Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Iconic Hit Series Danger Mouse Arrives On Disney XD Africa From 22 August And Return Of Gravity Falls

Series premiere
Weekdays from 22nd August at 15:30

There’s exciting news for Disney XD viewers -a brand new series featuring the legendary Danger Mouse is coming to the channel (weekdays from 22nd August at 15:30).

Danger Mouse, “the world's greatest secret agent”, and Penfold, his beloved hamster sidekick (who loves jam!), are pledged to protect the world from danger, with the help of their boss Colonel K and brilliant scientist Professor Squawkencluck. Together they must try to save the world from Danger Mouse's arch nemesis Baron von Greenback.

Based on the iconic TV series that was a massive worldwide hit in the 1980s, Danger Mouse is a hilarious animated show packed with humour that appeals to young and old alike. Danger Mouse himself is voiced by multi-talented British actor and quiz show host Alexander Armstrong, while the evil Baron von Greenback features the vocal talents of the legendary Stephen Fry.

Tune in for Danger Mouse’s adventures on weekdays from 22nd August at 15:30 on Disney XD.

Premiere documentary
Tuesday 9th August at 18:35

Top American professional baseball player CC Sabathia is the latest top sportsman to feature in our documentary series Becoming...
Carsten Charles “CC” Sabithia is currently a pitcher for the New York Yankees.

This programme tells his story, and shows how he became a great baseball player.

Tune in on Tuesday 9th August at 18:35 to see the premiere of this fascinating story.

Premiere episodes
Weekdays from 1st August at 15:55

Kirby is back! August sees premiere adventures featuring this talented young man on weekdays from 1st to 11th August at 15:55.

Kirby Buckets is a 13 year old animator who dreams of becoming famous. He sees his drawings take shape as he and his best friends, Fish and Eli, go on outrageous and unpredictable adventures.

In the episode entitled I, Gregory (1st August at 15:55) everyone blames Kirby when Principal Mitchell introduces a strict robot named Gregory to be the new hall monitor.

Lots of fun with Kirby Buckets on weekdays from 1st August at 15:55!

Premiere episodes
Weekends from Saturday 6th August at 06:50

The Guardians of the Galaxy are back this month with more of their animated adventures, saving the universe, on Disney XD (weekends throughout August at 06:50).

In the episode entitled Don’t Stop Believin’ (Saturday 6th August at 06:50) when Quill goes missing while following the CryptoCube’s readings on Spartax, the Guardians follow a train of clues to rescue him.

Tune in on weekends during August at 06:50 for more adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney XD!

Programming event
Weekdays throughout August at 06:50

This month our morning Breakfast Block continues on weekdays from 06:50 on Disney XD.

Disney XD’s Breakfast Block contains some of our top animated series, including new episodes of Camp Lakebottom which premiere at 07:40 until 8th August.

In the episode Last Days/Knock on Wood (Monday 1st August) McGee tries to save Camp Lakebottom from being overtaken by Grim Camper. The Bottom Dwellers come across a suitcase in the attic that contains a ventriloquist dummy.

In addition to Camp Lakebottom, catch the latest episodes of brand new series Danger Mouse and episodes of Gravity Falls which are new to the channel.

What’s more we also have brand new Counterfeit Cat shorts! Our Breakfast Block continues on weekdays mornings from 06:50!

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