Monday, 19 December 2016

The Son I Never Knew Premieres Monday 23 January At 17:10 CAT On Telemundo Africa

Clara’s last words she uttered to her son Ignacio before he parted were “don’t be late”. The next time she would hear about him would be with the news of his death in a car accident during a live broadcast, which she narrated herself on the morning news. Her perfect life was falling apart right in front of her eyes. This time, she was the news story. Clara and her husband Santiago, a renowned attorney, happily watched their son Ignacio, as well as their two daughters, Isabel and Florencia, grow up. But from that moment on, nothing would ever be like it was before, especially after learning that the death of their first born son was not an accident.
The well-known reporter begins a journey to discover her son’s parallel life, with an obsession over finding his killer. Santiago becomes the lawyer in the criminal case, and Officer Antonio Avelica begins to question everything and everyone, staggering almost everybody’s alibi. What Clara never imagined was that her search would lead her to learn the true identities of those who surround her. Unexpected secrets will emerge, and the possible suspects will multiply in this tragic murder case in which anybody could be guilty.
Gaby de la Garza
Ruben Zamora
Mario Cimarro
Premiere: 23rd of January 2017
Episodes: 100x60
Slot Time: 17:10pm

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  1. I'm can't wait to see this soapie I think that I'm already in love wit it thank you telemundo you are the best