Sunday, 27 May 2018

To Celebrate The Release Of The Teen Titans GO! Theatrical Movie Cartoon Network Africa Will Premiere A Special To Support The Theatrical Movie With A New Local Production Launching In July 2018 Theres This And More Launching In July 2018 On Cartoon Network Africa

Regular Show XXL Holidays Stunt
Marathon of Regular Show episodes for the holidays.
Monday 2 July to Friday 13 July at 8:50 CAT/7:50 WAT/9:50 EAT

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
New Episode 25-52 (28*11)
Monday 16 July until Wednesday 22 August at 7:30 CAT/6:30 WAT/8:30 EAT

Teen Titans GO! Special
To support the theatrical release of the movie
Saturday 28 July at 7:30 CAT/6:30 WAT/8:30 EAT
The Last Episode: Sunday 29 July at 11:30 CAT/10:30 WAT/12:30 EAT

Gumball Sustain Stunt
Episodes 131, 192, 251, 271, 461, 542
To show you how well you the relationship between Gumball and Darwin

Mighty Magiswords Stunt
Episode 63-72 8*11 with Episode 71: The Incredible Tiny Warrior stunt with new episodes and one special
Weekend 14 & 15 July at 17:30 CAT/16:30 WAT/18:30 EAT

All 10 Aliens
To support the digital campaign and sustain the show (Ben 10)
To schedule in floating of the schedules

New local production
To drive ratings and renew local content
A weekly compilation of the funniest videos from the web
Saturday 28 July at 12:00 CAT/11:00 WAT/13:00 EAT
Sunday 29 July at 20:00 CAT/19:00 CAT/21:00 EAT and it will be floating in the schedule

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