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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Review On eMedia Investments Set Of Channels

The group’s main asset is a controlling stake in South African based media group eMedia Investments Proprietary Limited (eMedia Investments). eMedia Investments has a number of core assets in the television and radio broadcasting sector, with additional assets in the content, properties and facilities sectors.

Description of their channels:

e.tv, South Africa’s first and only free-to-air commercial television station. In short it's a free version of M-Net which has shown significant improvement with regards to their soapies storylines, selection of movies and prime time lineup.

eExtra, offers the best telenovelas from India, Latin America and around the world with a mixture of other programming. The channel is inclusive, diverse and brings a spark to their star studded lineup.

eMovies and eMovies Extra are the brands free-to-air movie channels. Both channels stand out on their own making it predictable and easy to navigate.

eReality is South Africa's first free-to-air reality channel and has got something for the whole family. The mom can enjoy the best of cooking with MasterChef, The dad can learn more about science with Mythbusters and the rest of the family can laugh out loud with Steve Harvey.

News&Sports, is the stable destination for sports coverage and news from around the globe. The channel keeps sports fans at the edge of their seat and uses magazine and talk shows to make up for the lack of news but what the heck, entertainment is also a forefront for news.

Rewind, as the name states leverages content already seen from the above stations. If you're nostalgic about chick flicks, sitcoms or local content this is your go to destination for all that.

eToonz describes itself as a fun portal for the little ones with a mixture of animation and live-action. The channel can be tiresome with its weekly lineup and put even the naughtiest adolescent out of their misery.

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