Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Is OUTtv Making A Comeback To South Africa?

The Canadian LGBT+ network OUTtv commissioned a bran new show titled "Fak Yaass" which is slated for an early 2019 release. 

Fak Yaass is a series that tells the 'true' story of Nico Nicolakis' big Greek family and their journey of accepting Nico no matter his sexuality. Showing the clash between old tradition and the new age, millennial Nico struggles with the idea of returning home, somewhere he's always felt judged and unworthy. With the help of his friends, Anton and Jill, we'll watch as Nico's heart begins to let his family in and we'll see his family accept him for who he is, until a secret family scheme may ruin that forever.

According to one of the crew members which has yet to be confirmed the series will air in South Africa along with Canada, New Zealand and Australia.(pictured below)

Not only that the channel teased its return with more bold, diverse and LOCAL shows a few days after the channel closed.(pictured below)

OUTtv started on 4th October until 4th November as a one month pop-up channel on DStv Premium and Compact Plus only in South Africa featuring a range of programs from a gay bachelor looking for love, to a stripping dating show that had full frontal nudity and even a series showing what happens behind the production of a gay porn site.
OUTtv recieved complaints over a couple of shows that were mistakenly uncensored forcing the channel to remove them. The channel's boss is hopeful that it could be a permanent pay-tv channel.

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