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Thursday, 15 April 2021

May 2021 On Discovery Channel And Discovery Family Africa | 3 New Series Alert | Several Returning Shows Including Deadliest Catch And Flying Wild Alaska | More

Expect more highlight merges at least ones that make sense. In this case on channel transmits part of its shows to another and is owned by the same company.

Discovery Channel:
Deadliest Catch S17 (New season)
TX Date: May 25
TX Time: 20:00 CAT
Day: Tuesday
It's the deadliest job on earth: crab fishing off the Alaska coast on the icy Bering Sea. These adventurers risk their lives as they battle Arctic weather, brutal waves and a ticking clock for big money in this modern- day gold rush.

Chasing Classic Cars S12 (New season)
TX Date: May 9
TX Time: 20:00 CAT
Day of week: Sunday
Gain instant membership to the exclusive club of elite car restorers and multi-millionaire collectors as this series follows Ferrari expert and master car restorer, Wayne Carini, on his personal mission to uncover, restore and sell classic cars.

Naked And Afraid S7 (New season)
TX Date: May 5
TX Time: 20:00 CAT
Day: Wednesday
One man and one woman are dropped into the middle of the unforgiving wilderness for 21 days. Totally naked, the complete strangers battle the elements and stave off starvation, dehydration, and vicious predators to see if they have what it takes to survive this punishing challenge.

Discovery Family:
Into Alaska S1 (Brand New)
TX Date: May 3
TX Time: 21:00 CAT
Tx Day: Monday
Alaska's National Wildlife Refuges are the last untamed places in America. Into Alaska gives an up-close look at the bears, moose and other wildlife inhabiting the stunning Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak Island, along with the men and women who protect it.

Fail Army S7
New Season
TX Date: May 18
TX Time: 20:10 CAT
Tx Day: Tuesday
Videos of frantic and spectacular fails from around the world.

Raw Recruits S1 (Brand New)
TX Date: 17-May
TX Time: 17:40
Tx Day: Monday
A group of Britain's toughest teens go through one of the most intense soldier training programmes in the world. Following the recruits of Army Foundation College in Harrogate as they begin their basic army training.

Flying Wild Alaska S2 (New Season)
TX Date: May 27
TX Time: 21:00 CAT
Tx Day: Thursday
This series follows the unconventional Tweto family that rules Alaska's most dangerous skies. Operating their family- run airline, Era Alaska, they battle unforgiving Alaska weather and terrain to transport life's necessities to one of the most remote and extreme regions of America.

Shark City (Brand New)
TX Date: May 7
TX Time: 15:10 CAT
Tx Day: Friday
Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg takes us on a tour of a mysterious underwater world in the protected waters of the Bahamas, where different species of sharks fight for food and struggle to survive. It's shark-eat-shark, and shark- eat-pretty much everything else too.

Amakhosi Studios Forges Partnership With Starsat Rise

Amakhosi Studios is proud to announce that through its partnership deal with South African based Starsat Rise (St Rise) Channel 120 it will now be exporting local content and talent.

The channel will be available in 42 countries including Zimbabwe with all local shows premiering on the 25th of May as part of the African Day Celebrations. For the first time since independence, we are celebrating with 100% Zimbabwean content and talent which will be available on Satellite Television to African audiences.

It has almost been a year since the first Covid 19 Lockdown which has meant that Zimbabweans who love local content have been short changed as they cannot access quality local live entertainment. Zimbabwean content creators and artists themselves are failing to earn money from their creative entertaining works through live shows. Through this partnership Amakhosi Studios and Starsat Rise channel 120 seek to change the economic challenges COVID-19 has brought to the arts entertainment and cultural industry.

Interested content creators and artists may bring their ideas, concepts and finished works to Amakhosi Studios for export.

Email: amakhosistudios@gmail.com

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Thursday, 8 April 2021

BOING Africa Gets A New Bounce In Its Step!

There’s a little more blue in the clouds, a little more ray in the sunshine, and a lot more colour all around! That’s because WarnerMedia’s cartoon-based kids’ entertainment channel, Boing, is gearing up for a fresh look and feel as of the 10th of April.

The channel, which airs across households in 19 African countries for girls and boys aged four to 14 years old, is home to a range of spontaneous and humorous franchises and popular comedy and action shows such as international animated hits like Sonic Boom, Dragons and The Jungle Bunch; 90’s classics including Codename KND, Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo; and other channel favourites, for example, Angelo Rules, Uncle Grampa and Oswaldo.

Working closely with children from the core target market,  the channel has redesigned its playfulness, introducing a new chameleon-like logo. A massive icon library that can be changed and adapted according to the brand's modernised visual language has been developed and features over 320 graphical elements, including 150 Boing brand stickers aligning the shows kids love with the channel. With just the right amount of childhood chaos, the new, flexible logo can be updated into many different variants working across all the different platforms on which the channel is featured, giving Boing viewers in Africa something to look forward to every single day.

“The new-look Boing is a fun-filled playground where kids can take ownership of the brand, finding themselves surrounded by a palette of stickers, icons, and other doodles allowing fans to add their own element of chaos to create unique looks that reach a new level of excitement and fun,” says Ariane Suveg, Kids Content Director for France and Africa. “With this new fun-filled identity, Boing is now even more connected and in step with the world of our young viewers: Dynamic, inclusive, and constantly evolving!”

The channel has kept its promise and has managed to match local African kids’ taste by acquiring exclusive programmes. In April, viewers can look forward to Boing Sunday Marathons at 13:30 CAT every week, including the maddening misadventures of Oswaldo, the escapades of a group of ten-year-olds in Codename KND, everyone’s favourite Uncle Grampa, the exciting tale of Maurice the penguin in The Jungle Bunch, and ending the month with the sweet-talking 11-year-old in Angelo Rules.

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Toonami Africa deserves better

Toonami Rebranded In France Last Year And Why The African Feed Needs To Follow?

Toonami started on a rocky road in 2017 through the now defunct cable provider Kwesé TV and managed to gain popularity after a year. Few months after its removal, the channel resurfaced on Cell C's streaming service, Black which suffered the same fate as the cable provider.

Not much was known about the version Black distributed but Kwesé TV's version included content from DC Animation, selected content from Cartoon Network and an ongoing stack of anime.

In 2019, MultiChoice launched a knockoff version of the brand for a limited period dedicated to DC Animation and a year later Toonami resurfaced in that same format.

Even though Toonami was seen as a pop-up through DStv. WarnerMedia had some luck and forged a deal with StarTimes to bring the brand onto their platform FULL-TIME.

Since then, it's been bombarded with repeats and viewers have been making requests for fresh content and they chose Dragonball Super which ended its run on Cartoon Network.

In other parts of the world such as France, Toonami underwent a rebrand to include content for a mature audience making it more edgier with the introduction of AEW Dynamite and Adult Swim at weeknights with DC Animation and anime occupying the rest of the schedule.

WarnerMedia EMEA's status on this channel is kind of quo, but from my point of view most channels that are not on DStv don't get much hype or media attention not that it's impossible but if you have a provider that keeps things discreet these are the consequences.


Get ready for some next-level action! From Monday, the 19thof April, WarnerMedia’s TOONAMI channel will be getting a fresh branding and identity overhaul,  establishing the channel in a more grown-up dimension, asserting itself progressively more amongst young adult superhero and anime enthusiasts.


The new-fangled TOONAMI, the Home of Superheroes, has upped the ante and will now  also offer young adult superhero enthusiasts across Africa a 24-hour programming line-up, jam-packed with top-rated animated and anime-focused content.  Fans will be taken to the mysterious  world of DC Comics franchises for the best of iconic heroes and heroines from film and series including Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern, Young Justice and The Justice League, as well as popular animated series such as Teen Titans and anime-focused programming like the international hit anime phenomenon, Dragon Ball Super.


With a new design, brand new colours and a layered visual effect, the newTOONAMI identity, developed by WarnerMedia's in-house creative team, was produced by South African company, Wicked Pixels - a multi-award-winning studio specialising in high-end animation, visual effects and motion design. The new simplified logo is a modernised reinvention of the old with a nod to the ‘80s and is calibrated to accompany the brand across all linear and non-linear platforms. The innovative visual dressing, embodying four themes, will resonate with young adults. These pillars reference 2D styling representing comic books and manga, 3D styling aligning the brand with the gaming world, bringing spectacular action into play, and connecting the audience with the contemporary digital communication codes through pictogram, shapes, and visual puns.


Like any Hollywood blockbuster, the refreshed TOONAMI will be adorned with a musical theme, composed especially for the channel by Africa's first Music and Audio Agency, Audio Militia. The award-winning agency collaborated with WarnerMedia to produce the new soundtrack, mixing four different orchestrations to accompany the channel's new look and feel.


“Adult Animation is arguably the fastest-growing animation category with the most headroom for growth, and our refreshed TOONAMI channel reflects this change, targeting young adults with action and animation content,” says Guillaume Coffin, Head of Affiliates & Advertising France, Benelux, Middle East, Turkey, Africa & General Manager for Turkey. TOONAMI, the only channel entirely dedicated to superheroes, meets the growing demand for die-hard superhero and anime enthusiasts alike, offering plenty of pulse-raising, action-packed series, new, exclusive movies and original documentaries for millennials.”


Newly added to the channel, to kick start the channel refresh, is the anime series,Fire Force, based on the Japanese manga series of the same name. In this new series, the city of Tokyo is plagued by a deadly phenomenon: spontaneous human combustion! Luckily, a special team is there to quench the inferno: The Fire Force! With new member Shinra and his devil footprints, they're going to save the city from turning to ash.

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May 2021 On Nickelodeon, Nick Jr And Nicktoons Africa | 2 New Series Alert! | New Seasons & Episodes Including ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks And Paw Patrol | Ongoing Stunts | More


14yr old Goldie's life is turned upside down when her family moves in with her Grandpa Maury and his three 70 something, totally bonkers housemates. Goldie's landed herself the ultimate insta-family!...If she can keep everyone together.

ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks S5
5 ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks, featuring international superstars Alvin, Simon and Theodore, takes us on a roller coaster ride of music, laughter and stories geared to entertain The Chipmunks' four generations of fans.

The Casagrandes tells the story of Ronnie Anne, an independent, adventurous, 11-year-old who explores city life with her big, loving, multi-generational Mexican- American family.

READY SET DANCE will get you moving and grooving! Join Freeze and Twirl for great songs and cool moves!
READY SET DANCE is inspired by the real-world in studio program and is about watching, following and joining in. Animated hosts FREEZE & TWIRL connect the audience with the world of dance all designed to get the world moving one pre-schooler at a time!


PAW Patrol is a preschool series starring a pack of six heroic puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, who are led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder
15:00 WAT/ 16:00 CAT/ 17:00 EAT

Abby Hatcher is an animated preschool series that follows Abby and her friends the Fuzzlies, amazing and quirky creatures that live in her family's hotel!
EVERYDAY FROM 10 TO 22 MAY 10:00 WAT / 11:00 CAT / 12:00 EAT

The adventure-rescue show follows four, lovable, enthusiastic and heroic deer friends who protect the animals of Central Forest and the humans who inhabit Platinum City, a futuristic metropolis surrounding their woodland home.
WEEKDAYS 17-28 MAY 2021
15:40 WAT/16:40:CAT / 17:40 EAT

Premiere Episode: Pups Save the Chalk Art /Pups Save a Hot Potato
The Mini Patrol and the Pups race to the rescue to save a local mural before the rain comes. // Farmer Al and Yumi find out their garden is full of holes and their one-of-a-kind potato is missing. Now the pups must find the potato thief!
12:00 WAT / 13:00 CAT/ 14:00 EAT


Themed episodes of various shows on the following days:
1 May: Workers Day
12:55 WAT / 13:55 CAT / 14:55 EAT
9 May: Mothers Day (ZA)15:00 WAT / 16:00 CAT / 17:00 EAT
13 May: ID EL FITR 10:00 WAT / 11:00 CAT / 12:00 EAT
14 May: ID EL FITR (Holiday)10:00 WAT / 11:00 CAT / 12:00 EAT
15 May: International Day Of Families 12:55 WAT / 13:55 CAT / 14:55 EAT
27 May: Children's Day (Nigeria) 14:25 WAT / 15:25 CAT / 16:25 EAT

It’s the best of ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks with a specific theme each weekend, planned just for you!
Weekends 1 To 30 May At 12:55 WAT / 13:55 CAT / 14:55 EAT
1st Week: Teachers (Worker's Day)
2nd Week: Imagination / Having Fun
3rd Week: Family  (Int. Day Of Families)
4th Week: Competition  
5th Week: Technology

Check out all the weird and wonderful characters that make bikini bottom the incredibly fun place it is!
Weekdays 17 To 28 May At 14:25 WAT / 15:25 CAT / 16:25 EAT

WEEKDAYS 10 TO 21 MAY AT 15:55 WAT / 16:55 CAT / 17:55 EAT
Double Dare is a test of brains, speed and stamina. Two teams of contestants answer questions and perform outrageous "physical challenges", all under the watchful eye of host, Marc Summers. In the final round, they climb, slip, and slide through the wildest obstacle course on TV. It's no wonder that this show has proven to be an international success, Double Dare dives directly into the heart of childhood!

SUNDAY 23 MAY AT 16:50 WAT / 17:50 CAT / 18:50 EAT
Sunday May 23 is World Turtle Day and what better way to pay homage to our four legged, hard shelled reptiles than to give the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles their own stunt!
Join us as we see our four heroes travel to unexpected lands, encounter alien portals and brave the bizarre. You may even see the turtles themselves transform.

From 15:00 WAT / 16:00 CAT / 17:00 EAT
We’ve packaged your Sunday laughs into neat mini- marathons! Enjoy the very best in comedy animation handpicked just for you, right here on NickToons!

2 May - The Penguins Of Madagascar
9 May - (Mother’s Day) The Fairly OddParents
16 May - The Adventures Of Kid Danger
23 May - Ollie’s Pack
30 May - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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May 2021 On Comedy Central & MTV Africa | Carbonaro Back-To-Back Episodes | Amy Schumer Presents | Boity: OYT | More


This American hidden camera practical joke reality television series is now headed for channel 122. Michael Carbonaro, an experienced magician, performs illusions and magic tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations.

Before others staked a claim, there was one American family who stood for all that was spoiled, shameless and stupid. It's the Bellacourts, and as Rhode Island's first family of the Gilded Age, the insanely ridiculous, debaucherous clan have more servants than relatives, and their days are filled with money, sex, drugs and more money. With nothing of substance to offer their fellow citizens, the Bellacourts are solely concerned with how they look, what parties they attend, and - in the case of sisters Lillian and Beatrice, especially
- becoming super famous.

A dark, edgy look at life as a Junior-Executive-in-Training at your average, soulLess multi-national corporation. Hampton DeVille is a soulless conglomerate that sinks its rapacious claws into everything from arming clandestine wars to exploiting protesters. This is a comedy about working there. Variety magazine called it ‘Deliciously dark and hilariously ruthless, a scathing satire of contemporary office culture that feels long, long overdue.

Comedy Central presents another new and exciting season of the virtual comedy show, a show like no other! Featuring some of South Africa's best stand up and sketch talent, and a side-serving of animation - all coming to you live from the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar.

09 MAY AT 22:00 CAT (SUNDAY)
It’s May, so there’s no better time to ‘Call Your Mother’. This documentary provides a hilarious ode to moms and the many ways they have shaped the work of comedy’s biggest stars. With stars including Awkwafina, Jimmy Carr and Roy Wood Jnr, this is not tobe missed.

16 MAY AT 22:30 CAT (SUNDAY)
Mark Normand has been told the same advice his whole life: DON'T BE YOURSELF, whatever you're thinking about saying, don't. So in his first one hour special, Mark does just that.

23 MAY AT 22:30 CAT (SUNDAY)
Sam Morril teams up with Amy Schumer to deliver joke after joke in his first one-hour stand-up special. Mark Normand has been told the same advice his whole life: DON'T BE YOURSELF, whatever you're thinking about saying, don't. So in his first one hour special, Mark does just that.

30 MAY AT 23:30 CAT (SUNDAY)
In Rachel Feinstein's first hour-long special, she brings her blunt humour to a variety of topics, including her love of Christian sleepovers and the purposelessness of dick pics.

4 best mates, ex Love Islanders Michael (Mac) Griffiths, Jordan Hames, Chris Taylor and Danny Williams move into theirdream house in Essex. They're filming everything on their phones, themselves, 24/7 and we get to see right inside their world of bromance, competition, forfeits, pranks and bantz.

FRIDAY 7 MAY 2021 AT 15:00 CAT
A pandemic can't keep amber, catelynn, cheyenne, maci and mackenzie from making major moves in their lives, as the moms continue to share their ups and downs and put their families first.

Catfish S8
The hosts, Schulman and Joseph, help emotionally entangled people discover whether their online relationship is real or no

Boity: Own Your Throne S1
In the show, the actress, rapper and TV host gives viewers a front-row seat into her busy life. She’s also opened up about the things that mean the most to her, like her family, her ancestry and her commitment to helping women and girls live their truth with confidence.

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NEW SERIES ALERT!: Shocking Emergency Calls Coming Soon To CBS Reality

Shocking Emergency Calls tells the real story behind the most dramatic and extraordinary calls made to emergency operators. From victims at their most vulnerable to cold-blooded killers confessing to their crimes, the calls act as the catalyst to unravel the story - as told by those at the center of it.
With exclusive interviews and never before seen footage, this series tells the harrowing and heroic accounts of those caught up in these tragic events. Firsthand accounts from responders showcases the work of emergency services as they put their lives at risk and face moments they will never forget.
As the dialing tone starts, the true events behind terror attacks, catastrophic fires, murders, animal attacks and an abduction are revealed.

Season 1 airs at 21:10 and 01:25, from 1st to 30th May. Repeated weekdays at 21:10 01:25 from 21st June until 2nd July.

CBS Reality is available on DStv

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Sunday, 4 April 2021

Update: SABC And eMedia Investments Expanded Agreement

Back in March, SABC and eMedia Investments held a media launch to announce a new agreement which would see Openview customers get access to SABC Sport alongside two other channels as well as SABC's 19 radio stations.

Through a media enquiry they were able to shed some light on the following:

- SABC's 19 radio stations will launch from April 15th and join Openview's other existing radio stations.
- SABC Sport will launch 2 days after the radio stations which is April 17th on channel 124. This could add some variety in the sports section and make up for the loss of sports channels Openview had over the years.
- SABC 1-3 and Sport will reportedly be available in high definition. It is currently like that through DTT, DStv and TelkomOne.
- Viewers will be able to record their favourite shows.
- Two other channels will rollout on the platform in the coming months carrying "extensive" and "archived content".
- This deal is non-exclusive as predicted earlier since both MultiChoice and TelkomOne already carry their radio stations with Sport also being available on TelkomOne.

Last year, SABC launched an educational channel and were in talks with pay-tv platforms to make room for the channel. Perhaps this deal has something to do with its failure to launch within that year.

Maybe SABC planned to rollout these brands in phases I mean the idea doesn't seem far fetched. Last year, the only rollouts happened through streaming platforms with the likes of YouTube, social media even TelkomOne to help leverage their offering.

I mean SABC knew in 2018 that SABC Encore was getting discontinued last year and it's possible that the deal with SABC Education went a similar route and subscribers are waiting on a far-off date perhaps around the time Openview manages to rollout one of the other two channels in the coming months.

Could it also be possible that info regarding SABC Education was removed through Starsat's website and DStv's test channel section because SABC was renegotiating with them possibly to include other properties from their stable.

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May 2021 On CBS Justice Africa | New Series Alert!: MIAC | New Season

Season 1
Sundays at 19:00.
From 9th May until 13th June.

Murders of any kind are thankfully rare events within the peaceful and reserved Amish and Anabaptist communities that are scattered across the United States. When they do occasionally occur, investigating detectives soon find out that solving them is unlike working any other kind of case. As one cop put it: “It was easier getting information from the Mob than from the Amish.”
Dramatic, original and revealing, “Murder In Amish Country” tells the true stories of homicide investigations in this unfamiliar world, where witnesses are notoriously distrustful of outsiders
- even the police - and where justice is often dealt with internally.
Combining unparalleled access to those in or close to the Amish community, captivating interviews with the friends and family of the victims as well as with law enforcement officers and visually arresting re-enactments, the series takes viewers into a hidden world as detectives strive to break through the walls of silence and distrust by uncovering secrets, concealed deep rooted relationships and the rivalries and passions that lie beneath the surface in each community.

Season 2
Sundays at 20:00. From 9th May until 6th June.

If you are a fan of real crime ‘whodunits’ and CSI’s forensic science, then this show will have you clinging to the edge of your seat. But be warned – sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. In this series, forensic scientists and police are the ‘heroes’, science is the ‘secret weapon’, and our presenter the ‘guide’, as we unravel the evidence, put science to work, and discover the truth behind real crime case files.
Each programme focuses on a real single crime case that has occurred in the last decade and that was solved by the combination of clever crime investigation and forensic science. The cases are pulled straight from the files of our New Zealand forensic experts, police and scene-of-crime officers. This is in-depth, fact- based, high-tech dramatic storytelling.
The cases cover all facets of forensic science including blood spatter, DNA, tool marking, digital forensics, toxicology, entomology, and the latest in cutting-edge scientific technology.

CBS Justice is available on DStv

Cartoon Network Is Doing Live-Action Again To Appeal Viewers And Further Boost The Content For Streaming

In February, Warnermedia unveiled a vast slate of kids’ programming bound for Cartoon Network and HBO Max. The slate spoke of a growing commitment to preschoolers and families — a new preschool programming block called Cartoonito will launch this fall.

The linchpin of this drive to appeal to more children is Tom Ascheim, Warner Bros.’s president, global kids, young adults, and classics. Installed in the role last summer, Ascheim heads up Cartoon Network. He also has oversight of Adult Swim, Boomerang, the Turner Classic Movies channel, and the studios of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, and his unit is responsible for kids’ and family programming at HBO Max.

After Warnermedia announced its slate, Ascheim elaborated on his unit’s strategy in an appearance at Kidscreen Summit’s virtual edition. Here are six takeaways from the session:

Cartoon Network is getting back into live action, with the blessing of audiences. The network has made live-action shows in the past (never with huge success), but Ascheim said it is committing to the medium under his leadership.

For some of his colleagues, he added, producing anything other than cartoons “felt like a bump.” But when they ran the idea of live-action shows on Cartoon Network by viewers, they embraced the idea “without a blink.”

Live action is partly a way to reach more girls. Ascheim’s data shows that girls “age out of animation earlier than boys” before returning to it as young adults. Live-action shows like the recently announced Family Mash-Up (from Hannah Montana creator Michael Poryes) were greenlit with that in mind. Animation that “does a stronger job of showing girls” is also on the cards.

American programming may get more multilingual. In North America, “we speak more English than we should,” says Ascheim. In pre-school content, his unit will work on “emphasizing more languages, even interstitially…You learn language so easily when you’re little.” He’s keen to use Cartoonito to represent a wider diversity of languages and cultures, even as English will remain the programming block’s primary language.

Cartoon Network is still creator-driven. Ascheim insisted that it’s “always” important to have this approach. “Our studios in particular are a great on-ramp for new creators,” he said, “because we surround them with more experienced talent.” The network considered adopting the tagline “Hello Weirdos.” The intent behind it was “to emphasize this idea that we all feel weird inside,” says Ascheim.

Instead, they opted for “Redraw Your World.” Ascheim added that the network has a ‘“Hello Weirdos’ Culture Committee,” which works to make its programming and employment practices more inclusive.

“We’re all struggling,” Ascheim said of finding ways to keep working in the pandemic. After noting that his unit has hit all its targets in that time, he spoke of a “collective sense of exhaustion” after “sprint[ing]” from spring to winter. Ascheim said he and his colleagues are now looking to “build for a more sustained way to do this in home, and maybe eventually in home and in office, and maybe one day only in office again.”

Meanwhile, HBO Max is picking up steam after a slower launch than that of its rival Disney+. Parent company AT&T has forecast 120–150 million global subscribers by 2025 — a rise from the target of 75–90 million it set out in October 2019.

In January, AT&T disclosed that HBO Max had nearly 40 million subscribers, although that metric includes those who can access the service through a promotion or HBO cable subscription; the number of “activated” subscriptions was around 17.2 million. The streamer’s international rollout begins in Latin America in June.

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Friday, 2 April 2021

OUTtv Expands To The United States With A Bold New Look And A Slate Of Fresh Programming

OUTtv Media Group (OMG) is partnering with Producer Entertainment Group (PEG), to launch OUTtv USA, an SVOD service dedicated to premium LGBTQ+ content. OUTtv marks the first LGBTQ+ Apple TV channel and is now available on the Apple TV app.

OUTtv debuts today and is available for a seven-day trial on the Apple TV app. Subscriptions will be $2.99 per month. OUTtv is expected to launch across other marquee SVOD platforms later this year.

“We are delighted to deepen and evolve our relationship with PEG further by bringing OUTtv to America”, said Brad Danks, CEO, OUTtv Media Group. The real potential and impact will come from the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ content that we will develop, produce and distribute together.”

“Demand for premium, authentic queer content is at an all time high, said Jacob Slane, Partner, Producer Entertainment Group. “We’re proud to join OMG to bring their long standing history of serving the LGBTQ+ community with programming that’s both entertaining and inspiring to the U.S. market. Our door is now open to creatives with diverse, high-quality concepts and leading-edge talent. We look forward to bringing the next wave of inclusive content to our viewers.”

Jacob Slane will serve as senior domestic executive overseeing the venture from Producer Entertainment Group’s headquarters in Burbank, CA. At launch, the library includes over 75 titles and 2,000 hours of content. Additional original series and library titles will be announced in the coming months.

Check out OUTtv USA’s programming slate below — which includes a lot of familiar faces from the RuPaul’s Drag Race universe.

From Katya with Love – The eight-episode unscripted dating series follows everyone’s favorite bi-sexual Russian drag hooker, Katya, as she looks for love among a diverse group of singles.

The Sherry Vine Show – Drag legend Sherry Vine fronts a modern, gay sketch comedy series that only her twisted mind could produce. One part Carol Burnett and the other John Waters, The Sherry Vine Show will include six 30-minute episodes and feature guest stars Bianca Del Rio, Bob the Drag Queen, Candis Cayne, Jackie Beat, Varla Jean Merman, Nadya Ginsburg and Mario Diaz.

Translation – The first talk show on a major network hosted by an all-trans cast, the series is fronted by Peppermint, Carmen Carrera, Jiggly Caliente and Sonique. Join these powerful women as they speak truth on topics of love, sex, dating and more. Season One is currently available on OUTtv Canada and Amazon Prime in the US. Season two will be available exclusively on OUTtv USA.

Nubia – A supergroup of drag entertainers including BeBe Zahara Benet, Bob the Drag Queen, Monique Heart, Peppermint and Shea Coulee, Nubia was formed to amplify and uplift Black drag voices. After a sold-out run of live shows in New York last year, the group released a one-hour standalone TV special as a partial response to and exploration of percolating race issues in America. OUTtv has committed to funding a live concert special and additional talk specials to come.

The Alaska Thunderf**k Extra Special Comedy Special –  Star of stage and screen Alaska Thunderf**k is proud to present The Alaska Thunderf**k Extra Special Comedy Special. Featuring some of Alaska’s greatest musical hits, exciting special guests, and a series of comedic jokes, join Alaska for a one-night-only engagement filmed in pre-pandemic Hollywood, California. But in a rapidly changing world, does the comedy go too far? Are the jokes too risqué? Is the glamour too glamourous?  Premiere date is April 15.

Cam Boy – The new scripted series, which includes eight 30-minute episodes is created by award-winning writer and director Thom Fitzgerald (Sex and Violence, The Hanging Garden, Forgive Me).  When Ashton finds himself left to his own devices with bills to pay while his boyfriend is in New York, he turns to camming to make ends meet.

Boy Boy Montreal –  Boy Boy Montreal documents a contemporary portrait of gay pornography in Montreal, sharing insight into the industry through international actors, cult filmmakers and other specialists. The series includes ten 30-minute episodes.

Additionally, OUTtv has set a first-look development deal with Drag Race season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen’s production company, Purse First Productions. As part of the deal, OUTtv will be producing a second season of his scripted digital series Besties.

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SABC 3 Rebrands With A Large Slate Of New Shows To Better Accomodate Mobile Users

The premiere blitz comes in the wake of the channel's official relaunch, which was marked at an event in Joziburg on Wednesday night (31 March).

The channel's new logo was revealed, along with the news that the channel's changing its name. It will now be known as S3:

To put you in the picture we've compiled a blow-by blow of what to expect from the new line-up, with a complete list of new and returning titles.

All the details on each show will be featured in TVSA's daily New Shows and Seasons section so keep your peepers peeled to it.

As you know, the SABC is notorious for making last minute schedule changes so what follows may change. We'll do our best to keep you posted.

Grab your popcorn and tuck in...


Novelaville from 18h30 to 19h30

At the centre of the revamp is the new nightly local telenovela The Estate, which you know all about because you've seen it right here.

Two international telenovelas serve as lead-ins for it at 18h30: Orphans of a Nation (Mondays to Wednesdays) and The Red Room (Thursdays and Fridays).

Whodunnit at 19h30

The ITV crime drama The Bay also airs weeknights, serving as a lead out for The Estate.

It follows Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie), who is called in to investigate when teenage twins go missing in a seaside bay on the West Coast of England.

And now for The News

The first news airs from 18h00 to 18h30 and the second from 20h00 to 20h30.

Yoh's and Hahas for 30-mins

Actuality, current affairs and comedy air at 20h30, with actuality at the start of the week (Unfiltered and Special Assignment) and comedy later ( On the Brink, Sunnyside and Happy Ever After).

International medley at 21h00

This timeslot features:

-  reality on Mondays with Survivor 36,

- the critically acclaimed dramas The Night Manager and Mrs America on Tuesdays and Thursdays,

- the HBO documentary Being Serena (about Serena Williams) on Thursdays and,

- the Hulu comedy Woke on Fridays.


Trending SA moves from 18h00 to 17h00 from Monday 5 April. It continues to air daily.

Afternoon Express moves from 17h00 to 17h30 and will only air two days a week instead of five, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first Tuesday episode airs on 6 April.

It's replaced by:

The Insider SA: Mondays at 17h30,
Pure Action: Wednesdays at 17h30,
Wife Swap USA: Fridays at 17h30.

PS: Expresso retains its timeslot, Mondays to Fridays from 06h00 to 09h00.


South African dance champ Oti Mabuse, one of the judges on Simon Cowell's
dance talent competition The Greatest Dancer.

The 20 premieres are:

Africa with Ade Adepitan
Premiere date: Sunday 4 April at 19h30

The Mel Robbins Show
Premiere date: Monday 5 April at 15h00
New episodes air Mondays to Fridays at 15h00

Orphans of a Nation
Premiere date: Monday 5 April at 18h30
New episodes air Mondays to Wednesdays at 18h30
The omnibus airs on Sunday from 09h00 to 10h30.

The Estate
Premiere date: Monday 5 April at 19h00
New episodes air Mondays to Fridays at 19h00
The omnibus airs on Saturdays from 10h30 to 12h30

The Estate (local drama) - April 2021

Survivor 36: Ghost Island (Boo)
Premiere date: Monday 5 April at 21h00

Premiere date: Monday 5 April at 22h00

The Bay
Premiere date: Tuesday 6 April at 19h30
New episodes air Mondays to Fridays at 19h30
The omnibus airs on Sundays at 11h30

The Night Manager
Premiere date: Tuesday 6 April at 21h00

Eating with My Ex
Premiere date: Tuesday 6 April at 22h00
New episodes air in double bills weekly

Science of Stupid
Premiere date: Wednesday 7 April at 18h00

On the Brink
Premiere date: Wednesday 7 April at 20h30

Being Serena
Premiere date: Wednesday 7 April at 21h00

The Red Room
Premiere date: Thursday 8 April at 18h30
New episodes air Thursdays and Fridays.
The omnibus airs on Sundays from 10h30 to 11h30

Premiere date: Thursday 8 April at 20h30

Mrs America
Premiere date: Thursday 8 April at 21h00

Celebrity Wife Swap 4
Premiere date: Friday 9 April at 17h30

Happy Ever After
Premiere date: Friday 9 April at 20h30

Premiere date: Friday 9 April at 21h00

Laugh in Your Language
Premiere date: Friday 9 April at 21h30
New episodes air in double bills weekly

The Greatest Dancer 2
Premiere date: Saturday 10 April at 18h30

Unpacked with Relebogile Mabotja
(Talk show with Relebogile)
Premiere date to be confirmed

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Current status of TV licence
Government enforcing local quota on streaming platforms

Will Timeless Dizi Channel Return To MultiChoice's DStv

Timeless Dizi Channel made its debut on StarTimes (Starsat) in May 2020 and ran until the end of August at least that's what they made the media believe till they stayed onboard while MultiChoice launched a pop-up feed of the channel later that year.

During that time, the channel managed to gain much traction with the likes of Karadayi, Black Money Love, Wings Of Love and Red Scarf.

Despite the outcome none of that managed to change it's future on DStv as seen on screens the channel stops airing 31st March.

Good news for DStv customers is SPI International the providers of Dizi will be restarting all their series from episode 1 through StarTimes as viewers there will be getting a language option as the programs were only offered with English subtitles.

Why is it good for DStv customers it gives MultiChoice sometime to pick up the channel on a permanent basis but considering its pace on StarTimes maybe it may be a while should it return and the wait is probably the best thing at the moment.

It's gonna be a while till Dizi brushes off from where DStv subscribers stop all anyone can do at this point is hope for the best.

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7 Days A Week Is UPPED On Telemundo Africa, Is A Rebrand Underway?

In April, Telemundo has two upcoming attractions for their channel the first being the juicy and controversial court drama, Case Closed starring Ana María Polo alongside the second season of Queen Of The South with Kate Del Castillo reprising her role as the Mexican goddess Teresa Mendoza.

Not only that 7 days a week will be at least 10 hours long starting 5 April from 15:20 CAT meaning these two upcoming attractions alongside Husband For Hire and Broken Angel will join Laws Of The Heart and Woman Of Steel will now air new episodes everyday.

El Baron and Close Enemies were the first to inherent this new style and hasn't stopped since then.

It seems they've found ways to take viewer's minds off the repeats with their back-to-back offering. In 2020, you had The Way To Paradise now it's Laws Of The Heart.

This format seems to be the beginning of something bigger. Look at Zee World for instance in 1 year they managed to air over 8 new series.

This could take viewer's mind off the loss of EVA and EVA+ perhaps my theory could become a reality maybe Telemundo will take responsibility for the those channels and offer more content from the markets EVA targeted even go as far as offering content with Portuguese audio which is what the U.S. counterpart has done with the introduction of Turkish dramas.

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80 projects in development on Disney+, some might have aired already
Utsav branding takes affect on Vijay TV, will StarPlus and Star Life follow in Africa
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Friday, 26 March 2021

April 2021 On WarnerMedia Africa | New Movie Alert!: Daisy Quokka | New Series Alert: Monster Beach | Easter Specials | More

Please note that there's no info available for this month on Boomerang


With 93 years in the bag, it isn’t hard to see why the Academy Awards, or the Oscars as the world has become to afectionately refer to them, are in a class of their own. This month, TNT celebrates these highly coveted awards in cinema history with a line-up of prestigious movies that have won at least one of these iconic statuettes. This month, the channel will dedicate each Sunday to remind you of the calibre of actors and actresses who have cracked a nomination or award at the Oscars. Starting with none other than Gladiator, with heartthrob Russell Crowe in the lead to Shrek, with its all-star cast starring Mike Myers as the uncouth ogre with a big heart. Don’t miss out on these, and many more award-winning titles on TNT this April!

Sunday, 11 April
16:35 – Shrek (2001)
18:05 – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
20:00 – Back to the Future (1985)
21:55 – The Golden Compass (2007)

Sunday, 18 April
15:55 – Superman (1977)
18:15 – Big Hero 6 (2014)
20:00 – Death Becomes Her (1992)
21:45 – The Color of Money (1986)

Sunday, 25 April
15:20 – Pearl Harbor (2001)
18:20 – Wall-E (2008)
20:00 – Gladiator (2000)
22:35 – Dead Poets Society (1989)

Family: Whether it’s a bond created by blood, or friendship, nothing quite feels like being home and this Easter, TNT makes sure you get closer to your chosen few with some tender, sweet and funny movies. On the 1st of April, TNT brings you the exclusive premiere, Daisy Quokka. In this animated TNT Original Movie, an unbearably adorable Quokka, named Daisy (Angourie Rice), wants to achieve the impossible and enlists the guidance of a washed-up, grouchy Saltwater Crocodile (Sam Neill) to help her win the annual ‘World’s Scariest Animal’ championship. Other titles for the month include Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, Race to Witch Mountain starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler, and South Africa’s very own Charlize Theron taking the lead in Mighty Joe Young.

Thursday, 1 April
20:00 – Daisy Quokka (2021)

Saturday, 3 April
15:15 – Dreamer (2005)
17:00 – George of the Jungle (1997)
18:30 – Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)
20:00 – The Waterboy (1998)

Sunday, 4 April
14:45 – Joe versus the Volcano (1990)
16:30 – Police Academy (1984)
18:05 – Mighty Joe Young (1998)
20:00 – Twins (1988)

Monday, 5 April
15:10 – What about Bob? (1991)
16:50 – Catch That Kid (2004)
18:20 – Race to Witch Mountain (2009)
20:00 – Life (1999) CHANNEL PREMIERE

Wednesdays are about to get really, really wild, and you can bet TNT will have its way in giving you a massive dose of things to keep the hairs on the back of your neck standing up! With April’s list of crazy action movies chosen for a combination of bloodthirsty animals, prehistoric mammals, and creepy monsters from distant planets, one will only be left trembling in your seat! The weekly premiere kicks of with titles such as the horror, Jeepers Creepers, the thriller Swamp Shark, the sci-f Tasmanian Devils and the terrorising Lake Placid Legacy. Tune in to TNT for these wild, wild Wednesdays this April at 20:00!

Wednesday, 7 April
20:00 – Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Wednesday, 14 April
20:00 – Swamp Shark (2011) CHANNEL PREMIERE

Wednesday, 21 April
20:00 – Tasmanian Devils (2012)

Wednesday, 28 April
20:00 – Lake Placid: Legacy (2018) CHANNEL PREMIERE


Surf, Sun And Frightfully Fun Monsters!

Surf’s up with Cartoon Network’s brand-new series, Monster Beach. This brand-new Cartoon Network original, launching in Africa as one of the frst territories to début the show, follows the comedic adventures of inseparable siblings Jan and Dean when they stay with their uncle Woody for the summer holidays. On their surfng trip, the two fnd out that things aren’t quite what they seem when it turns out there are frightfully fun monsters trolling the island of Iki-Iki. Together with their new fendish friends, they cruise around in hopped- up hot-rods to unravel the mysteries of a local surf legend and prevent the bad guys from ruining their fun. Monster Beach is much more fun than your typical tropical getaway that will capture Cartoon Network’s 6-12-year-old audience with the themes of friendship, fun and sibling bonds!

Premiere: Monday, 12/04/2021
Tune-In: Monday To Friday @ 17:15 CAT

Cartoon Network is unwrapping an extraordinary Teen Titans Go! holiday package this month!

Kicking of with special episodes every morning of the Easter weekend, the Titans do some globetrotting of their own, starting with a mission to fnd the elusive Carl Sanpedro in the brand-new Where Exactly on the Globe is Carl Sanpedro special. From the 10th, you get to tune in to this season’s new episodes, where it’s all in a day’s work for the Titans. And then to wrap the month up, the Teens travel to Tokyo in the Teen Titans: Trouble in Japan movie and then the two Titans teams take each other on in Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans! The adventure never ends where the Teen Titans go!

Premiere: Saturday, 10/04/2021
Tune In: Weekends @ 08:55 CAT
Easter Weekend Specials: Friday To Monday
Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo 26/04 @ 08:30 CAT and 11H00 CAT
Teen Titans GO! Vs Teen Titans 27/04 @ 08:30 CAT

Like Peas In A Pod…

If you thought Apple and Onion have gone a bit stale, think again! Ever so fresh and full of the zest for life, the anthropomorphic food crew is back this April in brand-new episodes. Get ready to see this unlikely pair of bosom buddies in some pretty crazy situations: an interesting encounter on a yacht with their rapper friend, Lil Noodle; holding on for dear life over an active volcano; and in a jungle somewhere hanging with zebras. Rest assured, wherever they go, they go together - so, make sure you also stick closely to them by tuning in to Cartoon Network!

Tune In: Monday To Friday @ 18:25 CAT
Monday, 26/04/2021

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WarnerMedia EMEA On The Rebranded Version Of Cartoonito: "We Are Looking Forward To An Even Bigger And Broader Range Of Incredible Content"

Not long ago, their U.S. counterpart had an interview followed by an upfront where they unveiled an expanded kids lineup which included families and girls with Cartoonito handling preschool.

Cartoonito was available in Europe, Middle East and Africa back in 2011 and ran for four years on Boomerang. After it was discontinued, the content remained on Boomerang for the time being.

It makes perfect sense for them to take an existing brand since other countries have it in a form of a programming block and a linear channel so they can just expand from that.

HBO Max (their streaming service)is included in this project which increases it's success rate. Perhaps streaming is another reason, WarnerMedia wants to create content for the whole family and they don't have a stable archive for preschoolers - that answers the 50 preschool series in 2 years goal. Older kids have plenty of content to binge on as opposed to preschoolers.

Getting back to other markets, Cartoonito returned to the Middle East and North African region not only that it was also launched in Turkey but why hasn't it returned to EMEA as yet that's simple, Boomerang.

After the channel's rebrand in 2018, there's been more preschool content added to the channel and less family. The last family based show is Scooby-Doo And Guess Who?

Last year, I did approach someone at WarnerMedia about Boomerang's introduction to the preschool market and they basically told me that it's pretty much a preschool channel at this point.

So if you look at it Cartoonito has more of an affect on Boomerang than it does with Cartoon Network. Boomerang's upcoming shows such as Lucas The Spider and Mush Mush And The Mushables are also confirmed shows for Cartoonito.

You have to wonder how WarnerMedia plans to keep Cartoonito afloat without affecting Boomerang. I can see some markets use Boomerang for reruns again while others which is likely EMEA replace it.

WarnerMedia International has other kids brands which dwell on repeats like Boing and Toonami perhaps those could be swapped for Boomerang.

From the longest I've followed Cartoon Network and Boomerang, they've never clashed with each other when it comes to entertainment and viewership.

After WarnerMedia USA announcement I emailed the EMEA office over the possibility of relaunching Cartoonito and whether it will replace a brand like Boomerang and this was their response:

We are truly excited about our expanded Kids and Family vision and the move into pre-school, girls and family content announced by our WarnerMedia colleagues in the US. In particular, we are looking forward to an even bigger and broader range of incredible content with which to inspire and delight kids and families across our EMEA channels and brands. We look forward to sharing more details further ahead – Vanessa Brookman, Head of Kids, WarnerMedia EMEA.

It seems there's more to be announced by them

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- Cartoon Network and Boomerang are dominating the kids circuit
- Utsav branding takes affect on Vijay TV, will StarPlus and Star Life follow in Africa
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April 2021 On Zee World | Season Finale: Zara's Nikah | New Season: Begusarai | Weekend Movies And Programming | Continuing Shows

Ring of Fire
Everyday @ 18h00 & 19h00
This month on Ring of Fire, Vikral Singh is marrying his daughter off. Anurag plans to kidnap the groom, with the help of his brother in-law they send the guards off to a deep sleep. The moment of truth has arrived and Ragani has some doubts. Baiju and Shirti gets into an accident. It is Rushi's baby ceremony and Shriti rubs the women up the wrong way. Ragini's fathers fear might have come to pass. Ragini is back home and her and Anurag are surprised at the many changes at the house. Shriti received an anonymous threatening message. Baiju gets punished by the police due to accusation of money theft in the Singh household. Dulari has some shocking news. The Singh family transfers a portion of the property shares to Baiju. Shriti pulls a fast one Baiju and his wicked mother. Ragini has disappeared and no one knows where she is. Baiju tries to force himself on Shriti. Anurag goes the extra mile to find out what Ragini is hiding. The doctor has news about Ragini and Anurag is slow to catch on. Shriti is dressed up and prepared to be auctioned off. Mr Nawab makes the highest bid for the damsel in distress. Baiju proves his trust to Shriti with the property deeds. Ragini tries to speak to Anurag about his mother. Shriti has a tattoo that makes Dulari curious. Baiju arranges a trip to Mumbai to have the tatoo removed with a laser treatment but could this be one of his cheap tricks again? Ragini overhears some disturbing news about his father, and she is quick to think on her feet. Anurag suggests his father-in-law comes and stay with them for his safety. Vishu comes back and of course the news is just overwhelming on everyone. Ragini sees the pain in Baiju's eyes and offers her comfort. Baiju has a self-introspection about his feelings for Shriti and what step he should take next. Report says Shriti is pregnant, and it breaks Baiju, he dumps Shriti and leaves the house. Vishu has set a date with Shriti which leave Ragini suspicious, she tries everything to stop Shriti from going but once again Vishu's plan succeeds. A doctor that could help Vikrant is reported dead, but Ragini thinks there is more to his death than what the reporters know. Vishu kills yet again and take the body inside the house to make it look like Baiju is behind the killing. Vishu kidnapps Ragini and her father.

Zarah’s Nikah (Ends 9th April)
Everyday @ 20h00
This month on Zarah’s Nikah, It is a year later, Zara and Kabeer are living in different cities. What happened to Zara and Kabeer's love story?

Jodha & Akbar (Starts 12th April)
This is the story of princess Jodha, a Muslim Princess, who is forcefully married to a hard-hearted king Akbar a Hindi King who conquered her father’s kingdom. She reluctantly goes to his palace only to find that she is one of many wives. She faces opposition from the word go and discovers that she will have to fight for her husband’s affection. Her intent shifts from hatred towards the king, to trying to soften him and change him from being a vicious ruler to a compassionate one.
Jodha, the fondled daughter of Bharmal, is kind at heart. Jalal under the guidance of Bairam Khan, Jodha goes to temple on her birthday. Moghul army attacks the temple to rob it. Suryabhan sends a marriage proposal for Jodha. Jalal enters the Amer's festival in a disguise,during the celebration Jodha sees Jalal and can't forget his face. Suryabhan refuse to marry Jodha. Jalal comes to meet Ruqaiya, his friend cum special wife, the head queen. Maham Anga tries to create rift between Jalal,Ruqaiya and Bairam. Mainavati tells Jodha about her future prediction and her concern. Maham Anga assures Adham, her son, to get the minister's position. A rift created between Bairam Khan and Jalal. Bairam Khan leaves for pilgrimage as Jalal declares him rebellious. Jodha's mararige preparations are on. Maham Anga successfully makes some moves to get the minister's position. Bairam Khan gets killed, as per Maham Anga and Adham's plan. Shariffudin and Sujamal attack Amer. Suryabhan comes to help Amer's king. Suryabhan gets killed while Jodha's brothers became captive. Jodha accepts to get married for the safety of Amer.  Jodha is stunned to know Jalal as her husband to be. Maham Anga comes with a bridal dress for Jodha and she sets it to fire, Maham Anga leaves in rage.

Twist of Fate
Everyday @ 21h00
This month on Twist of Fate, Disha’s car breaks down, and she ends up taking a lift from Purab. Aliya sees them together and follows them. Disha regrets her words to Aliya. She feels lonely and meets up with Pragya for emotional support. She pours her heart out in front of Pragya and questions her how to get over the pain. Pragya, in turn, asks Disha about what transpired between her and Purab that led to their breakup. Rhea still wants Ranbir to make Prachi fall in love with him, but he blows it every chance he gets. Aliya calls Mehra and has a mouthful to say to her. Goons plan a drug smuggling attempt during the festival, but the police are on guard. For the first time Rhea stands up for Prachi but little does she know that she will meet the same man later.Rhea sees the goons entering the storeroom and locks them in there. Unbeknown to Rhea, the goons escape through the window. Disha comes to Mehra house with the CM. Aliya sees Disha and Purab together and gets upset. She decides to do something to keep Disha away from Purab. Mira escapes captivity and hides in her room. Purab finds Priyanka, a family friend’s granddaughter at the office and learns she has joined the company as an intern. Priyanka turns out to be a friend of Rishi.

Love…. Look What You Made Me Do
Everyday @ 22h00
Love is an intriguing and strange feeling. When cupid strikes, it brings with it the feeling of happiness, pain, envy, greed, lust and sin. We have all loved and lost, we have all been hurt, we have all moved on... There are some however, who do not believe in moving on, there are some who do not give up, there are some who will do anything for love... Our new show, Love…look what you made me do, deals with love and just how crazy things can get when a relationship doesn’t work out.  Watch this intriguing new show and discover true stories of love, happy endings and just how quickly we can switch from loving to hating the same person.

Weekend Programming
Begusarai (Starts 10th April)
This is a drama series set in the district of Begusarai. It is the land of Phulan and his family, a land where bullets speak louder than words. Power, wealth, and respect are earned through bloodshed and gunfights in this town. Phulan has five grown sons that are being groomed to rule Begusarai in unity. Their weakness, the love of women, comes in between them to tear them apart. When they face troubling times, Phulan aims to unite the family to ensure peace prevails across the land.  A beautiful and renowned dancer, Bhindiya, has evil intentions towards Phulan’s family and aims to manipulate her way into the trust of the close-knit family so she can divide and rule.  Her goal is to take over the reins from the family and become the newest ruler of Begusarai herself. But this is not a simple task.
Priyom convinces Lakhan to allow Poonam to attend college. The younger brother, Rajkumar requests for a well-renowned dancer named Bindiya, perform at his birthday bash. Poonam feels college will allow her to have her own identity, but her first day may prove to do just the opposite. Bindiya wakes up to her captives offering her quite the proposition which she plans to take full advantage of. Bindiya has caused quite the stir with the Thakur family and its Priyom who feels he will steal her heart. Things get complicated for Poonam when more of the Thakur family starts to show up at her college.It’s Rajkumars birthday celebration, but what occurs during the evening is nothing to celebrate about. Phulan makes a decision that does not sit well with his family. Lakhan does something that catches Poonam off guard, and she feels the need to speak with Priyom about it, without knowing what Priyom had done. Rekha plans to have Lakhan, and Poonam married one month from now. Sayra Bano tells Bindiya to leave Begusarai, after experiencing the comforts of the Thakur family, will Bindiya really give it all up and leave? The time for Phulan to choose an heir has come, who will it be? Rekha and Lakhan work out a plan to take over Begusarai. Lakhan and Mithilesh have declared war against each other and according to Sayra Bano, only the future leader of Begusarai can stop the war. Bindiya joins forces with Chuna Yadav. Can the two of them take down the Thakurs?

It’s Complicated (Starts 10th April)
Jesse is a young bride who stays with her in laws while her husband Noranda is away on work. It has been 2 years of them being apart and Jesse and her brother-in-law, Verander, have spent a lot of time together. Noranda is pressurising Verander to get married to a young girl he does not know, and even though his not ready, he agrees to the arranged marriage. Jesse is almost found in a very compromising situation with Verander by her mother inlaw. Jesse finds out she’s pregnant and start panicking. Jesse and Verander make a difficult decision that leaves them disappointed. While Jesse is really depressed, Verander is acting like everything is ok. Noranda could be coming back to his family.

Dabangg 3
ASP Chulbul Pandey encounters a foe from his past after he arrests a pimp, Chinti Walia. However, he must face his demons and defeat his enemy before it is too late.
Actors: Salman Khan
Year: 2019

Satyameva Jayate
DCP Shivansh has been tasked to catch Vir, the man behind police killings in the city. Both are eventually against the same enemy but divided by a fine line, the law.
Actors: John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee
Year: 2018

Good Newwz
Two married couples are unsuccessful in conceiving and seek medical treatment. However, they land in a complicated situation after a blunder on their doctor's part.
Actors: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor

Commando 3
The commando, Karanveer Singh Dogra, is approached to chase and catch an Indian criminal gang, who pose a threat to India itself.
Actors: Vidhyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma
Year: 2019

Bauua, a person of short stature, falls in love with Aafia, a scientist suffering from cerebral palsy, but soon breaks up with her. Later, what he learns of Aafia changes his life forever.
Actors: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
Year: 2018

A corrupt police officer works for Durva, an influential smuggler. However, his life takes an unusual turn when he decides to avenge a woman who was assaulted by Durva's brothers.
Actors: Ranveer Singh
Year: 2019

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