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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Rumour:'s 4 Channels To Go Live On The DStv Platform From Next Week

During this past week, it was reported that eMedia's 4 channels primarily eToonz, eExtra, eMovies and eMovies Extra would be reinstated onto the DStv platform following pending investigation by the Competition Tribunal which could take up to 6 months.

MultiChoice told the Competition Tribunal that it had satellite transponder constraints and that eMedia's channels didn't fit their 5 year strategy regardless the channels are scheduled to relaunch on DStv with consumers beyond ecstatic to view their favourite dramas and movies.

On top of that, MultiChoice already found suitors for the channels with DreamWorks replicating the offering on eToonz, kykNET ramping up its telenovela offering on kykNET & Kie and Movie Room curating a variety of local movies with different genres.

The channels are rumoured to rollout on the DStv platform by August 8th I know quick rollout but that's how such cases go out as seen with Nismedia's Glow TV channel on the Openview platform.

The fact that these channels are returning to DStv doesn't guarantee that they'll have them onboard full-time as MultiChoice proved that they're more than ready to move away on from these channels especially now that they're transponder are met with constraints as they were only able to add 14 channels once's channels were removed.

What To Expect On DStv's New Entertainment Channel, INX Prime?

Coming soon to all DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact, Family, Access and Easyview customers basically all DStv packages on channel 345 is the Islamic TV Channel, INX Prime which is set to feature entertainment for the whole family for both Muslim and non-Muslim.

The channel is set to feature the following shows:

The Moulana Sulamaan Ravar Show
Genre: Talk
One of South Africa's most internationally renowned speakers and radio personalities discusses a variety of topics with his deep insight and thoughtful examples, so that we may ponder and reflect.

Finding Halaal
Genre: Lifestyle
Join Nasreen Chamda as she takes you on a culinary journey in finding the latest trendy Halaal restaurants from around the country.

Mail And Guardian News Week
Genre: News
South Africa's premier weekly newspaper The Mail And Guardian News bring us the weeks best news and interviews.

Julie Ali
Genre: Talk Show
Jullie Ally presents an interactive, weekly talk show with an array of guests.

Little Mosque On The Prairie
Genre: Comedy
A Muslim community settles in Mercy, a small town in the Canadian Prairie, and tries to find a way to co-exist with their Christian neighbours.

Muslim Gallery
Genre: Lifestyle
A lifestyle show anchored by Ayesha that seeks to showcase the talent and diversity of the Muslim community.

Game Show
Genre: Game Show
An exciting, interactive game show where viewers stand a chance to win an array of prizes.

Warner Bros. Discovery Updates (Rumour): HBO To Remain As A Premium Cable Channel And HBO Max To Fold Under Discovery+ With Scripted Programming Cancelled

Following the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. to form Warner Bros. Discovery. The company has taken several drastic steps like making CNN a standalone company accompanied by the launch of the short-lived streaming service CNN+ and the sale of The CW which has seen most shows get scrapped.

Questions amounted to the plans Warner Bros. Discovery had for the future of the business and thanks to sources it seems as if we finally get our answer.

As reported last month, HBO Max will stop producing live-action shows for family and kids basically killing off Cartoon Network's future plans in that field and making the brand animation exclusive but things get worse as the streaming platform is said to no longer offer original content.

This is just a rumour but then would it be shocking if it was true as TNT, TBS and The CW all brands under the WarnerMedia portion of Warner Bros. Discovery no longer produce original content. Since then, these channels have been seen airing several Discovery shows which again was another rumour for HBO Max.

HBO Max is said to not only be shifting to unscripted programming but merging onto Discovery+ so there's no telling what will happen to productions like Hacks, Peacemakers and Gossip Girl but if I had to guess they'll likely form part of the premium HBO channel.

Compared to the Turner brands, HBO hasn't been phased by these changes and has seen more success with their original productions so I'm just saying it makes total sense to keep the channel and consolidate most if not all the scripted stuff under the channel if HBO Max will just be a mere tile what better way then with HBO.

I know most people are pissed off with the rise in Discovery and less WarnerMedia but if you look at it from a business perspective. Discovery Inc had more to offer on the table than WarnerMedia.

WarnerMedia's unscripted entertainment was big enough for two channels while as Discovery Inc. had enough stock over 10 channels. Internationally, you find brands like Discovery Max, Real Time and Discovery Science all supplying content from other stations.

But that's not what's got me curious about these changes but the whole branding of the business Warner Bros. Discovery if there's more Discovery than Warner wouldn't it make sense for the business to simply be known as Discovery if the closest anyone has to Warner is Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and HBO.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New Channel Alert: INX Prime To Launch On DStv This Friday

The channel will feature shows that brings both Muslims and non-Muslims of all ages together with current affairs. cooking, comedy & more.

DSTV has announced that it will be launching INX Prime, a new channel that comprises a host of shows with an Islamic ethos at its core.

The channel will launch on Friday, 5 August, on DStv channel 345 to all DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact, Family, Access and Easyview customers.

DSTV said content on the channel is set to be vibrant, entertaining, informative and spiritually uplifting.

The channel will feature fresh shows that brings both Muslims and non-Muslims of all ages together with topics ranging from current affairs and community upliftment, to cooking and comedy.

It says shows to look out for on INX Prime include the flagship show, Tonight Live, as well as Muslim Gallery, Mental Matters, You Are Not Alone and one for the children: Body, Mind & Soul.

Georginah Machiridza, Executive Head Content Strategy & 3rd Party Channels at MultiChoice, said INX Prime is designed to cater for customers that are interested in programming that is both entertaining and informative whilst rooted in the Islamic religion.

Personalities joining the channel include the highly acclaimed Nasreen Chamdar who will be hosting Finding Halaal, an exploration of South Africa’s best halaal cuisine; Anne Cabot- Alletzhauser, co-founder of the Responsible Finance Initiative (RFI); presenter, actor and author of “Mama I sold you”, Thaamir Moerat; among others.

The news and lifestyle shows will be filmed and broadcast locally from the INX Prime headquarters in Houghton, Johannesburg.

INX Prime’s Managing Director, Farhad Omar, believes that the creation of the new channel is a historic development in the media landscape in Africa.

“We will provide original programming that recognizes the multiple needs of Muslims on the continent,” says Omar.

“For many years, we understood that we needed to make a positive contribution to the news and information available to Muslims on the continent and what we are announcing today will help us achieve that goal,” Omar said.

In addition to the lifestyle and current affairs shows, INX Prime will also feature a range of movies and series from across the world to ensure that there is a wide selection of content with something that appeals to all.

Rumour: Openview Might Come With Monthly Fees By 2023

Yesterday, eMedia Investments unveiled plans to launch an affordable pay-tv service within the market by 2023 following the success of eVOD which has managed to get half a million registered users as the brand invests in more original content.

Now the idea of eMedia launching a pay-tv service was in talks even before Openview existed as the brand had obtained a licence which was ultimately used in the launch of e.Sat's eNCA news channel on the DStv platform as eMedia felt the market was big enough for 2 pay-tv services.

But following the sudden exit of their 4 channels on the DStv platform at the time which saw them lose out on revenue and the pressure from online streamers like Netflix and Disney+, eMedia is looking at all possible routes of income.

As outlined earlier, eMedia hasn't shared much details about the pay-tv service such as the supposed name, content or channels that would be bulked on this supposed platform but what if the answer to all that was stirring at viewers in the face.

Openview has been in the market for close to 10 years offering a variety of content for kids, adults and families also taking to account that they're on the verge of gaining 3 million subscribers as the platform hasn't seen much resistance in their growth making it easier to bank.

Openview+, Openview Premium, Openview Pro or Openview Extra would be the likely brand name.

MultiChoice supplies both DStv and GOtv and long story short one has seen more success over the other and we all know that a certain someone wants to consider both outlets as seperate businesses and that doesn't have to be the case with eMedia's pay-tv efforts.

As seen across the world, pay-tv has taken a toll with the rise in streaming alternatives making it close to impossible to just create an alternative to DStv that doesn't need internet which is where Openview comes in.

For several years, some consumers proposed to eMedia on adding monthly fees to the Openview platform as there's been several unsatisfied consumers with what's currently offered on the free-to-view platform. The pay-tv option rectifies most of those flaws seen on Openview.

If I had to stack a list of potential features or products of this pay service one of which would include an expanded TV Guide, more telenovelas outside the usual Istanbul or Bollywood, international music, sports and premium news channels.

Honestly, not everyone can pay for these many services it's the reason most preferred Hulu on Disney+ instead of having both function seperately. As seen in the United States, Disney+ lacks one thing and Hulu can give you that and a whole lot more which doesn't have to be the case with eMedia as both could work hand in hand.

Monday, August 1, 2022

eMedia Investments Set To Take On MultiChoice's DStv With The Launch Of Pay-TV Service In 2023

Poor South Africans would soon have affordable pay TV in their homes by 2023. That is if eMedia have it their way.

The move by eMedia comes as market incumbent
MultiChoice, with about 9-million subscribers in SA, has been under pressure from online entertainment offerings like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Significantly, eMedia’s advertising revenue stream on its OpenView platform has been threatened by a decision by MultiChoice not to renew the contract to carry four of its entertainment channels (eExtra, eMovies, eMovies Extra and eToonz) on certain DStv bouquets. The Competition Commission ruled against the interim relief sought by eMedia, and the matter is on appeal.

The pay-TV move might have been inspired by eMedia’s eVOD online entertainment channel launch in August last year.

Sherrif said the number of registered viewers to date had been encouraging, with almost 500,000 registered users in a year.

“The eOriginals offering on eVOD is the leading audience generator on eVOD, making the group bullish about investing a further R100m in local original content, which will be amortised across the group’s platforms and channels.”

The pay-TV move also follows a strong financial showing by eMedia, which boasts large investment firms Hosken Consolidated Investments and Remgro as its biggest shareholders.

In the year to end-March, eMedia racked up net profits of R420m off record revenue of R3.2bn. The group scored from a resurgence of television advertising revenue (following the easing of pandemic restrictions) on the back of a marked increase in its share of primetime audiences from 29.6% in March 2021 to 34.1% in March 2022.

Sherrif said this made eMedia SA’s biggest broadcaster in audience share in this category in SA.

He said the pay-TV thrust would not require a huge capital investment.

Reminder: MultiChoice To Go By 4K By November On DStv And Showmax Pro

Mawela, who was speaking in an interview following the publication of the broadcaster’s 2022 full-year financial results on Thursday, said the company has experienced “no challenges at all” in preparing for the 4K launch, and confirmed that the World Cup will be used as the launch event.

“We are ready for the World Cup to be available in 4K,” he said. The World Cup, which is being hosted by Qatar, kicks off on 21 November.

“The broadcaster sold more than 100 000 Explora Ultras in the 2022 financial year to 31 March
Mawela’s remarks come after TechCentral reported last November on MultiChoice’s 4K plans.

Barry Dubovsky, chief operating officer at MultiChoice Connected Video, said at the time that the broadcaster was aiming to launch 4K on both DStv and Showmax Pro – the premium Showmax tier that includes live sports from sister company SuperSport – in time for the World Cup. He said then that he couldn’t make any promises about meeting the deadline. However, Mawela’s latest comments suggest everything is on track.

Moving to 4K for the World Cup will be a significant step-up in quality. MultiChoice’s streaming DStv product currently tops out at 1080p resolution, while Showmax tops out at 720p. Its satellite product broadcasts at up to 1080i resolution. 1080p and 1080i both offer 1 920×1 080-pixel resolution, or about 2.1 million pixels, while 4K content is 3 840×2 160 pixels, for a massive pixel count of 8.3 million.

Moving to 4K adds to the complexity of the infrastructure required, Dubovsky said last year. “It’s complexity around infrastructure, it’s resourcing, it’s operational management – there’s a lot of support required. But it’s something the business is taking very seriously because we need to continually evolve the viewing experience.”

MultiChoice’s new set-top box decoder, the Explora Ultra, launched in 2020, is already 4K-ready and subscribers can access 4K content through bundled apps from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. The broadcaster sold more than 100 000 Explora Ultras in the 2022 financial year to 31 March, it revealed this week.

HBO Max Will No Longer Produce Live-Action Kids And Family Programming

HBO Max has canceled its comedy Gordita Chronicles, a move the streamer says is motivated by a change in strategy at its parent company.

The show, which centers on a 12-year-old Dominican girl (Oliva Goncalves) in 1980s Miami, debuted its full first — and now only — season on June 23. An HBO Max spokesperson said in a statement that the show fell victim to a change in priorities for the streamer.

“Live-action kids and family programming will not be part of our programming focus in the immediate future, and as a result, we’ve had to make the very difficult decision to end Gordita Chronicles at HBO Max,” the statement reads. “The series earned critical acclaim and a loyal following, and we are proud to have worked with creator Claudia Forestieri and our two powerhouse executive producers, Eva Longoria (who also masterfully directed the pilot) and Zoe Saldaña, to bring Cucu’s journey to the screen. We thank them and the talented cast and crew for creating such a heartfelt, groundbreaking show that connected deeply with a very important demographic.”

Sony Pictures Television produced the series, which creator Forestieri based on her own life. The cast also includes Diana Maria Riva, Juan Javier Cardenas, Savannah Nicole Ruiz, Noah Rico, Cosette Hauer and Dascha Polanco. Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz served as showrunner.

“We are heartbroken by the larger programming changes at HBO Max that will not allow our special show that is Gordita Chronicles, showrun by Latinx comedy powerhouse Brigitte Muñoz-Liebowitz, to have a second season at its original home,” executive producers Longoria and Saldaña said in a statement. “As producers and storytellers who are continually seeking out the authentic and original stories that highlight our community’s joy and talent, we are so proud to have worked on this piece of magic. We continue to be blown away by the overwhelmingly positive critical response coupled with our growing audience numbers, which prove that viewers recognize the importance of this show’s existence and the crucial space it is filling for Latinx content in the media landscape.”

Since HBO Max’s parent, WarnerMedia, and Discovery completed their merger in the spring, Warner Bros. Discovery has made a number of changes in strategy, most notably at its cable channels TBS, TNT and TruTV — where an ongoing move away from original scripted programming has accelerated. The company is all-in on a streaming first strategy, but family programming hasn’t had a huge presence in the two-plus years of HBO Max’s existence. WBD will continue with development of animated projects aimed at younger viewers via its Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation arms.

HBO Max has also gone one and done with a Head of the Class reboot, and a decision on The Garcias, a follow-up to the 2000-04 Nickelodeon series The Brothers Garcia, has yet to be made. HBO Max has renewed its Gossip Girl redo and just debuted Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, both of which are aimed at young adults.

Forestieri, Muñoz-Liebowitz (via her Bons Mots Emporium), Longoria (via her UnbeliEVAble shingle) and Saldaña (via Cinestar Pictures) executive produce Gordita Chronicles along with Josh Berman, Jennifer Robinson and Chris King of Osprey Productions and Cinestar’s Mariel Saldaña and Cisely Saldaña.

Credits: Deadline

eToonz, eMovies, eMovies Extra And eExtra To Relaunch On DStv Following Pending Investigation

In a judgment handed down on Monday, the court – which is a special division of the high court – overturned an earlier decision by the Competition Tribunal that the channels could be removed from MultiChoice’s DStv bouquets.

This is pending the final determination of the complaint, which has been referred by the appeal court to the Competition Commission for further investigation.

“The unannounced switch-off left eMedia without sufficient time to communicate to viewers

The appeal court ordered MultiChoice to reinstate the channels that were removed from DStv at the end of May. MultiChoice terminated the channels immediately upon receiving the decision of the tribunal.

The channels that were cut and that now must be reinstated pending the commission’s investigation are eToonz, eMovies, eMovies Extra and Extra.
It’s understood that MultiChoice has also been ordered to pay eMedia’s legal costs for the appeal, including the cost of two counsel.

eMedia dragged MultiChoice to the tribunal in April to seek relief after a renewed channel supply agreement between the parties saw DStv opting not to carry the four channels.

“No reasons were provided for the ruling by the Competition Tribunal. The unannounced switch-off also left eMedia without sufficient time to communicate to viewers. Viewers are angry and disappointed that they are no longer able to see their programmes via the DStv platform,” eMedia claimed in a brief statement at the time.

Asked for comment on Monday, a spokesman for MultiChoice said: “We are aware of the decision made by the competition appeal court in favour of eMedia. We are considering the court’s decision to grant the order requiring us to carry the four eMedia channels for a limited period of six months while the Competition Commission conducts its investigation.”

New 24/7 Movie Channel On DStv Offers A Ticket To Couch Potato Paradise

Cinema buffs, action afficionados and casual viewers alike will be spoilt with choice when a new, creatively curated movie channel goes live on August 27. Launching to all DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact, Family and Access customers on channel 113, Movie Room is the brainchild of Ngwato Nkosi Group, known as the founders of the disruptive, audience-centric and highly successful Newzroom Afrika news and information service.

The company, which is a partnership between entrepreneurs Thabile Ngwato and Thokozani Nkosi, is building on the strong platform created by Newzroom Afrika to expand its entertainment business with the launch of Movie Room.

"This channel will offer entertaining local and international movies 24/7 from big blockbuster hits to unforgettable cinema classics." said Nkosi.

“We’ll be carefully curating the line-up to cater for every mood – whether it’s edge-of-your-seat action you’re after, or the comfort of an old favourite. Of course, we’ll also apply the unique perspective that we’ve become known for,” Nkosi says.

Ngwato says the company had a bold ambition to build an African news and entertainment platform for the future.

“This is an exciting next step in our journey. Newzroom Afrika has been successful beyond all expectations, and we will use the experience of setting up the channel from scratch to make smart decisions in our approach with Movie Room.

“Our team is entrepreneurial by nature and we have a core group of seasoned and creative talent that sets us apart,” Ngwato said.

Georginah Machiridza, executive head content strategy & 3rd party channels at MultiChoice says, Movie Room would give viewers even more options in their selection of entertainment for every viewing occasion.

“We’re excited to bring subscribers the widest possible choice of fine movies to satisfy all tastes and seasons,” says Machiridza.

New Channel Alert (Rumour): Could Movie Room Be The Exciting New Movie Channel Set To Replace eMovies And eMovies Extra On DStv?

Update: Movie Room will launch on the 27th of August on channel 113 which comes from the makers of Newsroom Afrika. The channel will feature a mix of local (80%) and international movies (20%).

MultiChoice scrapped's 4 channels several months back and promised consumers an exciting movie channel in the near future and after two months we finally get a look into the possible channel set to launch on DStv later in the month.

Movie Room from the looks of the offering is another Mzansi Bioskop as the lineup consists of a ton of local productions outside of the Bioskop banner most of which have been seen on the DStv platform like Beyond The River, Herb & Moon, Popbus, Season's Feelings and Pop, Lock & Roll.

This is only a portion of the lineup as they're still working on the rest of the schedule but from what's already seen on Movie Room. The channel serves as a competitor to Mzansi Wethu with a set of existing local content from M-Net Movies.

Again, this is just speculation as it could be another pop-up but from what's seen from most M-Net channels. They're usually labelled under M-Net Movies which just leads me to believe that this channel might have alterior motives.

In the court case with eMedia Investments, they boasted about how eMovies alongside eMedia's other 3 channels rebroadcast a lot of DStv content only for Movie Room to make the same mistake I mean if that wanted less repeats why not opt for ShortsTV or Christian channel, Positiv.

Movie Room just looks like another cheap addition that few customers primarily Access and possible Easyview will take a looking into should it be a permanent addition and not a pop-up like most M-Net Movie channels reserved on Premium and AddMovies.

Upcoming DStv Channel's Website Has Surfaced The Net

As reported later last month, INX Prime is an upcoming Islamic entertainment channel offering daily preaching and live sessions as seen with Hilaal TV alongside various content produced by their studios and sourced internationally.

As seen by readers, the only reliable source for INX Prime at the moment happens to be the promo uploaded onto their YouTube channel with MultiChoice being a potential distributor as the channel was first spotted on their platform.

Something we didn't mention when at the time which is best to bring up now is their media house aka production studio located in Houghton Estate, Johannesburg where most if not all the content will be produced.

Not long ago, a website under the banner INX Prime had surfaced the web which from the looks of it appears to be the official website for the channel which is still under construction and I mean major construction.

Most of the links to the options available on the website link you to either another construction page or refreshes the website. Even the YouTube and Facebook are of no use although the accounts are very much active to some extent.

For those trying to find the YouTube channel will be directed to the INX Prime Show Reel promo within the link comes the YouTube channel and for the Facebook page it is very much a complicated process for users without Facebook luckily the link has been inserted: click here.

I'm no illusionist but from what these developments suggest it may be a while till we get the greenlight on INX Prime but with the website onboard and all the necessary functions put in place it may not be too long till we get an official update.