Friday, 14 October 2016

Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures And Atomic Puppet Launches In November 2016 On Disney XD Africa Plus Theres Brand New Episodes Of K.C Undercover

K.C Undercover
New Episodes
Weekdays from 7th November at 16:25 SAST/EET
We have 10 brand new episodes of your favourite kick-ass family!
K.C learns that Erica and Abby are working with the other side to carry out an evil mission at the presidential election party. How will the Coopers Stop them?
Tune in to find out what happens weekdays from the 7th @ 16:25 SAST/ EET!

Star Wars Freemaker Adventures
Season Launch
Weekdays from 21st November at 19:00 SAST/ 20:00 EET
If you like Star Wars you are going to love this brand new series!
Meet the Freemakers, Scavengers who build and sell starships from the space debris; they discover a link to the Force via an ancient artefact and embark on an epic struggle against the Empire
Find out more weekdays from the 21st @ 19:00 SAST/ 20:00  EET!

Atomic Puppet
Brand New Series
Weekdays from 7th November at 07:15 SAST/ 08:15 EET
We have a exciting new show for you Atomic Puppet!
In this brand new show, Captain Atomic is transformed into a talking puppet and its a dream come true for number 1 fan Joey! When Joey puts on the puppet they become Atomic Puppet and together they strive to defend the city.
Catch all their adventures weekdays mornings at 07:15 SAST/ 08:15 EET!

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