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Coming Up In February 2019 On NickToons Africa

Teodor Green is a nice 9 years old boy who has a very particular way to express his emotions: since he was born, when feeling a strong emotion, he sneezes and turns into an animal. He can't control the sneezes and can't predict what kind of animal he'll turn into, but with the help of his friends he’ll always get out of it.
New Show (101-126)
Weekdays: 28 January to 13 February at 15:10 CAT/ 14:10 WAT/ 16:10 EAT.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes are your typical kids. They go to school, have chores and homework, fight like siblings and play sold-out concerts to millions of fans.
In the upcoming new episodes:
• When Dave tells Simon to get rid of some stuff, a few of his more dangerous experiments end up in the wrong hands
• Alvin suspects Dave of being a local bank
robber when Dave starts acting suspiciously and giving the boys gifts.
New Episodes (321-326); Weekdays from 18 to 25 February at 14:15 CAT/ 13:15 WAT/ 15:15 EAT

Here’s what to look out for in the new episodes:
• The Thornberrys travel down the Congo River but Tyler sinks the boat!
• Eliza and Tyler argue over which one of them
would make a better warrior. When there are fires in the Savanna though, they have to work together to escape the flames, a leopard and some crocodiles.
• An earthquake hits and Eliza recruits the help of the elephants to save her and Tyler. But, when
they fall into in a underground burial chamber, it’s Tyler that leads them through the booby traps.
New Episodes (58-73); Weekdays from 18 February to 11 March at
05:00 CAT/ 04:00 WAT/ 06:00 EAT

Following the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball: four kittens who are part of a musical group named The Buffycats. All of them are homeless and take shelter in a garage, which they transform into the Clubhouse.
Their desire to help others drives many of their adventures. So, while finding creative solutions to everyday difficulties, the cats also deal with other important subjects such as tolerance, diversity and
New Show (101-126);
Weekdays from 25 February to 13 March at 14:50 CAT/ 13:50 WAT/ 15:50 EAT

New to the Nick Jr. Block:
Nella the Princess Knight
Nella the Princess Knight is an animated preschool adventure series filled with comedy, action, friendship and heart. The show centers on Nella, who is both a kind and gracious princess as well as a brave and courageous knight!
She loves jousting as much as jewelry and daring quests as much as glittering gowns. Along with unicorn Trinket, her knightly friend Sir Garrett, and his loyal steed Clod, Nella overcomes challenges in her kingdom of Castlehaven not just with her sword and archer’s bow, but also with her compassion, kindness, and cooperative nature.
New Show: Episodes 101-104, 106-118, 120, 122-124 Daily from 01 to 21 February 08:05 CAT/ 07:05 WAT/ 09:05 EAT

Where would we be without our friends, our family, our siblings? Sometimes we forget just how big a part of our lives they truly are. The important thing is to make kids laugh.
So, what is funny? That’s simple.
Join Alvin and the Chipmunks as we remember to appreciate those special people in our lives
Our Characters are funny! And that’s why
and more importantly; to have fun together!
we’ve made them the face of the new
Weekdays 04 to 15 February from 06:35 CAT/ 05:35 WAT/ 07:35 EAT.

3rd February - Atchoo!
10th February (Valentine Episodes) - Harvey Beaks, Breadwinners, The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob Squarepants and Rabbids: Invasion
17th February - Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
24th February - ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks

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