Friday, 7 June 2019

Your Favorite Canines Join Forces On An Epic Marathon, The Looney Gang Are Back In Brand New Episodes Along With Mighty Mike In July 2019 On Boomerang Africa

Every dog has its day!

Whether you’re an underdog or top dog, it’s a dog’s world on Boomerang this July! For seven days, the spotlight will be on Boomerang’s seven Heroic Dogs. From Spike taking charge and saving the day as he ropes in the famous cat and mouse frenemies in the Tom and Jerry Show to Be Cool Scooby Doo getting cold feet when he meets his celebrity crush; and lots of action from the dog superhero duo on Krypto the Dog, you’re sure to be as tired as a dog once Boomerang is through with this stunt. Don’t miss out on this exciting stunt from Monday, 7 July!

Premiere Date: Monday 01/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Sunday @ 14:00 CAT

Chaos and Courtship

Between the other house pets and neighbourhood animals, Mike will never get the peace of mind he desires! There is also no way he will be able to impress his ultimate crush forever being a couch potato! In our all-new episodes of Mighty Mike this July, Mike has to put in a little bit more effort to woo his beloved Iris by hatching up new plans to win her affection, but, he has to contend with the cunning raccoons that have their own ideas! Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 8 July to be part of this madhouse.

Premiere Date: Monday 08/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 17:05 CAT

What’s up, Bugs?

Getting the balance right and a bit of tit-for-tat takes centre stage in the all-new episodes of The New Looney Tunes this July. Best believe that good ole Bugs Bunny still brings on his iconic personality and charisma to deal with things falling apart around him! While Bugs teaches Slugsworthy some lessons in treating the customer right, Angelo the Flea comes up with a very innovative way to win a wrestling championship. Will he succeed? Find out in the all-new episodes on Boomerang, launching Monday, 15 July.

Premiere Date: Monday 15/07/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 20:00 CAT

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