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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Review On SABC: Channels, Content And Management

SABC has been around for over 84 years, they started out as a radio service and expanded with 3 linear channels. Throughout those years, they've experienced and overcome various obstacles.

SABC began as a station for white folks as it was illegal include blacks in linear television until the early 90s where they positioned their 3 channels to cater for different groups (2.5 in general).

The first three channels from their stable carry a mix of local and "international" content:

SABC 1 is catered towards the black community which seems odd as South Africa since they reserve most of their airtime for one. They can be inclusive but lack diversity. If you want to sleep through your heritage then this is the place to be.

SABC 2, this channel caters towards the niche market specifically Afrikaans, Tsonga and Venda. For a niche station, they do a better job ignoring them and making them feel as small as they already are in numbers.

SABC 3 offers a variety of entertainment in English. The channel is your go-to place if you like the 80s or live under a rock and afraid to face society head-on.

The following aren't must carry like the three above but are operated by SABC as well:

SABC News, gives you live coverage of the latest news from South Africa. The channel is for the elderly as its informative and very reliable especially in politics. If you're not an entertainment junkie this channel fits your description.

SABC Sports, it's not what I anticipated from this brand, I was hoping that SABC would use this platform to promote fresh talent by giving them a platform to showcase their skills but no they'd rather just focus on the ones out on the field.

SABC Education, they're doing a remarkable job in this field the problem would have to be the timeslots for these programs.

International and Local

The international lineup is still impressive from my standpoint the problem would be the airtime for this I get why they're trying to force local content down our throats. In other countries, local is what dominates that region.

Local entertainment on SABC was dominating before Top Billing, High Rollers and Eastern Mosaic weren't cancelled. Now the broadcaster thinks soapies will be enough to keep them afloat.

Another reason for their failure

They're catering towards analogue viewers which is outdated and the government has been planning to discontinue but hasn't done as of yet.

Due to those delays, the broadcaster is failing to lure viewers online and through platforms like OpenView and DStv since there's more alternatives besides the 4 you'd pick up with only a TV set.

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