Wednesday, 19 April 2017

From What I've Seen Is It Possible For Multichoice's DStv To Add Etv's Sister Channels Which Is Reserved (Only) For Openview HD

etv launched Openview HD in 2015 with the launch of eKasi+, eMovies+, eAfrica+ and eToonz+ which were due to debut on the day Openview HD launched but didn't yet - after a while it launched. With its growth in subscribers and declining to viewership due to eAfrica+ and eKasi+ which aburtly shut down and replaced by eNolly and etv Extra (yay).

eToonz+ etv first free-to-air kids channel which runs 18 hours a day seven days a week like Disney XD (from sources) with a range of programs such as Cool Catz, Henry's World, Jelly Jam, Mike the Knight, Spongebob Squarepants, Regal Academy, Johnny Test and many more. Some of which are available on some of Multichoice DStv's Kids channels.

etv Extra is backup channel for local shows such as Rhythm City, Scandal and Gold Diggers, and international shows such as Empire, Broken Angel (Santa Diabla) with 205 live. It is the perfect destination to binge watch all your favourite shows. This is a wise decision now I can catch up with some of the latest shows. International shows can be found on M-Net and FOX with Telemundo formerly being Broken Angel.

eMovies+ is etv first ever movie channel which was like a caterpillar which sprouted into a butterfly. Most of the movies weren't great before then I gave up on the channel but etv managed to up its game which potentially got an additional movie channel, now I'm impressed. Thank You. Some of the latest aren't airing on the Compact movie channels.

eKasi+ and eAfrica+ were my least favourite channels I hardly paid attention to them, its sad to see a channel go but the sooner we accept it the better.

Before I use to watch SABC 1-3, then it became 2 and 3 at the moment now I just browse threw the two for Muvhango, Isidingo and a bit of the movies and international shows. Between SABC and etv I would rather prefer etv because they have this special element that get viewers attention whether its local or international. You can't have 90% local and 10% international/other you've got to keep it at a minimum.

eToonz + should be available on channel 300 since its a free to air kids channel carrying some of shows airing on DStv and eMovies should be on 138 maybe to fill a gap in movie genre due to the loss of several movie channels.

Additional News
Apparently when scrolling through the channels I press option and leave it at all channels and you see MNet+1 and MNTT and as you go further to channel 1001 and onwards you'll see former and future channels on DStv as well as channels that aren't available like eMovies HD, eMovies Extra HD, eToonz+ HD and etv Extra like the other day when I went to channel 100 and I found a commercial for Grojband on Boing (channel which is not available on DStv). So I'm just wondering whats going on cause I'm confused. This isn't the first time it happened you would usually find a channel written coming soon and airs programs which aren't available on DStv yet.

I'd consider getting an Openview HD before it was pointless but now I'd recommend it.

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