission to retrieve a golden acorn for Master Enoki, the ninjas are taken away by a storm and find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Jo discovers that a dangerous creature lurks, but the boys don't believe her.

SATURDAYS | 24 AUG TO 05 OCT AT 17:10 CAT / 16:10 WAT / 18:10 EAT
Episodes 120-126 | Half hours
Deep in the sewers of New York City, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo are four mutant turtle brothers in their early teens who go on new adventures where they end up tapping into mystic ninja powers they never knew existed, while learning to work together as a team and navigate the perils of the modern age and hidden realms in order to fulfill their destiny to become a team of heroes in the upcoming new episodes:
Mystic Library / The Purple Game Man vs. Sewer / The Mutant Menace

WEEKDAYS | 26 AUG TO 12 SEP AT 20:30 CAT / 19:30 WAT / 21:30 EAT
Episodes 201-214 | Half hours
Pig wants to have a pool party. Goat gets confused for a secret agent. Banana beats the heat by stealing an ice cream truck. Cricket gets trapped in a cave.
On a road trip to go see the Pretty Panda at the zoo, Goat stops at a concert, Pig stops at a trampoline theme park. Banana has to do jail time and Cricket has to get him back.

EVERY SUNDAY FROM 16:00 CAT / 15:00 WAT / 17:00 EAT
04th – The Adventures of Kid Danger
11th – Peppa Pig
18th – Chop Chop Ninja
25th – Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For four solid weeks NickToons will be celebrating Women's Month with the BEST EVER GIRLS STUNT!
Week 1: Analysts – fiercely independent, open-minded, strong-willed and imaginative. Strategic thinkers.
Week 2: Diplomats – cooperative, imaginative, are warm, harmonisers, empathic and influential individuals.
Week 3: Sentinels – practical, create order, security and stability. Hard working, traditional, sticking to plans and do not shy away from difficult tasks.
Week 4: Explorers – spontaneous, connect with their surroundings, practical, think on their feet. Masters of tools and techniques.
5 episodes back-to-back
Monday 05 Viper & Tigress: Kung Fu Panda
Tuesday 06 Kitty Katswal: T.U.F.F. Puppy
Wednesday 07 Sandy Cheeks: SpongeBob SquarePants
Thursday 08 Kitty Boon: Mysticons
Friday 09 Maria Rivera: El Tigre / April O’Neil: Rise of the TMNT
Monday 12 Wanda: The Fairly OddParents
Tuesday 13 Susie Carmichael: Rugrats
Wednesday 14 The Chipettes: ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks
Thursday 15 Eliza Thornberry: The Wild Thornberrys
Friday 16 Choe Carmichael: The Fairly OddParents
Monday 19 Aisha: Winx Club
Tuesday 20 Katara: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Wednesday 21 Astoria Rapunzel: Regal Academy
Thursday 22 Piper Willowbrook: Mysticons
Friday 23 Tecna: Winx Club
Monday 26 Rainbow Dash: My Little Pony
Tuesday 27 Applejack: My Little Pony
Wednesday 28 Pinkie Pie: My Little Pony
Thursday 29 Rarity: My Little Pony
Friday 30 Twilight Sparkle: My Little Pony

New Episodes Of Rusty Rivets And Sunny Day Debuts In August 2019 On Nick Jr. Africa Along With A Marathon And Special Episodes From Your Favorite Characters

WEEKDAYS: 05 TO 16 AUGUST AT 09:25 CAT/ 08:25 WAT/ 10:25 EAT
Episodes 222-226 | half carts
Rusty and Ruby make Botasaurroller skates, but he doesn't know how to stop and goes on a wild ride!
When Elephant Bot goes to visit the new baby elephant at the animal park, the baby runs off followed by her concerned parents.
When Frankie breaks into the Rivet Lab and takes control, Rusty and Ruby have to be "secret agent" sneaky to stop him.

WEEKDAYS: 12 TO 16 AUGUST AT 10:45 CAT/ 09:45 WAT/ 11:45 EAT
Episode 131-135 | half hours
Sunny & Co. cover Timmy's jobs for the day so he can live out his dream as a rock star and play with the Surf Bros. A chaotic, hijinks-filled day ends with an awesome concert and a new appreciation for everything Timmy does.
When the salon is overrun with pet clients, Doodle dreams up a Pet Parlor that the girls, in cool Pet Parlor outfits, build with Timmy's help. But before it can open, they'll need to find-and save-Dame Tralada's dog.

SUNDAY 04 AUGUST FROM 11:45 CAT / 10:45 WAT / 12:45 EAT
401. 407-410 | half hours
When Crusher unleashes three of his most destructive creations on Axle City, there's only one hero strong enough to save the day: Robot Blaze!
When three big emergencies turn out to be too much for one truck alone, Blaze turns himself and his friends into super strong robots to save Axle City from a runaway train, an overflowing glue factory, and an erupting volcano!
When Space Commander Megan is marooned on Pluto, our robot heroes will race through wormholes and blast straight through an asteroid field to bring their new friend back home.

SATURDAY 24 AUGUST FROM 13:15 CAT / 12:15 WAT / 14:15 EAT
Various special episodes | half hours
a ‘Specials’ marathon with 44 minute specials of:
• Dora the Explorer
• Bubble Guppies
• Blaze and the Monster Machines
• Umizoomi
• Shimmer & Shine
• Wallykazam

EVERY SUNDAY AT 07:05 CAT/ 06:05 WAT/ 08:05 EAT Double episodes | one hour
Get an early start and let mom and dad sleep in a bit by spending time with your favourite Nick Jr. friends
Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure - Sunday 04 August
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves Fairytale Land - Sunday 11 August
Blaze and the Monster Machines: Blaze of Glory - Sunday 18 August
Dora and Friends: Puppy Princess Rescue - Sunday 25 August

Nickelodeon Africa Will Be Celebrating Women In August 2019 With Jojo Siwa Weekends Including Specials And Movies From Your Favorite Nick Gang, Joining The Channel's Lineup Is Brand New Episodes Of NOOBees And Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles As Well As The Return Of Zoey 101

WEEKDAYS | 12 AUG TO 06 SEP AT 17:45 Episodes 141-160 | One hour
When Silvia, who has no idea about videogames, decides to help her brother compete in an eSports tournament, she is not sure what she's getting herself into. As she delves into this "Noobee" world, Silvia will have to tackle some typical and not-so-typical teenage problems including falling in love with David, her game rival, while trying to resolve the mystery of her transformation into her in-game avatar, Kosnika. IT'S GAME ON for Silvia, but the question is "Is she up For The Win?"

SUNDAYS | 18 AUG TO 29 SEP AT 17:05 Episodes 120-126 | Half hours
Deep in the sewers of New York City, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo are four mutant turtle brothers in their early teens who go on new adventures where they end up tapping into mystic ninja powers they never knew existed, while learning to work together as a team and navigate the perils of the modern age and hidden realms in order to fulfill their destiny to become a team of heroes in the upcoming new episodes:
Mystic Library / The Purple Game / Man vs. Sewer / The Mutant Menace

WEEKDAYS | 18 AUG TO 29 SEP AT 13:00 Episodes 301-321 | Half hours
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide follows the lives of Ned, Cookie and Moze and their adventures in James K. Polk Middle School. The show deals with handling academic subjects, as well as social problems such as friends, lockers, projects, and tests. Each episode focuses on one main issue students normally encounter in school while providing tips on how to handle these situations, both comical and serious.

ZOEY 101
WEEKDAYS | 26 AUG TO 11 SEP AT 21:50 Episodes 401-413 | Half hours
Zoey's back for another year at the formerly all-boys boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy. A new year means new classes, new adventures, new friends and even a new roommate!
Zoey accidentally gets Coco fired and tries to help her get her job back.
A rumor surfaces that James and Zoey are dating. Now they must uncover who started the rumor.

Nickelodeon celebrates the ladies that have no fear, are full of heart, follow their guts, strive for what they believe in, and make for the best kind of friend.
Don’t miss the BEST Women’s Day Special Ever!
FROM 07:15 Back-to-back episodes
07:15 Charlotte Page: Henry Danger
11:05 Sandy Cheeks: SpongeBob SquarePants
15:20 Ivy: Cousins for Life
19:15 Ciara: Knight Squad

We know you love her and so does Nickelodeon. Whether she’s a secret crush or someone you admire, you can binge on JoJo Siwa special episodes for three glorious weekends!
SATURDAY 10, 17 AND 24 AUGUST FROM 12:55 With a repeat on Sunday 11, 18 and 25 Aug from 08:20
10 AUG • JoJo Siwa: My World • Lip Sync Battle Shorties • Blurt (movie)
17 AUG • Make It Pop • School of Rock • The Thundermans
24 AUG • Nickelodeon’s Not So Valentine’s Special • Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special • School of Rock

Whether you’re catching up on missed episodes or watching for the first time, Nickelodeon has you covered with marathons of your favourite shows, every weekend throughout the month of August!
5 episodes back-to-back
03rd Henry Danger
04th The Thundermans
10th Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
11th JoJo Siwa: My World; Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Blurt (movie)
17th NOOBees
18th Make It Pop, School of Rock, The Thundermans
24th Game Shakers
25th Nickelodeon’s Not So Valentine’s Special; Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special, School of Rock
31st Zoey 101
01st Knight Squad
03rd Bixler High Private Eye (movie) / Kids’ Choice Awards 2019
04th Henry Danger
10th JoJo Siwa: My World; Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Blurt (movie)
11th Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
17th Make It Pop, School of Rock, The Thundermans
18th NOOBees
24th Nickelodeon’s Not So Valentine’s Special;Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special, School of Rock
25th Game Shakers
31st Knight Squad
01st Zoey 101's Openview Satellite-TV Platform Still Loss-Making But Adding 35 000 Set-Top Boxes Per Month; eNCA Still Most Watched TV News Channel; Prime Time Ratings Slightly Up, Movie Slots Reduced - eMedia Holdings 2018/2019 Financial Results.

According to eMedia Holdings' financial results for the year ending 31 March 2019
its Openview free-to-air satellite-TV service remains loss-making although it's now adding 35 000 set-top-box sales per month, its eNCA (DStv 403) remains the most watched TV news channel in South Africa, and's prime time audience share rose slightly thanks to local content as it reduced movie slots.'s Openview continues to be a loss-making operation although it is adding 35 000 activated set-top boxes (STBs) per month, according to eMedia Holdings that has released its financial results for the year ended 31 March 2019.

eMedia now has 1.57 million "activated" Openview decoders in South Africa and Southern Africa.

eMedia Holdings runs, the Openview
platform and the eNCA (DStv 403) TV news
channel on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-
TV service.

eMedia Holdings on Thursday reported a
R117.6 million profit for its year ending 31
March 2019, compared to a loss of R1.5
billion during the previous financial year.
eMedia Holdings has an interest of 67.69% in eMedia Investments.

Openview, inclusive of the multi-channel business, earned advertising revenue of R131.8 million during the past financial year with content costs of R255.7 million.

This content costs of R255.7 million was up from R173.6 million the previous year, with the increase that is attributed to the launch
of the new Open News TV news channel, as
well as the block of Afrikaans language
content on the eExtra channel, and the
launch of the eReality channel in November

According to eMedia Holdings, these content changes have increased the market share on other packaged channels from 2.6% in March 2018 to 4.6% in March 2019.

Operating costs, including retail subsidies of R55.3 million amounted to R185.4 million
compared to R193.6 million in the prior year.
The reduction is attributed to a reduction in
subsidies of set-top boxes from R150 to R75 per box in October 2018 as well as the exit from the SES contract.

eMedia Holdings says that despite the
reduction in subsidies of STBs, Openview set-top box activations continue to grow at an average of 35 000 per month.

At the end of the period, a total of 1 574 395
(compared to 1 149 217 in 2018) Openview
boxes have been activated and a total of
R55.3 million (2018: R74.5 million) has been
spent on retail subsidies.

During the financial year Openview also
launched the personal video recording (PVR) functionality for the Openview box although it didn't publicise it widely, and says that in the new financial year it will "launch of a few more technical initiatives".

Tough conditions for free-to-air broadcasting in South Africa eMedia Holdings says tough trading conditions continue for the free-to-air broadcasting industry in South Africa, with advertising revenue that remains under increased pressure.

Despite this, eMedia showed an increase of
4% in advertising revenue from R1.577 billion to R1.638.8 billion for the financial year.

The cost of sales - mainly content costs and employee costs at the eNCA channel - increased by 1% from R1.199 billion to R1.211 billion.

eNCA remains most watched TV news channel
While eNCA is only available to top-tiered DStv subscribers and with channels like SABC News (DStv 404) available to a wider
potential DStv audience, eNCA remains the
most-watched TV news channel in South
Africa, with 45% of the overall TV news
channel viewership market share.

"Despite eNCA only being on some of the
premium DStv bouquets while SABC News is
on all the bouquets and the DTT platform,
eNCA continues to be the most watched 24-
hour news channel in the country with 45% of the market share. While advertising revenue remains under pressure, costs are being well maintained in light of the reduced DStv contract that is in its second year," eMedia said. prime time audience slight up's prime time audience share rose slightly from 15% to 19.2% during the financial year which attributes to the telenovela Imbewu: The Seed and the "improved performances" of its two local weekday soaps Rhythm City and Scandal!. reduced the number of movie slots after
a market analysis of what movies work for
the channel which eMedia Holdings says
helped to improve ratings, while
executives are working on ways of further
improving the schedule in the next
financial year.

eMedia Holdings says that South Africa's TV
market is facing several technology and
viewership challenges that means that the
group must constantly assess "its strategic

"Our investment in Openview provides the
group with strategic flexibility and is part of
our plan to address the challenges of the
impending digital migration transition. We
continue to engage government on its digital terrestrial television (DTT) and direct-to-home (DTH) plans."

"With the sale and our closure of certain non-core assets during the year, the group is focused on its core businesses of broadcasting, content creation and a
platform and technology provider."

GINX Esports TV Undergoes Changes On The DStv Platform

GINX Esports TV, the leading TV channel dedicated to esports across the globe, is to move from 240 to 127 on DStv.

From June 25th, the esports TV channel will move from its current position in the sports section of the EPG (Electronic Program guide) to a new home among entertainment and lifestyle channels, channel 127.

Neighbouring channels include global lifestyle channels, BET and MTV. GINX Esports TV is expecting this change to make it easier for new viewers to discover the channel.

“GINX Esports TV’s community is growing every day, especially in South Africa. With this change we expect even more people to discover the channel” said Julia Robson, GINX Esports TV’s Esport Correspondent for Africa.

GINX Esports TV provides unique round-the-clock esports and lifestyle coverage, catering to all esports communities. Some of its iconic programmes include The First Hour, This Week in Esports or Daily Download, a daily light-hearted chat show about what’s happening in the world of esports and gaming.

For more info about the channel and how to watch, visit

About GINX Esports TV
GINX Esports TV is the world’s largest esports tv network and is available in over 40 countries in 55+ million homes internationally including: UK, France, Scandinavia, Middle East, South Africa and a partnership with Super Channel in Canada.

The linear 24/7 channel aims to extend esports’ reach into television and to provide a more mainstream voice in the esports ecosystem. GINX Esports TV is the home of esports on TV.

GINX - Facebook / Twitter

About MultiChoice
MultiChoice Group is Africa's leading multi-channel digital satellite and pay-television destination, offering its 14 million customers access to a world of entertainment, anywhere, anytime. MultiChoice has been in operation for the past 20 years and through its flagship product brand, DStv, the company delivers the latest and most compelling local and international content to millions of households across Africa. The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and technology advancement resulted in the creation of its iconic high definition PVR decoder, the DStv Explora – which won the Product of the Year for 2015. Through its corporate social investment, MultiChoice actively participates in social transformation, ongoing investment in local content, job creation and skills development - which in turn strengthens the television and broadcasting industry and contributes to the South African economy.