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Monday, August 1, 2022

New Channel Alert (Rumour): Could Movie Room Be The Exciting New Movie Channel Set To Replace eMovies And eMovies Extra On DStv?

Update: Movie Room will launch on the 27th of August on channel 113 which comes from the makers of Newsroom Afrika. The channel will feature a mix of local (80%) and international movies (20%).

MultiChoice scrapped's 4 channels several months back and promised consumers an exciting movie channel in the near future and after two months we finally get a look into the possible channel set to launch on DStv later in the month.

Movie Room from the looks of the offering is another Mzansi Bioskop as the lineup consists of a ton of local productions outside of the Bioskop banner most of which have been seen on the DStv platform like Beyond The River, Herb & Moon, Popbus, Season's Feelings and Pop, Lock & Roll.

This is only a portion of the lineup as they're still working on the rest of the schedule but from what's already seen on Movie Room. The channel serves as a competitor to Mzansi Wethu with a set of existing local content from M-Net Movies.

Again, this is just speculation as it could be another pop-up but from what's seen from most M-Net channels. They're usually labelled under M-Net Movies which just leads me to believe that this channel might have alterior motives.

In the court case with eMedia Investments, they boasted about how eMovies alongside eMedia's other 3 channels rebroadcast a lot of DStv content only for Movie Room to make the same mistake I mean if that wanted less repeats why not opt for ShortsTV or Christian channel, Positiv.

Movie Room just looks like another cheap addition that few customers primarily Access and possible Easyview will take a looking into should it be a permanent addition and not a pop-up like most M-Net Movie channels reserved on Premium and AddMovies.

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