Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cartoon Network Africa January 2016 Highlights

Brand New Show
Premiering January 2016 is Supernoobs, a fast-paced, gag-filled series created by Scott Fellows (Johnny Test)
Premiere Date:Monday 18 January 2016
Tune In:Monday-Friday At 16:20 CET
Repeat:Monday-Friday At 12:00 CET
Saturday-Sunday At 08:55 CET

Brand New Episodes
Steven Universe
Belly powered hero Steven is back in a brand new season to start the year 2016 with a bang!
Premiere Date:11 January 2016
Tune In:Monday-Friday At 18:15 CET
Repeat:Monday-Friday At 10:50 CET
Saturday-Sunday At 09:20 & 15:55 CET

Brand New Episodes
Uncle Grandpa
Cartoon Network's ever popular 'Uncle Grandpa' is back this January on Cartoon Network!
Premiere Date:Monday 04 January 2016
Tune In:Monday-Friday At 09:20 CET
Repeat:Monday-Friday At 20:15 CET
Saturday-Sunday: At 14:20 CET, 20:15 CET

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