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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Cartoon Network Is In Shambles, Is A Recovery Plan Underway?

On Thursday, Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to make some shocking announcement that will have the media to its core as if there wasn't enough of it following the cancellation of original content through TNT, The CW and likely HBO Max.

WarnerMedia has been in trouble for a while which was part of the reason this merger with Discovery Inc. came to the equation. There's been a lot of mismanagement with some of their brands and it seems if the cat is finally getting out of the bag for one of their channels, Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network has been a top priority for me as a kid as I didn't have much alternatives at the time. I remember when I would just leave my TV on and watch classics like Time Squad, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Megas XLR, Sheep In The Big City and The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy.

Cartoon Network was my sanctuary but over the years that had changed trust me when I say the brand hasn't stopped being a top priority for me as I struggle to find the same essence on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel not that they don't have anything interesting but the channel was like a new addition to the family

Through puberty that all changed as they had all the options at their fingertips like Mighty Magiswords, Steven Universe, OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes, Victor And Valentino, Infinity Train and Adventure Time but struggled to balance all these shows out.

Treat it like high school, there was that subject everyone loved (Teen Titans GO!), that subject you'd consider a liability (Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart) and those that are there for some logical reason (The Amazing World Of Gumball or D.C. Superhero Girls).

As the pupil tries to juggle life sees their expectations go down the drainage pipe which was the case for Cartoon Network. I don't remember the last time I watched Cartoon Network as I'd rather what's on the channel but from what I remembered last 3 shows made up their whole schedule.

Believe or not, this led to most of their efforts such as Summer Camp Island to go off unnoticed. Oh sure, there's not much homework going onto the table but why should it matter as it is part of the syllabus.

Point is this led to a decline in viewers and if it wasn't for Redraw Your World who knows where the channel could have ended up. As the brand starts rebuilding a new identity a lot happens behind the scene.

Most of the homework goes missing or is shelved or on the verge of being shelved. On top of the missing homework, the child now studies less subjects as the school experience a shortage in staff which just leads to further cutbacks.

As of this moment, Cartoon Network only has 3 current original series Teen Titans GO!, Craig Of The Creek and We Baby Bears everything else from Victor And Valentino to Elliot From Earth is either cancelled or going through hiatus.

As it is the channel has greenlit several shows like My Adventures With Superman, Batman: Caped Crusader and Invincible Fight Girl but as seen with the recent management of Warner Bros. Discovery the SCOOB sequel had been canned as things were wrapping up while Infinity Train is seen on a rival brand, Netflix.

Just as the channel starts to regain consciousness, it's put back in the ICU is there any hope for the time will tell.

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