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Friday, 5 February 2021

March 2021 On Nicktoons Africa | New Episodes | Marathons

NEW EPISODES | 211-215,217-220
WEEKDAYS | 8 MAR AT 08:45 WAT / 09:45 CAT / 10:45 EAT
Corn & Peg follows the adventures of a young pegasusand her unicorn best friend, who share the same exuberance for doing good things in their community.

EVERY WEEK 1 MAR TO 1 APR FROM 17:05 WAT / 18:05 CAT / 19:05 EAT
NickToons is taking it a step further this month to make sure that each week we celebrate everything that makes life amazing! From animals, moms and sisters, friends, our planet and then we’ll have a lot more fun this April Fool’s!

Week 1: Animal Week
Week 2: Girl Power Week
Week 3: Happy Friends Week
Week 4: Earth Week
Week 5: Just Looking

AT 15:00 WAT / 16:00 CAT / 17:00 EAT
We’ve packaged your Sunday laughs into neat mini- marathons! Enjoy the very best in comedy animation handpicked just for you, right here on NickToons!


The channel is available on DStv and GOtv

March 2021 On Nick Jr Africa | TAP | Ongoing Stunts

SEASON 1 #119, 121-126 (124-126 half carts).
The Adventures of Paddington is a new version of a familiar bear. It's a heartwarming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving familyk
WEEKDAYS | 1 MARCH AT 08:05 WAT / 09:05 CAT / 10:05 EATg.
ENCORE | THE SAME DAY AT 14:25 WAT / 15:25 CAT / 16:25 EAT

A 2 hour marathon with all Dino themed episodes of Paw Patrol!
12:00 WAT / 13:00 CAT / 14:00 EAT

NEW EPISODE: S7 #720: Moto Pups: Pups vs The Ruff Ruff Pack | OTHER EPISODES: S1 #108, 125; S3 #302; S5 #515; 996; S7 #720
Moto Pups: Pups vs The Ruff Ruff Pack: The Motorcycle Stunt Show comes to town bringing famed stunt cyclist Wildcat, and the trouble making cyclists, the Ruff Ruff Pack. Wildcat joins the Paw Patrol to help stop the baddies from trashing the town!
WEEKEND | SATURDAY 20 MARCH 12:00 WAT / 13:00 CAT / 14:00 EAT


The channel is available on DStv

March 2021 On Nickelodeon Africa | KCA 2021

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards is an awards show like no other! It’s packed to the brim with stars, surprises and of course our signature slime! Join along as we honour the best movies, TV shows, games and more as voted by millions of kids around the world! It’s ON!


PREMIERE MARATHON: #118 & 119 | OTHER EPS: #102A, 103, 120B, 113B, 114B, 107A, 109A

A normal girl’s life is made extraordinary by her best friend - an unpredictable, outrageous and hilarious talking pony. No matter the complications he causes, Annie knows that everything is better when Pony is around . Watch the best of the best episodes of It’sPony with the premiere of two episodes from 16:20 WAT / 17:20 CAT / 18:20 EAT:
It’s Pony #118 The Wallet / Locked Out
It’s Pony #119 Always Yes Annie / Sleepover


NEW SEASON! | 201-220

Nickelodeon Spyders is a comic action-adventure series. Three siblings discover their parents are undercover spies for an environmental protection agency, and decide to also become spies in order to help them in secret.


SEASON 1 #101-126
The Adventures of Paddington is a new version of a familiar bear. It’s a heartwarming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving family.

The channel is available on DStv, StarTimes, Zuku TV and GOtv

Prediction: The Future Of Discovery Family And Real Time In Africa

Discovery Family launched in March 2016 on MultiChoice's DStv replacing Discovery World and 2 years later on StarTimes (Starsat) replacing Discovery Science around that time Real Time launched on DStv and a year later on StarTimes.

The channels are operated by Discovery, Inc the same corporation that own Discovery Channel, TLC, ID, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, Animal Planet and (Discovery Science).

Discovery Family is an adaptation of the U.S. counterpart the only difference is the target audience since that counterpart has existing contracts with other partners plus our version has been duplicated in other parts of Europe which is the same market that spawned Real Time.

Our feeds leverage content from other Discovery brands. Brands like these two possess less value but if you have a provider that restricts access to a certain brand or one that can't afford it then it comes in handy.

Not long ago, StarTimes (Starsat) discontinued Discovery Family and the reason raises eyebrows for some readers.

According to them, when a provider (Discovery) changes production of content they (StarTimes) can't prevent it. For now, the channel is still kicking on DStv probably by the end of March which is the same time it launched after that Discovery Channel might be added onto the Compact package.

Real Time is very unlikely to suffer the same fate as it recently launched on Zuku TV as a replacement to a channel StarTimes is still looking into which is Discovery's Fine Living.

Perhaps, the demise has something to do with their new streaming service, Discovery+ as streaming has been the benefactor in the cutback of redundancy (repeats).

Real Time incorporated the most brands including ones seen on Discovery Family. The first issue, viewers might have a hard time catching up as the rollout for both these brands differ. Real Time's stock is very old by decades unlike Discovery Family which is close to a year.

To make matters worse, Real Time is not a family channel so viewers might miss out or wait longer on certain shows if a rebrand/revamp is not in place. Unless you have Discovery Channel then it won't affect you.

The lesson here is don't be an easy target and try making your craft impossible to duplicate. If you want to duplicate do it on seperate grounds e.g. KykNet and Mzansi Magic.

If you had to scroll through the channel set you'll find plenty of past/present channels lurking with these two like (Nickelodeon/Nick Jr with Nicktoons), (Channel O and Mzansi Music), (MGM/ AMC/Sundance TV with TCM), (BBC First and BBC Brit), (National Geographic and National Geographic Gold), and (HGTV and Travel Channel).

Since this decision is entirely on Discovery then the cable provider doesn't take any responsibility unless it doesn't give consumers alternatives regardless of the outcome some turn a blind eye.

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Friday, 29 January 2021

Adult Swim Africa Releases New Season Of Momma Named Me Sherriff - And More!

New seasons of Momma Named me Sheriff, Lazor Wulf and Ballmastrz: 9009 are lined up this February to give Adult Swim a refresh for 2021. The channel, exclusive to Showmax in Sub-Saharan Africa, is not mincing words about shaking off the shackles of 2020, they mean business! A double-feature drops on the 8th of February, with the launch of Season 2 of Lazor Wulf and Season 2 of Ballmastrz 9009, and, the Sheriff is back in town with Season 2 of the Mr. Pickles spinoff: Momma Named Me Sheriff, available to Africa as part of the international release on Monday, 15 February, just 24 hours after the US premiere !!

What trauma could you be working through, when you’re living at home with your momma, have a doll for a best friend, and you’re the sheriff of Old Town? Yeah, some things are stranger than fiction, for sure! Well, be sure to grab your pudding cups and hold on to something because the sheriff is ready to get to work in Momma Named Me Sheriff Season 2. When havoc breaks loose in Old Town, Sheriff, Deputy Goodman and Dispatch must work together to solve cases and uncover unthinkable mysteries. Aside from the usual charmingly disturbing hijinks, this season you'll finally learn the meaning behind ‘roostering’. Plus, Goodman gets lost in the desert, Dispatch uncovers a secret conspiracy in Old Town, and some dragons take over. That last part isn’t true. Just kidding, it is. Just kidding, it’s not. Just kidding, it’s partially true. No, it’s not. Maybe? Find out on Monday, 15 February.

Created by Henry Bonsu and executive produced by Honsu and rapper, Vince Staples, the pack is back from Monday, 8 February, with Season 2 of the animated series, Lazor Wulf.  This season, Lazor Wulf is about coming back from the DEAD$ and embracing the Scam of Life. It's definitely a quarter-hour series, that definitely has a wolf with a laser on his back, and situations that can be deemed most bizarre.

In Season 2 of Ballmastrz: 9009, created by Christy Karacas, Showmax welcomes The Leptons back!  After the burning spirit of teamwork in their hearts, inspired the offbeat outcasts to win their first game, they’re actually showing moments of non-suckage! Led by Gaz Digzy and supercharged by the awesome power of Ballmastr, the team wrestle new foes as they claw their way to the top. Will the Leptons continue to surprise fans and reach their ultimate goal, or will the seductive distractions of newfound fame sideline them for good? It's survival of the fittest in Ballmastrz: 9009 Season 2, coming Monday, 8 February!

The three shows join the ranks of Adult Swim’s idiosyncratic, unhinged content line up including all seasons of Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken and Mr Pickles, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, and, the bizarre exploits of pseudo-heroic scientist, Dr. Rusty Venture, in The Venture Bros.

Get your Adult Swim fix this February, whenever and wherever you want, only on Showmax!

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

The Mind Bongling Reason SuperSport Has Two WWE Channels

SuperSlam (former name) launched as a a promotional channel back in August 2019 with some outlets referring to it as The WWE Channel and would continue running until the end of that year. The pop-up version was bombarded with repeats and yes Total Divas would constantly hit the restart button.

From January 2020, the channel was officially renamed into The WWE Channel and became a full-time brand for SuperSport not only that they incorporated NXT and 205 Live which weren't available on SuperSport at the time e.tv lost rights to WWE alongside content that was only found only on the WWE app.

2020 was also the year where COVID-19 became a trendsetter causing setbacks in people's daily lives. On cable, you got to see viewers lose out on several channels while others were reshuffled and that's where SuperSport comes in.

In September 2020, the brand followed Sky in the UK and launched thematic channels. Not only that WWE could also be found on channel 236.

Now here's the issue, SuperSport gave the WWE Channel a different logo on top of that other channel number and viewers woke up and saw two WWE Channels and it wasn't even using the SuperSport logo.

Since then viewers have been complaining about it not only that UFC had its own channel now viewers have a hard time catching up due to the reshuffle. Once again proving that bigger brands (in this case cash cow) get most of the spotlight.

According to their customer care, both channels will remain as they are mirrored channels with the same content, the reason is to try and get WWE closer to their sports content (SuperSport), without affecting those who are accustomed to 128.

Now this is just ridiculous, viewers experience change everyday so I'm certain they're immune to these things look at BBC First and Disney XD for starters. Now tell me where was that energy when those channels were canned. Perhaps the other reason 128 is alive to keep Ginx TV on 127 company since they're both sports and entertainment brands.

The least SuperSport could have done was perhaps make 236 a timeshift channel where viewers get to watch everything an hour later kind of like what M-Net has with its M-Net +1 on channel 901 but hey that would impact negatively as it already is with DStv attempt to cutback on duplication and 236 is not a place for timeshift channels.

So how long do you suppose M-Net +1 will stick around with the likeness of Catch Up and the fact that content from M-Net resurfaces on its other channels. In the end, MultiChoice just proved to everyone once again why viewers should be disappointed and rather downgrade, cancel or look into other alternatives.

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"Discovery Family" Goes Off Air On Starsat, Could This Be The End Of The Brand? + Other Starsat Related Developments

In one month, StarTimes (Starsat) deserves a trophy for being the most mismanaged and discreet cable provider.

They first went from removing two music channels which can also be found on Openview to relaunching them with more content added onto them.

The second was scrap a bunch of channels without notice as usual and promise fresh content and more channels and it looks like viewers are losing their patients since the only thing untouched there is Indian, Nigerian and Chinese channels.

There's another African based channel running called St Kasi. It seems like the music offering as just as dry as DStv unless you have DMX.

Finally, Discovery Family is set to go off air on the platform by the end of January 2021 but the reasoning behind this seems to be confusing for most readers.

According to them, when a content provider decides to make changes in the production of content they cannot prevent it, but they are constantly working on sourcing new content to ensure viewing delight.

So what they're implying is maybe just maybe Discovery Family will go off air on DStv very likely by the end of March. That is if they're being honest this time around.

In the end, viewers did lose out on another Discovery Channel through the platform not long ago as part of a realignment strategy. Could Discovery Family not fit this criteria? Does this change have something to do with the arrival of Discovery+ perhaps?

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ViacomCBS To Rollout Paramount+ Streaming Service This March, Africa Is Not Part Of It's Initial Rollout

CBS All Access will be rebranded as Paramount+ on March 4, 2021 in the United States and Canada as part of its expansion to feature content from ViacomCBS' other brands. Paramount+ will also expand to other markets, starting with Latin America on March 4, 2021, followed by the Nordics on March 25, 2021 and Australia in mid-2021.

According to ViacomCBS CEO, Paramount was "an iconic and storied brand beloved by consumers all over the world, and it is synonymous with quality, integrity and world-class storytelling". From what I remember, CBS hasn't been having much success and sustainability internationally.

On September 15, 2020, it was announced that CBS All Access would rebrand as Paramount+ in early 2021, and that it planned to perform more international expansion under the new name.

This platform joins other streaming platforms that aren't available in South Africa such as Disney+, HBO Max and Discovery+. I wouldn't shocked if Discovery+ launched before any of them.

As most readers noticed due to the domination of streaming services a lot of TV providers are streamlining their entertainment which led to the shutdown of several channels in Africa and the rest of the world.

If Paramount+ manages to rollout in Africa, could it have an affect on its linear channels currently available on DStv and StarTimes (ROA) such as Comedy Central and MTV, and Nicktoons and Nick Jr which is likely the first place they'd look into.

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Qubo: Background Information And Why It's Not Successful Despite Having Huge Owners Behind Them

The kids brand has been around since 2006 in the United States as a block and standalone channel and most people there (including other markets) never heard of it.

Most of its shows are forgettable except Veggie Tales and most who knew the brand probably grew up watching something from there at some point.

In May 2006, Ion Media alongside NBCUniversal, Corus Entertainment and Scholastic and Classic Media (now DreamWorks Classics with the old branding being used sometimes) announced that they were launching a new educational brand for kids called Qubo.

The brand would have a programming block on NBC, Telemundo and Ion Television as well as on demand service and seperate TV network.

As stated by Rick Rodriguez (former president of Qubo), the brand would be a bilingual offering content in English and Spanish. The reason they call it Qubo is based on the fact you can use it in both those languages without any changes.

In September 2006, NBC launched the kids block which replaced the Discovery Kids block (owned by Discovery, discontinued it to focus on the kids channel). At launch the lineup consisted of shows such as Jane And The Dragon, 321 Penguins, Veggie Tales and Larryboy.

Now the issue here was all the religious stuff was censored out because they violated the rules of NBC's standards and practices department. Many people including the creator of Veggie Tales hated this so the brand pulled those shows off Qubo in 2009.

Ion Media requested must carry policy from the FC to further expand the brand. A year later, they signed carriage agreements with Advanced Cable Communications and Blue Ridge Communications.

After Comcast acquired NBCUniversal in 2012, NBC and Telemundo announced that they would be discontinuing the Qubo block. NBC replaced theirs with NBC Kids and Telemundo replaced theirs with Mi Telemundo.

This left Ion Television as the only network as the only channel with the Qubo block.

In October 2013, Ion Media Networks acquired Corus Entertainment, Scholastic and by the time Classic Media's shares of Qubo of course these 3 brands obtained programming redistribution from Qubo.

On January 2015, the block on Ion Television was renamed Qubo Kids Corner because it was moved from Friday mornings to Saturday mornings.

Here's why it hasn't been successful even after having huge brands behind them:

1. Many of Qubo's programming isn't all that great. Most of their shows are throwaway and forgettable pieces of nothing. The ones that aren't existed way before Qubo like Veggie Tales and Babar The Elephant.

2. It doesn't exist everywhere. Qubo is affiliated with 67 stations across 36 states and Washington, DC. Many major areas like Baltimore, Merlin and San Diego California are not in Qubo territory.

Add the fact it has no app and you got an epic fail.

Just as Medora Entertainment speculated the channel would be shutting down:

On January 14, 2021, Scripps announced that it will discontinue Ion Plus, Qubo and Shop Ion effective February 28. The spectrum allocated to the networks on the former Ion Media stations will be repurposed to carry the Katz-owned networks starting March 1. with the initial slate of Ion Television O&Os adding those networks following the expiration of Scripps/Katz's existing contracts with other broadcasting companies the day prior, and other stations following suit as contracts with existing affiliates expire throughout 2021 and 2022; in markets where major network affiliates operated by Scripps already carry a Katz-owned network, some will be offloaded to the Ion stations to free up limited spectrum capacity during the ATSC 3.0 transition..

There are rumours that Qubo with be replaced with Ion Kids regardless I don't any kids channel will gain much recognition in the United States since viewers are opting towards streaming.

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USA: The WWE Network Finds A New Home

According to the Wall Street Journal, WWE’s deal to have Peacock on the Network is a big one financially as well as in terms of impact. The outlet reports that a person familiar with the deal is a five-year one and is valued at over $1 billion.

The report confirms that the WWE Network will officially shut down as an independent streaming service, and Peacock will license WWE’s programming, including WrestleMania and PPVs. Peacock has a current estimated subscriber base of 26 million. By comparison, WWE reported in Q3 of 2020 that the Network averaged 1.6 million monthly paid subscribers.

ORIGINAL: In a major deal, WWE has signed a multi-year agreement that brings the service to the Peacock streaming service in the US. Peacock and WWE announced on Monday that they have signed an agreement that gives the NBCUniversal service exclusive streaming rights in the United States.

The Network will launch on Peacock on March 18th.

The news comes just days after it was reported that NBC was shuttering the NBC Sports Network by the end of 2021 and moving live sports telecasts to USA Network and, to a lesser extent, Peacock. It was speculated at the time whether WWE would be affected by live sports broadcasts moving to USA Network. While nothing about that is mentioned in the announcement, the deal to break the Network to Peacock could potentially give WWE and NBCUniversal several options in terms of how to deal with the crunch of available timeslots.

As far as international markets are concerned this move won't have any affect on them as Peacock is exclusive to the United States. Even if Peacock were to be accessible "legally" outside of the United States chances are you'll get a watered down version of the platform.

NBCSN Shutting Down By The End Of 2021 And How It Affects SuperSport, WWE Channel And Perhaps ESPN

A memo sent to NBC Sports staff was leaked today (Fri, Jan. 22) confirming the company is shutting down operations of cable network NBCSN at the end of the 2021 calendar year. With this, NBC Sports coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and select NASCAR races will be carried and/or simulcasted by the USA Network during the 2020 season.

The company’s plan on shutting down NBCSN at the conclusion of 2021 is to shift sports focus to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, for 2022 and beyond. Elements of NBCSN’s current programming will shift to USA Network or Peacock, if sports renew contracts past the 2021 season.

The news has been rumored for a month now and hasn’t officially been announced yet, but as mentioned before, the leaked memo was sent by NBC Sports Chairman Pete Bevacqua to his staff.

NBC Sports was also home to some matches seen on SuperSport and ESPN such as the Premier League and NFL's Sunday Night Football. The USA Network handles majority of WWE (excluding SmackDown and reality shows).

These changes do affect SuperSport, WWE Channel and ESPN but it's not something to stress over as no one will be losing out on anything.

As stated earlier some of NBC Sports' content (Premier League and NFL's Sunday Night Football) will move to USA Network (home of WWE) so all they'll be doing is adjusting the timeslots perhaps even changing the day some of those programs come on.

This change comes in after NBC cancelled E! News and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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Friday, 22 January 2021

SABC 2 Reduces Muvhango And 7de Laan To 3 Days A Week

The channel has revealed plans to add to more local content to bolster their line-up…but it means trimming both 7de Laan and Muvhango to three days a week.

From 5 April 2021, 7de Laan will air Monday to Wednesday at 18:00, with its Thursday and Friday timeslot taken up by new telenovela Die Sentrum.

From August, Muvhango will air Monday to Wednesday at 21:00, with its Thursday and Friday timeslot filled by season 2 of drama series Giyani.

Merlin Naicker (Group Executive: Television) says that “the acquisition of this new local production is part of our long-term plan to invest in quality local content. Serving a diverse South African audience, it is imperative that we come with innovative and exciting content, which will not only draw the viewership, but bring in the revenue required to keep the public service broadcaster financially sustainable”.

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February 2021 On Disney Junior Africa | New & Returning Seasons | Specials

Season premiere episodes
Those playful pups Bingo and Rolly bounce back onto Disney Junior this month, as season three of their adventures launches with premiere episodes of Puppy Dog Pals on weekdays from Monday 8th to Friday 19th February at 12:00.

Bingo and Rolly embark on daring and fun-filled missions at the brand new Puppy Playcare, a daycare for dogs and all kinds of pets. With their neighbour Keia, and new pal Lollie, the pups explore new places, make even more friends and prove they will do anything, be it silly or brave to help their humans... and each other!

In the first premiere episode, Welcome to Puppy Playcare (Monday 8th February at 12:00), when Bob's finishing touch for Puppy Playcare breaks, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to find a replacement before Playcare opens! 

Premiere episodes of season three of Puppy Dog Pals air on weekdays from Monday 8th to Friday 19th February at 12:00, on Disney Junior.


Season premiere episodes
Adorable Blue Heeler puppy Bluey also returns to Disney Junior this month, for a second season of canine capers. Premiere episodes air on weekdays from Monday 22nd February at 07:30.

Bluey is back with her sister, Bingo, turning everyday life into endless fun! When Bluey is invited to a birthday party, Bingo uses her featherwand to make getting out of the house difficult. And on Dad's day to drop the girls off at school, you can bet the Blue Heeler pups won't make it easy for him. With her boundless imagination and her sister at her side, Bluey continues to call the shots when it comes to playtime - and pretty much everything else!

In the first of this month’s episodes, Hammerbarn (Monday 22nd February at 07:30) Chilli and Bandit are keen to get a new pizza oven like their neighbours’ so they all go on a trip to Hammerbarn.
Premiere episodes of Bluey season two air on weekdays from Monday 22nd February at 07:30, on Disney Junior.


Premiere episodes
Fancy Nancy Clancy flounces back on to Disney Junior this month, with premiere episodes featuring her exploits as she continues to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. All it takes is a fantastique attitude to transform the plain into the exquisite! Premiere episodes of Fancy Nancy Clancy air on weekdays from 22nd February at 09:00.

In this month’s first premiere episode, Nancy Takes the Case (Monday 22nd February at 10:00) Nancy must solve a crime where the suspects are all her best friends!

Premiere episodes of Fancy Nancy Clancy air on weekdays from 22nd February at 10:00.

Premiere episodes
Mickey Mouse and his mates are back this month, as further premiere episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures air at weekends from Saturday 27th February at 09:00.

Get mixed-up with Mickey and his pals in his new house in Hot Dog Hills! Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto and Chip 'n Dale have surprises in store. In the episode entitled Mickey’s Roommate (Saturday 27th February at 09:00) when Pete needs a place to crash, Mickey lets him stay with him. But Pete is the worst roommate ever! 

Premiere episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures air at weekends from Saturday 27th February at 09:00, on Disney Junior.

Disney Junior is available on DStv

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February 2021 On Disney Channel Africa | Amphibia S2 | DCOM

Entertaining animated series Amphibia returns to Disney Channel this month, as season two premieres on weekdays from Monday 1st February at 15:15.

Amphibia chronicles the comedic adventures of 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy, who is magically transported to the world of Amphibia, a wild marshland full of talking frog-people called Plantars. In this second season Anne and the Plantars decide to leave the cosy confines of Wartwood for the distant city of Newtopia, to unlock the mysteries of the music box. On the way they’ll visit exotic new locations, uncover hidden secrets, and experience unexpected reunions as they continue to search for a way to get Anne home. In this month’s first premiere episodes, Handy Anne/Fort in the Road (Monday 1st February at 15:15) the Plantars are ready to hit the road when Anne decides to secure the farm. On the road Sprig longs for adventure but Hop Pop’s road rules threaten to spoil his fun.

Premiere episodes of Amphibia season two air from Monday 1st February at 15:15.


Disney Channel’s Friday treat for film fans continues throughout February with some great entertainment to celebrate the start of each weekend. There’s a marvellous movie every Friday at 17:00, repeated on Saturday at 10:40.

The fun starts with Princess Protection Program on Friday 5th February, followed by Camp Rock (Friday 12th February), Let It Shine (Friday 19th February), and Zapped (Friday 26th February), all at 17:00.

In Princess Protection Program on (Friday 5th February at 17:00) Carter is a small-town girl and couldn't be more different from Rosalinda, a South American princess from the country of Costa Luna. The girls are thrown together after Carter's father, an agent in the covert Princess Protection Program, rescues Rosalinda from a military takeover. It's now up to the two to devise a plan to take down Costa Luna's dictator and return Rosalinda to her rule.

Viewers can see these great Disney movies on Fridays throughout February 2021 at 17:00, repeated on the following Saturday at 10:40, on Disney Channel.

Disney Channel is available on DStv

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TNT Africa Muscles Up With Exciting Channel Refresh For 2021

As of 1 February, TNT Africa, home of the best contemporary and Hollywood blockbusters, will be revealing its 2021 channel refresh packed with an exciting slate of tailor-made shows and content that will keep African audiences glued to their screens. With this move, the channel aims to emphasise its commitment to delivering relevant and exciting programming to African fans!

As part of the refresh, TNT Africa will debut AEW DYNAMITE, the weekly flagship show from All Elite Wresting, the new professional wrestling league that is taking the world by storm. The launch kicks off on Friday, 5 February, at 13h20 (CAT) with the first five episodes of the new season. Then, every Friday night, during prime time at 20h00 (CAT), the channel will premiere the recent high-octane matches, two days after the US premiere, and after that repeated twice throughout the week.  AEW offers an alternative to mainstream wrestling with a roster of world-class talent offering TNT Africa viewers a spectacular weekly wrestling programme jam-packed with action and the unexpected.

TNT Africa’s exciting content line up and brand-new, refreshed look are a perfect fit for the channel’s move towards being more powerful and modern. This is aligned with the global look of the channel - that people from all over the globe can recognise.

TNT Africa will continue to launch their exclusive, brand-new, TNT Original Movies on the channel on the first Thursday of every month. These include a wide range of mainstream entertainment genres, featuring renowned, and rising international stars! The month of February will kick off with, Straight Up, a romantic movie from writer, director and star James Sweeney.

As part of the fresh, entertainment-filled offering, TNT has an exciting line-up of the very best action-driven, pulse-raising slate, mixed with romantic gems and hilarious comedies including titles like Splash and the Best Man Holiday to experience the accidental side of love on Valentine’s Day; great channel premiers such as Crank High Voltage and Point Break in February’s Adrenaline Rush stunt; Malcolm X and Just Cause will help us fight for our rights on Human Rights Day; and in April you can celebrate the Oscars with Academy Award-winning titles such as E.T and Gladiator.

“TNT is excited to usher in a new era in entertainment that is attuned to our audience needs and appetite. Despite how far we’ve come, we remain steadfastly dedicated to giving our African audience premium content, and the launch of AEW DYNAMITE and the channel refresh bear testament of this,” says Guillermo Farré, Head of the WarnerMedia General Entertainment channels across France, Iberia and Africa.

Update: Catch repeats of weekly matches Sunday at 10am CAT and Wednesday at 3pm CAT

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What To Expect On Media24's New Pan-African Lifestyle Channel For DStv (UPDATED)

In November 2020, MultiChoice unveiled a new lifestyle channel for DStv customers called Honey. The channel is owned by Media24 the brains behind the Afrikaans lifestyle channel, VIA.

Honey is set to launch February 12 for DStv Compact, Compact+ and Premium customers.

It looks like the channel with only start with 5 programs however there's more content in the pipeline from various companies including Zambia's Media 365 Productions, South Africa's Media Club Productions and Nigeria's Rucksack Productionz.

The following shows will be available on the channel at launch:

African Farming (South Africa)
Genre: Lifestyle
A show that highlights successful black farmers in South Africa, and educates new entrants to agriculture.

Hoot, Cook, Go (Nigeria)
Genre: Cooking
Three teams have an hour to prepare a meal that shows who they are, When they hear the hooter, it's time to go off the next setting. A ton of exploration of Africa's diverse food culture and relationships.

Love Swap Africa (Nigeria)
Genre: Romance
Two couples who don't know each other meet up: While making a healthy meal, they swap partners for an intimate view of each other's relationships. The kitchen gets hot - and we aren't talking about the oven.

Pastor's Wives
Genre: Reality
We meet the women who keep it together in well-known religious households. This reality show reveals all the opulence, difficulties and drama that you are wondering about.

Yes! Ndio! Beeni!: Kenya
Genre: Reality
A top team of event planners help a man propose to the love of his life.

Other programs which have yet to be confirmed, please note this is note the complete list:

Untitled wedding show
The show will uncover the story behind the love story through the eyes of the couple as well as their family and friends.

The Perfect Plate (title is subjected to change)
Mother and Daughter-In-Law have to prepare a meal for man of the household.

Ehe! It's A Match: Zambia

One person gets a chance to introduce their two single friends to each other. While the host plays chef and Cupid.

Matchmaking (title is subjected to change)
In this one, random people go on a blind date to find their perfect match.

Untitled home show
In this show, people will be giving your house or flat a makeover.

Untitled food program
Make a meal in 1 hour and also judge your contestants food.

Untitled wedding show
In this show, someone is trying to purpose marriage on someone else.

Husband Vs. Father (title is subjected to change)
Men put their cooking skills to use.

Email regarding content: honey@mediaclubproductions.co.za (South Africa), production@media365.co.zm (Zambia), info@rucksackproductionz.com (Nigeria), info@nusu-nusu.com (Kenya) and info@burntonion.co.za (South Africa)

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Predictions: The Rest Of 2021 Through Early 2022 On Telemundo Africa With A Dash Of EVA

During the festive season, Telemundo hit the rewind button leaving El Final Del Paraiso (The End Of Paradise) to do all the labour kind of like what EVA is doing Bold And The Beautiful.

Next month, Telemundo will be introducing a new Colombian telenovela, Laws Of The Heart/La Ley Del Corazon (that's sure to keep viewers busy for about 8 months) alongside the second season of Close Enemies.

In March, Betty In New York comes to a close and it's rumored that a new telenovela 100 Días Para Enamorarnos (starring David Chocarro and Erick Elías) replaces the show from 22nd of that month from 8pm CAT/7pm WAT/9pm EAT.

New and returning telenovela for 2021/2 include Anonima (Anonymous), La Suerte De Loli (The Luck Of Loli/Loli's Luck), Buscando A Frida (Looking For Frida), Operación Pacífico 2 (Operation Pacific 2), Falsa Identidad 2 (False Identity S2), Café Con Aroma De Mujer (Coffee With A Woman's Fragrance), El Chema and La Reina Del Sur 2 (Queen Of The South 2). The brand will obviously unveil more titles later in the year.

Well-known repeats for 2021/2 include Marido En Alquier (Husband For Hire), Tierra De Reyes (A Passion For Revenge), Un Poquito Tuyo (Almost Yours), La Doña (Iron Rose), Reina De Corazones (Queen Of Hearts), Vuelve Temprano (The Son I Never Knew), La Querida Del Centauro (Prisoners Of Love) and Pasion Prohibida (Forbidden Passion). Yep, a hundred more familiar titles within two years.

Now it's runner-up EVA, has been on life support since last year. Their media page went from promoting repeats to hyping about their only new show on there which is Bold from CBS. They even went as far as deleting comments regarding repeats from the little viewers they have left.

Since it's launch, EVA has been overshadowed from the likes of Telemundo even when the repeats were piling up on that channel a lot of viewers didn't see the brand as tough competition of course EVA+ has been getting recognition perhaps due to accessibility.

If this channel shuts down, it wouldn't be a complete loss as fans of Spanish telenovelas can tune into Telemundo and TLNovelas.

Now the problem would be that viewers won't get the exact content. EVA has got Caracol Television (Colombia), TV Azteca (Mexico) and Telefe (Argentina) while the stars there will be incorporated onto Mexico's TLNovelas America's Telemundo.

Since 2017, Telemundo has supplied content from those other regions and it's grown over the years. What sets it back is those shows have to share a timeslot with their own programming.

TLNovelas is kind of a mystery when it comes to the basis of foreign programming for now I'd expect them to continue airing their own content.

In short, for more EVA or something similar to EVA tune into Telemundo (DStv and GOtv) and TLNovelas (DStv and StarTimes).

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e.tv Acquired Broadcasting Rights To Winx Club Season 8

The show has been on hiatus for 4 years. During that time they managed to spawned a second animated series titled World Of Winx with its first live-action series titled Fate: The Winx Saga currently in development all of which are Netflix exclusives.

During that time, Nickelodeon's Nicktoons and e.tv's eToonz broadcasted reruns of the last 3 seasons. As of 2020, only eToonz has been airing reruns of the show.

Now e.tv will be airing the eight season of Winx Club which seems strange as SABC 1 broadcasted the first four seasons while e.tv shoved the last 3 seasons at the time on eToonz but when I did further research it turned out that this season is catered for preschoolers so it's pretty much a hit miss for the adolescence.

eToonz, is a children's channel catered for kids aged 2-12 and operated by eMedia Investments. Ever since e.tv discontinued their live-action series for Craze back in 2019 the lineup changed constantly. It went from more reruns and leftovers (preschoolers and adolescents) to just reruns and less leftovers (preschoolers) to just reruns.

This change could have something to do with the pandemic which led to a shut down of several channels and change in viewing experience. Perhaps e.tv kids block Craze pulls more viewers than eToonz. After its the least talked about, advertised and watched channel from eMedia Investments portfolio. On the bright side, e.tv can't repeat most of the shows there so eToonz is your go to amusement park for that.

On the first episode of Winx Club season 8 titled Night Of The Stars'. The Winx travel through all the galaxies of the Magical Universe until they arrive in Lumenia, the most brilliant of all stars. A great mystery involving an old acquaintance of the Winx is endangering the brightness of all the stars. A new magic will help the Winx figure out who's behind it.

Catch Winx Club every Tuesday at 15:30 from February 2nd

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Rumored: e.tv and Timeless Dizi Channel Acquired Broadcasting Rights To Kuzgun

Its been speculated that both e.tv and Timeless Dizi Channel (English) have acquired broadcasting rights to a romance and action drama series, Kuzgun from Star TV (not the Indian one).

The series could have aired on Timeless Dizi Channel (Turkish) which is currently available on StarTimes (Starsat). Yes, both StarTimes and MultiChoice have seperate versions of the channel except it looks like the one on StarTimes is often ghosted.

Kuzgun, follows the titular character's family life when it changes completely as a result of the caliper held against his father, who is a police. Kuzgun will fall into a bondage, pain, anger, and struggle that will last 20 years. Baris Arduç, Burcu Biricik and Hatice Aslan take up the lead roles.

The series ran for 2 seasons during the course of 2019. It managed to achieve a rating of 7.7/10 on IDMB and considered favourable amongst females.

Both e.tv and TDC offer a selection of telenovelas. If you want to view them in English get DStv, if you want to view them in the original language with English subtitles get StarTimes (Starsat) and if you want to watch it freely in Afrikaans get Openview.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

February 2021 On Curiosity Channel Africa | Super Science Mondays | History Lovers Tuesday | Wildlife Wednesdays | Human Story Saturdays | Best Of...


Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 01 February 2021

CAT: 21:00

Genetic Revolution is a documentary that explores the exciting, rapidly evolving world of genetic engineering. It follows a group of scientists from across the globe as they use powerful new gene editing technologies in ways once thought unimaginable and is witness to a tipping point, recording scientific moments destined to change the world. The film also tackles the philosophical and environmental implications of this technology.

Technologies like CRISPR are making it possible to quickly and cheaply change the DNA of all living things, including humans. Genes can be edited almost as easily as words on a computer screen. This new ability to alter our DNA holds the promise of curing disease, saving threatened species, solving world hunger and maybe even obtaining human perfection. But will the promise be fulfilled?


Brand New Series – Premieres 16 February 2021
CAT: 20:00

From Cleopatra to Elizabeth I and Sophie Scholl –they’re all women from vastly contrasting eras and backgrounds, but with one thing in common: they are some of the most influential women in history. Powerful and helpless, popular and scorned, determined and desperate –each one of them stood out from her peers in some way.

This dramatized series portrays these remarkable women in unprecedented detail and examines their lives, both in a contemporary context as well as from a historical perspective.


Brand New Episode - premieres 03 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

When traveling in unfamiliar territory, what better guide than a local? My Wild Backyard highlights some of the most pristine wildlife environments throughout the world. Journey around the globe as some of the best up- and-coming wildlife filmmakers take you on a locals-only tour of their home countries. This CuriosityStream original series goes beyond the iconic animals you may know and uncovers some of the other extraordinary wildlife that also call these countries their home. The series was filmed in continents across the globe: from California to New York City, the fabled mountains of Patagonia, the brush of South Africa, and the deserts of Mexico. Shot entirely by locals, the compact film crews were able to shoot fascinating animal behavior sequences and produce stunning new content.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 03 February 2021 

CAT: 20:00

The ultimate icons of polar wilderness, able to withstand the harshest environments and remain a top predator; the lives of polar bears are nothing short of remarkable!

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 10 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic night of the year. If you’re feeling uninspired as you prepare to woo your intended, how about looking to the animal kingdom for a few ideas? Whether taking them to a dance, offering a bouquet or running them a bath, there’s a lot the natural world can teach us about love. You might think humans are the only animals to fall in love, but romance can come in all shapes and sizes. Most animals go for one night stands, and there are others that have brief, but intense, flings. Then there are some that take love more seriously, putting on the moves, giving gifts and performing for attention. It’s often a remarkable spectacle, but it can also be the tender beginnings of a lifelong bond. Animals might not write many love poems, but there are many other ways to ensure your next Valentine’s gets wild!

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 17 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Looking down on our world from above, we might see the incredible diversity of landscapes, the opportunities for wildlife, and gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 24 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Mangroves are one of the most important habitats on Earth, vital to many of the planet’s most extraordinary, wonderful, and endangered species. Everything from shorebirds and sharks to monkeys and manatees relies on mangroves for their survival.


Brand New Episodes - premieres 06 February 2021

CAT: 18:00

Climb into the cockpits of historic planes and meet the craftsmen who dedicate their time to bring these aviation icons back to life.

Brand New Series - premieres 06 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

Islands can be home to the most extreme examples of life, as nature evolves in the most dramatic way. Sometimes isolated for hundreds of thousands of years, pockets of individuals adapt to survive, fueling a rapid and continuous development of new species.

Some of the Zanzibar archipelago’s bizarre creatures have developed to an enormous size. The world’s largest crab scales trees in search of coconuts, and clouds of giant bats fill the skies at dusk. Under the cover of darkness, giant leatherback turtles visit Trinidad’s beaches to lay their eggs. Dominica’s volcanic heritage gives it fertile soils, making the island rich in flowering plants. Situated 1,000km west of Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago has been so little exposed to humans, it allowed Charles Darwin to study and rethink the laws of nature.


Brand New Series - premieres 21 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

Built at strategic points, and fitted with impressive fortifications, fortresses are thought to be impenetrable.

Novela Magic Will Be Added Onto DStv Access

As part of M-Net and MultiChoice’s ongoing commitment to broaden the accessibility and entertainment value of its content offerings, Novela Magic on DStv channel 165 will be made available to DStv Access customers from Friday, 22 January 2021 at 18:00. That means, together with DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, and Family customers, DStv Access viewers can now experience the best of Africa.

Launched last year in November, Novel Magic celebrates Africa’s love for storytelling as well as the local creative talent by showcasing a variety of unique local stories with themes that resonate and engage with the viewers. The channel is MultiChoice and M-Net’s first-ever African only telenovela channel.

Along with the expansion to DStv Access customers, the exciting telenovela channel continues its mission of delivering the best African stories with the launch of Enakhe and Riona on Friday, 22 January.

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SABC, e.tv and DStv ratings for December 2020
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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Is Star Plus, Star Vijay And Star Life In South Africa And The Rest Of Africa Following Europe By Taking Down The Star Branding?

The news of the Star brands demise came at the end of 2020 through Netherlands. There's no details as yet on whether it will affect Star India in general.

It's been confirmed that all the Star TV channels in the UK & Europe, will rebrand from Friday 22nd January – the channels will be rebranded to:

■ Star Plus HD will now be Utsav Plus HD (Sky 705, Virgin Media 803, Yupp TV)
■ Star Gold HD will now be Utsav Gold HD (Sky 717, Virgin Media 801)
■ Star Bharat will now be Utsav Bharat (Sky 704, Virgin Media 802, Yupp TV)

The Star branding isn't completely dead besides India it will be used as an international adaptation for Hulu as a standalone service with some launching a dedicated channel for it on Disney+. It's even a placeholder for the FOX branded channels.

Gaurav Jandwani, Senior Vice President & Business Head (UK, Europe & SOUTH AFRICA), “As much as the past year has been challenging for all of us, it has equally brought out a sense of gratefulness and celebration for all things positive. To reiterate this sense of optimism, it gives me great pleasure to announce the brand refresh of our network from the 22nd January 2021 with the same promise of touching lives through our inspirational characters.”

The network says, “Since its UK launch over 2 decades ago, Star has established a special relationship with its loyal viewers through a string of hugely successful iconic shows. These shows have gripped viewers with countless hours of premium entertainment, with the addictive K-series dramas of early years to glossy A-List chat show Koffee with Karan, the renowned ‘Masterchef India’, the innovative ‘Satyamev Jayat’e or the recent staggering success of ‘Anupamaa’, to name a few. This special relationship has catapulted the Star Network to No.1 in the UK’s official TV ratings (BARB) for over a decade.

“As we move forward in 2021 with a sense of hope and optimism, there could not be a better time to reflect the same spirit in our brand. We are thrilled to announce that Star will rebrand its channels to Utsav’ (meaning celebration) on 22 January 2021 in the UK and Europe to celebrate positivity and energy reinforced through our loved characters. The Utsav logo, infused from the Star logo, signifies stability and progress while the trademark swoosh pays homage to the insurmountable human spirit.”

Disney Africa supplies FOX and 3 Star channels (StarPlus, Star Vijay and Star Life) under Star India. It would make more sense to replace Indian channels so that it doesn't cause a riot the day FOX adapts to the Star branding.

Disney+ is not available in Africa as they're still rolling out in other parts of Europe so viewers might get the service by 2022. They could take even longer to roll it here due to existing contracts with other suppliers for their content. These changes won't wait for Disney+, Turn to the defunct channels, Disney XD and FOX Life as a prime example.

The switchover will likely occur before the year ends I wouldn't be shocked if it happened within the next 3 months. These channels can all be found on DStv with portions on StarTimes (Starsat) and Openview.

Update: Star Vijay rebranded into Vijay so that channel will be excluded from Utsav

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Friday, 15 January 2021

February 2021 On WarnerMedia Africa | AEW Dynamite | Straight Up | BGDCMC | M-MATM | New Seasons + More

TNT (Africa):

Straight Up (2019, TNT Original)
Todd and Rory are intellectual soul mates. He might be gay. She might not care. A romantic-comedy drama with a twist; a love story without the thrill of copulation.

The Best Man (1999, TNT Original)
An advance copy of Harper's first book lands in the hands of an ex-flame. He is the best man at a wedding and he is afraid that she will spill out that he had had an affair with the to-be bride.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite (New Show)
A world-class roster of diverse male and female wrestlers give fans a new wrestling experience for the first time in 20 years. Featuring Cody & Brandi Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley.

TNT is available on DStv and StarTimes

Cartoon Network:

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (New Show)
In an animated comedic take on a blended family sitcom, with Dad’s “sons” — a boy, a dog and a mouse — and Mom’s “daughters” – a girl, a cat, and a piece of anthropomorphic cheese – learning to live together under one roof.

Ninjago S2
While fighting foes across Ninjago City and beyond, the ninja embark on new quests and gain newfound allies as the power of their friendship is tested.

Cartoon Network is available on DStv and GOtv


Mush-Mush and the Mushables (New Show)
follows the adventures of Mush-Mush, his best friends Chep and Lilit, and the rest of the Mushable community as they explore, grow and discover just how fun and wild life can be.

Scooby-Doo And Guess Who? S2
The team is back and just as courageous, adventurous, humorous and obsessed with cases like before. They are joined by celebrities in their adventures and ghost hunts and in search of puzzles to solve.

Boomerang is available on DStv

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Rumor Alert: Furist Coming Soon To DStv???

To start of 2021, MultiChoice will be rolling out a brand new African lifestyle channel later called Honey from the makers of VIA alongside a Korean channel called tvN.

For South Africa, there was ongoing talks to bring SABC Education onto the platform now that trail is cold but the fact Starsat still lists the channel on their website tells you there's still plans underway for it.

For the rest of Africa likely Nigeria, there has been talks to bring Teen Africa TV to the platform for now the channel is available on StarTimes.

There's also a rumor of a new channel called Furist that will be added soon.

Furist is described to be a 24/7 channel offering tv gaming, athletics, sports and many more. The brand is said to be coming from the makers of Ginx eSports TV.

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SABC, e.tv And DStv Ratings For December 2020 Ratings


Uzalo -  8 041 490
Generations the Legacy - 6 858 031
Skeem Saam - 4 408 258
Sgud'snaysi - 3 638 770
Xhosa News - 3 358 534
Zulu News - 3 243 798
Live Amp - 2 776 255
Women Year - 2 664 529
Uzalo (Repeat) - 2 656 091
Selimathunzi - 2 566 002
Uye and Kholi - 2 499 184
Last Dance Music Festival - 2 431 716
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 2 415 687
Real Goboza - 2 402 588
Mtn 8 Orlando Pirates vs Bloemfontein Ce - 2 340 648
Nomcebo - 2 327 916
The Braai Show with Aka - 2 211 722
Heels on Wheels - 2 205 093
The Gumbi`s - 2 137 114
Miss Cultural SA - 2 100 457

Muvhango - 3 695 208
Ses/Tsw/Sep News - 3 543 116
Music - 2 900 912
Lithapo - 1 757 304
Chicken Run - 1 579 081
7De Laan - 1 440 289
Leihlo La Sechaba - 1 172 666
Mokgonyana Mmatswale - 1 122 607
Skwizas - 1 119 941
Nuus - 984 604
Live Lotto Draw - 905 925
Mohlolohadi 2 - 880 263
Morning Live - 830 728
Muvhango (Omnibus) - 811 298
Shrek the Halls Yent - 809 798
Lithapo (Repeat) - 710 466
Venda/Tsonga News - 678 097
Skeem Saam (Repeat) - 669 920
Koskaskenades - 663 351

Earth's Great Seasons - 596 656
News - 586 381
Bundesliga Fc Bayern Munchen vs Rb Leipz - 491 769
Amazon: the Lost World - 486 281
Betway Test Series: South Africa vs Sri L - 484 457
Earth From Space - 425 496
The A-Team - 388 081
Knight Rider - 369 585
Generations the Legacy (Repeat) -342 063
Narcos - 328 003
Mela - 325 770
Airwolf - 320 994
Wrap up - 318 005
Kfc T20 International: South Africa vs En - 314 639
The Greatest Dancer - 304 885
The Essentials - 298 843
City of God Movie - 288 760
Afternoon Express - 284 200
Music - 277 997
Fa Women Super League Manchester City Vs - 271 448

Scandal - 4 698 809
Rhythm City - 3 744 228
Imbewu - 3 724 787
The Tuxedo Movie - 2 859 277
Johnny English Movie - 2 675 022
South Africa Tonight News - 2 468 296
E.TV News - 2 351 858
Johnny English Strikes Again Movie - 2 262 186
Taxi Movie - 2 198 839
Etv News Presidential Speech - 2 178 212
Madeas Witness Protection Movie - 2 125 663
Chips Movie - 2 106 649
National Security Movie - 2 054 950
Imbewu (Repeat) - 1 885 070
Tropic Thunder Movie - 1 874 053
Checkpoint (News) - 1 793 100
Durban Gen - 1 755 758
Scandal (Repeat) - 1 661 700
Just for Laughs Gags Filler - 1 559 692
Rhythm City (Repeat) - 1 488 022

Mzansi Gomora - 1 340 306 & 1 716 631
Mzansi The Queen - 1 300 610 & 1 612 651
Mzansi Idols SA - 1 207 074 & 1 481 360
Mzansi Uthando Nesthembu - 899 049 & 1 124 736
Mzansi Our Perfect Wedding - 897 619 & 1 083 686
Mzansi Isibaya - 867 080 & 1 063 835
Mzansi The River - 847 030 & 1 055 205
Mzansi The Powerball Draw - 700 905 & 916 842
Mwethu The Queen (Repeat) - 643 889 & 782 075
Mwethu Ehostela - 624 926 & 843 341
Moja Dloz'lami - 621 030 & 779 198
Mzansi Vula Vala - 591 267 & 750 918
Mzansi Izangoma Zodumo - 547 348 & 654 539
Mzansi Ingane Yam - 539 729 & 636 052
Mzansi Date My Family - 536 149 & 630 637
Mwethu The Queen Movie - 526 211 & 714 779
Mwethu The Queen (Omnibus) - 471 723 & 615 715
Mzansi Unmarried - 469 855 & 556 113
Mbio Uhambo - 464 360 & 636 577
Mzansi Gomora (Repeat) - 437 353 & 557 619
Mwethu The Throne (Repeat) - 435 598 & 547 185
Mbio Thina Sobabili - 429 583 & 565 935
Mbio Umdlwembe - 420 001 & 538 235
Mbio Kuyafiwa Ezulwini - 417 441 & 576 051
Moja Rea Tsotella - 415 622 & 494 737
Mbio Ingadi Yothando - 415 500 & 547 163
Moja Mina Nawe - 411 325 & 476 784
Mbio Ilungelo - 407 120 & 506 674
Mwethu Isibaya (Repeat) - 406 261 & 532 638
Mwethu Before I Do - 399 162 & 487 737

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