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Friday, June 17, 2022

New Channel Alert: As Predicted, Hilaal TV Makes Its Way To The DStv Platform As A Replacement To ITV Networks

ITV Networks is set to go off air on the DStv platform by the end of this week and unlike certain channels where viewers have it to wait a couple of months or a year for them to be replaced, ITV's replacement arrives in a few days.

Hilaal TV was reported earlier this month after MultiChoice put up Ramadaan TV but this time as a permanent addition and Hilaal TV operating the brand alongside a promo lead us to believe that the pop-up will undergo a name change.


Hilaal TV is said to be the best Islamic channel in Africa heck there's even speculation that the Ramadaan TV was experimental or a trial to permanent channel which we now know as Hilaal TV and that ITV's demise was destined long before its presence on DStv.

As mentioned previously, some of the content available to the channel includes Tafseer Of Surah Kahf By Sheikh Suliman Moola and Live Crossing For Zohr From Madinah Munawwarah basically the same batch of shows from Ramadan TV.

Hilaal TV will be made available to the same customers that had access to ITV Networks which was DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact, Family, Access, Easyview Indian + Add-on packages from 18 June.

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